Wednesday, April 14, 2021   

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Belgian politician risks Muslim backlash after using teenage daughter dressed in burka and bikini for campaign against Islam

Belgian politician risks Muslim backlash after using teenage daughter dressed in burka and bikini for campaign against Islam

A Belgian politician has risked causing uproar among Muslims after starting a “Women Against Islamization” campaign featuring his 19-year-old daughter wearing a burka and a bikini.

Filip Dewinter, leader of the far-right Vlaams Belang party, uses a shot of his daughter An-Sofie Dewinter in the dark blue bikini for the political campaign.

The glamorous teenager dons a burka that covers her head and face, while the rest of the Muslim garment is draped over her back.

The provocative image is likely to inflame tensions among Islamic groups and nationalists in the racially-divided country.

The poster shows the words “Freedom or Islam?” written on a red bar across Ms Dewinter’s breasts. Further down the poster a black panel with the words “You choose!” is seen covering the teenager’s crotch.

Daily Mail, 3 February 2012

You can see why the Mail is so keen on this story. It offers the opportunity to scaremonger about a (so far non-existent) “Muslim backlash” while at the same time publishing a picture of a woman in a bikini.


  1. with love handles like that…a burka would do her good

  2. What the hell is wrong with people?

  3. this is offensive on so many levels

  4. Like women are treated any better by the average white male?

  5. I think it’s great. Selah.

  6. What’s obnoxious is that the newspaper article fabricates an uproar among Muslims that hasn’t occurred. They predict ‘outrage’, protests, and revenge that don’t occur. And they don’t have to occur, because by suggesting that they will, the newspapers in Europe make it a fact anyway.

  7. what’s next? Jesus in a G-string? there is no shame nor respect anymore…

  8. I feel the bigger problem in this instance isn’t a special brand of Islamic sexism; rather it’s male sexism in 99% of all cultures. that being said, why can’t we all just get along </3 🙁

  9. what a stupid comment to make elisa get a life

  10. Unless you are Muslim, why is the Burka even your concern? Wish they’d stop this “our way is better than theirs ” crap already because that’s what it’s really about.

  11. There are plenty of Jesus in a G-string like parodies out there. And there are plenty of fundamentalist Christians who get pissed about it. The difference is, nobody will be screaming for blood.

  12. Life among the Interwebz, Yaqub, get used to it or turn off the computer. Simple.

  13. What a lowlife,advertising his daughter like that…no shame!

  14. how about we same something that is more respectful to all? can’t we just say bikini or burqa, it’s your choice? how disgusting!

  15. Meanwhile how much you want to bet that same politician would shit if that had been a young girl dressed as a Catholic Nun?

  16. Im a Muslim and Im not screaming for blood. I am just really hurt that people cant get enough of making fun of us.

  17. …speechless

  18. It is pathetic that so much of this BS is stirred up by politicians. What a moronic attempt at grandstanding and a public apology should come before he is relived of his duties.

  19. ah 🙁
    *hugs Dawn*
    Try and not let it get to you, I used to always let it get to me, but it happens so often that we have to let it go. I hope all is well insha’Allah.

  20. Honestly, I don’t give a damn about when people do stuff like this, its just an outcry for causing controversy & I feel no need to feed into it.

  21. @Stephen, well then, If some abortion clinic somewhere opens up, I guess christians will be the first ones to bomb it right? because christians hate abortions. Idiot. not every muslim is a blood hungry barbarian.

  22. talking about oppressing woman….look who’s doing it?…so sad.

  23. It’s pathetic . May Allah guide them, thats all I can say!

  24. These assholes will just never give it a rest.

  25. @Dawn, I know how much it sucks to have to deal with the constant hate. I never really knew how many people hate Muslims until I started to really delve into the Internet. I just wish people would understand that not all Muslims are blood thirsty terrorists. We just want to live our lives like normal people without dealing with the constant hate that is thrown our way. Insha’Allah one day more people will try to understand us, instead of hate us for acts committed by terrorists. REAL Muslims would never condone terrorism on ANY level.

