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In Police Training, a Dark Film on U.S. Muslims

25 January 2012 New York Times 31 Comments Email This Post Email This Post
An Islamic flag atop the White House in “The Third Jihad.”

An Islamic flag atop the White House in “The Third Jihad.”

(Hat Tip: Dave Brown, AAI Fan)

In Police Training, a Dark Film on U.S. Muslims


Ominous music plays as images appear on the screen: Muslim terrorists shoot Christians in the head, car bombs explode, executed children lie covered by sheets and a doctored photograph shows an Islamic flag flying over the White House.

“This is the true agenda of much of Islam in America,” a narrator intones. “A strategy to infiltrate and dominate America. … This is the war you don’t know about.”

This is the feature-length film titled “The Third Jihad,” paid for by a nonprofit group, which was shown to more than a thousand officers as part of training in the New York Police Department.

In January 2011, when news broke that the department had used the film in training, a top police official denied it, then said it had been mistakenly screened “a couple of times” for a few officers.

A year later, police documents obtained under the state’s Freedom of Information Law reveal a different reality: “The Third Jihad,” which includes an interview with Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly, was shown, according to internal police reports, “on a continuous loop” for between three months and one year of training.

During that time, at least 1,489 police officers, from lieutenants to detectives to patrol officers, saw the film.

News that police trainers showed this film so extensively comes as the department wrestles with its relationship with the city’s large Muslim community. The Police Department offers no apology for aggressively spying on Muslim groups and says it has ferreted out terror plots.

But members of the City Council, civil rights advocates and Muslim leaders say the department, in its zeal, has trampled on civil rights, blurred lines between foreign and domestic spying and sown fear among Muslims.

“The department’s response was to deny it and to fight our request for information,” said Faiza Patel, a director at the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University Law School, which obtained the release of the documents through a Freedom of Information request. “The police have shown an explosive documentary to its officers and simply stonewalled us.”

Tom Robbins, a former columnist with The Village Voice, first revealed that the police had screened the film. The Brennan Center then filed its request.

The 72-minute film was financed by the Clarion Fund, a nonprofit group whose board includes a former Central Intelligence Agency official and a deputy defense secretary for President Ronald Reagan. Its previous documentary attacking Muslims’ “war on the West” attracted support from the casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, a major supporter of Israel who has helped reshape the Republican presidential primary by pouring millions of dollars into a so-called super PAC that backs Newt Gingrich.

Commissioner Kelly is listed on the “Third Jihad” Web site as a “featured interviewee.” Paul J. Browne, the Police Department’s chief spokesman, wrote in an e-mail that filmmakers had lifted the clip from an old interview. The commissioner, Mr. Browne said, has not asked the filmmakers to remove him from its Web site, or to clarify that he had not cooperated with them.

None of the documents turned over to the Brennan Center make clear which police officials approved the showing of this film during training. Department lawyers blacked out large swaths of these internal memorandums.

Repeated calls over the past several days to the Clarion Fund, which is based in New York, were not answered. The nonprofit group shares officials with Aish HaTorah, an Israeli organization that opposes any territorial concessions on the West Bank. The producer of “The Third Jihad,” Raphael Shore, also works with Aish HaTorah.

Clarion’s financing is a puzzle. Its federal income tax forms show contributions, grants and revenues typically hover around $1 million annually — except in 2008, when it booked contributions of $18.3 million. That same year, Clarion produced “Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West.” The Clarion Fund used its surge in contributions to pay to distribute tens of millions of copies of this DVD in swing electoral states across the country in September 2008.

“The Third Jihad” is quite similar, in style and content, to that earlier film. Narrated by Zuhdi Jasser, a Muslim doctor and former American military officer in Arizona, “The Third Jihad” casts a broad shadow over American Muslims. Few Muslim leaders, it states, can be trusted.

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  1. wow…cud they even sink any lower?..

  2. This is simply disgusting. Brainwashing innocent officers to turn them racist. Like seriously?

  3. Divide and conquer

  4. sadly when they are confronted about it they will say “its only a joke” well their sense of humor is lacking!

  5. Fkkn propaganda

  6. that makes want to throw up…I cannot believe people are so stupid…well on second thought yes I can…they’ve been dumbing down American citizens for decades. If people are dumb they accept whatever they’re told as the ‘gospel truth’. I for one do not want to be apart of the SHEEPLE.

  7. They have to CREATE an enemy out of Muslims in their eyes, otherwise they will see Muslims as normal everyday people and that is NOT what they want … same goes with military fools.

  8. There was never a time when Americans were smarter than they are now. We still have huge problems concerning ignorance, but don’t make it seem like there’s been a time when we’ve been more enlightened.

  9. @Abdullah – Yes, they can, and it’s only a matter of time before they will sink lower.

  10. Completely disgusting.

  11. … the FUCK.

  12. Shameful and frightening. It’s like they are trying to construct a violent confrontation so they can justify human rights violations on all Muslims. America was founded on the principles of Freedom of Religion.

  13. Except for the Native Americans.

  14. That video is so filled with lies that North Korea said daammnn…

  15. Oh geez…..propaganda. I’m not gonna fall for that crap. Muslims, are nothing to be afraid of. Extremists of any stripe are.

  16. :0
    Thats the filthiest lie Ive heard yet

  17. Islam dsnt care abput the west!!!! The ppl “targeted” in the Quran were the filthy arab pagans who buried babies alive and worshipped statues! If ppl learned about Islamic History, they wouldnt be such islamophobes

  18. Oh well. No Commies to pick on any more. I guess any substitute would do for these poor excuses for law enforcement.

  19. Elle, they don’t want to learn about it. They would rather believe what they already believe. There are also the others who don’t actually believe anything, they just follow.

  20. Imad do you know how damgerous it is to be in the law enforcement these days?????They never know what they are walking into…

  21. That’s not an excuse for rank discrimination. Showing this film is not tactical training. It’s an obvious attempt to sow hatred.

  22. Hatred like the way they talk about us…I suggest you take a long look into some of these hate pages they have created…All they want to do is kill American and the Jews…If you are not one of them they want you gone….I can give you a list of a list of them if you like…this way you can see first hand what they really think of ppl like you and me….They hate us…Wish nothing but ill things to happen to us,,,

  23. Do they show this to muslims in law enforcement? Cowards

  24. @marie, i am sure there r groups on fb which are anti-american. but on the other hand there r many groups on fb that r anti-muslim, anti-gay, anti-blacks, etc r u getting my drift? but please do provide us with ur list if u have one. thanks in advance.

  25. I dont hate you Marie. I wish nothing but the best for you and for everyone…and I am a reverted Muslim. There are several churches where I live who want to ‘dispose’ of people who are not like them….every group has their crazies…but please refrain from lumping people into one category. Some crazies in groups doesnt make the WHOLE group bad. People are just people, no matter what race, no matter what relgion and there are good people and their are bad people…christian does not automatically equal good just as muslim does not automatically equal bad.

  26. don’t bother with marie..she is probably just one of those ppl who have those friends that read the Quran out of context…no way to help them….any they will never accept any explanation u give them.

  27. if she reduced herself to looking for Muslim hate websites perhaps you should point to a few Christian hate websites to show her how ignorant it is to keep looking at them.

  28. Marie
    My GOD you have no idea how sad and uneducated you sound.
    May God lead you to the path of truth and enlightenment

  29. […] Americans did have about the faith to instill deeper fears and even influence elections. “The Third Jihad” was used to train thousands of law enforcement officers about the “true agenda” of Islam in […]

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