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Three Faiths Under One Roof

12 January 2012 General 15 Comments Email This Post Email This Post
Tiffani Miller and her daughter at the dedication of their new home in the Steven's Creek subdivision. Credit Habitat for Humanity of Pinellas

Tiffani Miller and her daughter at the dedication of their new home in the Steven's Creek subdivision. Credit Habitat for Humanity of Pinellas

By Jared Leone

Members of Christian, Jewish and Muslim religions came together in an effort to build a Habitat for Humanity of Pinellas house in the Steven’s Creek subdivision.

The “Interfaith Home” dedication by a Christian pastor, Jewish rabbi and Muslim imam, each giving their own special blessing, was Sunday at the subdivision at 1845 Betty Lane.

Pastor Donna Oberkreser of Central Christian Church, Rabbi Daniel Treiser of Temple B’nai Israeland Hassan Shibly of the Islamic Society of Pinellas County and Director of the Council of American Islamic Relations, performed their faith blessings before Tiffani Miller and her daughter got the keys to their new home.

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  1. Awesome! I am glad that family has a home now (:

  2. America is so much better when everyone works together 🙂

  3. ^****the world

  4. All right. Nice to see the new homeowner is an elementary school teacher.

  5. Congrats. Now that is what we should strive to do: All work together regardless of our beliefs, for the betterment of society as a whole.

  6. This is what being a human being should be about!

  7. Sweet 😀

  8. sweet & nice!

  9. How about some Americans against “Infidelophobia”!!

  10. Naive people. In the muslim/islamic ideology there is no such thing as coming together as equals. Muslim mindset does not work that way. Please read “Now They Call Me Infidel” by Nonie Darwish then come back and tell me how really sweet this all it. It is truly sad to see how naive and uninformed the general American public is. Need to get back to some reading instead of just accepting at face value here.

  11. Lying to non-believers is part of their religion you poor naive people. Please.. pull your head out of the hole you have it in and read up on the real Islam, not some made up BS that some Muslim will try to sell you. They (Muslims) are directed by their koran and their imams to convert/convince all non-muslims by any means including lying!!! That way they don’t have to perform their own ‘jihad’, and yes.. you better read up on what jihad is, and not just the ‘internal’ jihad. Jihad is WAR, it is in fact war against all infidel, and if you are not a moslem, your are an infidel! Wake up America!

  12. Wendy.
    I think i kno my own religion. K? Do you kno the only people the quran referred to as kaafirs? Not chrstians, or jews. How abt you read islamic history, read some quran, then cone tell me. Im already excited to hear wat you have to say. Look up abu lahab, abu jahal, etc. Surat al masad or surat al ma’oon, or the pact of medina where the jews of the city got the same right as muslims. Y? Bcuz were SUPPOSED to love them. The prophet married a jewish lady for a reason. Also, did you kno thT the virgin mary has her own chapter in the quran, moses, jesus, abraham all the biblical prophets being revered and blessed by God because we love moses and believe in him too. We love jesus, joseph, the holy spirit, the bible and torah in their original forms. When muhammad talked abt christuans and jews he always focused on similarities. Try meeting an actual muslim,talk to then. Or me. That works too. Id be happy to carry on a convo with you on fb, if youd give me a chance. Thats all i ask. Study islamic history, from mohammads early days til the empires, then youll see wat went wrong.

  13. Bill
    Jihad means struggle. Thats why people name their kids that. Jihad is an internal thing AND it means fighting for god. But, the fighting isnt like oh hey your not muslim ill kill you, excuse my language but fuck no. In a war it has to be if your lives are in danger for you to fight, and not with the intention of oh let me kill some “infidels”. If the opposition is inclined torwards peace, youd better accept it. And for muslims rules are clear, dont hurt the nature or innocent civilians, just the people physicaly attacking you. The other stuff, taking money from the defeated and stuff. That was a common thing for a winning side to do. Oh, read Surat Al room. It takes about how the romn empire would suffer for defeating the Byzantines, greek orthodox christians who believed as we do, while the quraysh, do you kno who that is? Look it up, took that as an advantage to squash the early muslims for their monotheistic beliefs. I suggest you read FULLy on islamic history and make your connections from there. Like i said to wendy id be glad to talk to you through fb if youd give me a chance. Thats all. As a human being, a fellow human being, i would appreciate that.

  14. I like how people think that if Im a muslim woman, im oppressed. Im not. I may be happier than my saudi arabian counterparts because of the strict and unaccurate portrayal of islam, but im happy to say i get to choose my own destination for college. In fact like every girl i kno, i am told by my parents to go to college before marriage and i wore the hijab because i wanted to and i love it.
    I like how people think that if im a muslim, i hate america. Automatically. Like, where did that come from? I was born and raised in the u.s, i love it despite the prejudice. I like the flag. I like the bill of the rights, the constitution even tho half the crap going on here isnt even constitutional. But thats ok. I still like it here.
    I love how if im a muslim, suddenly people think im going to have an arranged marriage. Like, no. Thats usually a Hindu thing. I get to choose my future husband, if i want.
    I love how people think im out to get them. Like islam tells us to kill you. Please. Islam doesnt even let us step on ants if we can avoid it.
    I love how people think if im an arab/muslim. Im a sand nigger. I dont live in a desert. Im not dirty, my feet are cleaner than your face. Because islam tells me to clean them.
    Im proud to be muslim. I feel bad for women whove had to go through bad experiences with culture and blaming religion. Like a lady who gets molested by her priest father, should she automatically say. Screw christianity? Of course not.

  15. If i want one *

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