  26. For one…I will wear an abaya if I choose to or a hijab or what least I pull my pants up over my butt.. I would rather be covered than looked at like a piece of meat in a grocery store the way all you men in this country look at us women…

  27. Looks like a niqaab to me…..not burqa

  28. People can believe in any idiotic bigoted ideology they want, but to use children to further their own goals is DISGUSTING!

  29. Also, this is pretty hypocritical for somebody who claims to be against the oppression of women.

  30. Doesn’t that country have like, a couple dozen women wearing burkas tops?

  31. @Jodi, it is definitely a niqaab and abaya combo, not a burqa. I don’t really think a lot of people know the difference. -_-

  32. Oh that’s nice, use your daughter to make a provocative ad to raise voices against women inequality. Let’s see how many votes he gets with that.

  33. So wait… “freedom” is wearing a bikini, showing off your body and basically just objectifying yourself? I thought freedom was being able to do/choose what you want..
    So, if one “chooses” to cover up, that’s just called “Islam”, which by this politicians books means “no freedom”. Seriously.. I find it pathetic how closed minded some people could be…

  34. I’d like to see the furor over supposed “Islamization” die down. It is real in some countries (and certainly the imposition of fundamentalist Islam is more of a possibility in Europe than anywhere in the US) but from what I can tell most Muslims are like most Christians: happy to be able to follow the (laudable or not) dictates of their religion themselves and not to force them on others.

    That being said, the ridiculous thing here is the embrace of the burqa (or the niqaab or whatever) as THE symbol of what it means to be a Muslim. This is an embrace which seems to take place both amongst many Muslims and amongst Islamophobes. I am no expect on Islam, but I believe there is more to the belief system than women’s fashion. Most of the restrictions on women come out of the hadith anyways, don’t they? Not out of the Qur’an?

  35. And, by the way, the characterization of all men as brain-dead wannabe rapists is as stupid and sexist as anything which dribbles out of the mouths of misogynists of whatever religious stripe.

  36. Some folks get off by poking a hornet’s nest.

  37. I think she’s gorgeous. Sends a message and gets people talking. More power to them.

  38. Matthew, yes. Most of the stuff people use to criticize islam does come from the hadith collections, which were compiled much later. Also, just as an aside the whole burqa/niqab thing is more cultural than islamic. The Qur’an actually forbids covering the face.

  39. So i see the degradation of women is ethical in their view. Women against islamization is nonsense. True beauty resides in the heart.

  40. People should give respect to other cultures even if they don’t appreciate them…. this is disgusting.

  41. She’s gorgeous, the ad is attention grabbing. Laugh it off and move on – but that’s easy for me, a non Muslim, to say.

  42. Jannah, Quran doesn’t forbid the Niaqb but doesn’t make it a requirement either. 🙂

  43. Well judging be the number of burka wearing women I see shopping at Victoria’s Secret in Rochester, MN and witnessing the sheer volume they buy. I think I will open a store that sells both. I would call it Burkas and Bikinis. Who cares what she’s wearing or not wearing under her burka?

  44. Hira, I do believe it’s forbidden based on my interpretation. I also personally think it’s dehumanizing, but a woman should be able to choose to wear what she wants.

  45. Yikes!!

  46. every 32 seond a woman is being raped in USA just because they don’t cover themselves and if our sisters are covering themselves in Burkha, they are just making the smarter, and safer choice than those who shows off their daughters.

  47. that isn’t a burka, it’s a niqab.

  48. I see your point, but if it’s based on that, every woman who does the Niqab shouldn’t call herself a Muslim since she’s disobeying the Quran…as in doing something that is forbidden.

  49. @Briana Teal Like this Type of thinking makes me very angry, What about us Muslims Why u apologize To them They also kill innocent people They were killing innocent people before 9/11 and are still continuing in this!!!What I want to say the problem from both sides and the solution in their hands alone Get out from our land…………..

  50. @ RaQueeb Rulz That has to be the dumbest post I have ever read! You did nobody a favor saying that crap.

