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Why You Shouldn’t Trust Robert Spencer’s Biography of the Prophet Muhammad (I)

25 January 2012 Spencer Watch 50 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Why You Shouldn’t Trust Robert Spencer’s Biography of the Prophet Muhammad (I)

This article is a part of LoonWatch’s Understanding Jihad Series.

I recently agreed to debate the following thesis with Robert Spencer of JihadWatch:

Islam is more violent than other religions, specifically Judaism and Christianity.

This is the main theme in Spencer’s book The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades). It is even the title of one of his books: Religion of Peace?: Why Christianity Is and Islam Isn’t.  More than this, it reflects the fundamental difference between he and I: whereas I accept the violent and intolerant aspect inherent in all religious traditions, Spencer specifically targets Islam.

Under this heading, I was willing to debate the following sub-thesis:

The Islamic prophet was more violent and warlike than Jewish and Christian prophets.

This was the argument Spencer brought forth in chapter 1 of his book, entitled “Muhammad: Prophet of War.” On p.3, Spencer writes:

[F]or the religious man or woman on the streets of Chicago, Rome, Jerusalem, Damascus, Calcutta, and Bangkok, the words of Jesus, Moses, Muhammad, Krishna, and Buddha mean something far greater than any individual’s reading of them.  And even to the less-than-devout reader, the words of these great religious teachers are clearly not equal in their meaning.

On p.4, Spencer promises to compare Muhammad to prophets and founders of other religious traditions in order “to emphasize the fallacy of those who claim that Islam and Christianity–and all other religious traditions, for that matter–are basically equal in their ability to inspire good or evil.”  In other words: Muhammad was the most violent of them all, and thus inspires greater evil.

But, is it true?

I’ve already written multiple articles related to this topic, but now I will directly refute chapter 1 of Robert Spencer’s book (“Muhammad: Prophet of War”), which is Spencer’s biography of Muhammad.  I will present a balanced, neutral, and academic picture of Muhammad–in between the Islamophobic narrative of Spencer on the one hand and the understandably biased Muslim apologist view on the other.

Once Muhammad’s life is understood thus, I will compare it to the lives of other prophets–MosesJoshuaSamsonSaulDavidJesus, etc.–to see if Muhammad was truly the most violent of them all.

*  *  *  *  *

Robert Spencer’s biography of Muhammad is extremely misleading.  This becomes apparent from the get-go. The very first section of Spencer’s biography of Muhammad begins on p.5, entitled “Muhammad the raider.”  Spencer’s opening words are:

Muhammad the raider

Muhammad already had experience as a warrior before he assumed the role of prophet.  He had participated in two local wars between his Quraysh tribe and their neighboring rivals Banu Hawazin.

What Spencer leaves out from this talking point–”Muhammad already had experience as  warrior before he assumed the role of prophet”!–is quite telling.

He is referring to what is known in Islamic history as Harb al-Fijar (the Sacrilegious War), a series of conflicts that took place when Muhammad was a teenager.  The spark that ignited the war was the unsettled murder of a member of one tribe, which lead to a blood feud.  Due to “entangling alliances,” many different tribes in the area found themselves at war with each other.

Like most of Muhammad’s life, the details of this event are contested.  This dispute is not simply one between modern-day Muslim apologists and Islamophobes, but rather one that traces its way back to the earliest biographers of the Prophet.

In specific, Muhammad’s level of participation in these wars is disputed.  On the one hand, Shia biographers reject the idea that Muhammad partook in them at all.  Meanwhile, Sunni biographers write that Muhammad simply accompanied his uncle but did not directly fight in these wars.  He only took on a very limited support role: picking up enemy arrows from the battlefield.  At the most, he fired off a few arrows, but did not kill anyone.

Not only was Muhammad’s role severely limited, but even this he would later express regret over.  Muhammad later recounted: ”I had witnessed that war with my uncle and shot a few arrows therein. How I wish I had never done so!” [1] Spencer conveniently omits this very important fact, one that mitigates Muhammad’s participation in the war, especially in regards to his views about war and peace.

