Friday, July 23, 2021   

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Florida Family Association protests Muslim speaker’s visits to school

Florida Family Association protests Muslim speaker’s visits to school

TAMPA — A history teacher who sought to broaden her students’ horizons got more than she bargained for when she invited a Muslim leader to Steinbrenner High School. Kelly Miliziano now finds herself in the crosshairs of David Caton’s Florida Family Association.

Caton, a well-known conservative leader, is calling on the Hillsborough County School Board to end visits by Hassan Shibly of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, or allow time for speakers who could counter Shibly’s message. Stephen Hegarty, a spokesman for the school district, said he cannot imagine inviting one speaker to argue against another’s religion.

Candy Olson, chairwoman of the School Board, said, “Our kids need to understand a lot of different perspectives. They’re going to have to deal with everybody in the world, and they can’t just be afraid of them because they don’t know them.”

According to Hegarty, Miliziano has invited numerous speakers to the school’s history classes, representing a variety of religions including Christianity.

An exchange of emails, which Hegarty provided to Caton, indicates Shibly was to speak about stereotypes, human rights, women in Islam and other topics.

Caton contends that Shibly is a defender of radical Islamic organizations and clerics. He insists that if Shibly’s visits aren’t stopped, the school district is obligated to allow equal time to speakers who can present a Christian point of view and paint what Caton calls an accurate picture of Shibly and CAIR.

Tampa Bay Times, 10 January 2012

Caton is the right-wing crank who was behind the campaign that led to Lowe’s withdrawing advertising from the All-American Muslim TV show. In his article on the Florida Family Association website denouncing Kelly Miliziano, Caton cites Pamela Geller’s Atlas Shrugs, Robert Spencer’s Jihad Watch and Steven Emerson’s Investigative Project on Terrorism as sources.


  1. If fools like this had thier way we would still have no indoor plumbing,or indoor lighting.

  2. The concern was that a speaker from CAIR was being allowed to speak at the school. CAIR remains an unindicted co-conspirator in a terror financing trial. The trial involved a conspiracy by individuals and groups to aide the terrorist group HAMAS. If a group had been identified as conspiring to aide the terrorist KKK such a group would not be allowed to speak at a school.

  3. Hamas 4 ever !!!! Jihadi for life!!! Kill the american pagans!!!

  4. Bravo to the history teacher for at least trying.

  5. What a jacka$$!

  6. @Hera No, CAIR does not remain such; federal appeals court removed the designation back in 2010. Please update your rhetoric

  7. Stupid is as stupid does. Caton is a religious bigot. One can find this type of person in all religions. Bravo to Ms. Milaziano for practicing and teaching the principles of tolerance in her history class.

  8. Ignorance will be with us always…

  9. Florida Family Association are christian zionists . aka fake Christians not follower of jesus .

  10. Oh yeah…..We can’t allow kids to actually be educated about the world they will live in. Then they wouldn’t grow up to be bigotted racists. (sarcasm) Kudos to the teacher!

  11. YAY for the teacher. We need more like her.

  12. If ignorance is bliss, then Mr. Caton must be one of the happiest men in America.

  13. Good for that teacher…..that bigot is nuts. Who cares what he thinks…he and others like him is what is wrong w this world

  14. I can not believe he is demanding equal time for hate speech in the name of the flag…… that is just plain sick

  15. The scary thing is that people listen to this bigot! Look what happened w Lowe’s! I have not been back there!

  16. It’s the American way. During colonial times it wasn’t good enough to be a Christian, you had to be a certain kind of Christian. In other words, religious bigotry in the U.S. goes back to our very founding.

  17. “Teaching children about people different from themselves is bad” = the collapse of our society, since we are a country of different cultures and ignorance breeds fear, knowledge does not equal religious conversion!

  18. OMG! I’m so disappointed in these so called righteous people. Shame on them!

  19. Yeah David Caton’s has a family association-Its a crime family. Though I like the Corleones alot more then group of miserable bigots. Hey the Corleones are at least Job Creators. What do these miserable SOB’s do-NOTHING, NADDA. Their bigots with miserable, unfufilled lives who have no value or meaning. I am sick and tired of Americans like this. We don’t need them, they make no positive contribution to society. Just miserable bigots who hate, and they do it because they hate what they see everytime they look in the mirror.

  20. Another bigot hiding behind the name of Christianity. Where are we, the Middle East? I thought we were supposed to be the ones teaching other’s how to behave and be more tolerant of others. I guess others should be more tolerant of us but we don’t have to practice what we preach! What a bunch of hypocrites!

  21. I swear, the comments that you guys make on these posts never fail to make me happy. They truly make me feel like there is hope for an America without religious bigotry 🙂

  22. That’s impossible Taufeeq

  23. The real problem is that people like him are given any sort of credibility by giving them publicity. The media should ignore them, don’t give them the ego boost that time in the press provides. They only THINK they are important because some one has provided them with a forum.

