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Lib Dem’s anti-Islam rants: “Put pork restaurant next to mosque”

9 January 2012 General 58 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

A Liberal Democrat candidate has refused to apologise for a series of shocking Islamophobic comments. Sick Dave Stone suggested a pork restaurant and a topless bar — named after Islam’s holiest city – should be build next to a mosque.

The would-be councillor, who is the party’s candidate for a by-election in Redcar and Cleveland on 19 January, said:

“Regarding the mosque being built near ground zero. I say let them build it. But then, across the street we should put a topless bar called “You Mecca Me Hot” … and next to that a pork rib restaurant … Then we’ll see who’s tolerant.”

A number of posts on his Facebook page were seemingly calculated to deliberately offend Muslims — including spreading outright smears. Stones claimed that the Royal British Legion were “not selling poppies in certain areas of the UK”, implying that objections from Muslims were behind the decision:

When contacted by Scrapbook, however, a spokesperson for The Royal British Legion said his claims about the poppies were “categorically not true”.

This brazen intolerance brings to mind Cllr Warren Swaine, a Liberal Democrat  who was suspended from Reading Borough Council after Scrapbook exposed a race remark about Labour MP Chuka Umunna. That incident, and an attempted cover up, led to an internal party investigation at the behest of the party’s outraged black members.

Will the Lib Dem leadership be burying its head in the sand again this time?

Original post: Lib Dem’s anti-Islam rants: “Put pork restaurant next to mosque”


  1. Yeah sure a topless bar with his wife and daughters as the main floor dancers!

  2. @Salim:

    Lol. Yeah, seeing as how he hates the Islam and the modesty it has to offer…

  3. I guess the right-wingnuts can’t smear this site as “pro-Left” and “not being critical of liberals”.

  4. Ok the pork thing i could care less about the pork you wanna eat that unhealthy crap fine do it but the bar? Tasteless and not funny. no muslims put jesus isnt the son of God or watever it is that christians might find extremely offensive but this bar would be offensive to any religion including his own. But you know what Id like to see him try. Lets see what happens. You kno the guy who made the mohammad cartoon? He was driving when his got swallowed up by a big gaping hole

  5. haha I think you’re taking yourself too seriously now. I find this funny because all religion is stupid.

  6. a liberal democrat said that? who’s he trying to kid? that’s no liberal democrat….

  7. Not sure he knows much about Zoning..

  8. But isn’t saying that “all religion is stupid” contradictory to why you’re on this page? Or did I miss something?

  9. Anything for attention, and yet he gets a platform to demonstrate his ignorance.

  10. lol matthew, your words smell of ignorance and dumbassery.

  11. Idiot!!!!

  12. Pork place is okay. Being near barbecue won’t hurt us. Maybe people will get a sandwich and then come visit us to learn about Islam.

  13. Okay, let me rephrase. Islam is no stupider than any other religion. There’s no reason to single it out other than fear.

  14. I like Shylon’s reply XD

  15. Pre-empt this by putting a sandwich window IN the mosque. What an ignoramus he is!!

  16. Classless idiot.

  17. Yeah that still didn’t answer my question, or make you look any better.

  18. I’d get myself a delicious pulled pork sandwich go in tht mosque and ear it loudly and proudly

  19. And is he proposing putting one next door to a synagogue? What an ass!

  20. Michael- Masajids usually have free food, why waste money? Just come in XD
    If it is a well financed one, more likely they will just feed you for free :p

  21. Ignorance at its max.

  22. loool Funny 😀

  23. No republican/conservative bashing this time. A liberal dem saif this. You all are something else. Bash a progressive dem for once idiots.

  24. dont need no haters

  25. ….and somewhere in hell there is an area upgrading to a hotter temperature. I’m so blessed not to be him….;-l

  26. Ignorance is running wild!!!! Be careful it is contagious. 🙁

  27. Tasteless, like the pork sandwiches.

  28. That’s fine by me. I’m a libertarian. But I find a halal food restaurant and daycare more likely. 🙂

  29. The nastiness in some peoples hearts never ceases to amaze me

  30. How can so many people who claim to love freedom be so ridicules

  31. A sad little man seeking attention….don’t give people like this the time of day….pork restaurant? Is that supposed to be insulting. People think we’re allergic to seeing or being near pork or something? We don’t eat them, just like we don’t eat any meat which isn’t halal, big deal.

  32. My question is ,why did muslims come to the USA knowing that we practice Christianity ,then you expect us to accept your religion ?

  33. What was wrong with where you came from?It must be better here in the USA for you to want to live here .?

  34. Skinner, Muslims expect you to live up to your title of a free and tolerant nation. 🙂

  35. Albert: Muslims have been here since day 1 of our country. Jefferson had his own Quran in his personal library. Sadly not all humans follow their religion. If they did, we would all be in peace and harmony. Love others as yourself 😉 that sounds familiar? It is in both Islam and Christianity.