Like World War I, the Sacrilegious War was sparked over a murder and resulted in great turmoil due to “entangling alliances.”  Once hostilities ceased, many of the tribes decided to convene a sort of “League of Nations” to prevent future wars.  The Arabian tribes assembled at the house of a man named Abdullah bin Judan and “forged the League of the Virtuous [Hilf al-Fudul].  The major aims of the League were to prevent wars from breaking out and to protect the weak and the defenseless from their enemies.” [2] Members would “henceforth and forever stand on the side of the victim of injustice,” instead of simply siding based on tribal loyalty. [3] It was hoped that such an arrangement would prevent the blood feuds that were common in that time.

Muhammad took part in the signing of the League of the Virtuous, and it left its indelible mark on him.  He would later say: “I witnessed in the house of Abdullah bin Judan a pact made that I wouldn’t have exchanged for the choicest of herds; and if it had been suggested after Islam, I would have responded positively to it.” [4] (“The choicest herd” is the ancient equivalent of saying: “I wouldn’t trade it in even for a Ferrari.”) Muhammad said further: “If further such pacts be made for the cause of the oppressed and I be called, I would certainly respond.” [5]

The ideals of the League of the Virtuous–of standing for justice regardless of family or tribal loyalty–finds its way into the Quran:

O you who believe, stand firmly for justice, witnesses before God, even if it be against your own selves, your parents or relatives, or whether it be against rich or poor. (4:135)

Throughout his career, Muhammad opposed tribal warfare and blood feuds.  Meanwhile, the Quran instructed the believers to defend the oppressed by fighting the oppressors:

What reason could you have for not fighting in God’s cause–for those men, women and children who are oppressed and cry out, “Our Lord, rescue us from this town whose people are oppressors!  By Your Grace, give us a protector and a savior!” (4:75)

The Sacrilegious War and the League of the Virtuous played a pivotal role in Muhammad’s views on matters of war and peace–but not in the way that Spencer implies it to (i.e. “he was born a warrior!”).  Instead, Muhammad became a “veteran against the war” and greatly supported the idea of a League of the Virtuous, a body intended to bring peace on earth–one that would end violence, bloodshed, and war.

By omitting key details, Spencer willfully misleads the reader.  This is just within the first three lines of his biography of Muhammad.  As we shall see, the deception just gets worse.

To be continued…

Danios was the Brass Crescent Award Honorary Mention for Best Writer in 2010 and the Brass Crescent Award Winner for Best Writer in 2011.

[1] Muhammad Husayn Haykal, Hayat Muhammad, p.62
[2] S. Ali Asgher Razwy, A Restatement of the History of Islam and Muslims, p.24.
Prof. Joseph Morrison Skelly writes on p.39 of Political Islam: “Hilf al-Fudul was an agreement among several pre-Islamic Arab tribes in the seventh century to prevent injustice and to aid those who had been wronged.”
[3] Haykal, p.62
[4] Ibn Kathir, Al-Sira Al-Nabawiyya, p.188
[5] A.H. Qasmi, International Encyclopaedia of Islam, p.113


  1. Wow. Lol these assholes never met any muslims, never even bothereed….God Forgive Thats all im going to say.

  2. If people stay in the present, addressing what is happening now, I think there would be more of a chance of fixing some problems.

  3. Anyone else getting a 404 page not found error when trying to view the article?

  4. No,

  5. I’ve seen that book — it is a complete piece of garbage. And I’m not Muslim, no ax to grind.

  6. Both World Wars were started by “civilised”, white European Christians, although the Turks and Japanese joined in later. So Christians are less war like? They only started the two biggest wars in the history of this planet, and against their fellow Christians.

  7. Imran- that happens to me a lot. I wait a bit and it usually works later Alhamdulillah 🙂

    But Astaghfirullah. I hate it when people say such hateful things about the Prophet (saws). 🙁

  8. lol..why does even spencer have to write a book about a religion or the Prophet which he hates..it means he knows that people will eventually seek the truth so why not mislead them?, let them not find the right path. but does he even know the more people will read his books they will also read literature related to it and will definitely find the authentic literature that will make his work a “CRAP” and in teh end people will end up embracing the beautiful religion! May he be guided towards the right path amen. peace!

