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The Jessica Mokdad Story: Family of Deceased Girl Doesn’t Want Pamela Geller Pimpin’ Their Daughter’s Name For Islamophobic Agenda

6 February 2012 32 Comments Email This Post Email This Post
Jessica Mokdad "loved Islam" according to her parents.

Jessica Mokdad "loved Islam" according to her parents.

The Jessica Mokdad Story: Family of Deceased Girl Doesn’t Want Pamela Geller Pimpin’ Their Daughter’s Name For Islamophobic Agenda

Shameless Pamela Geller is stooping to the lowest of the low. Using the name of Jessica Mokdad, a girl murdered by her “obsessed” and “monstrous” stepfather to line her pocket book and further the mass hysterical drive against Islam and Muslims.

This article while doing an O.K. job of reporting on the story gives Geller a free pass on her lunacy. What the hell is wrong with news outlets? Can’t they do a basic Google search? This woman, Geller, is a moonbat whose positions are consistently against human rights and basic freedoms, why is she not being called out for it below?

Geller also has a track record of inventing and attributing unrelated crimes to Islam and Muslims! You would think that FACT would make it into the story.

Listen Fox News Detroit: Just because someone declares themselves to be a defender of human rights does not make them one. Investigate their BACKGROUND!! Quit amplifying the voices of loons and bigots who have done nothing to help the cause of human rights and instead work only to add insult to injury by demeaning grieving families.

Enough of my rant, here is the article:

Slain Woman’s Name on anti-Muslim Conference Upsets Her Family

(Fox News Detroit)

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. (WJBK) — It’s been almost ten months since Jessica Mokdad’s murder. She was just 20 years old.

“It’s like still in disbelief,” said Mohammed Mokdad, her father.

Jessica’s murder made international headlines. She left Minnesota to escape an allegedly physically and mentally abusive stepfather, but in April of 2011, her stepfather, Rahim Alfatlawi, drove from Minnesota to her grandmother’s Warren home and shot her in the head.

Her family calls it an awful tragedy, but others are calling it an honor killing.

“We know that this is a practice under Islamic law. The honor killing is the final act. People know very little of the terror … that these girls live under,” said Pamela Geller.

She is the head of Stop the Islamization of America. Geller is hosting a conference on the anniversary of Jessica’s death in Dearborn. It’s called the Jessica Mokdad Human Rights Conference.

“We cannot sanction this gendercide. We cannot sanction the diminishment and dehumanization of women. We must speak up,” Geller said.

We asked Jessica’s stepmother, Cassandra Mokdad, whether her murder was an honor killing.

“Absolutely it was not,” she said.

She told us this disgusting act had nothing to do with Islam, a religion she said Jessica practiced proudly.

“It was nothing about religion or anything. It was just about a sick human being,” Mohammed Mokdad said.

“He wanted to have a relationship with Jessica as more than her stepfather. He wanted to have a more romantic relationship with her,” Cassandra Mokdad explained.

Even the Macomb County Prosecutor on the case said Alfatlawi murdered Jessica because he was obsessed with her, not the religion, and Jessica’s family wants her name taken off the conference.

“She’s using Jessica as her poster child for anti-Islam,” said Cassandra Mokdad.

“What gulls me is that there is this prohibition on discussing it and the ideology that inspires honor killings,” Geller explained.

She said this conference will happen and the name won’t be changed.

“We’re definitely going to have this conference and it will not be stopped. Their directing their barbs at me. I didn’t kill Jessica. I’m trying to save the next girl. They should be helping me save the next girl,” said Geller.

“Absolutely I’ll go. I won’t let her sit there and misuse Jessica’s name, and I will let her know exactly how I feel,” Cassandra Mokdad told us.

The conference will be held at the Hyatt in Dearborn at the end of April.


  1. I hope she shows up at this conference and gets into Geller’s face. Why isnt CAIR helping her bring Geller up on charges?

  2. typical…just typical, I cna’t decide whether the average American citizen is to be held accountable for being so stupid as to believe these twists truth and outright lies, or to pitty them for being so heavily flouridated that they do.

  3. What else do you expect from Geller?

  4. Where will this be? I am going to go and support Cassandra Mokdad!

  5. Wow that’s wrong on so many levels. What’s wrong with this Gellar woman. Its like she has convinced herself of her own lies. And so many people accept what she says as truth is what makes it worst. Let the girl rest in peace.

  6. Geller has no shame doesnt she? Sick woman she is. R.I.P Jessica.

  7. gellar’s logic is obsurd. if a non-muslims commits a crime it’s cause thier crazy or just plain criminals. and if a muslim commits a crime, it because their muslim. when will this stop?

