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‘Blow away’ text lands Muslim in Canada jail

7 February 2012 General 31 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

MONTREAL — A Muslim businessman in Canada became a terror suspect for telling his sales staff in a text message to “blow away” the competition at a New York City trade show, a religious association said Friday.

Moroccan-born Saad Allami, who works as a telecommunications company sales manager, was arrested three days after he sent the message in January 2011 and detained while police searched his home, said the Muslim Council of Montreal.

“The whole time, the officers kept repeating to the plaintiff’s wife that her husband was a terrorist,” said court filings in a lawsuit filed by Allami, cited by local media. Allami was released after four hours of questioning.

Some of his colleagues reportedly claimed they were also held for hours at the Canada-US border on account of the accusations made against their boss.

“Mr Allami’s statements, when considered in the context of which they were given, were nothing to draw such alarm or suspicion,” said Salam Elmenyawi, president of the Muslim Council of Montreal.

“It is clear that his arrest was the result of racial profiling and a knee-jerk reaction to label him as a terror suspect simply due to his religious background.”

Allami is seeking Can$100,000 ($100,603) from Quebec’s provincial police, a police sergeant and the justice department for unlawful detention, unlawful arrest, loss of income and damage to his reputation.

The Quebec Superior Court is to hear the case on March 5.

Original post: ‘Blow away’ text lands Muslim in Canada jail


  1. Wow… If it was a white non-muslim saying it nobody would have suspected anything. Paranoia, LOL.

  2. *sigh*

  3. pfff

  4. This story just blows me away. Isn’t English an official language up there?

  5. I’d like to know how they knew about the text. Are we really paying people to intercept and read every text message sent? They must love it when my kids and their friends get going…LOL

  6. his arrest does not make any sense!

  7. Wow.

  8. Ridiculous

  9. You know I can get that a computer intercepting the message would misinterpret it as a blatant instruction to blow something up, but when human beings entered the picture were their brains disengaged? This is way more than profiling it persecution. Any non Muslim could use that expression in that context without a second thought or concern about misinterpretation, but this went so far that his home was searched his wife told that her businessman husband was a terrorist with no cause at all other than a big brother machine tagging a comment and human beings unable to see past their prejudices.

  10. I don’t know the laws governing Canada BUT in America there is a First Amendment and the burden of proof is on the prosecution… I can already tell that it was “blowing this out of proportion”. Now what, are the communist gestapos surveying this exchange going to accuse me of terrorist-like activity??? SMFH!

  11. No wonder OPPRESSION is something that the Holy Quran condemns.

  12. whoops – faux pas.

  13. wow that’s stupid

  14. If a Muslim businessman uses that phrase, he’s making terroristic threats. If a Christian or Jewish businessman uses it, it is, of course, just normal business hyperbole. Yeah, right. Pull the other one, it’s got bells on it.

  15. Sonia, I’m a Canadian. This is so uncharacteristic of Canada since we’re usually a haven of multiculturalism and tolerance. Damn Harper, it was probably him since he’s just like a typical American Neo-con.

  16. Mind blowing. Oooops!

  17. Oh my. Best we Muslims stop using metaphors! SMH

  18. A good point was raised, how did anyone outside their group even KNOW about this? Is someone gunning for someone else’s job? There MUST be more to this.

  19. There are days coming when muslims have to stop blowing gum,balloons 🙁

  20. I was called a terrorist on Saturday, and that I would jump at the first chance to blow up the statue of liberty.

  21. Ridiculous!

  22. a muslim was given 15 yrs for terrorism by taking kids 2 a paint ball facility 2 play the game-something muslims could do b4 islamophobia.

  23. Oh for the love of gawd!

  24. ohhhh k then…what the hell is wrong with people???? Really?? Every freaking store around makes a slogan and says blow away the competitor…GET OVER YOUR NARROW MINDS ….

  25. I’m tempted to laugh!

  26. This is just way out of control. Then again if you look at history, Italians, Irish etc…were tormented and terrorized by authorities when they first came into this country. History continues to repeat itself. What makes this day and time any different? (Sarcasm)

  27. WOW

  28. LOL… stupid but funny. fear is what drives people insane… and this is proof.

  29. I’m Muslim, but this guy has to choose his words better. He should know better than to use words like a Mafia boss.

  30. paranoid much

  31. Well, I guess it isn’t only U.S. “law enforcement” officials who have their heads up their asses.

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