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Melbourne: Man Goes on Rampage in Mosque Attack, Ripping Qurans and Flushing Them Down the Toilet

7 February 2012 29 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Melbourne: Man Goes on Rampage in Mosque Attack, Ripping Qurans and Flushing Them Down the Toilet

It wasn’t too long ago that Robert Spencer went on a speaking tour in Australia. Did he inspire the Aussie “gentleman” below? What we do know is that this guy is a creep who hates Islam and Muslims and is willing to use violence to make his point, including intimidating elderly women. Of course, in the feverish minds of the Islamophobes this man was just practicing “free speech.”(H/T: Nasser AlK):

Bosnian Mosque in Melbourne under attack, 04.02.2012


VIC Melbourne, 04.02.2012: The Bosnian mosque in Deer Park has been attacked, a man went on a rampage ripping the Qur’ans (around 50) and flushing them down the toilet.


  1. What kind of Muslims let one man come in the masjid and so what he did and the story doesn’t say every bone in his body was broken Muslims stop being weak little punks

  2. Off with his head! But a little torture first in the name of Allah.

  3. sick…confused….nuts…..don’t know…’s the food I am convinced

  4. this makes my stomach turn….

  5. Sad as ….you know

  6. That’s sad.

  7. Very sad. I’m quite happy that he didn’t physically harm anybody. Who knows, perhaps this is part of the reason God has made it so easy for many Muslims to memorize the entire Qur’an. Even if people rip them all up…. burn them… flush them… the words are still written in the minds and hearts of millions of Muslims.

  8. I condemn this just as I condemn the churches that were burnt, which you didn’t report on.

  9. So how come one old woman was left alone in the masjid and there was no-one else around to help or call. No imam, no worshippers, no caretaker, no neighbours not even a call to the police? We muslims are like the muslims of Baghdad when the Mongols invaded waiting patiently for our heads to be cracked. Protect yourselves and guard your mosque. (This could happen to a church which are often empty and unattended but not to a synagogue where even the old men know Krav Maga) He was at it for a half an hour and no-one stopped him? Angrier at the men of this mosque than I am at this pathetic fool who will get his recompense from Allah. How dare they assume he’s a lone madman. They HOPE he’s a lone madman more like. Don’t get me started…

  10. Masya Allah…

  11. Selfish, I know. But every time I see a Gay man put to death in the name of Islamic law…. It’s really hard to be both gay and not Islmaophobic.

  12. very bad. where is humanity of australians PM & president.

  13. You can say all you want about sex, drugs and rock n roll; religion turns men into unreasonable animals more than any other factor. It’s insanity.

  14. If he had done that to christian bibles, you would have seen thumpers heads explode in droves, instead they are probably cheering.

  15. He flushed his own soul with them. Sad. Allahu alam.

  16. Im appalled at what this man did IM appalled to read some of the comments here..which ironically come from islamophobes not people against Islamophobia..if you are Islamophobe..please take your comments somewhere else…for God sake…!!!

  17. Very bad. And in the eyes of the custodians of freedom, he did no wrong. Very bad indeed.

  18. “Of course, in the feverish minds of the Islamophobes this man was just practicing “free speech.”(H/T: Nasser AlK):” this is a chicken-s**t throw away line. This is wrong to do to any religions holy text. Suleiman, “in the eyes of the custodians of freedom, he did no wrong.” Thank you for showing your own level of foolishness.

  19. As an American, and as a Christian, I am going to hope that both of the previous comments were “trolls”, not people who really believe what they said.

    If you actually watch the video, the Muslim gentleman shows far more of the spirit and nature of Jesus than many who claim to be Christians. His attitude and his words are gentle dispite the utter dismay he must feel at the desecration of what is, in his belief, a sacred book. Not just sacred in it’s content, as we Christians believe the Bible to be, but actually sacred in the material sense. To destroy the Koran is the opposite of true Christianity. Hate has no place in a Christian’s life.

    It is my hope that the criminal who commited these acts will be found swiftly and punished appropriately.

  20. Flippin heck, people are unbelieveably stupid.

  21. Vandalism…

  22. ^Micheal Cook: Republicans will vilify homosexuals in the name of protecting marriage, but that doesn’t mean that marriage is bad. Actually, the Muslim world was very tolerant of homosexuality in the middle ages and early modern era. It’s only recently that this tide of radicalism has caused such homophobia. Don’t let the Wahabists and the Jihadists represent the actual religion, which says nothing on the topic of homosexuality.

  23. I’m sure that the people who wrote the first two comments are not Muslims if not they don’t know anything about there religion. The response to such actions is tolerance ,perseverance and understanding. If the man who did these actns knew one Muslim person he wouldn’t do what he did.

  24. I am shocked, shocked, that every so often a crazy person vandalizes a mosque. Doesn’t quite compare with destroying churches and slaughtering their congregations, but hey, give us time.

  25. No one has the right to trash anyone else’s Holy Scripture or place of worship. God(dess) is the only Truth, the rest are the lies of man’s patriarchy.

  26. Agreed Anon,
    Better than another Christian like Breivick killing innocent children left and right.


    Oh look another murderer who enjoys her work. care to guess what her religion is Anon?

  28. Oh that 18 yr old!^^ yep, she said in her diary that right after she killed a 9 yr old for no reason besides the rush, she went to ________

  29. You pick out 2 sick miserables. Doesn’t compare to howling murder mobs operating with impunity, base imams encouraging them.

    The scope, the scale of enmity in the muslim world is ahmazing, and they apparently enjoy it too. For the non muslim is a non person to them, just as the 9 yr old was to that monster.

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