  36. And another matter you ignorantly ignore is that Islam is a faith and not a people. Americans who have lived in the states, perhaps longer than yourself, also convert to Islam. Where should they go?

  37. My family has been here since the beginning. I am white with a small dash of Native American. My family has served in the military in every generation here as well. I became Muslim at 21. Not all Americans are Christian. Our country was founded as a secular country as a response to European Christian religious extremists who kept fighting and killing each other. Catholic vs non Catholic etc. We are all human. We should all be able to live together in peace. That is one of the best things about being American. That and political freedom.

  38. I hope he has not lost his senses but any way,whosoever eats pork has a low reasoning capacity.just like da pig it’s i blame him not though i blame his back ground.

  39. @albert,figure this out.what would USA have been without Muslims or how did ISLAM as a religion reach USA?who r practicing it anyway?=human being.yo species.ISLAM is not for a nation or individuals but 4 every one willing to believe that there is no GOD saving ALLAHU SUBUHANAHU WATA’,fight not against ISLAM because you will never win.

  40. “Then you expect us to accept your religion.”
    You don’t have a choice, Albert, and its not up to you to decide anyway. The Constitution says so. Don’t like it religious freedom? Move to Saudi Arabia

  41. I think Albert needs to actually…you know…meet a real live…Muslim at some point in his life.

  42. That is really sick idea.

  43. Everything I needed to know about islam I learned on 9/11.

  44. I suppose it’s still better than the person I encountered earlier who was angry at muslims killing people. His response? To kill all muslims in return. Yea, that’s not hypocrisy at all, killing people because you’re pissed off about them killing…

  45. We had a great show here in Canada called little mosque on the prairie……..sad it’s been cancelled

  46. Good to see you spent the whole day studying and broadening your horizons instead of becoming a close-minded bigot, Richard.

  47. @Adam – submit or die? What else is there to know?

  48. Richard, you clearly know nothing. lmao.

  49. Richard, if you think 9/11 is an accurate representation of Islam, then I learned everything I needed to know about Christians during the Oklahoma City Bombing and the Norway Island Shooting, and the Ku Klux Klan, and Neo-Nazis, and the Crusades…

    By your logic, I think Christians are honestly the shittier people.

  50. Of course I’m too smart to use your logic.

  51. @ Richard, Everything I needed to know about USA ppl I learned on your Comment.
    lol of course NO

  52. I don’t really care who said it, but what exactly is wrong with people exercising their property rights where they choose? If there aren’t any relevant zoning restrictions on topless bars in the city in question, there’s no reason to prevent someone from doing so. Similarly, people should be able to name their places of business whatever they wish, as long as the name doesn’t violate the community’s sense of obscenity.

    Regarding Stone’s remarks, there may have been some hateful sentiment behind them but he might just be making the point that some things offend certain groups of people, and we can’t censor our whole society on the behalf of any such groups. Islamophobes don’t like to see mosques built, religious conservatives don’t like to see topless bars built, atheists don’t like to see places of religious meeting built. People can do what they want with their property.

    It’s important not to take as dyed-in-the-wool Islamophobia what is merely an opposition to the idea that Muslims (or any other group) should decide what’s not okay to do within the constraints of free speech. I oppose Islamophobia, but I support people who draw images of Muhammad as long as those people aren’t inciting violence or discrimination against Muslims. Similarly, I believe in evolution but I think that, if people want to spend their money building a creation science museum that’s their prerogative. Now it’s unclear whether Stone simply opposes Islam because he thinks Muslims are particularly opposed to free speech or because of other fears, but I think it’s better to err on the side of liberty.

  53. In that topless bar Lib Dem mother,wife, sisters & daughters will be employed to entertain the guest by dancing naked & later to be taken to the rooms to be fucked 🙂

  54. I agree, Murtazah those types of joles are not looked upon favorably. Your comment holds no intellectual value.

  55. then y do you bastard christians mother, sister, daughter & chicken fuckers hurt the feelings of muslims, why not have a topless bar not next to a church but within the church that would be more approprate.

  56. i luv pork!!!

  57. Murtaza I guess you could use less foul language dude.

    Hey Elle where did you read about this

    “You kno the guy who made the mohammad cartoon? He was driving when his got swallowed up by a big gaping hole”

    I would like to read it, please forward!!

    @ Skhan, This guy has no jealousy for his family, I am sure he will bring his own brother to watch them strip off~ He is a Weirdo old ugly man with ED problems I guess!

  58. Im trying to find it but most links press that hes alive and well. Sigh. kinda funny, cuz its most likely a rumor. But that would have been TRAGIC. Such a talented guy. Such terribley foul judgement. A real loss.

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