Friday, April 16, 2021   

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Richard Peppiatt on tabloid misrepresentation of Muslims

Richard Peppiatt at the Leveson Inquiry

Richard Peppiatt at the Leveson Inquiry

Richard Peppiatt on tabloid misrepresentation of Muslims

A former Daily Star journalist has repeated accusations that a number of British daily newspapers put pressure on journalists to fabricate anti-Muslim stories.

Richard Peppiatt, who worked as a full-time freelance journalist at the Daily Star for two years, claimed that editors forced journalists to fabricate news that suggested Muslims and immigrants were threatening national security.

He said the fabricated stories were mainly related to Muslims, depicting them as a threat to British society. The defamatory stories became more widespread after the bombings in London on June 7, 2005 – often referred to as 7/7 – and the Sept. 11, 2001 attack on the United States.

“Especially since 7/7 and, to a degree, since 9/11, Muslims have certainly been painted as the ‘cartoon baddy’. Definitely in the tabloids. Someone always has to be blamed, you can’t just leave it up in the air when something happens; somebody always needs to take the blame. Sadly it’s the Muslims that have been chosen to be portrayed as the ‘baddies’,” he told Today’s Zaman in a phone interview.

Peppiatt noted that it was not possible for Muslims to take action against the publication of derogatory articles because it is only possible for an individual who has been mentioned by name to make a complaint to the Press Complaints Commission (PCC), the regulatory body for UK magazines and newspapers. However, if a group or a religion is targeted it is difficult to file a complaint.

“It was therefore challenging for Muslims to complain as there was no one individual being affected by the articles. However, it clearly does affect individuals as it affects the way people behave towards each other in society. I certainly came to understand that what we print in the media has a direct effect on the lives of individuals; this can lead to violence on the streets, based on what we write,” Peppiatt told Today’s Zaman.

Today’s Zaman, 6 February 2012


  1. these bastards shud b cut into pieces

  2. Afif, I think of all the things I’d like to see happen to promote love and acceptance in our society… cutting people to pieces is not among them.

  3. Two words: Rothschild Rockefeller

  4. just apply westerntyle justice; lock up in Gitmo and waterboard 🙂

  5. Islamophobia is a black mark on those who share it. I am not among them and will speak out whenever I hear that expressed.

  6. I hope the readers try to research such things and form their own opinion rather than believe everything that they read. It’s not just the journalists to be blamed we need to blame ourselves too for believeing everything we read without reasoning.

  7. a boy of 18 was arestd like being kidnappd by p0licemen n aftr spending 14yrz of his lyf in jail. he was sent free due 2 n0n availability of evn 1 witness who wud say dat d boy was accusd . y he was arrestd bc0z he was muslim .
    d rzn muslim r get such a situati0n is c0z WE HV STARTD 2 C0MPR0MISE N ACCEPTD WATEVR ACCUSATI0N R F0RCD ON US

  8. Afif write it out fully and something everyone can understand, don’t be so lazy, take your time.

  9. @Afif,”to OVERCOME evil with good is good,to RESIST evil with evil is evil” Prophet Muhammed(saw).
    Control your anger please!!
    *refering your first comment*


  11. fyting 4 d truth is n0t evil @ murad

  12. we just give quotes but who suffer the pain kn0ws how bad it is 🙁

  13. Buddy believe in the one we all need to worry about, if he doesn’t get justice in this world he won’t be denied that in the hereafter. I feel for anyone whose being dealt with unjustly, not just a muslim. Everyone need to be treated the same. But don’t lose hope, always thank god for it could have been worse.

  14. its already w0rse buddy .
    we r at d same positi0n as was bani israel undr d leadership of pharoh.

  15. my comment was a response to your first comment.if you read it back,yes it is evilish.what an evilish act could be more,than to promise to ”cut people in pieces”,what ever wrong they did?!

  16. c d status how news agency r against muslim .
    do u kn0w if s0me1 write about holocaust he cn b sent 2 jail . why ? bc0z it hurt d sentiment of jews .
    n wat about us . if s0me1 write against islam ?
    its freedom of speech !
    so good u agree ?

  17. d0nt u kn0w a old lady in white house w0rking for many yearz was said she g0ne mad n fired off . u kn0w why ? c0z she jst said dat jew should go back 2 their land n leave israel . .
    wat evil she did ?