  51. Hira, that’s an argument for another time. This isn’t a place to have sectarian debates.

  52. stupid people out number the smart people, so we will always have these kind of things.

  53. I believe it was white men with ninja masks who sawed off the heads of other white men and asian men, so nobody would suspect them of working secretly inside the military or police to do what they are doing now.

  54. How about freedom to practice Islam?

  55. At my bank in kck wears her hair covered. And we dont care.she is muslim. I consider her a friend.

  56. I love when Non-Muslims become experts on Islam.

  57. @Idris Ibrahim, who said I was apologizing to anyone? Get your head out of your ass, seriously. I can empathize with whomever I choose. It’s ignorance from people like you that make the rest of the world hate us. I don’t condone violence from ANYONE, Muslim or not. I also cannot control the actions of anyone BUT myself. This isn’t about playing the blame game and pointing fingers. Murderers, rapists, terrorists, etc. come from ALL walks of life. Continue pointing your fingers at other people and see where it gets you. You’re a hypocrite and no better than the people who talk bad about Muslims. Smh

  58. To them be their religion, to us be ours.

  59. belgium is a toilet of a country

  60. Gehen alle der mussulmenchen aus von Europe! Ich want ein new crusade! Ich will kill dem alle! Gore und schtinken musselmenchen von hel!

  61. jurgen after islam takes over Belgium krautland frogreich they will put you in a jet tied up headed for the eifel tower

  62. with all due respect, I think she looks hot.

  63. that is a self contradiction steven you cannot insult and praise st the same time

  64. belgium is scum

  65. fuck poland and fuck belgium what they having trouble with their jew punchin contest? if israel was not a terror state I would propose a jewish islamic alliance to ethnicly cleanse europe

  66. Sick the fundamentalist arabs upon them and get bloodthirsty ayatollahs sprouting hate why well because poland right now in all likelyhood if say egypt rose up Iran rose up greece rose up spain rose up the uk rose up france rose up well guys what is happening in europe is a global revolution its already started balls rolling ive seen video of millions of people in poland marching on their government well the people of poland are thinking this Arab spring ama sprin

  67. so i propose a sunsaharan north african alliance stop this nonsense you are not enemies!! the EU is your enemy–just go kill frogs belgies krauts come here and except for black folk kill us!!

  68. american autumn anonymous New proletariat Uprising is looking like the best bet out of this mess So rather than risk an explosive peoples alliance happening across the middle east and europe to topple corrupt dictators First defuse the situation with shit like this Divide And Conquer

  69. If that’s not disgustingly poor taste then I don’t know what is.

  70. well i take the point about the NATO spring but your Pole is genetically a fascist Zhukov should have killed them all

  71. my point is the “fundamentalists”(assuming they are not uda assets) will make europeans dead and that is a good thing

  72. my comments may be in poor taste to the west but the syntax is intelligible I don;t have the slightest idea what crockett is talking about I thought he died at the alamo

  73. Look folks, the best thing to do when nitwits publish ads like this is to ignore it and go on with life. Have dinner with friends, go on a date with your spouse, watch a movie, read a book….getting mad won’t change people with this mentality, and it will only make your blood pressure go up.

  74. she cant rock the abaya even in a bikini

  75. Well this thread appears to be one hot mess but I will put in my three cents. The ad was disrespectful to muslims and women in general. What kind of person parades his own daughter aroynd in a bikini bottom? Sick and not a way to make a point–if there was one to begin with. As an aside Ivfind a great many of the comments–the back and forth stuff–more than a little disturing. It is too easy to forget one another’s humanity in these ideologcal debates, and that is the one thing we ought not ever forget.

  76. Sorry for the typos. My android is tiny

  77. wow

  78. The woman is nineteen. She may be young, but she is an adult, and responsible for any choices she makes, including this rather thoughtless one.

  79. What a horrible , disrespectful creep ! He should be risking far more than just Muslim backlash. Every decent human being should be disgusted. Would he dress up some one as a NUN in that outfit?