  9. Sigh

  10. Christians less war like?! Are you fucking kidding me? Um..the Crusades, the War Of The Roses, the wars to colonize and convert most of the planet, WW1, WW11, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and soon, Iran. Watch

  11. People like Spencer and Geller are open enemies to Islam just because. I wish they had better things to do with their time but oh well. There’s an abundance of ignorance (borderline insanity) in this country so loons like Spencer no longer upset me. Folks are going to all sorts of extremes to make Islam seem negative. From Muslims who switch to christianity (which is an oxymoron), false reporting from overseas, elected officials spreading lies and even in the classroom. It’s nonstop lies but as a Muslim, I’m more concerned with the people who are smart enough to recognize this. Many already have their minds made up about Islam so no matter what we say, we’ll always sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher.

  12. I haven’t read Spencer’s book on Muhammad but I did read the “Politically correct guide to Islam”. All the information in that book was taken from Islamic sources. From what I understand Muhammad is held up as the “perfect man” by many Muslims.If Muhammad was peaceful, tolerant and non-violent why are his followers engaging in violence all over the world? Why are Muslims killing and maiming people in places as varied as China, Russia, Nigeria, Ethiopia,Bali,United States,Israel,Spain,Iraq,India and Pakistan?

  13. Anon
    If people started understanding the difference between over there and over here. Whats right Islam and whats wrong, then we could start.

    Israel? Really? So your going to ignore the fact that children and women and elderly are slaughtered there everyyear? By Israelis? Why dont you go to Gaza, see what its like. Oh wait. Youre probably too afraid to do that. Youll have a hard time getting in, they might shoot/rape/harass you at any or all of the hundred checkpoints, i was harassed by both a male and a female Israeli soldier. And if you get through that, good luck surviving Gaza. Limited water, food, and theres the 90 % chance of getting hit with an Israeli missile. But no, youd rather sit in your lovely safe little chair and talk on about how the opressed are really the oppressors and whatever.
    And because they misinterpreted the quran, encouraged by media or deranged nuts, paid, or just stupid. So wat exactly. Jesus was a good soul, peace be upon him, so does that justify Christians blowing up planned parenthoods? Or catholic priests molesting children? Im not saying all do, but it happens.

  14. Hera
    All considered islamic sources huh, did you read the article? Spencer said mohammad was experienced in war. He failed to mention that he didnt even participate and even then he regretted it. Theres more to everythinc he says he just wont tell you

  15. Gaza? Gaza became the first country since Nazi Germany to declare itself “Juden free”. Most of Gaza’s problems can be directly traced to the Hamas government and the implementation of Sharia.

  16. If Islam or perhaps Islam’s leaders – that crock of imams, mullahs, etc. – does not encourage violence, why do muslims produce such a large subset of people who think they have the right to murder or physically attack their fellow citizens?

    When they don’t like what is going on – they couldn’t ride the rides, they lost the football game, or they feel at a political disadvantage so its burn the train, beat up the quarterback, beat up the park attendant. Nobody needs this going on in their country.

    There was a recent admission that there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza. That’s one of the things I can’t stand about the Pals – sobbing and lying and the parasitic living off the international community.

    It is obvious to me that muslim groups will eventually start killing non muslims here, in an attempt to destroy or overthrow the country or claim it for islamic territory, etc. and the time to expel the muslims is now.

  17. I bet that in every mosque there is a core of violent ones, perhaps completely unknown to the rest of the congregation.

  18. Thanks bro Danios. i would like to see you demolish Spencer alongside that Troll called Ali Sina.he wrote much asinine garbage in his book ‘understanding Muhamad’. let the demolition begin.thank you

  19. Hera
    You have terrible research skills. Gaza is a CITY in Palestine. not a country. And if you’d done your research you would know that when Jews fled Europe to escape prosecution (even before the overthrow of The Ottoman Empire) the Muslims welcomed them. The violence started between the British and the Jews, then the Arabs and British, and once the Brits left, it was Jews vs Arabs (muslim and christian) btw, if you want to blame anyone for the “juden free” statement blame the British, they were in charge of all of Palestine before thry pulled out in ’47. The world war ended in ’45 so….ya know…
    So the babies who are murdered for no particular reason, the 344 children killed in one day even when no “counterattacks by hamas” were made…like what is that to you? Justice?