  8. Pamela Geller thinks it’s fun to profit from these honor killing stories? Sounds like her.
    Do not get me wrong, I am against honor killings (dis-ownership is preferable to murder) and there are already campaigns to raise awareness of it. But Pamela Geller’s decision to publicize a grim family matter to forward her agenda is far worse than honor-murderers.

  9. This wasn’t even something that could be called an honor killing, even the authorities said so. The guy was obsessed with her – wanted a romantic relationship with her!

  10. The questionis, what caused the guy to BECOME “obsessed” and “monstrous?” Anybody know?

  11. I have written several emails to Fox to stop putting her on the news. She has no credibility. It shows that Fox does not do their homework and truly investigate people before we hear their opinions or explain to people before she talks that Pam does not represent Fox news nor do we agree with any of her personal opinions.

  12. Her own definition of an honor killing doesn’t even match this case. Geller defines it as a family trying to restore honor from a dishonorable act. Hmm… this guy wasn’t her father, so she wasn’t his family and she didn’t do anything dishonorable. So, even by Geller’s own definition, this isn’t an honor killing.

  13. Can somebody organize some sort of protest outside the Hyatt the day of the confrence?? I’m sure we’d get a really big turnout and our voices will be heard

  14. That is wrong that she can use her as an example at the conference with the family’s direct disapproval and for a cause that isn’t even associated with the girl’s death. She’s not helping anyone by using this story as propaganda. Also, I think the article was very clear that Geller was doing something inappropriate while still remaining professionally objective.

  15. @Elfrink – I wouldn’t go so far as to say that by forwarding her own agenda, she’s is worse than the honor killings, because there is very few crimes that can be worse than murder; but the point of the article is that this is NOT an honor killing and for her to say it is shows her ignorance and bigotry. Sounds to me like the family’s religion is a non-variable of the situation, and she is saying that not only is it a variable, but it is the CAUSE. And that’s fucked up.

  16. It’s Geller. What do you expect?

  17. I wish i could meet Pammy and give her a biiiggg hug and tell all about my happy life with my dad spoiling me amd letting me go off to Spain first class and how he was so proud at my Jr High graduation and how he spends 85 grand on me a year, respectively, and how he let me get my license before my brother and asking me if i liked to be a radiologist while in a dermatology clinic (he was serious-lol hes so funny).

    Pams delusional. She lied about the Fatteh thing now this? I kno its a tragedy Jessica died but Islam never provoked it. If she bothered to follow her facts up with Quran…

  18. It’s Fox. What do you expect?

  19. how sad 🙁

  20. Clark Howell via Facebook
    Your comment: The question is, what caused the guy to BECOME “obsessed” and “monstrous?” Anybody know?

    My answer:
    The Norway mass murderer Anders Breivick was declared insane. But what caused him to BECOME “insane” and “murderous?” Anybody know? Guess what? He is a Christian extremist. He was a part of the Knight’s Templar. Perhaps I should associate this to Christianity? There is no justification for honor killings in the Quran or Hadith. It is ludicrous.
    In 2005, 1,181 women were murdered by an intimate partner. That’s an average of three women every day. Of all the women murdered in the U.S., about one-third were killed by an intimate partner.

    232,960 women in the U.S. were raped or sexually assaulted in 2006. The number is increasing every year. Does that have anything to do with a country that claims to be over 80% Christian? Your suggestion is cheap and childish.

  21. Yes, she might have liked islam. But she was killed because she was seeing a boyfriend who was non-muslim. That makes her an apostate, a murtad. So she is killed for treason to islam. It makes her murder even more horrific.

  22. @ Kafir Harby,
    FACT, Jessicas boyfriend WAS a muslim. just to let you know. His name was Mohamad.

  23. Maybe it is both. Apparently the family did say he killed her for disobeying Islam, it is in police reports and local newspapers, and the man may have said that to cover up that he was infatuated by her.

    Then CAIR or some other org got hold of the family and said cover this up because it makes us look stupid.

  24. The stepdad killed her because she pushed him away because he had a sick obession for her! Did you not read this article!? There are so many muslim girls who have boyfriends/ romantic relationships with guys but its with the familys consent (with the hope that marriage follows).

    An apostate of Islam. Wow lol. I kno sooo many girls who date and are Muslim, are they unobservant? Yes, but as long as they still believe in one God and Muhammad as his last prophet theyre still considered a Muslim.