  80. AND using a MINOR to do it?

    What a horrible , disrespectful creep ! He should be risking far more than just Muslim backlash. Every decent human being should be disgusted. Would he dress up some one as a NUN in that outfit?

  81. these people are trying to lampoon islam in the best possible way they could.At the end of the day it really matters as to how we react to these virulent propaganda.the best is to follow our deen with utter sincerity and show the world the real beauty of it.

  82. I love to piss off people with no sense of humor!

  83. The misogyny of the west is no better. It is not liberation.

  84. Whatever, move on……

  85. Distasteful and provocative. Why Islam, strange coincidence the west is at war with them, why not a Catholic nuns’ habit, Hindu pugree, Buddhist usnisa or Sikh chuni and turban. People seem very gullible in believing TV and mainstream news/propoganda against Islam and join in with the frenzy of murder, uranium poisoning, bombings and other obsceneties carried out by the west on them. It shows a severe lack of respect for people of a beautiful, unbiased, non judgemental religion.

  86. This only shows the ignorance of some people not an entire nation.. Why curse an entire people for the actions of a few? Islam is the religion from Allah ta ala so it doesn’t matter what politicians do or say. Islam is victorious and rapidly expanding in all nations and it’s only a matter of time that the majority of Europe is Muslim because more and more western people are starting to study for themselves about Islam and Allah guides whom he wills. alhamdulillah

  87. @Briana Tea First Respect yourself and spoke in a polite way ok -_- …Secondly, I am not calling to hate non-Muslims noooo The real problem is not the Between religions >The United States has major interests in the Muslim world ((oil)) If u understood the main problem you will know that the Muslims just defend themselves, but unfortunately some Muslims from the intensity of their hatred of the occupation and control of the West to their countries turned into monsters ..Religion just A factor but not the main problem OK and Lady I’m not a hypocrite I want real peace, Not conditional peace from the west lool

  88. Usually if someone truely hate something it turns to be love it…
    may someday this guys could see the truth of Allah,

  89. All God’s children got free will. Let’s make the world safe for everyone, please. Bad taste does not call for hatred. Look away. God can handle this by God’s self.

  90. the poor daughter … I feel sorry for her.

  91. The comparison of a burqa to a nun’s habit, by the way, is erroneous. The burqa does not mark certain women as belonging to a religious order, a group within a specific religion. Not that I think the habit should be any more immune from lampooning or even eroticization. I just wanted to point out the false equivalency.

  92. Belgium is still going on about Islam & Muslims. Last I checked, one of their own guys murdered poor children not too long ago. Wait, he was deemed “crazy” because his name wasn’t Muhammad or Aisha.

    I think the pervert politician is simply trying to win some votes from other perverts by showing them “hey guys, I got a young daughter who is willing to please you”. Seriously, how can these ignorant people even question our moral values!!?

  93. Other than the deliberate provocation at hand, I find nothing offensive or over-the-line about any of this. It should be within this man’s rights to campaign this way (I know nothing about Belgium’s governing system) and to do this. It doesn’t outright hurt anyone and is not so morally offensive that it is intolerable.

  94. Sir Winston Churchill “No stronger retrograde force exists in the world.” Thomas Jefferson, a Founding Father of the USA “It was written in their Koran, that all nations which had not acknowledged the Prophet were sinners, whom it was the right and duty of the faithful to plunder and enslave.” Sir William Muir, eminent Orientalist “The sword of Muhammad and the Quran are the most fatal enemies of civilization, liberty, and the truth which the world has ever seen.