    So everyone non christian, non white, non jewish is undeserving of help or attention to you. Were all liars. The Starving Somalians, are they lying too, man, america and Europe said the same thing about the Jews before the holocaust and some people believe it didnt even happen. You just have no humanity. Satan ate up your heart and shit a godless mound of hell and centipedes in your chest cavity.

  20. Anon
    Not really. The violence is elsewhere. Most mosques are full of old people who sit there to read Quran or gossip, middle aged ppl who just like to pray, babies in babysitting, and teenagers looking for their friends/community servic hours.
    Im sure in synanagogues and churches ther MUST be exactly whAt you described.

  21. Lemme guess the admission tging was made by israel. Man theyve been denying that for YEARS

  22. Hera,
    Seems u have no understanding of cause and effect. Hamas was an extremist group that came into power and gained support because they were the only ones who would fight for their freedom. Israel has killed more Muslims in the past 60 years than the number of Jews killed in the holocaust. And you wonder why majority of Palestinians don’t like Israel? Israel has been breaking international law since 1964 and the UN does nothing because America backs them up. If ppl went into your home, kicked you out and killed your family, you think you would be different then Hamas?

  23. Anon,
    The fact that you think that Imams, Mullahs, etc. in Islam encourages violence only reveals your lack of insight into history (much like Spencer, but he’s only a liar). I don’t associate Spencer as being the major voice of the Catholic Church, why do you associate what a few individuals say about Islam? Ever actually went to a mosque? Ever asked a Muslim face to face what they are all about? Or are you comfortable with everything your friends tell you? I’ve seen from your previous work that you don’t have a decent copy of the Quran, but pointing that out to you is pointless, since you also consider Muslims to be liars as well. I asked ppl like you anonymous, moonbats, M2, to post their translations here and show their sources and I will show mine. Why do I go thru all the trouble? Cuz the Quran tells us to sit down and discuss our beliefs so that the truth may become apparent. So if you think you r right and not the liar you make yourself out to be, go ahead and start quoting from the Quran. It may be proven useful to those who still wish to hold a liberal mindset.

  24. M bennett
    Thank you!

  25. Over 6 million Pals have been killed by Israel? That I doubt. That statement is part of the canard collection muslims use instead of research.

    The Pals have been frittering away opportunities for a long time.

    Do you all address my remarks on muslim behavior? No. You just insult me. Mounds of hell with centipedes, what is that?

    I think that mosques are composed of a large group of decent clueless people and a small secret group of baddies.

    I do think that imams, etc are in a large part responsible for the mess of today.

  26. What impelled the muslims who attacked a teacher in UK because they didn’t like the way he was teaching a religion course? They are on tape encouraging each other: we’re doing this for the deen, for Allah. They beat him almost to death.

    Can’t muslims figure out how to convince their fellows that beating up/killing people for the deen, for Allah is counter productive?

    I think they are hampered in this because they admire violence and think intimidating non muslims is a good takeover tactic.

  27. I am not one of those who want to burn the Koran, insult Mohammad, etc. I do not want to make muslims angry, I want to make them change.

  28. Anon
    Godless mound of shit, right where your heart should be

    Eceryone says 6 million jews died in the holocaust because only they were targets. Lets see whats wrong with that.
    1.not that many jews lived in Europe, ALOT lived in the Middle East and America.
    2. Gypsies, muslims, blacks, and people who tried to help the Jews made up an amount, they werent just Jews. But does anyone address that? Lol nope, that would be antisemitic. The holocaust seems like something Jews are proud of :/
    3. If 6 million jews really died, there would barely be any left.
    4. About a few thousand people died in the Holocaust, may god have mercy on them.