  18. murad d0nt u kn0w dat if s0me1 try 2 insult prophet should be executd . do u kn0w dis law or n0t . have u studied d life of prophet (pbuh) n d life of 4 caliph ? if u would have studied then u would have agreed by me . m sure

  19. i understand your feelings, brother Afif.and yes it hurts me too.all i’m asking you is to restrain.two wrongs can never make one right.their ignorance made them do this.i think showing and teaching them what a peacefull Religion Islam is,the best solution.don’t you think?

  20. i know that peace is go0d . bt if u kn0w dat they r n0t going 2 undrstand by peace then?
    for example
    at the time of prophet(pbuh) in medina there was a jew who was just like todays media . he used 2 say poem n attack on m0desty of muslim w0men .
    when prophet(pbuh) heard dis he sent his c0mpani0n 2 execute him .
    why ? to give signal 2 kafir that we wil n0t tolerate those who try 2 hurt islam n wat is true .
    we r n0t liar or pagans . we r muslim n we follow the truth . then y we accept their false blame .
    they kn0w they cant argue on truth . dats y they blame , attack n do all the evils 2 destroy us.

    bro i do restrain but yes i do write wat i think n kn0w wat is reality

  21. Should “Daily Star” and journalist be used in the same sentence?

  22. Afif, the purpose of this group is to combat the fear of Islam. Suggesting that those who criticize Islam should be murdered and bringing to light the fact that Muhammad, the man Muslims are commanded to follow, had people murdered for criticizing him, probably won’t help that cause.

  23. Vitor

    I actually agree with you.


    I lived in a bubble. In that bubble was me, my Muslim family, and my Muslim friends. I knew about nonmuslims, but i didnt know some were saying bad things until now, believe me, it was shockung. Never had i seen such misinformation and bigotry and vomit inducing hate. Do you know the story of Quraysh? How they starved and boycotted the Muslims? How they waged battle after battle against them? You know The Israiltes’ story, how Pharoah enslaved and tortured them, and how the boys in Surat al Kahf fled from persecution of jesus’ followers? History is repeating itself, my friend. Muhammad pulled the sickly and dying Musklims back up from the ashes to finally open Mekka and establish Medina as a Muslim state. Moses helped revolt and fight the vicious Pharoah and save his people from Generations of prosecution to come, and Surat al kahf, that beautiful surah that tells us after 309 years of sleeping in that cave, the men were now being praised for their beliefs and were beloved by all.

    My point is, the Prophets and early believers had to endure it. But Allah rescued them! It became a strength, you need faith in Allah, and most importantly, patience. For the love of God be patient. Remember Surat al Sharh

    “ان مع العسري يسرى”
    Verily after hardship comes ease.

    Even if were still being hurt and tortured and targeted 100 years from now, if we stay perserverant, our ease will be Paradise. God rewards those who are most patient and faithful. Remember, God never ever gives you something you can’t handle. All we should do, right now, is pray for them and ourselves. You want An-Nafs al mutmainna, the satisfied soul, not revenge. Revenge and hate makes you that of Satans army. When you get upset make wudoo and pray, and remember to say aootho billahi min ashaytan al rajeem. When you have these violent and angry thoughts know they are Satans work, so drive him away.

  24. Shocking **

    Way to kill a moment lol

  25. @afif, it seems u have gone off the deep end!! what u need to do is read the quran with tafseer. fyi, not all the hadiths r authentic.

  26. they r n0t criticizing they r attacking by evry method they cn adopt. jst to st0p d rise of islam again as it was in caliphates time. they knew d hadith dat muslim wil restablish khilafat n they cant st0p it but trying 2 make it delay as much as they can . they fear the loss of their supremacy of cruelty.
    and yes its n0t false do check d TOPIC

    @ innara. the hadith is authentic.
    mine was just an example there r many example like this.
    1 m0re , 0nce in khilafah of a caliph , newspaper of 2 country postd s0me cart0on against muslim.
    the caliph called their ambassador n said them 2 c0me on knee 4m do0r 2 his chair . when d ambassador came 2 knw d reas0n he n his country said s0rry 4 wat they did.
    innara u cn check by urself if dnt c0nsidr it 2 b true.

