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SPLC: Pam Geller Announces New International Anti-Muslim Effort

21 January 2012 General 11 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

by Heidi Beirich

Anti-Muslim zealot Pam Geller announced this week the formation of a new international organization, Stop the Islamization of Nations (SION), for which she will serve as executive director. This “new global force” will merge the work of the two major anti-Muslim groups in the U.S. and Europe – Stop the Islamization of America (SIOA), run by Geller and co-founded by another anti-Muslim fanatic, Robert Spencer, and Stop the Islamization of Europe (SIOE), run by Anders Gravers out of Denmark. Spencer will serve as SION’s vice president.

This is not the first time these organizations have worked together. In the past, they have tried to hold events in Europe to protest what they see as a coming “Eurabia.”

Geller has a long track record of anti-Muslim activities. Most recently, Geller, whose blog Atlas Shrugs once suggested that President Obama is the “love child” of Malcolm X, celebrated a video that appears to show U.S. soldiers urinating on dead Taliban fighters in Afghanistan. “CAIR has whipped itself up into an Islamic frenzy because a video surfaced that appears to show US Marines [in] combat gear urinating on several dead jihadis,” Geller’s website said last week, referring to the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a Muslim advocacy group. “Would anyone have CAIRed if Marines urinated on dead Nazi soldiers during WWII? (Anyone besides CAIR and Nazis, that is)?”

Gravers’ organization, which inspired SIOA, was cited byNorwegian terrorist Anders Breivik in his manifesto as an organization that people should support and that should have far more members than it has. Breivik blamed the lack of support for SIOA on multiculturalism and political correctness. Spencer was a particular favorite of Breivik. His manifesto cited Spencer and his work dozens of times.

The new group intends to create a “common American/European coalition of free people” to “oppose the advance of Islamic law,” which it describes as in contradiction with “Western laws and principles.” It plans to publicize the names of politicians, activists and others “that promote the Islamization of Western policy and culture.”

SION’s board includes notable anti-Muslim activists, including Dr. Wafa Sultan, a Syrian-American psychologist who has called Islam a “brainwashing machine,” and Hindu nationalist Babu Suseelan, who is published on Spencer’s hate site, Jihadwatch. Gravers will also serve on the board. SION plans soon to hold a worldwide summit to further its efforts.

Original post: Pam Geller Announces New International Anti-Muslim Effort


  1. This idiot doesnt even know that the first people to welcome Jewish immigrants into Palestine were the Muslim leaders. Muslims were against the holocaust, and were also condemned to concentration camps and gas chambers by nazism, yes there were a few Muslims in Europe. Hitler didnt just target Jews! But the majority of victims were Jewish. Anyway. This woman doesnt kno the difference between fatteh (opening فتح) and ghazwu (غزو invasion) and she contradicts herself all the time. Before she said “there are no such things as moderate good muslims” and then i was watchin a special on CNN and she said “i kno there are moderate muslims out therre yes absolutely) and not only that but she forgets that shes jewish therefore eating the same type of foods as we do. Kosher, halal? Stealth halal. Haha. You live by the food you die by the food. Lmfao this woman…

  2. Had it not been for Ms Gellar we the people of the Christian Republic of America would not understand that we are the Infidels and “ticket” to a Muslim heaven. Having learned such we will take measures to have all Sharia practicing people deported as enemies. That we are hated for being Christians by a people that must practice lying is alone sedition and a clear and present danger to our way of life. All of the people who hate America are obliged to leave; nobody is keeping you here. Our ancestors and our soldiers sacrificed much on our behalf and we aren’t inclined to turn our country over to blood thirsty people who practice cult worshipping laws that were made up by an immoral prophet.

  3. I should keep this pic to scare my kids with it when they get naughty! I ll tell them the Vamp is here.

    This woman a loser and does not deserve my time to answer an article about her evil deeds.

  4. Dear Old Ms,

    Wow, what a crock! Maybe you should read the US Constitution before you make a fool of yourself again.

  5. William Shelton:

    Don’t be too harsh on “Old Ms“. He or she should have used [sarc] at the end, stating that they were being sarcastic. There’s no such place on Earth!! “….people who practice lying….? Is this person referring to Republicans? C’mon! No one could be so naive as to actually believe that the lying, distorting Pam Geller could “inform” anyone of anything….!!