    Lol anon in 63 yrs, with a massacre occuring everyday, of course were gonna have a big number

    What oppurtunities, its like saying a lady who was raped shoulda thought quicker before getting raped. Blaming the victim. ThTs why im insulting you! I find it horrifying that you only have sympathy for non muslim usually white folk, while REAL humans should sympathize for all of Gods creations. I feel sad about the Holocaust, about the Native Americans, the Africa Americans, the Katrina survivors, haitians, the veitnamese, all of the people whove suffered in the world, but i empathize with the rest of the palestinians because ive witnessed firsthand what thats like. My uncles best friend died right next to him. Shot through the back. I was physically harassed at 15, why? Because i had braces on and the damn metal thing kept going off. I showed the soldier my mouth and he kept yelling at me to take off my hijab, and my shirt and everything “yallah ishlahh” yelling at me to undress in my own language, the lady kept pushing me Around,i hope
    wherever they are theyre suffering.

    The only baddies we have are the Universal (our rival school) boys doing weed out in the parking lot and chicks txtn their boyfriends in the middle of prayer. Kinda sad but…
    Not really, we just dont want to react the way you would. You might act out violently, were not like that tho. If you bothered to look up any of these people
    Amal Ali
    Susan Abulhawa
    Ghada Karmi
    Shadia Mansour
    Lupe Fiasco
    Abdullah Shukr
    Boonaa Mohammed
    Nouman Ali Khan

    Or anyother famous muslim, youd see we have our own means of protest. The tunisian, egyptian, and libyan revolution? You probably overlooked that

  29. Anon
    Well you want us to change? Change what? The ones are either dying or in their little dishdashes(old Arab traditional dress) scolding the little kids from their mats, the adults are popping out kids, going back to school or at work, the young adults and teens are getting ready for college/going to college/ partying, and the little kids are embarassing us at Wal Mart, if you dont want us to have a shot at the American Dream you can just say it, you dont have to say change.

  30. Sorry, *old ones

  31. Elle, you are completely ignoring my points and questions. Hell and centipedes to you.

    6 million is the generally accepted figure for Jews. It is true that gypsies, etc. were also massacred and a great many people died of maltreatment and starvation as well.

    Extremely few Jews were left in Poland.

  32. How many Muslims actually hurt people, anon?

    Now how many Muslims exist?

    There are 1.5 billion. If even ten percent wanted to kill you, or convert you through force, or start a world war in the name of God, you, and many others (including most if not all of them) would be dead now.

    Of course there are bad apples. Hundreds. Thousands. But that’s a scant few apples among one and a half billion.

    It helps that most of those bad apples wake up every day to watch a Western empire destroy their lands, pilfer their natural resources, and insult their religion to boot. Of course they’re pissed. You probably would be too. Out of 1.5 billion people who are misunderstood and categorized as one big blob of “terrorism” and “extremism”, or the threat thereof, OF COURSE there are going to be extremist outliers.

  33. Actually i think i addressed them.anon, i digressed, but overall id give myself an A.

    Anyway, i asked YOU to read a few books, look up a few thing you know, but i see you havent gotten back to me on that……..

  34. The world is 1/5 muslim. If the other 4/5 stand up to kill you where will you run?

    Muslims are nurturing and supporting their baddies. They support them with money, excuses, a mosque to flop in. They ignore and excuse their misdeeds and atrocities. Their lands have been chaotic hellholes for many years.

    After the UK teacher was beaten up I saw excuses – well, they got mad so they just naturally had to beat him up and all but kill him.

    Social chaos is created by too many people thinking they can attack/kill people in society who happen to say or do things they don’t like.

    Women at the amusement park attacked the park attendant, who the hell does that?

    The populations at large are becoming infuriated by these stories and at some point, cameras or not, will come at you.

    Or else you will have to be expelled to muslim lands, we don’t have to tolerate this attitude walking around here.

  35. Here’s what it is:

    Muslim societies produce a subset of vigilantes who feel enabled to kill or attack such of their neighbors as don’t conform to their views or who say/do something they don’t like.

    They pest themselves and the rest of the world with this and why? Surely it must have something to do with the preaching and teaching they receive from their religious leaders.

    Let’s beat the teacher up for the deen and Allah! How did they arrive at that?

  36. Ahh , what Spenser !!! even NYPD , FBI such department of justice are teacher injustice view like false video clip for counter terrorism officer but no action were taken when reveal. That is freedom of press and if you reveal their dirty trick and cunning plan as well as evil face of ZIONist you’ll get punishment Private Manning and if you killed tow dozens of Muslims Kids, adults and women in their home like in Haditha (Iraq) you will get three months punishment plus pardon on later.

