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Rick Perry Suggests Turkey Should Be Kicked Out Of NATO, Calls Leaders ‘Islamic Terrorists’

17 January 2012 General 63 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

by James Crugnale

During Fox News’ South Carolina debate, Texas Governor Rick Perry suggested it might be time for Turkey to be kicked out of NATO, saying the country was being ruled by what many would perceive to be Islamic terrorists. Perry’s response might surprise many, as Turkey is a longstanding US ally in NATO, and a critical diplomatic partner engaged in “a working relationship that is one of the most important but least discussed developments shaping (2011)’s change in the Arab world.”

Moderator Bret Baier asked the Republican hopeful about the country’s Islamist governing party, and outlined many of the problems going on in the nation, including a high murder rate among women, lessening press freedom, and military issues in the region. “Do you believe Turkey still belongs in NATO?”

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“Obviously when you have a country that is being ruled by what many would perceive to be Islamic terrorists, when you start seeing that type of activity against their own citizens, then, yes,” Perry boldly proclaimed. “Not only is it time for us to have a conversation about whether or not they belong to be in NATO but it’s time for the United States, when we look at their foreign aid, to go to zero with it.”

Watch Perry suggest Turkey be kicked out of NATO below via Fox News:

Update: The Turkish media has responded to Perry’s debate remarks… and they’re not too happy. Here’s what CNN reported earlier this morning:

“The debate that the Republican candidate Rick Perry attended on American Fox TV turned into a scandal that contained very ugly statements about Turkey,” announced TRT state television.

“Rick Perry: what an idiot,” tweeted Mustafa Akyol, a columnist with the English-languageHurriyet Daily news.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the Turkish foreign ministry said it has no comment, but that the Turkish embassy in DC might seek clarification from Perry.

Original post: Rick Perry Suggests Turkey Should Be Kicked Out Of NATO, Calls Leaders ‘Islamic Terrorists’


  1. I think even Texas is starting to be embarrassed by this idiot. That should tell you something.

  2. Mr. Perry’s statements were outrageous. Fortunately, he has virtually no chance of becoming the GOP nominee.

  3. What?? Turkey is one of the most liberal Muslim countries if you ask me…

  4. I don’t need to read the rest of this. Why doesn’t this idiot just shut-up and go back to Texas.

  5. I think its time for Mr. Perry to be kicked out of this race.

  6. When these morons get ahold of US foreign policy, stupid things happen…. like invading the wrong country.

  7. These sheltered fools don’t even know what terrorism is.

  8. At Bill; I don’t think they want him back.

  9. As a Turkish American, I can safely tell you all that this guy is fucking retarded, not that nobody knew that anyway.

  10. The more they talk…

  11. Rick Perry is also an idiot, and I think we should kick him out of the presidential race.

  12. Turkey isn’t run by Islamic Terorrists. In fact Turkey was the first Muslim country to sell the Islamic World (Ottoman Empire) to the European Zionists in 1924.

    From then on, Turkey biggest ally is Israel, the UK, and of course the U.S.

  13. Up until this campaign, this fool probably never set foot outside the state of Texas, never mind the US…

  14. Ron Paul needs your support, unless you want one of the other guys, your choice

  15. Hopefully his performance in the debates will guarantee that this will be his last term as governor here in Texas. As a 5th generation Texan I’ve been embarrassed by Perry since he was Lt. Governor.

  16. jessica if realy it been simple as u said

  17. No, Barack Obama needs our support unless you want a (gag, spew) repupliKKKlan in the White House.

  18. Providing humanitarian aid in Gaza is … terrorism. According to a certain very racist and paranoid segment of the American public, that is. We’re talking about a guy whose slogan as Texas governor was “adios, motherf***er.” He’s not exactly a Rhodes Scholar. Probably thinks the president’s kids are terrorists. Sasha and Malia? Who but a suicide bomber would walk around with names as exotic as that?