    This happens everywhere! Stepdads have unhealthy fantasies of their daughters and when they get at them it doesnt end well. Just cause were muslim. That label changes everything.

    And harby

    Muslims lie cheat steal date drink eat pork get pregnant out of marriage impregnate outside marriage some dont pray or fast or give charity, but its not seen as treason either. Treason is like practicing Tuqiyyah, lying to other Muslims about their leaders, beliefs, hopes, etc.

  25. yeah well those so-called “muslim countries” where they really do seem to “kill people randomly” aren’t really muslim countries. they’re corrupt.we ask Gd to forgive us for our sins, not other people.The Prophet (PBUH) told us to forgive others and hide the fault of others(not going around and making them look bad) “… They should rather pardon and overlook. Would you not love Allah to forgive you? Allah is Ever-Forgiving (24:22)

    Verses and hadith about treating daughters well

    (in Pre Islamic Arabia they used to practice Female infanticide. This verse came to abolish it and when Omar heard it he began to sob because he remembered his little girl.)

    When the news is brought to one of them of the birth of a female child,
    his face darkens, and he is filled with inward grief!
    With shame does he hide himself from his people,
    because of the bad news he has had!
    Shall he retain the child in contempt, or bury her in the dust?
    Ah! What an evil choice they decide on.
    (Qur’an 16: 58 – 59)

    “if anyone Cares for three daughters, raises them, marries them to someone of good faith, and is good to them, he (the father, or mother) will be sent to Paradise” -sunan abudawood book 41

    “he or she who is invloved in the caring for of a daughter and is benevolent to them will be protected from Hell fire.” -Muslim book 32

    “and verily Allah has forbidden to you the disobedience to mothers, burying of baby girls, wasting of wealth and persistent talk.” – muslim book 18

    “Oh you who believe. You are not allowed to inherit a woman by compulsion.” -surat al Nisaa, ayah 19

  26. And terror my butt pamela. You dont have proof that islam says its ok to do that wtf is your problem you sick liar. Terror they live in what are you a un worker? Have you lived under a muslin persons roof, most of them practically worshipthe ground their daughters walk on shut up already.

  27. What is the stepdad going to say? I killed her because I loved her so much I couldn’t stand it? Isn’t he more likely to say she was living wrong, to give himself an excuse?

    Step parents are often bad news. They find their spouse’s children too irritating or too attractive.

    Elle, if you were complaining about some aspect of US society and i were to start quoting the bible at you and saying my society is ok because most people in it are nice Christians, what would you think.

    The family and the criminal were talking honor killing at first and so they fell into the hands of Pammy.

  28. Anon
    I wasnt complaining about US society, im part of it, why would i complain?
    (conceited much? Maybe :P)

    And if this is in regards to the lying cheating drinking thing it happens everywhere, even middle eastern countries, either secular or Muslim, they do it. Lebanon, especially. Man its just one big party over there! Anyway, i wasnt targeting anything. I was just trying to make a point that many people do this, it doesnt matter what religion/society theyre a part of.

    And the stepparent thing, yaa the whole idea of divorce and remarriage does irk me because knowadays the divorce rate is soo high and so many times its over something worth working for. I understand if your spouse battered you or cheated or stole something from you but if its over what side of the bed you sleep on just go die. Your hurting yourself and your family..stepparents, unless they are absolutely wonderful with the kids, i dont trust them. It always ends bad.

    Yea, or hell plead insanity, but hell probably just blame Jessica, but i pray that her mother and father work against him and Pammy to put him in jail and get her off of TV. Ya rab(oh Lord). I feel so bad for her. She was so pretty and she seemed like a good person. May God protect her and bless her family

  29. Islum strikes again murdering anyone it likes whether they are or are not on part of the invented people.

  30. Christian

    Hahaha your funny. If you even BOTHERED to read the article instead of just nitpicking words to support your flimsy argument you would have see the step father killed her because he had an unhealthy obsession with her. Not related to religion.

    What “invented people”? You know people say Jesus was an invented person. Would you agree with that?

    In Islam, a daughter is the gateway to Heaven for her father. If he treats her right, he is let into Paradise, if not, he goes to Hell.

    Read a Quran. Or at least graduate from preschool already.

  31. Yuck, its impossible to comprehend why you people would submit to such a free speech-chilling name for a site and defend a 7th century ideology that not only infantilises people through its shallow and unbelievably mindless texts and teachings but actually provides them with permission for murder. Wow, lucky it is so transparently awful and so tragically out of date that it can never be successful no matter how many are hoodwinked. That poor girl, what sick minds you mob must have. Yuck.

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