  37. Anon
    Ill make it simple

    If we ever thought of, or wanted to, do every single last piece of dog crap you just sputtered, youd already be dead.

    But, were here, your here. So get a life, a girlfriend, a job, something. Puh-lease.

  38. http://m.youtube.com/index?desktop_uri=%2F&gl=US#/watch?v=maAO6BuiPVw

    How Muslim palestinian fAthers act. Lying babies my ass.

  39. http://m.youtube.com/index?desktop_uri=%2F&gl=US#/watch?v=rZ_HC5_KMDk

    How muslims act. Funny because its true and somewhat embarassing. If it doesnt open, its shit muslims say by sheikhbake

  40. http://m.youtube.com/index?desktop_uri=%2F&gl=US#/watch?v=u6ZKxpaibuM

    Arab dads by subeeTube, its the same guy from the first video
    The second to last is middle eastern parents by fouseyTube

    I suggest you actually watch them instead of pretending to and accusing us of shit we dont know or care about. Ha! taking over the world, thats pretty funny. Its now my facebook status. My friends have already started making fun of it. Enjoy being a laughingstock when no beareded turban wearing brown guys start shooting at you in your house!;)

  41. Oh and anon

    The amusement park- the guys were yellin at them to either take off the hijab or take a hike (for the ride). And its not like a hat where we just take it off its worn in public only whats the point of wearing them then? So the two got in each others faces. The security actually pushed down the girl, then her male relatives started fighting with the management, and yea.

  42. That’s amazing Anon!
    I don’t recall any insults I threw at you. Only asked you to start pointing out what you find so hateful or violent in the Quran. Reading it gives the real answer about Islam. You have done in the past and I showed you proof of why your translations were wrong. Your comments like “I think that mosques are composed of..” and “I do think that imams..” That’s exactly the point, you think but you don’t know and you are not willing to learn, so its hypocritical of you to want to “change” Muslims without bothering to learn about Islam. A story of one or two individual in Britain beating up a teacher? Perhaps you should look in your own backyard. There are plenty of people in America who are racially abusing, beating, and killing anyone who looks foreign. Why not quote them? What you are doing is stereotyping. Should I assume all you atheists are arrogant pricks who don’t bother to learn about religion and feel superior with science? No, because I’ve met many atheists who study religion with the intention of learning, not going around quoting a single teacher abuse to demonstrate the violence of over 1.5 billion Muslims.

  43. Anon,
    Your comments seem to suggest to listen to people like this Robert Spencer fellow. The fact is you don’t realize just how many opportunities the Israelis have had to make peace. From 1964 they have been breaking international laws, in an effort to seize the entire country. America doesn’t condemn them, millions are dying, and suddenly “terrorist” groups like Hamas pop out and start fighting against this oppressive regime. Do I support Hamas? No, they are extreme, but what else do you expect from people who are denied their rights, kicked out of their homes, and murdered? Why the double standard? You think all Muslims prefer Hamas over the UN because its part of their religion? NO! Its because the UN is not helping them so they turn “extreme” simply because they don’t feel they have a choice.

    You want proof of all those Palestinians dying? The Israeli government is now preventing journalists and human rights organization from reporting on the situation, saying it is too dangerous. We all know that many other places in the world are even more dangerous, and journalist are not barred from reporting. The fact that the Israeli government is hiding evidence should raise an alarm in your head.
    Here is a list of the massacres that are known:

    The EU Commissioner for External Relations:

    “I am profoundly concerned about the consequences for the Gazan population of the complete closure of all Gaza crossings for deliveries of fuel and basic humanitarian assistance,” she said in a press statement.

    “I call on Israel to re-open the crossings for humanitarian and commercial flows, in particular food and medicines. Facilitation of fuel deliveries for the Gaza Power Plant should be resumed immediately.”

    The EU statement further stated that “International law requires the provision of access to essential services such as electricity and clean water to the civilian population,” and demanded that restraint be exercised by all parties to avoid an escalation of humanitarian suffering.

