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Veterans fill Lowell Iraqi restaurant after window smashed

11 January 2012 IslamophobiaToday 22 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Babylon Restaurant

I received this email not to long ago:

This is a great story and you should know of it.  It happened here in my city.   This is a wonderful restaurant run by a lovely Iraqi family that serves really great food.   Someone smashed up the window of their little restaurant but the community came out to support them along with Iraq war veterans.

This really shows the best of America.

Regards and I follow every story.

Geofrey Feldman

Visit the Babylon Restaurant Facebook Page:


  1. Aww:)

  2. This story is about the America I love.

  3. That is what I expect from most Americans – the huge majority who don’t run their mouths to pump up extremist agendas, but will stand up against anything when you need them!

  4. Saw this story on Rachel Marrow last night’

  5. It makes me wonder, who is inciting this hatred other than faux news? which radio show or whatever in Lowell? To me it stands out because Lowell holds one of the greatest events to promote diversity every summer at the Lowell International Folk Festival.

  6. I wish there were an Afghan restaurant or, better yet, a bakery, here. All our soldiers would go there, the food in Afghanistan is amazing!

  7. This should be the rule…not the exception. We love the same God.

  8. What a wonderful story. When I read this it put a smile on my face. Thank you for sharing!

  9. Come-on Dot, this is happing because of “god” not in-spite of it.
    This is religion on religion. This was done by christians. Please save me the argument that, “Not all christians are like this.”

    If we were talking about gangs like the Crips and the Bloods, most intelligent people agree that anyone associated with them would be guilty of the gangs atrocities, by association.
    Altho, not every member is a murderer, rapist, or for that matter, a hardcore criminal.

    Not all Christians are bad individuals. However as a whole Christianity has proven itself destructive, genocidal and over all sociopathic.

  10. i saw that on the news last night,,,nice story

  11. Way to go, Vets!! Now THIS is America!!

  12. […] er farlig Verdenversion2.dkFra Smart Meter til Smart Grid – Danmarks nye mareridt Islamophobia todayVeterans fill Lowell Iraqi restaurant after window smashed SFI gang med forandringen af Danmark EnhedslistenRegeringen kan bare komme til […]

  13. It was a great night! The story made the Rachel Maddow show, too. Here’s the clip:

  14. Beautiful America! I wish all Americans were like that

  15. way to go

  16. 😀

  17. 😀 perfect

  18. I am so proud of my home city of Lowell, Mass., and glad to know that the people up there haven’t changed!

  19. Compare the US Constitution to SHARIA LAW! Only one of them can exist in this country! Wake up!!

  20. Most of these comments are made by people who obviously do not understand the Muslim mindset. The American mindset is totally different and to approach the Islamic/Muslim mindset by way of the American is naive to say the least. Please read “Now They Call Me Infidel” by Nonie Darwish. This lady was born in Egypt and raised as a Muslim. she was a journalist and explains the muslim/islamic mindset in a clear, straight forward manner. This woman lived in this mindset. After that I would suggest “Infidel” by Ayaan Hirsai Ali and then “A God Who Hates” by Wafa Sultan. After that, it would be very interesting to hear your comments then.

  21. Wenndy
    Im very tired of hearing the same approach. “guys read abt a muslim raised now not muslim lady named nonie darwish who had terrible experiences with culture abd religion clashing. I dont kno my arabic but i know kafir means infidel which just Has to mean nonmuslim. Especially if your christian or jewish ooh they hate you the most. Oh i can read the mind of muslims they want to take over and kill us were animals to them they think this and that ” please. I have friends from egypt who tell me how bad the culture/religion/ politics are because theyre mashed up and well, corrupt. Again. Soo many muslims have terribleexperiences with culutre. A muslim woman mght be forced to marry someone (fOrbidden but sadly still done) and because of a sheltered life and yes, ignorance she doesnt know better. If i hadnt opened up my mind to the world, hadnt opened my eyes, i might believe the way darwish does. Egypt does suck whn it comes to that i wont lie. Kafir is the arabic word for disbeliever, but in islam if yOur a believer you believe in God. Not a certain religion of the three par se but you believe in God. So i laugh when a christian goes “im a proud and true kafir” because they think theyre offendIng muslims. But then they go saying blasphemous thigs abOut God and their beliefs in the process. Jews and christians arecalled people of the book, and we love the biblical prophets, we name Our kids after them. (david=dawood, abraham=ibrahim joseph= yosef etc. Its just a language barrier.) us muslims. Were sick of the same bullshit. “your all terrorists. Dirty horrble rotten killers you all belive in killing and hurting and sand” im sorry. Have you lived my life, wendy? Do you know what i even look like? Can you read my mind? You dont know my mindset. Only like 5% (the most) of muslims carry the mindset you have been telling us so much about. Most of ys would rather get on with our lives. If you didnt know, muslims working i the world trade center (shakila yasmin for example her story Is sad) died on 9/11. I hope all the victims rest in peace and the hijackers can kiss my arab ass cuz they ruined my childhood/life too. Becuase of them i got bullied. Because of them, i have to sit and listen to people lime you who claim to know better than me, a muslim american woman. You cant say this mindest is different that one. No, maam. I happen to be both. There is no difference. Islam doesnt conflict with the american laws but the society itself, in a lot of ways yes. Sex before marriage, abortions, drinking drugs, explicitness in everything. But we move away from it. So we adapt to here if we werent born here (i was) and we live with it. Were cool with it. Idk y you cant be. Invisible threas. Fear. This is what is what started theSalem witch trials, the Holocaust, the Bosnian massacre, and i guess on shit bin ladens side too, sadly, 9/11. But if i go up to you. I will not say infidel. I will not think it even. Because it just doesnt make sense!! Look at indonesia. Largest population of muslims. Eger. Are they a muslim government? Nope. Do they have problems. Like every county. Are they all caused by moozlums? Nope. Just goesto show. A little look on the other side can really clarify things.

  22. Bill boyce
    Im all for keeping the us constitution. Thats fine. But i think you should kno wat sharia is.
    Sharia: the definition IS law. Stop saying sharia law, your saying law law basically.
    The crap they do to people, especially women, in the middle east is not real sharia. The stonings without giving them a real chance to repent n get on with their lives, the forcing the burqa, the forcing of them to stay away from each other in public (defeats the whole purpose of hijab really-they seem to contradict themselves a lot)
    Sharia itself isnt scary or bad. It gives laws about inheritance, marriage, divorce, charity, etc. All of which im sure youll say that is bad in Islam how its unfair to women and again id explain but id rather do it on facebook. Iheritance-the man gets 2/3 only so he can use all thr money on his familys needs, and his siblings’ while the womans 1/3 goes to watever she likes.
    Im sure your shaking your head thinking “that liar” well if you keep yourself hidden in thatbubble without reading from the book your accusing, which would show directly hey, i get this, i was wrong. And if you bothered to meet muslim people rather than yelling at them from behind a computer screen.

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