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BBC: Talks Over Hate Attack on Schoolgirl Wearing Hijab

20 January 2012 General 14 Comments Email This Post Email This Post


The girl was attacked by older white girls who kicked her, pushed her to the ground and drew on her face.

Surrey Police said it seemed the girl had been targeted on 11 January because she was wearing a headscarf.

Spelthorne councillor Colin Strong said the incident was being raised at a meeting with neighbourhood police as an issue that affected the community.

‘On busy road’

Detectives said they were treating the incident in Vicarage Road as a racially-aggravated assault.

Det Con Simon Egan said the girl had been targeted as she waited for a bus.

He said the suspects had kicked the victim in the leg, pulled her rucksack from her, pushed her to the floor, used make-up to draw on her face and racially abused her.

After the incident, the girl picked up her bag and ran away.

Det Con Egan said: “This was an appalling assault where a young victim has been targeted in a completely unprovoked attack.

“It would seem that suspects targeted the victim for no reason other than because she was wearing a headscarf.”

In an appeal for witnesses, he said the assault had taken place at the side of a busy road in daylight and urged any pedestrians or drivers who saw the attack to come forward.

The issue will be discussed at a neighbourhood policing meeting at the Sunbury Youth Centre, in Bryony Way, on Thursday evening.

Original post: BBC: Talks Over Hate Attack on Schoolgirl Wearing Hijab


  1. Sounds like both.



  3. Humans must do the right thing teach our young peeps tolerance and to stand when injustice. Think back peeps. Silence is damnation

  4. What’s the litmus test for hate crimes? If they target a black person because they are black or a Jewish person because they are wearing a yamaka, then use racial, or ethnic, slurs during the attack alluding to the target’s color or religion, it is considered a hate crime for every other group in the world…. . If they targeted her because she was wearing hijab and used racial slurs then that’s a hate crime…

  5. Disgusting.

  6. Grotesque. The media has perpetuated fear in America. If there is an enemy to anyone it is them

  7. You’ll never see this on the news, but you will see one on a gay person bullied to brink of suicide.

  8. All crimes that involve assaults or murder of a person, even if the victim is a white Christian male are hateful in nature

  9. Messed up:/

  10. Absolutely disgusting. This is likely the in part influenced by the actions of the EDL and other hate groups, making people think even the youngest Muslim girl is in on some “Eurabian” conspiracy. I hope those girls feel shamed by what they’ve done.

  11. @Harrison, I’ve always thought the term “hate crime” was almost oxymoronic…

  12. I hate it when they use the term “white girls” I have never met anyone with white skin or black skin very poor and out-dated terminology. T girls who did this if caught should be punished to the fullest extent of the law there can be no more excuses allowed for these attacks on others because of ill-breeding and stupidity

  13. Western civilization. It would be a good idea, wouldn’t it. That kind of behavior is unacceptable.

  14. Mathew this is in UK not America, but you are right, they seem to enjoy helping hate propagation.

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