    Oxfam International, one of the large international organizations that work regularly in the Gaza Strip, has condemned the Israeli decision to close the borders into Gaza.

    At least the UN admits the Palestinians are being starved but that does not stop America from supporting them. Are you American? Do you support starving children? Well if majority of Americans really didn’t support
    this then it wouldn’t be happening. Same reasoning again, Americans simply don’t know the whole situation in Israel.

  44. One more thing Anon,
    Since you like to talk about individual terrorists why not look up the story of the American Rachael Corrie? She was also protesting against the invasion of tanks tearing down Palestinian homes. The Israelis ran her over and said it was an accident.
    There are more holes in the story than swiss cheese. There were plenty of witnesses as well that point out interesting details as well.

  45. There are stories that Corrie and other idealistic lambs who go there to help the Pals are raped, because they are violating the culture there by walking out alone.

    Quit telling me to look at the Koran. I am criticizing muslim behavior, not doing an analysis of the Koran.

    The men who beat up the UK teacher were claiming to do so “for the deen and for Allah” how did they arrive at that position?

    I am aware that at this point both Pals and Israelis look bad.

  46. Anon
    If you dont bother to read the Quran then how dare you judge us all the same? All of you harbor this and think that…thats all you ever say. You judge muslims now correct, do you know any muslims personally? I mean, your gonna put us all under one cateragory. If we dont commit violent acts, we suport them and if not we just simply plan om taking over the world. Thats basically your maint point in every response.
    Just because you dont see muslims fighting against extremists and racism towards others doesnt mean it they dont exist. I am one. My teachers, my friends, my relatives, several journalists and artists, etc.
    To answer that question, idk. Misinterpretations of the Quran, being paid by whatever government theyre ruled by, oh abd how dare you ask that question to muslims only?
    Arent their christians and catholics who bomb, hurt, and abuse people of other religiong, planned parenthoods and abortion clinics? You also said israelis dont look so good . ok is what theyre doing real judaism? Killing gentiles and ethnically cleansing the land? Yea. I mean if your assumptions ar true then shouldnt the apply to everyone?

  47. Rachel corrie was an american who died being crushed by an Israeli caterpillar bulldozer. Not raped. She stood in front of a small palestinian home, which had people and furnishhings in it. The bulldozer got closer and as she tried to climb upwards away from it she was run over.
    And dont tell me its not true. Imet her parents and thats how they described her death.

  48. *religions
    Lol stupid Ipod

  49. It is interesting to note the one thing that all of you are missing…..It is safe to say that both Jesus and the Prophet both have a narrative..In the case of the Prophet of Islam we have two?…..Yes,Jesus has ONE narrative (with various opinions on it) and the Prophet has TWO?….one narrative says that the prophet is a cool dude Karen Armstrong and the other narratives states that the prophet is NOT Cool (You define ‘not cool’ as YOU wish) Robert Spencer……I honestly don’t know how can this be…..But in America you can believe as you wish and you are free to trash Islam and or Christianity at will………Frankly I love it!

    I believe that both Islam and Christianity both have the same idea….The followers of both, as individuals, are to cleanse themselves /their hearts in preparation for the life after our death.

    Islam states that you are supposed to ‘submit’ to our Allah?….Under who’s interpretation I might ask??

    Personally,if you look for a person who has submitted themselves to our Allah,,,,then look no further than our virgin Mary.

    I would be impressed with any one who is able to convince me that the prophet of Islam is mother Theresa and vise versa….this would be interesting…..>>wouldn’t you say?

    As far as the prophet….It is questionable….you can see today how Muslim kids join in the fight……But is it for DEMOCRACY or is it for Bread??……….some say Muslims are not ready for democracy….I say who the heck are you to speak for anyone??

    The statement ”I had witnessed that war with my uncle and shot a few arrows therein. How I wish I had never done so!” is NO MORE credible than
    The Story of the Splitting of the Prophet’s chest………

    What a guy says one thing about the prophet or two a we are suppose to swallow it as fact.

    Give me a Pizza flippin break…….Oh and I would like that with sausage and pepperoni please!!

    **ps…..Lay off the Priests…..The crimes of a few does speak for the Church……..Or a university or for any other organization.


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