  19. Roger is right. Ron Paul has published more papers with more racism. He’s certainly better than the other republican bigots

  20. Good one, Roger!! That new spelling of the Tea Party aka Republikkklan says it all.

  21. he has no shame..he is another bush…He got 1% vote last time..

  22. This guy does not know his history nor does he know anything about Europe,The Middle East,Asia or anything outside Texas. And i am not so sure he knows a lot about Texas either.

  23. Yet another Ass pect of GOP “Southern Strategy!” Where are the Molly Ivens and Ann Richards of Tejas when we need ’em?

  24. There will come a time when the Turkish people will want nothing to do with NATO, it will most likely be the Turks themselves who leave NATO voluntarily.

  25. Does this clown even know where Turkey is located, other than on the Thanksgiving table?

  26. Uh Jessica the Turks didnt exactly “sell” the Muslim world. The Ottoman Empire fell apart… and the West took advantage. The Ottomans would have much preferred to keep their empire intact (whom were mostly Turks). And truth be told the West should have let them. However the Ottomans were not exactly thrilled with what happened. That being said your correct the Turks are not a islamic anything in fact they are quite fierce about their secularism. And finally I would like to close with Rick Perry is possibly the biggest idiot in a whole collection of idiots running to be Republican to lose to Obama. (Face it people if Mitt’s your guy it aint going to happen, and Ron Paul has his fierce supporters but not enough of em, 3 marriage Newt? I hate Gays, and want to impose the Christian version of Sharia law Santorum? )

  27. With Huntsman out of the Republican lineup, there are no sane ones left.

    He isn’t gonna be President in a million fucking years.

  29. mmm, first for reply to jessica in 1924 thats end of ottoman empire and start republic with Ataturk who change the country in laic laws he made war to islamists and killed lot of innocent ppl.. now the governement is an islamist part who save Turky from civil war and economy cresis, they made a miracle in some years Turky become strong country in the zone with best economic evelopment just after china.. its an exemple and prouve that islamist can work good in politic same like malaysia.. Turky growing in this time when europ and usa got cresis, the governement re islamist so they dont share same ideology as the west, it’s normal to try show them as the evil and play the same disk of islamic terrorists, its a challanger after all..

  30. god, is he dumb.

  31. Statements like this is why he is at the bottom of the GOP candidates.

  32. Turkey is still to a large extent Kemalist, but now Turkey has a new political party, the Justice and Development Party, running the country. The JDP (or in Turkish; AKP) are critical of Israel, but they’re not really “Islamist” in a true sense. They are Islamic as most “Christian Democratic” parties in European countries are “Christian”
    The AKP do not want to impose Sharia, but they do want to remove some wanton restrictions on the practice of religion in Turkey.

  33. Turkey is run by the Moozlim Brozerhood, a very close ally to America hence they’re taking over in the new Mid East yet to his point I don’t think Mongols belong in NATO

  34. It’s time to kick Perry AND Texas out of the US.

  35. I agree with Curt! Although I hope not all Texans are as stupid as Perry.

  36. gotta love tricky rickys crazy rambles

  37. for iran we Turks are enemy of islam, and to this moron we are islamists..
    we care of neither what this idiot said nor iran’s…
    interesting, right?
    we are common enemy of israel and iran now…
    there must be something wrong 🙂

  38. Pray mightly for the people of Texass when this bumbling idiot comes marching home again, hoorah, hoorah…..

  39. He calls Turks terrorists…a guy from a country which has been terrorising some poor bugger or another ever since 1945. Rich!

  40. Obama has had thousands of Muslims killed unlawfully, Ron Paul is far from racist that most minds can’t comprehend it.

  41. turkey should be kicked out of not only NATO but also from OIC as well because they are munafiq with 2 faces

  42. Rick Parry’s (ha) is terrorist.

  43. Maybe we should kick Texas out of the USA since it’s being governed by an idiot.

  44. @Abdullilah Laghari..I agree wth u but no one here would know this unless they know Turkish culture. Insha Allah.