  95. There’s a party in her pants 😉

  96. We are talking about the publication of a picture the aim of which is t’ foment hate or at least discord and this image is republished at the top of this page. This has not been mentioned until now so obviously it is possible t’ be objective about the image despite religious beliefs. Nobody’s eyes have burned out, any remarks that have been distastful are from people who would be making such remarks with or without the image as a catalyst. There are many religions that have gods as figureheads that I don’t believe in and consequently there are many hells that followers of those religions willl believe I am justly destined. Despite these people’s opinions I do not view women as a piece of meat that I immediatly desire t’ rape or believe that just because someone has chosen t’ cover themselves they are necessarily secreting Semtex. People are people, paranoid, manipulable and ultimately requiring a point to it all. We are also capable of magnificent things, the greatest of which is unconditional love for our fellow human beings. It’s not going t’ happen but it’s still worth a try. X

  97. How disrespectful! Ya Allah help them out of their ignorance!

  98. This picture seems like its the doing of men who are A) completely prejudice against Islam and B) upset that all middle eastern women don’t dress like Jasmine in the Disney movie Aladdin.

    Now I personally don’t like the burqa in that it doesn’t allow for creativity or personality in clothing choice, but I understand why people would wear it. As long as it’s the woman’s choice, I have no issue.

    I can’t wait for the day when people are nice to everyone-white or black, hispanic, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, asian, middle eastern, indian and everyone. But we may be a long way from it, and that’s my biggest fear.

  99. a democracy is a double edged sword…

    with freedoms come freedom to speak write cartoon and make lokes…and with those same freedoms you can change the channel, you dont have to laugh at jokes, but you do neeed to respect freedom for what it is and those who feel the need to “backlash” do not understand what freedom means…i dont think letterman is funny…others do…so they watch and i dont…isnt , i like certain kinds of music and others i dont, so i turn the channel, i i dont have to like what someone says wirtes or tells jokes about, or i can…

    a democracy involves all voices and many expressions and its way better than suppression, jail or fearing for your life because you said or drew or took pictures of something, that are perfectly legal but some dont like it…the draw of democracy brings people to democratic countries because they want freedom…and so you must also accept all aspects of freedom…and understand you dont have to like it, no one is telling you to like something and no one is telling you to not like have the freedom to decide for yourself…when you enjoy the freedom of religion. you have to respect the freedom of speech, the freedom of the press, and the freedom to find art, humour or political statements and even religious ones as topics of discussion or as someones right to excercise their beliefs, views and opinions as well….it is very easy to be close minded and to bury your head in the sand…it is far more difficult to have adult discussions, debates, and compassion…and no matter what, no one in a democracy has the right to take the law into their own hands.

    ultimately there are peaceful ways to resolve things, if muslims dont like something they can in a democracy do something about it. like not buy products advertised in a magazine or paper or on a tv channel, you can demonstarte, you can offer counterpoints…but when people call for violence the are no longer to be respected as religious or even human…

    so far i havent heard about any violence against this person…and thats the way it should be, and if anyone threatens this person the same people who write stories like this one should also write stories against retaliation in any way that is not legal or follows the rules of a democracy…

  100. What kind of idiot puts his own daughter in this kind of position?

  101. What was he thinking?

  102. He or she who is offended by this campaign is an idiot. And does not belong in the West. This is how we do things, we (still) have freedom of speech and expression and the right to be offensive. That is called “free society”. You don’t like? Take a hike.

  103. She had a choice and would appear t’ be the same kind of neo-nazi right wing xenophobe (although he prefers the epithet Islamaphobe) as he is. The intent condemns them both. The really scary bit is that he is an elected politician.

  104. …. This is actually disturbing that he would use his own daughter for this.

  105. Kafir harby. Are you one of the Quraysh? No so stop calling yourself a kaafir. Your insulting yourself.

    It offends me not cuz shes wearimg a bikini i could care less but because this creep had his DAUGHTER do it. Like ew. And theyre acting as if islam tries to hide beauty like the burka is meant to make someone ugly. Thats not the point of a hijab or a burka.
    And wat do you care if someone wears a hijab? Is it not her right as an American? Hello, freedom of religion.? How does it effect you? Its a scarf on a head. Ooh how offensive.

  106. Harby

    You say its a free society so shouldnt it go both ways? Someone wears a bikini cool its her right but someone wears a hijab its not? Ha. Your being a hypocrite

  107. Elle,

    One important point you should never forget and that is there is no sin after disbelief.

    Now if this guy has no jalousie for his daughter is because he does not see things the same way as you do. you are Muslim, but he ain’t!

