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Majority of Dutch back queen wearing headscarf to mosque

Majority of Dutch back queen wearing headscarf to mosque

Queen Beatrix wore a headscarf while visiting a mosque in Oman this week, as a sign of respect for local custom. The Party for Freedom (PVV) criticized her, saying she was supporting the oppression of women under Islam.

According to a Maurice de Hond poll, 79% of the Dutch think she acted properly. 20% think the Queen shouldn’t have worn a headscarf. 53% also think that Beatrix should wear a headscarf when visiting a mosque in the Netherlands. Among PVV voters, 47% think the Queen acted properly, 53% disagree.

58% of the poll respondents don’t think the headscarf is a symbol of the oppression of women. Among PVV voters, 77% do think so.

Islam in Europe, 13 January 2012

See also De Telegraaf, 12 January 2012


  1. She did right. She’s a wise woman.

  2. It is disturbing, however, that 21% think she acted inappropriately.

  3. It’s called respect.

  4. Sounds to me like the dutch PVV is a lot like the GOTP here

  5. I’m surprised it was 79%, in the country of that stool smear Geert Wilders. Good on the Dutch.

  6. I wish it were 100 %. Of course she did the right thing.

  7. Of course she did the right thing. Wearing a headscarf in a mosque is just the respectful thing to do, even if you’re not a muslim.

  8. Good queen ! Wear it forever

  9. The hijab is wonderful, free choice a woman has in deciding how she she chooses to present herself. <3

  10. If it had been an Orthodox church in Russia and she covered her head, as is their custom, nobody would have said a word.

  11. There was a time in my youth when females could NOT enter a Catholic Church without a head covering. If you arrived without one, one was provided. How soon “they” forget. SMH

  12. When in Rome, do as Romans do. People who visit the Vatican are expected to dress appropriately, same for a mosque.

  13. If more people did this type of thing….we wouldn’t terrorists.

  14. @talal why stress over a minority group?! concentrate on the overwhelming majority!
    as for the queen herself… of course she would put a scarf on in that situation. she is a queen and far too dignified to throw a temper tantrum over a simple metre of fabric. its not like she was being asked to lower herslf by wearing a bikini or wear a neon green wig or soemthing. she knows that to gain respect sometimes you have to be the first to give it. shes proven herself to be a woman of class and distinction and worthy of her title.

  15. I’ve been to the middle east 4 times and we always wore head scarfs out of respect.

  16. Awwww Masha’Allah
    I am happy to see such a beautiful display of respect and tolerance 🙂

  17. I think it was respectful of the queen to honor the traditions of the Mosque. The majority of the Islamic faith are no more fanatic than the majority of the Christian, or any other faith. Showing respect for the traditions in a holy place is admirable… and I hardly think a headscarf is oppressive in nature. If I were invited to such a place, I might have a harder time wearing such garments… but if I wanted to go, I would do it anyway… of course, such a religious leader would be offended by everything ELSE I am… but such is life.

  18. If going in to, say, a Jewish Temple, Catholic Church one would respect their belief’s as well.

  19. Suck it, Dutch Islamophobes. 😉

  20. Of course she acted properly. It would have been inappropriate for her not to wear one. It is just respectful, and we should all try to be more respectful.

  21. Why is it that every time a party puts ‘Freedom’ or ‘Liberty’ in it’s name, it happens to be full of douchebags? is there some sort of moron magnet that exists only when those letters are brought together?

  22. Of course she should have worn the scarf! Have you never heard the saying ‘When in Rome do as the Romans do’?

  23. I didn’t go to a masjid for prayers for about a year because I knew i’d have to cover and it bothered me. But I really wanted to experience prayers so I finally did it. I enjoy the tactile reminder to be reverent and I enjoy prayers so I go semi regularly (when the schedule allows). 🙂

  24. Wearing a head scarf as a sign of respect is “oppression” of women? Pahleeeze!! How about the oppression of women in the Catholic Church that won’t let them use birth control, and they keep crapping out kids they can’t feed or clothe, and then they spend their whole life as housemaids trying to keep up with the workload of raising a houseful of kids?!!
    When in Rome!!!…. it was an elegant demonstration of respect for local customs. If more world leaders practiced it, “war” would become an obsolete notion.