  24. David Caton is a porn addict who converted to Christianity and now harasses anyone different from him. Fark him.

  25. We should clarify in every article about this “association”, that it’s really just the ONE guy

  26. @Hera:

    Would you also suggest Jerusalem Post, the pro-right Israeli newspaper be barred from publishing anymore? Caroline Glick used to be associated with the Israeli government which supports Mujahideen e Khalq, which is a terror org by the U.S. government?

  27. Hera
    I personally know muslim women who work with CAIR. They dont send money to hamas they send them to palestinianswho apparently associated with hamas. Hamas itself isnt even a terrorist group they just talk big to Israel and shoot garbage rockets at them. Cair isnt a terrorist group conspirating to bring down america or ppl of other faiths. They are the type of group that advocates for good natured interfaith dialogue they organize dinners for this kinda stuff. Dont spit out just any stuff you dont know. Do you know ama ajbara or tamam ismail or amla ali? Didnt think so. And LOL at your palestinian tv. God gave you a tool to shield yourself from ignorance. Its called common sense

  28. Hera,

    You are getting many responses. Equating Hamas with the KKK is leveraged on the premise that both are terrorist organizations. I can some truth in that…as both Hamas and the KKK have used violence as a means to an end against innocent civilians. But as you may well know, the term “terrorist” has been thrown around so loosely in the past decade, it has become akin to “communist” in the cold war era or “witch” in the Salem Witch trials. I condemn the acts of violence Hamas has committed but I can also see why some Islamic groups are sympathetic; It’s not that they’re specifically approving the acts of terrorism, rather, they are standing behind the liberation of the Palestinian territories from the Israeli Occupation (Which has also killed/displaced MANY innocent civilians). I think you’re drawing a very broad brush over this issue…or at least appears that way by reading your comment.

    The school’s aim was to promote pluralism and at least offer a perspective from within so that the children may make up their own minds. It’s bad enough the media is continuously attacking Islam. True, they probably could have made a better choice…but the arguments of Caton are still ridiculous (especially considering his wonderful history).

  29. They are definitely NOT for Religious freedom, nor freedom of expression. Seems they are Anti American when you look closely. I believe the Fascists and Communists are like this, not allowing people to have choices.

  30. She should be proud of what she did.

  31. A Fools by all means, an idiots by all means, brainless, racists, a low class, paranoid, uneducated, low self esteem, evil, insecure, All these fit this face of shit Caton. I swear!!!

  32. I thought the teacher was wanting students to know the truth and to see for themselves. This is one of the few ways Americans can learn about other people, even their enemies. I do not see us as enemies of Muslims, just the ones who wish to do us harm. Knowledge is needed for freedom. Please, no more bigotry.

  33. The Florida Family Association consists of one man who makes a comfortable living from donations from like-minded bigots. A one-time rock club owner and born-again pornography addict, he has redirected his bias from gays to Muslims, tapping into the growing reactionary base. He should hook up with the Westboro Baptist Church.…/on-religion-a-one-man-war-on-american-musli...

  34. * I meant “considered a terror org by the U.S. government

  35. CAIR remains an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation trial.Which is why people as diverse as the NYT and Peter King describe CAIR as an unindicted co-conspirator and why the FBI shuns CAIR.CAIR and two other Islamic groups sued to be removed from the list of unindicted co-conspirators the judge while sealing the list (a pyrric victory) noted there was ample evidence the groups conspired to aide HAMAS.

    In fact, in his decision Judge Solis recounted the evidence submitted by the government that justified CAIR’s being named unindicted co-conspirator in the case:

    The Government identifies four portions of the record from the first trail that purportedly established that CAIR was a “joint venturer and co-conspirator”: (1) a Government exhibit showing the objective of the Palestine Committee is to support Hamas; (2) a Government exhibit showing CAIR founder Omar Ahmad is part of the Palestine Committee and Mousa Abu Marzook is its head; (3) a Government exhibit listing CAIR as part of the Palestine Committee; and (4) the testimony of Special Agent Lara Burns and accompanying exhibits placing the CAIR founder at the 1993 Philadelphia conference and describing the CAIR founder’s mediation of a dispute between HLF and Ashqar over Hamas fundraising . (Resp. at 12-13.) The Government does not mention any occasion where it used the 801(d)(2)(E) hearsay exception to introduce a statement of CAIR. The four pieces of evidence the government relies on, as discussed below, do create at least a prima facie case as to CAIR‘s involvement in a conspiracy to support Hamas.

  36. Bob Gomez,

    HAMAS was designated a terrorist organization by the Clinton Administration. It is a crime in the United States to give material support to a terrorist group. The Jihadis convicted in the Holy Land Foundation trial are serving long prison sentences I believe up to sixty years in one case for their material support of HAMAS.If Muslims want to give “moral” support to a terrorist group that is one thing but material support to such a group is a crime.