    Remember that is what we see, but what it found in their hart is much worse.

    Do not take anything back with you once you turn your machine off.

  108. Amazing low regard for his own daughter! He has the right to dislike the burka, but he has no right to tell women what they can or cannot wear.

  109. Amazing low regard for his own daughter! He has the right to dislike the burka, but he has no right to tell women what they can or cannot wear.

  110. What in the world is this person trying to say by doing this? It makes no sense.

  111. Why would the choice of clothing of a non-Muslim living in a secular country “inflame” Muslims? I think the fact that Muslims could become “inflamed” over a teenagers choice of clothing says a lot about Islam and the ability of Muslims to live in modern societies.

  112. Most of us live in the us hera
    Were used to that
    Its the fact thats hes fkn around with the idea of modesty and making his own child bear all for his sick games. Its the principle

  113. She did not bare all, girls wear swimwear this skimpy to the local pool, beach, and to pool parties on a regular basis. They have their photos taken and it is deemed ok to be dressed this way in public. The man was attempting to make a point, that I do not fully understand, but his daughter was not abused in any way.

  114. If my husband asked my child to dress up in a bikini for an ad campaign, I’d be packed up and moved out before the sun set on that day.

  115. As a free woman living in a free society she made the choice to wear the clothing she is wearing.That is the point, that she can choose to wear what she wants in a free secular society.

  116. I guess she is at the same level as her dad since she looks like over 20 yr old and can make her own judgment. So I guess one night stand custom is quite applicable! Trash for trash!

  117. Elle,

    Please don’t sink so low to use personal attacks against someone. It is unnecessary and weakens any argument that comes after. Harby never said that she shouldn’t wear the hijab, so there is no hypocrisy. Your argument was pulled out of think air. Obviously she has the right to wear whatever she wants. Also, you said it was her right because she’s American. Except, no, she’s not. Her father is a Belgian politician. She from Belgium. Secondly, how are you offended by this campaign? Oh, a father let his daughter have her picture taken in a swimsuit. Ooooh How offensive (I hope you get that I’m mocking your similar statement here). A woman can’t be seen by her father in a swimsuit, is that what you’re trying to say? Because that makes very little sense.

  118. She is hot

  119. Kara

    I said it was my right as an American to wear what i wanted. The belbians have their own thing. I was telling Harby that we have our own rights too.

    No its her father, but hes using her body to make a point. Its perverse. Im not saying she shouldnt, of course its her own body but she can wear that anywhere it had to be his daughter in that ad to make a point. Your right it wouldnt make sense for him, he could snap that picture at the beach for a vaca but i wouldnt be offended. But im upset because theyre attacking modesty. Niqaab is a womans choice in islam both genders are expected to be modest. Why are we looked at as monsters for wearing modest clothing? Thats why im upset. Its not the girl or her body or her bikini and i think all are pretty, but i just dont what everyones problem with modesty.

  120. You are looked at as monsters chiefly for what is happening in the muslim lands. You seem blind and deaf to what is going on there. Wake up and smell the burning Christians and murdered girls.

  121. Anon

    Really? So whwn im called a dirty rag head and pople say its too hot take it off or try to pull it off thats for me doing something i never had a part of?
    yeah well those so-called “muslim countries” where they really do seem to “kill people randomly” aren’t really muslim countries. they’re corrupt.we ask Gd to forgive us for our sins, not other people.The Prophet (PBUH) told us to forgive others and hide the fault of others(not going around and making them look bad) “… They should rather pardon and overlook. Would you not love Allah to forgive you? Allah is Ever-Forgiving,” quran 24:22

    So now here is proof were not supposed to.

    Why do People do it? Delusion, idiocy, hunger for power and respect, money. People of every religion have their share of idiots, muslims are put under the microscope for their races and difference from the modern western society. Apparently were too orthodox to live in a reform society. The Jews had to go through it. Now it looks like we also wil.

  122. Muslims are in charge of various countries which they have turned into hellholes and apparently are at work creating more.

