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Marine Gets Three Months in Jail for Massacring Two Dozen Civilians

25 January 2012 General 58 Comments Email This Post Email This Post


More than six years after Staff Sergeant Frank Wuterich led a squad of Marines into two Haditha, Iraq homes and massacred two dozen civilians, the American serviceman in charge has reached a plea deal.

For nine counts of manslaughter, Wuterich will get three months of confinement.

Wuterich is the last of eight men tied to the November 2005 killing that left 24 Iraqis dead, including women, children and the elderly. It was announced on Monday this week that he had reached a plea with prosecutors during his military tribunal and is now expected to be sentenced as early as Tuesday. According to the Associated Press, Wuterich will face a maximum of three months of confinement, the forfeiture of two-thirds of his pay and a rank demotion.

Of the other seven Marines charged with the now-notorious massacre, one was acquitted and six had their charges dismissed. Wuterich’s attorneys have been confident throughout the ordeal that he would see a similar outcome. “He’s going to be glad to have it over because he knows that he’ll be exonerated,” lawyer Neal Puckett told National Public Radio earlier this month.

On November 19, 2005, Wuterich led a squad of men into two separate homes in the town of Haditha and opened fire on everyone in sight. Prosecutors say that a roadside bomb exploded moments before the Marines stormed the home, and were brought into hysterics by seeing a fellow soldier die in the attack. In response, they went on a rampage and for 45 minutes raided the two homes and were never faced with gunfire. Wuterich later said he instructed his team to “shoot first and ask questions later.”

“My Marines responded to the threats they faced in the manner that we all had been trained,” he explained to CBS’ 60 Minutes in 2007. After the roadside bomb was detonated, Wuterich said that, “My responsibility as a squad leader is to make sure that none of the rest of my guys died. And at that point, we were still on the assault.”

Lt. Col. Joseph Kloppel, spokesman of the Camp Pendleton marine Corps base near San Diego, California, told the media on Monday that “By pleading guilty to this charge, Staff Sergeant Wuterich has accepted responsibility for his actions.”

Original post: Marine gets three months in jail for massacring two dozen civilians


  1. Oh do not worry, the real judgment day by Allah will happen no matter what! that day it wont be a judgment carried out by unjust judges! This cartoon Marine only killed Unarmed kids and women! what a HERO!!!

  2. So to make sure your guys are safe you killed 24 ppl, women kids and elderly… WOW. Fucked up sense of judgement

  3. this is sick and twisted

  4. Smoking a doobie in America is a worse crime than murdering innocent Iraqis, Afghans and Pakistanis.

  5. What the fuck America

  6. makes me sick

  7. a travesty

  8. I believe that he will serve no time in the brig.

  9. Makes me SICK!!!!!!

  10. Kill more than twice as many people as Charles Manson, it’s easy to get away with, just stick a little red white and blue flag in the body and say they are Muslim.

  11. ONLY 3 months. wtf. lock them up for 10 years

  12. I read that he won’t be spending any time in jail period.

  13. Another illustration of the truth that “Military justice is to justice as military misic is to music”.

  14. a shame!

  15. that is plain disturbing. only 3 months. very sad

  16. WTF!

  17. This is so completely wrong.

  18. Who can we write to?

  19. Modern day racism. So blatantly obvious, but when you point it out the Kristol’s, Kautheimer’s, and O’reilly’s of the world will call you a terrorist.

  20. And yet, Bradley Manning is STILL IN PRISON! WTF?

  21. How can you go to war on terror, when it’s WAR that’s terrorizing?

  22. 3 Months!!!! That wasn’t a traffic violation!! 🙁

  23. I completely disagree with his horrible leadership, but you guys have obviously done NO research on this case, and this situation, before posting -_-

  24. These are the real Osama’s

  25. He did NOT get what he deserves.

  26. This ridiculous sentence makes me sick! No doubt the real justice will be done only on the day of judgment where such judges and criminals won’t have any place to hide and they would hope that the scores had settled when they still had a chance on the earth.

  27. LOCK those who commited a war crime and FREE the one who expossed a war crime.orelse stop your crocodile cry about JUSTICE!!

  28. Everything in war is barbaric … But the worst barbarity of war is that it forces men collectively to commit acts against which individually they would revolt with their whole being.
    — Ellen Key

  29. And Manning is facing years in prison!

  30. He will get what he deserves, people tend to forget or just don’t believe in life after death, but I do, and hell was made for people like him.

  31. Here at home, women are imprisoned for ten years or more for defending their lives and those of their children against chronic abusers, while representatives of our government kill families with impunity. Wake up America!

  32. Disgusting.

  33. looool And they say we are the terrorists What is this 3 months ..Perhaps the judge thought he was arrested in a bar fight .The best justice system in the world wooow 😛

  34. Maybe the East Haven police department will hire him. Shameful!

  35. these is very sad and hurting.i have no words to say.

  36. SHAMEFUL!!!!

  37. shameful!