    As for the KKK I cannot say specifically they are a designated terrorist group by the US government. I compared them to HAMAS as both have a history of violence, terrorism and bigotry. No respectable group would ever associate with the KKK no respectable group should be associated with HAMAS.

  37. Elle,

    The US Supreme court ruled in June 2010 that to knowingly provide ANY material support to a terrorist groups even for “peaceful” or “charitable” reasons is a crime.The case is “Holder vs Humanitarian Law Project” if you want to read it.

    The Supreme Court has upheld a federal law that bars “material support” to foreign terrorist organizations, rejecting a free speech challenge from humanitarian aid groups.

    The court ruled 6-3 Monday that the government may prohibit all forms of aid to designated terrorist groups, even if the support consists of training and advice about entirely peaceful and legal activities.

    Material support intended even for benign purposes can help a terrorist group in other ways, Chief Justice John Roberts said in his majority opinion.

    “Such support frees up other resources within the organization that may be put to violent ends,” Roberts said.

  38. Ok im not saying i agree with Hamas they are pointless they are misguided but they barely do anytging. Thats what im saying. They shoot garbage rockets because well hm lets see wats been happening to the palestinians these past few 60+ yrs? Im not saying you should fight fire with fire but it isnt even a religious issue anymore its a basic matter of human rights. People of arab descent die everyday because of the Israeli gov being so terrible and hateful and murderous (oh yes i did) and were the terrorists. I love this.

  39. Bob gomez
    Thank you

  40. Truth be told; these were “I Support the Troops” Amerikkkans, who never ask how our government was putting us in harms way for the benefit of big corporations. Islam is not America’s enemy any more than KKKristianity is. Ignorat Amerikkkans are the true enemy of America.


    There was a famous statement made by Omar Ahmed at CAIR meeting in 1998 that Islam was here to subjugate US.

    Since the goal of Islam is to subjugate the world, his statement makes perfect sense.

    In the meantime muslims are creating countries which persecute non muslims and beat up hairdressers and the like. Obsessed with headscarves while rest of the world wags on.

  42. WOW! This is why we need organizations such as MCLU to fight against these people just likce ACLU did for years.

  43. Elle you have mentioned Garbage rockets before, but the ones I have seen seem pretty deadly to me. This garbage rocket talk just is not true.

  44. Garbage rocket is a piece of Hamas logic which Elle has bought into because they are muslims so they must be correct even when they are lying or wrong.

    It is tribal morality. If it is of the tribe then it is good! The best kuffar is garbage to the lowliest of the muslims..

  45. -_- anon
    Do you know wat a kaffir is? A pagan. Arab pagans were kufaar. Persian zorastrians. Kufaar. Jews, not kufaar. Christians arent either.
    And, hamas itself doesnt do crap. Y do you not understand? The rockets are garbage. The phophorous and missiles israel throws at the arabs. They seem deadly to be. You catch on fire. Nothing puts you out except your own melted off skin. And your still subject to combustion, even after death. Not the point, im digressin, no i hate hamas and fatah, thought i made that clear. Im not defending them but im telling you wat i know. Guys stop acting like arab muslims from pali whose family sat through, well, since the birth of my 2nd cousin, 4 generations of this bull. Research isnt always the best source people use the internet to lie. Duh. Im not telling you to go live in a shack with gazans while their town is being bombed (unless your suicidal) but seriously i love it when someone tells me i dont exist/ im a liar/ im anti semitic (im not bcuz im araaabbb) or idk wat im saying. Ive lived this. Do not act like you my history my life when i lived it. I really hope you turn to God soon Before the day of reckoning comes and the olive trees testify against you too.

  46. Me*

  47. Hairdressers. Thats a funny one. Muslims and arabs are OBsEsSEd with hairstylists. Hijab you wear in public only around men not related to youً. Parties, events weddings thats why we got to hairderssers. And they dont even claim islam anymore they claim that just god gave them these rights. I hate “islamic” governments. Wat happened to mohammad in medinah chillin alongside the jews who were the ones that informed the muslims that hed arrived. Ugh. I hate humanity.

  48. @anon:

    NO! What you’re saying is that…it is a tenet of Islam to…spread Islam??? What’s next???? Will Christians start evangel– oh, wait a minute.


  49. This teacher has been bringing a diverse group of religious leaders in every year for 15 years….to speak on the state curriculum topics – the same topics listed in their textbook…. in a WORLD history class.

    because of this nutjob – she is receiving death threats and hate mail every day… like she is anti-american…

    thankful the school district and school has supported her…

  50. Elle, the reason you hate islamic governments is that you have discerned that mixing religion with gov is bad.

    Sometimes your posts look like your keyboard is typing independently of your thought.

  51. I can’t believe I am seeing clear messages of death to Americans on the same page I am seeing liberal support for the same.

    Nice job libs, your kids won’t thank you for it.

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