    It is the theocratic impulse. The Chinese flee Malaysia, the Copts flee Egypt, innocent non muslims are slaughtered and harrassed. Your distinctive clothes are the symbol for a ferocious intolerance and ignorant savagery.

  123. Ok Anon, Tomorrow I will go to work completely Naked. I will be very tolerant.

  124. Salim

    Stop lol

    Um, no our modesty represents….modesty! Mary wore a veil, i wear a veil, i think we both wore it because of Modesty. If we were savages i dont think wed be covering any part of the body.

    Theocracy my ass. Did the Quran tell us to take over the world and stuff, uh no.

    Its sad how you still havent understand the reason/concept of hijab

  125. And intolarence kal aaah you aggravate me. We are supposed to be tolerant and you know it just cuz they do it doesnt mean we all want to!! I have christian friends and i really want a jewish friend god your so blind

  126. If you read any news you would realize that many muslims certainly are in the grip of a ferocious intolerance and ignorant savagery and seem unable or unwilling to do anything about it.

    You are the one who is blind. Of course there are some so ill mannered as to call you names or scowl at you. Not quite like a howling mob chasing you down to kill you.

  127. Anon

    Are these people really big in number? Do they pose a threat to you? Did they come knocking at your door with a gun or something. I already know tgis stuff happens. I see it on the news, i watch Aljazeera with my dad all the time (because they arent biased or hiding stuff-they show it all even Suddams hanging) and we talk about it in class at school. I acknowledged this a long time ago ok? Do you understand now? I know, but it doesnt concern you personally, so long as radicals dont come to take over. Trust me, that will never happen. Believe it or not, if they ever did, the muslims here would stop it, but really, they (the ones overseas) dont care. The people there might hate you but besides that they really arent doing much. We have our revolutions going on in the Secular nations, once they start revolting in the Islamic states (saudi arabia- i wish that old crustacean would die already) maybe we could finally find a sense of mind and dignith. And i noticed something, most of the extremists ive seen on TV are Shiite muslims. Im not saying bad things about them, but that tells you something right there. One of their sects have male believers who inflict physical pain on themselves and others pray on rocks and some lie to Sunnis. Believe me, the problems will stay within the sects. 9/11 God willing will never repeat itself. I dont think it will. The two big jackasses are dead you know. (bin laden and hussein)

    Ok do you know what the concept of Hijab is, and the meaning?

  128. Dignity *

  129. Let’s not be so small that just because something does not pose a personal threat to us we don’t speak up about it.

    I certainly do think there are muslim groups who pose a threat to the country, yes.

    I am amused at your faith in Al Jazeera and your suspicion of the shia.

    Ef the hijab and the concept of it and all. Good for a rainy day, otherwise, it is a piece of political theater and a symbol of intolerance.

  130. How is it a symbol of intolerance? We women cover up our beauty so people will judge us for our character not our looks. Would you say eff an orthodox Jewish woman’s wig? Or a nun’s habit? Of course not. Hijab was worn even before Muhammad and Islam. The concept of Hijab is modesty. The actual headscarf in arabic is a mandeel. Both men and women in Islam have hijab guidlines. Be modest not only in your dress but your speech and actions. Thats hijab. I dont get why your calling it political. Every girl i kno wears hijab cuz they love it. Its not some political movement if women before your great great great great grand mother’s mother was alive ok? It was worn by Mary and Rachel and Leah and Sarah, and some women in the Jahiliyyah to be protected from the wind and sand, well that was more niqab oriented. Political kal. Why must you see everything as political. This is just the way we believe. God your like the little nerdy girls at my school who refuse to accept the answer to an equation simply because it was easier to solve than they expected.

    I read Aljazeera English. Ive compared it to Fox and CNN. Big differences. Remember that Gilad guy, the Israeli soldier that i believe Fatah released a few months back, yea, they talked about him, his struggles, his family. I didnt detect bias. BUT they tell you the other side of the story too. In a different artcle whereas Fox gives you Netanyahu giving a bullshit interview of how he “wants a peacetalk with Abbas” but when it comes to peace, Bibi dont know nothing but phosphorous and missiles. So back to the Gilad, what Fox didnt tell us was that Israel exchanged 1000 palestinian prisoners (some
    were in there for up to 10 yrs) for him.