  45. So he calls the most secular of all Islamic nations, “ruled by terrorists”. -Not ready for prime time, and maybe read a book every now and then- my recommendations to Rick Perry.

  46. In Turkey, we take pride in our Secularism. Iraqi Christians take refuge in Turkey creating communities. We are proud Ottoman descendants, but we are also strong Secularists. Without Turkey, the whole Middle East would declare war on the West. We save 50,000 Jews in WW2, we didn’t get recognition. Israel kills 10 Turkish humanitarian AID workers, Turkey is evil. We have troops in Afghanistan, we had them in N. Korea and lost 1,000 men. Keep abusing a key ally and we will not be as friendly. We are great friends, but our enemies nightmare. We want peace, but we will fight. If you visit Istanbul, your views on Turkey will never be the same.

  47. Zionists hate us, but we don’t bow down to them. We love Jews, Christians, and Muslims all the same. Obama is Christian, why can’t Abdullah Gul be Muslim? Just because we believe in different religions does that mean we can’t be friends? We will not change our lives, nor our beliefs. If someone attacks us, we will fight back with full force. We don’t kiss anyone’s ass and we don’t play political games. We always tell the truth and we never have a hidden agenda. Turkey may have a tough stance against Israel, but Jews are our friends. We gave Virgin Marry’s last house in Ephesus to the Vatican City, patrolled by Turkish soldiers. St. John, Christs apostle, is laying in a tomb in Turkey and we never desecrate religious sites regardless of religion. We are not Arabs, European, or Asian, we are Turks.

  48. ACTUALLY, Turkey should be expelled. Nato and the EU DO NOT deserve everything Turkey has to offer. The West wants to live off of Turkish “slavery” for “western values” FAKE western values, when they have far better and worthier values set on TRUE life and historic events.

  49. Rick Perry and most if not all of seem pretty ignorant to me but what is really scary is the people who vote them in.

  50. Amazingly ignorant, even for Perry

  51. Shocker… Another bigoted American. Turkey is actually a secular country.

  52. He looks like an idiot anyways

  53. Perry; just implode, already!!

  54. Perry is a dolt.

  55. Aren’t you glad he’s going to be out of the presidential race by Groundhog Day?

  56. I think all these racist Arabs (most likely butt-hurt Syrian Alawites) on here who think Turkish people are not Muslim are in the same league with neocons like Rick Perry.

  57. this problem since the ottoman empire colonisate most of arab lands not just Alawites

  58. Racist arabs? I beg your pardon?
    First of, not all muslims are Arab, most are Indonesian. Bet you didnt know that. Two, this guy should know his info. Thats why everyones making fun of him. Syrians? Butt…what? If anything, your being racist, harrison.

  59. Perry you are just making things more worse

  60. Is this idiot still running around? “The ruling party of Turkey is moderately Islamic, but it generally has not interfered with the country’s secular traditions…As for foreign aid, Turkey is a wealthy country that already gets virtually no foreign aid from the United States.” – Washington Post Fact Checker

  61. Some one sure needs to be kicked out. But the real question is who ?

  62. The AKP is basically similar to one of those “Christian Democratic” parties common in European countries, except with an Islamic twist.

  63. ANSAmed) – ANKARA, JANUARY 18 – “In a Turkey with a secular constitution and a government and population of the Muslim faith, the social-democrat opposition has denounced an attack by the government and the presidency on the tradition of Ataturk festivities, symbol of the state’s secular nature. The alarm has come on a day in which a daily paper provided details on a report by the Association of Protestant Christian Churches noting numerous ”attacks” on Christian communities.”” …(A) high level representative of the People’s Republican Party (CNP) has denounced an initiative by Head of State Abdullah Gul to place under review celebrations for national festivities. The move is an attempt by the moderate Islamic party AKP under Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan to erode Turkey’s secular tradition and that of its founding father, said CHP vice president Birgul Ayman Guler in a statement released yesterday.””The attention on the erosion of the legacy of the ultra-secular Ataturk runs parallel to that of the advance of Islam in the country’s politics and society.”

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