  6. William Shelton:

    Don’t be too harsh on “Old Ms“. He or she should have used [sarc] at the end, stating that they were being sarcastic. Observe the verbiage that she or he used:

    Christian Republic of America There’s no such place on Earth!!

    ….people who practice lying….? Is this person referring to Republicans?

    C’mon! Let’s keep it real…. No one could be so naive as to actually believe that the lying, distorting Pam Geller could “inform” anyone of anything….!!

    Edited & reposted

  7. Good news from the Netherlands and bad news for Geller. Her great friend and islamhater, Geert Wilders, is plumming now for several weeks in the polls. Holland had enough from his hate and cultural racism. Eurabia? only 3% of all european is muslim. And the number is not going up. Nope, it is stable for years. So much for her lies. With the Arab spring, the foundation of islamhaters has crumbled. What we see are the last spastic actions from hateful organisations, which are about to be diminished to obscurity.

  8. Ol ms
    If you read the doctrines of Islam youd know our ticket to heaven is fasting, praying 5 times a day, giving charity, and making the pilgrimage to mekka. Those are called the pillars of Islam. If you study the Quran youd know that we love Jesus, mary, John, Moses etc. They all have their own chapters. Mary and jesus/zakaria and john (surat maryam) moses (surat al qasas) joseph (surat yosef) If we hated Christians and Jews dont you think it would be oxymoronic of us to love and revere your/our biblical prophets. Killing is a ticket to Hell. To kill someone in this life is one of the worst sins you can do. Every human life is a sacred thing. Even the most unsightly and terrible human beings have a chance to live. Were all equal, every one of us judged by God and God alone. go and read the quran. With no bias.

  9. And we dont hate america!! Theres nothing in the quran that says anything abt america or westerners, kafir? Ha! That was referring to the ARAB pagans of arabia before islam. I live in america, i adore it. Did you ever Meet a muslim american who said they hated it here? And christian republic of america? Did the UN have a meeting while i was gone? What happened to freedom of religion? And it is for christians only, what about ms geller here who you claim to be some kind of heroine, shes jewish. So should all jews muslims buddhists and hindus be deported also? This is just another way to spread fear. You hate us because we look different, some of us are hairier and darker skinned, we cover (since when is that immoral) we pray in a certain direction, people put a magnifying glass on our smallest faults and its a big deal. A muslim man rapes his wife: something all muslim men do a white christian man rapes his wife : a tragedy, why, this never happens round here. They did this to the African Americans, the Jews, and now to us. Be a part of the haters old ms. Thats cool. You claim yourself to be a great christian, why dont you act like one? Im sure Jesus would hate to see his followers filled with hate for people theyve never met?
    ~ the lying about religion is only allowd when someone is being threatened for being muslim. They can lie and say ya we believe in your “blank” to save their lives. The arab pagans of Quraysh persecuted the early muslims (much like the Romans did the Christians) and some muslims lied and said they believed in Al Lat and Al Uzza (the pagan Gods) to escape the torture. But lying in any other shape or form is forbidden.

  10. I’m going to try and keep my faith in humanity and tell myself that “Ol’ Ms” was being sarcastic. After all, even the name implies that they are making fun of the old, conservative, fundamentalist Christians that might spew such tripe as that. America was founded as a secular nation (Novus Ordo Secularum is on every dollar bill), and therefore every religion is welcomed in the United States.

    As far as the threat of “Islamization” where on earth do you actually see that? What European nation or American state has actually come anywhere near implementing Sharia? What percentage of the politicians of ANY of those states are actually Muslim? The US and Europe are still white, Christian majority, and will probably always remain that way. And if they do become mostly Muslim, WHO CARES? So long as democratic political systems are preserved, there really isn’t any threat in a change in demography. For someone to join SION or a similar organization simply has to be someone that hates Muslims so much they can’t even stand their very existence in the nation, even if the pose no threat. Sometimes I almost regret freedom of assembly and speech, as it allows ridiculous groups like THIS to develop.

  11. Siyajkak
    I lost all faith in humanity. Lol. I keep myself to God. Really like everyones either an extremist or a dumbass.

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