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Mosque in Fairfax County Vandalized

1 February 2012 General 27 Comments Email This Post Email This Post
A mosque in Fairfax County suffered thousands of dollars in damage. News4's Megan McGrath has the story.

A mosque in Fairfax County suffered thousands of dollars in damage. News4's Megan McGrath has the story.





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By Megan McGrath

Construction crews should be putting the finishing touches on the Mubarak Blessed Mosque in Chantilly. Instead, they are repairing the work of vandals.

Sometime between Sunday evening and 6 a.m. Monday morning, the mosque was pelted with stones and masonry blocks. Nearly all the custom made windows and glass doors on the first floor were shattered.  Damage has been estimated at $60,000.

Investigators found beer and liquor bottles in the woods behind the mosque, and they believe teenagers may be responsible.

“It is very sad,” said the mosque’s general secretary, Usman Ghumman.  “But at the same time, our community is very resilient.  We have asked our community members to fervently pray that we are able to overcome this hurdle.”

Mubarak Blessed Mosque has been under construction for a year, and was scheduled to open in just weeks.

Jerrold Foltz, pastor at the Wellspring United Church of Christ, said acts like this are an affront to area’s entire religious community.  “Its an insult to the whole religious establishment,” Foltz said, “whether its a church or a mosque or a synagogue.”

Investigators say there is no evidence that it is a hate crime – nothing was taken and no graffiti was left behind.  However, because of the extent of the damage, those responsible face felony charges.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has asked the FBI to investigate the possibility of a bias motive in the incident.

Original post: Mosque in Fairfax County Vandalized


  1. Is this Mosque affiliated with the Mosque that was said to be funded by the Saudi government and whose education side was using texts that incited violence against Jews and Christians? Did not Omar Abu Ali graduate from this Mosque school and was voted most likely to be a martyr? Was he not later convicted of trying to kill President Bush? Were not other graduates and employees of this organization also arrested on various terrorist charges?

  2. Curses on those who spread the lies that lead to this crap. “Better that a millstone be hung around their necks…”

  3. Unfortunate.

  4. Promoted by waring governments…and general narrow minded ignorance. Despicable!! I am so sorry this happened!

  5. 🙁

  6. 🙁

  7. “No evidence of a hate crime”?? Idiotic! Of course it was.

  8. You know that is really sad when all people can do is think of how to destroy another community instead of helping their own!

  9. bigots

  10. I hope they catch the people who did it and force them to pay to have the repairs done.

  11. Thank you Fox Feaux News and Lush Lemmingburger for this bigotry and hatred.

  12. Hate just breeds hate.

  13. What a shame.

  14. Ignorance and hate know no bounds

  15. You don’t see anyone vandalizing Christian Churches, even the radical hate mongers like Westboro.

    You don’t see creeps like the ones who did this going to Lakewood NJ and other Jewish communities and doing damage to the, some who are extremist,most fundamentalist, Hassidic Jews.

    Our troops are over there fighting and dying for democracy for US and the people of the Middle East and these morons are over here disrespecting all the sacrifices of our HONORABLE troops.

    Maybe some of us veterans need to find those little cowards and teach them about sacrifice, honor and supporting freedoms for all.

    They at least need to be caught, pay fines to cover the damage and scrub the floors of that mosque for a year!

  16. wow! this is in my neck of woods!! scary when hate is so close to home……..

  17. wow! this is in my neck of woods!! scary when hate is so close to home……..

  18. Or it is just another case of making a convert who neglects to mention that his last residence was the state mental hospital.

    There is a notorious terror school mosque in VA, was this part of it?

  19. idiot rednecks, watching Faux News and sucking on newts tweeter.

  20. idiot rednecks, watching Faux News and sucking on newts tweeter.

  21. Unfortunately you do see this kind of thing happening t’ other communities, it’s just that Islam is again the fashionable scapegoat for shallow brained thugs and their subordinates t’ target. I wish you well and hope that this world can be repaired with the same ease that I wish for your mosque.

  22. What do you mean, “You don’t see anyone vandalizing churches?” Do you not read the newspapers? Do you not know that Muslims in northern Nigeria are sytematically bombing churches that are full of people, with the result that many Christians are killed? Do you know how many Christians, even children, particularly in Indonesia, are being beheaded by Muslims because they won’t convert? Have you watched the video clip of the very slow beheading of some captured Russian soldiers by a large group of Muslim men? This is happening all over the world. Do you not know about the horrific rape statistics in Sweden caused by Somali Muslims for whom raping an Infidel is just not a problem at all? Do you think that just because it’s the United States everyone is going to be tolerant of each other? That’s a lovely thought, but if “Tolerant” Americans don’t wake up soon, they will discover that they have tolerated a nest of cobras, who cannot show tolerance because they are commanded not to tolerate any other religion but Islam. Did you know that there are approximately 50 areas in England where non-Muslims dare not enter, where even the police are hesitant to go in? Did you know that the city of Marseilles is now about 40% Muslim, and they control their own streets. You people need to read, read, read….and look beyond the virtual censureship of the mainstream American media. You are living in a whitewashed dream.

  23. Should be properly investigated & made sure that this doesn’t happen again

  24. Should be properly investigated & made sure that this doesn’t happen again

  25. Why are face book comments always so short?

    Anon I asked the same question and received no answer. So I do not know if the two Mosques were linked but I do know there has been quite a bit of problems in this county in regards to Mosques.

    As to the statement that other churches are not vandalized within the US; you are wrong. Churches all over the country have been victims and most churches that used to leave their doors open now lock them at night and when no church employees are at the building. It is simply that when a Christian church is vandalized it is not national news it is simply local news.

    Mary the video of the Russian Soldier was taken when the Russians were invading Afghanistan. That video is very old and disturbing.

  26. Mary you are talking from your butt!

  27. Salim, what does the Koran command you to do about Infidels?

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