    I understand. But whenever i hear of a terrorist attack and it turns out to be muslim i get so pissed, becausr i dont like it, we as muslims really dont like it. Were ashamed because of these idiots, but we cant sink to their level and hit em back the way they did us. How does that solve anything? Not only will it hurt this nation more, its gonna hit us harder when we stand in front of God and He asks us why we took revenge in such a way when He promised He would do so for the victims.
    Idk i believe in God so

    Aljazeera is just very direct and blunt. They focus on all affairs, from Latin America to Africa and back. And theyll show you vids of dudes saying Allahu akbar and shots ringing in the background, but lots of those guys happen to be Christian Arabs.

  131. Damn
    **mother was alive were wearing it

  132. It’s good to get many points of view, probably all media is biased in some way. I don’t like the way celebrity news intrudes on serious stories in US news media.

    NBC says this am that there is a terror group operating in Iran that used to attack americans etc. but broke with the mullahs in 1980, is now in the pay of Israel and is assasinating iran’s nuclear scientists.

    That’s what I call a piece of news.

  133. I dont trust the whole Irani terrorism crap. I really dont think they have nuclears. Israel does, theres no denying it, but I think Irans gov is one big douschebag bullying its people (who arent really 90% muslim, many are Zoroastrians and Bahaians) and threatening countries with invisible weapons of mass destruction. I feel Israel is just getting ready to wage official war on iran, pretend to invade, then detonate their weapons, i would Not put t past them. Throw in a “traitor”(pro Palestinian Israeli Jew or two and there yoy have it. Israel will “sacrifice” for the sake of “peace”

    Yea, AJ talked about that too. And while theyre usually never biased when it com es to global news, it does lean toward proPalestinian when speaking about the Gazans or something. They even show you viddeos of dead christian and muslim palestinian kids with gun shot wounds through their chests and faces, but the arabic aj has a lot of palestinian and propalestinian journalists. Its oriented in the middle east i mean…i guess it makes sense

  134. Celebrity news is considered serious news apparently. I dont care if bristol palin is pregnant a tenth time i dont care abt that stuff and i dont care if michelle won a contest against jimmy fallon. I love em but i just dont care. This country needs to be more serious about its future.

  135. To lhen, I have never abuse anyone nor you but I replied line by line of your comments.As I said before we have our Laws so others. Why fussy of ours? none be forces to wear abayas, dishdashas or cover faces but must respect our culture and as noticed so many ladies here not covering their faces but with respected clothes Sorry.

    As for the posted picture of European lady with abaya it is not a shocking
    subject cause they can walk naked as family FATHER,MOTHER and CHILDREN together infront of other people and by wearing a dress like abaya not shocking ABAYA is a mere dress anyone lady of any nationality can wear. SO IF THEY THINK they can make funny of muslims cause you dont see our ladies on those type of dresses in puplic places or even in swimming pools. I really like the picture as so attractive because showing their one of their ladies modelling as a new product. Hello fellow Muslims
    be cool cause it shows how cheap is their thinkings and cultures.We have respect. MORE the one who posted it is just a type of a BUSTAD on the
    street who is born before his/her parents got married.

  136. It’s once a stupid combination of islam and freedom.

    I m Muslim Woman I m Proud to wear Burka for my Safety with my routine dress

  137. What does America look like?

    I think the garment she was wearing; if it was complete would have looked nice. There should not be uproar it is just an image. The fact that it has risen to public debate it because she is well known and the story was covered world wide.

  138. is*

  139. How hypocritical.

    This politician is attacking the burqa, but finds his daughter stripping almost naked OK.

    He’s a sadistic psychopath, and he can be sued under EU laws which endorse religious tolerance which i’m sure he’s well aware of.

    Congratulations on sexually objectifying your own daughter.

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