  38. you call that justice?shameful!!i

  39. I REALLY hope there’s something more to this that we aren’t seeing (a reason why the sentence is so light). Anyway, regardless of what happens to him here Allah knows perfectly what he deserves.

  40. are you a member of the American Troops? if *yes*,you’re free to kill as many non-American civilians as possible.no one will dare to account you:XD

  41. 3 months?! What the flying fuck is wrong with these people?

  42. Shame

  43. My brother is a Marine, and he’s not on FB, but if he saw this I don’t think he’d understand it either. I know that unbelievable things can and do happen in a battle situation but I doubt we civilians will ever really know, either way, what happened this time.

    What I don’t understand the most is that he admitted wrongdoing, was convicted of nine counts of manslaughter, but got such a light sentence — and that the others got barely a slap on the wrist. I do understand that he was the leader and thus ultimately responsible for his Marines’ conduct, but his sentence isn’t even appropriate to one person, nevermind the rest of them.

    like AnnaLee AlKorji said, “I REALLY hope there’s something more to this that we aren’t seeing (a reason why the sentence is so light),” but again, I doubt we’ll ever find out that reason, if it exists.

    It’s sad. More than sad, it just seems so wrong.

  44. What a crock of shit … here is the “American Justice System” at its best … let alone the other murderer that they set free recently … keep it up and show the world how great your justice system is.

  45. Thats not justice-Its a damn vocation-He will get his n more

  46. Where is anon to give a thumb up to this children killer

  47. As a Marine vet and a Muslimwoman this Marine is not worthy of the title.

  48. Even if you loose your cool and murder. Bad message. Brain hurt.

  49. I always do my research Austin. A squadmember was killed by an I.E.D., Wuterich then led his squad as they massacred 24 unarmed civilians in the surrounding houses. Wuterich and his squad acknowledged they had taken no gunfire. Wuterich got off because he convinced the jury that he believed he was acting in accordance with lawful Rules of Engagement, because for some reason, despite the fact that they took no gunfire, Wuterich believed the surrounding houses were hostile. He won’t get any jailtime, but I wouldn’t say he’s getting off scot-free either; his mind will always be tortured by his past. Trust me.

  50. Mraines are supposed to have honor, and this is what they’re doing…oh yeah and they can kill a village of civilians and only get a few months

  51. It makes me sick that a war hero is being punished for his heroic actions under fire helping to save the lives of his fellow soldiers and making Iraq a safer place for those who live there. the investigation into the haditha incident found all the accused to be innocent of unlawful killing. this man is only being punished to satisfy a political vendetta. He should be receiving medals not punishment.

  52. David Brennan- to blame all Marines for his actions is no better then Islamaphobes……. Fact.

  53. Hey Anon, Anonymous, moonbatts,
    Perhaps you don’t support religion. But do u support this? No sane person would support this. Just an example of the stories you pull from the internet that demonize Muslims.

  54. A normal person put in such a unspeakably horrible position that none of you even have the capability of comprehending. So quick to pass judgement based on ignorant preconceived notions of “honor” and “combat”, passed on to you not from first hand experience, but the glamorization presented by Hollywood. Do not get me wrong I am in no way defending the actions of that day, but there’s a difference between having heard about what happened and understanding what happened. While I understand the stupidity that has presented itself here in the form of outrage, condemnation, and threats do not forget how hopelessly ignorant you are to being able to accurately assess the situation. On a closing note I would just like to leave this quote. “I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very freedom I provide and then questions the manner in which I provide it.”

  55. Hey Christophe, I’ve been in similar situations. I can pass judgement. When your convoy gets struck by an IED, you dont lead your squad into the surrounding houses and massacre everyone you find. These savages murdered women, children, and an elderly man in a wheelchair. It’s interesting how you blast Hollywood, and then end your asinine comment with a quote from “A Few Good Men.”. Excuse me, now, who’s notions of honor were based on Hollywood? You just contradicted yourself, moron.

  56. Bennet,

    I guess Anon will end up getting a new ID cause Most people on here have realized how ignorant he is and he just can not cope with this light pressure. He is a lone loser!

    Anon, you wants to put Muslims down and Allah has promised that the future is for this Religion. The religion of Truth, peace and compassion.So you like it or not this religion will be victorious. Remember that not all muslims are correct however this religion is complete and correct. Even Jesus peace be upon him when he comes down back to earth he will be calling to Islam!

    ISLAM = SUBMISSION TO Allah alone and you know that Allah is the one the Christians Call the father! How blind can you be?

    Look how many people keep barking on Islam and what keeps happens? the number of revert to Islam keeps growing. Is not this enough for your change course and try to read to learn and ask Allah to guide you. Still with all this hatred that you have, I pray for you that May Allah guides you to his path. Aman

    Remember that I dont have with you giving your negative comments, but insulting Muslims, you will definitively get the same treatment at least from me! Good Luck

  57. Dan he killed KIDS. How is that right?

  58. This man and his “marines” are the real terrorists.

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