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Wash. Times’ Gaffney: For Muslims, “The Preferred Way Of Achieving [Shariah Law] Is … Through Violence”

27 January 2012 General 24 Comments Email This Post Email This Post
Frank Gaffney

Frank Gaffney

In his January 23 Washington Times column, Frank Gaffney wrote that for Muslims, “the preferred way of achieving [Shariah law] is, as Muhammad taught, through violence.” Gaffney also called the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) a “Muslim Brotherhood front group” that is “squealing like, well, stuck haram (or impure) pigs.” From the Times:

Muslim Brotherhood front groups such as the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) are squealing like, well, stuck haram (or impure) pigs. After all, they have been working overtime to try to obscure the true nature of Shariah and to prevent the enactment of legislation that would interfere with the considerable progress being made below the radar in states across the country: the insinuation of Shariah into the American judiciary.

Resorting to their standard technique of ad hominem attacks, CAIR and its friends have derided Mr. Gingrich’s stance as “racist,” “bigoted” and “Islamophobic.” Such comments evidently were not persuasive to South Carolina voters – and they should be equally dismissed by everybody else.

The simple fact of the matter is that Shariah defines the fault line between people who are Muslims but can love our country, respect and enjoy its freedoms and support our form of government and Constitution, and those who are obliged by doctrine to oppose all those things. Worse, adherents to Shariah must – in accordance with that doctrine – seek, as Mr. Gingrich says, “to impose it on the rest of us.”

For the latter Muslims, the preferred way of achieving such submission is, as Muhammad taught, through violence. Where that would be impractical and/or counterproductive for the moment, however, their doctrine encourages the use of stealthy techniques to advance the same supremacist goal.

Original post: Wash. Times’ Gaffney: For Muslims, “The Preferred Way Of Achieving [Shariah Law] Is … Through Violence”


  1. Another uneducated bigoted LIAR!!!!

  2. Gaffney makes me ashamed to admit I have Irish blood

  3. He is so stupid about shat he doesn’t do any research in his stories and should be fired from Wash. Times and never be rehired unless he works for the God awful murder-ochs……watch for this idiot……:?/


  5. Gaffney is one of the more politically linked and powerful bigots out there, a neocon very much like Cheney who gets plenty of time on Fox News to spew his hatred in living rooms across America. Very sad.

  6. another uneducated person.. ridiculous…

  7. its the Washington Times, its pretty much what you’d expect from that moonie rag.

  8. We need a “holding nose, DISLIKE button on FB.

  9. If I had that face I would never make fun of other people!

  10. OK, but the Washington Times isn’t a reputable newspaper, anyway. I used a copy once to line my cats’ litter box, but they refused to use it.

  11. Idiot…

  12. what a GAFFney…..holy kabob, it’s like these people plan their names…Herman CAIN…like Cain and Abel the wacko brother that killed the other over jealousy, which Herman could def do – kill that is….and now GAFFney?!?!?!? with his ridiculous error in speech. Fuck you dude. Fuck youuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

  13. Frank – anybody planning to “Sharia law” you?

  14. geez whatta maroon

  15. If it wasn’t for the Washington Times, this guy wouldn’t have a job.

  16. How stupid. If people would just read the Koran, instead of making up shit about it, maybe there would be more truth in the world.

  17. Read the Koran? Is that why the Chinese are fleeing Malaysia? Is that why the indigenous people have been branded non people there?

    Whoa! There IS something going on, you know.

  18. Now we have anon + Frank = Two Stupid Idiots. Anon and this bigot speak from their asses! Anon try to increase your level! your comments about Muslims make you sound like a serious idiot. Just let go!

  19. Lookitup, Salim! How many Malaysian Chinese are on the plane tonight? How many Copts? And why? Must be that dreadful old irrational islamophobia, huh.

    Couldn’t possibly be the howling injustice and grotesque cruelties inflicted on the non muslim populations. Nobody wants to be your dhimmi, dummy.

    Write a letter! Make a call! Spit on the TV!

  20. Anon,

    Thanks, well here something look it up too how muslims in china are being prosecuted for fasting.


    People like yourself will never be satisfied until we Muslims turn on our faith, but guess what, you could put swords on our heads and try to cut us in half and still by the will of Allah will not turn on our faith.

    Now if what you say is true. Remember that Muslims still go to hell, So there are Muslim who would act as STUPID, but they will be judged and I hope they do pay for it because they are making people fear Islam and by God they will be responsible for it on judgment day.

    Islam teaches to be compassionate and kind to others to call people to Allahs religion. Sorry if I myself lash at you, but I am not an Angel, and when I see your hatred through your lines I just can not hold myself to answer you !

  21. Salim, get real. Muslims who would never do atrocities themselves support with lies, excuses, and money, those who do.

    The violent group would not exist without the support of the passive group.

    There is an article over at theamericanmuslim.org dealing with conditions in Malaysia.

    China I presume from historical evidence cares nothing for human rights and will kill you. It is not as easy nowadays to kill large numbers in secret, but China has shown itself capable of genocide.

  22. Anon,
    Now I get it, You seem to be repeating Bush’s speech: ” you with us or against us”.
    So according to you All the Muslims are either terrorists and wrong doers and if they are not directly acting on it, then they are helping on the logistical side! Wow. You are a piece of work aren’t you.

    I just can not believe how you hate Muslims just because of their faith. Well Peace be to Allah that we believe in all the prophets too including Jesus peace be upon him.

    Well if you worry about the Chinese and the copts so why did not you speak up for the innocents Iraqi people, people from Afghanistan, and Palestinians. Oh well I guess in your book those are less than animals!

    I guess I am wasting my time answering you, as you always head exactly to the opposite direction of where sense is. I guess that is what hatred does to people! Well I guess enjoy this life my friend. it is all yours. you can have it!!

  23. I think those muslims who are doing straight analysis of the modern situation, such as that person over at theamericanmuslim.org on Malaysia, are acting in the best interests of the muslims and rest of world. As are those muslims who see terror being planned and report it

    The article there is dealing with problems without flying off into a dream of the glorious past, or blaming non believers, or making excuses for muslim behavior.

  24. Anon,
    If anyone commits a murder then who cares about his religion, Murder is a Murder and should be punished and ISLAM orders that!

    If a Muslim screws up, then As a Muslim you one has to stop him

    I can bet you that 99% of all Muslims if they see one planning something bad then he will report that person. This is normal human behavior

    but I guess I am just singing here, because when I try to explain to you nicely you start your insults such as the chicken of the west one, something I would never tolerate!

    I guess what you can do, is read about islam, and when you see a muslim doing something wrong then show him off here! I guess this is better than bringing cartoon stories from Jackass websites!

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