  25. When in Rome…it’s one thing when you’re in your own country but when you are visiting another, it is only proper to observe their customs.

  26. While I agree with the PVV on many issues that don’t relate to Islam, immigration, and worker’s rights, their anti-Islamic elements really hurt the issue’s (gay rights, women’s equality, secularism, etc.) that they are right about.

  27. And 20% think she didnt! 20%! Who are these people and what’s wrong with them?!

  28. The Queen has class and style.

  29. the Dutch are now notoriously caught up in a battle to save themselves She should never gone in that stinkin mosque

  30. Oh lord. And Charlissa, stinkin?

  31. Shameful, Hunter.

  32. When will people of other cultures realize that the Muslim woman is the least oppressed woman in this world. I,as being from the US and a revert 12 years ago,I had spent over 43 years in oppression. Being beaten constantly in spots no one could see,like the back of my head, child molested from5-10 years old ,and had to raise my 2 sons alone. In the state of Georgia alone, a few years ago at the last cencus-95% of households were single mothers raising their children alone. That was one state. Oppression…laaaaa…women are not oppressed in Islam. Their husbands would rather see them raise their children correctly at home, not go to work. In Islam The husband takes care of his family. In the US ,pardon what I am about to say ,but most men say, …wham, bam ,and thank you ma’am…as soon as the find out she is with child. We are not oppressed and hurrah for Queen Beatrix for respecting our religion

  33. If you truly believe in God then you will respect other religions.

  34. The Party for “Freedom”? THEIR freedom.

  35. idiots

  36. She did it as a sign of respect, not out of oppression.

  37. Simple respect. Like any Gentile man wearing a skullcap in a synagogue. Should be a no-brainer.

  38. Long live the Queen!

  39. It is only right to show respect for another’s culture when you are a guest. I think of all the non-Catholics who put on a head covering when entering the Catholic Cathedrals.

  40. When you enter another person’s sacred space you should always enter with a respectful attitude and be mindful of their customs. Her wearing the head scarf was dignified, respectful and the right thing to do. Good for her.

  41. We all should all strive to be more respectful to each other.

  42. I just don’t understand why anyone would be surprised by this….when in a foreign country you follow their customs (Americans excluded). Asian businessmen learned to adopt a handshake as opposed to a bow when dealing with Westerners, (sadly Americans didn’t reciprocate) I give my cousins kisses on the cheek instead of a handshake when I visit them in Europe, and we all drive on the left hand side if we’re in England, you get the weather in Fahrenheit if you’re in the US, and I think it’s only appropriate to follow a groups traditions when you’re in their space….only arrogant people hold fast to their traditions no matter where they are!

  43. Charlissa Hunter u re rude vicious

  44. I’m glad she showed this sign of respect. A bit crude if she had not.

  45. And of course, Islamophobic groups skip over many delightful events and facts like these and cherry-pick the horrible acts of evil people who just happens to be Muslims. Typical.

  46. Nuns wear headscarves, are they oppressed? I had to cover my shoulders at the Vatican, did they oppress me? Being covered is a symbol of chastity and respect in all religions including Judaism. Not all Muslim women wear headscarves, just like not all Christian and Jewish women do. So how is a Muslim women oppressed by it if it’s a choice? For women with no choice, it’s not religion that prevents the choice, it’s culture. I.e. Arab culture, I.e Saudi Arabia. And if the culture is so ‘oppressive’, The people of the Netherlands should take up issue with theri government’s relationship with said oppressive countries, not a religion. Good for queen Beatrix who is educated enough to know the difference.

  47. when in Rome do as the Romans do!

  48. She did it out of respect, why be against it??

  49. Traitor…

  50. I have no problem with someone choosing to wear a head covering. I have a problem with people usually Muslim men forcing the headscarf on women both Muslim and non-Muslim. A woman can modest without a headscarf just as a woman can be immodest while wearing a headscarf.Modesty is a quality that comes from within and has nothing to do with a head covering.

    It is interesting to note, President Obama did not go to the Golden Temple because he was asked to wear a head covering.Obama was willing to wear a baseball cap but would not wear traditional Sikh head covering.He did this not out of respect for his own Christian religion or Western culture but out of concern that he would be mistaken for Muslim

  51. nope its satire.. lol. and you didnt catch it

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