  27. let me ask u directly, have u ever read the quran with tafseer?

  28. my imam my teacher tell me d tafsir of quran

  29. n yes tafsir of ibn e kathir is gud 1 . i dnt hv dat c0py bt yes cleric do hv n each week he do read that

  30. and what r the qualification of ur imam? what degree does he have?

  31. n my c0ment were not anti 2 islam

  32. innara . he is aalim & hafiz

  33. yes i do hv lectures of imam anwar al awlaki .

  34. 0n t0pic of evrythng currently going . may he rest in peace

  35. btw u kn0w evrythng ? innara

  36. yes ur comments r against the teachings of islam. what i am trying to tell is to open a quran on ur own with tafseer. if not use they have good translations. we should only follow the quran and only use authentic hadiths for further knowledge on our prophets life. god said that quran by it self is a complete book. if any hadiths contradicts the quran, that hadiths is automatically annulled. did u know all the haidiths were written after prophets death? and some even 400 yrs later?

  37. yes i kn0w dat . bt d0nt u kn0w dat n0 translati0n can b accurate .

  38. n 4 ur info d lyf of prophet muhammad(pbuh) is n0t in quran.

  39. wat i said is 4m lyf of prophet muhammad(pbuh) n0t 4m other prophet (pbuh)

  40. yes, its still better than having no info at all. and the same goes for hadiths. they too were originally in arabic remember? one should only reference the hadiths for historical knowledge. and guide for religion, one should reference the quran.

  41. btw we shud n0t discus d translati0n n explainati0n of quran n hadith . wat i said is ryt if u cn pro0f dat wat i gave refrence is wr0ng then do pr0ve . i wil folow .

  42. Afif

    Just stop
    We get it you hate islamophobes …so do we

    But yelling and being angry never solved anything.

  43. Is english even your first language

  44. is that what ur mullah told u? see thats a typical statement from mullah who doesn’t know anything himself. i am just glad ur in india and not a western country. because the kind of mentality u have, u would’ve been in trouble by now. btw god gave us the quran to understand it and if we don’t discuss it how r we going to comprehend it?

  45. n every pers0n of dis w0rld cant comprehend c0rectly , curently there r many people who try 2 c0mprehend in their own way n take out the meaning widout even understanding n turn into wr0ng directi0n . n if u d0nt kn0w d rule then y u arguing ?

  46. u cant show that A PERS0N SHOULD N0T BE KILLED 4 ATTACKING On MUSLIM . SO D0NT say about my imam n check urself wat u r !

  47. We read in the Qur’an: “. . . Do not take life, which Allah has made sacred, except through justice and the law. He orders this so that you may acquire wisdom” (6:151) and, “Do not take life, which Allah has made sacred, except for a just cause. If anyone is killed unjustly, We allow his heir (to seek justice) but do not allow him to exceed bounds when it comes to taking life, for he is helped (by the law)” (17:33). According to the Qur’an, killing a person unjustly is the same as killing all of humanity, and saving a person is the same as saving all humanity. (See 5:32.)

  48. so if u think we can’t comprehend quran correctly. why do u think god wrote the quran? it’s for our own benefit. one can only fight back in self defense in islam. and god doesn’t need us people to defend or fight with people who insult islam or our prophet. that god can do by himself. what we people need to do is stand up for any injustice that is taking place around us.

  49. n0w c urself wat u hv c0mprehended 4m my c0ment .
    i said about those who r resp0nsible for creating problems n hurting muslim . n u saying about inn0cent .
    so n0w go n study s0me bo0k on shariah to0

  50. last i checked “creating problems for muslims” is not life threatening . like the journalist in the op. god only tells his followers to fight in self defense. why don’t u go and study the quran without ur uneducated mullah’s help.

  51. “Especially since 7/7 and, to a degree, since 9/11, Muslims have certainly been painted as the ‘cartoon baddy’”.
    Agreed, it’s unnecessary to use cartoons to do this. It is sufficient to just read the news, e.g., Riyadh, Saudi Arabia–a 23-year old Saudi columnist had to flee Saudi Arabia after his “tweets” about an imagined meeting with the Prophet Muhammad touched off calls for his execution. There are campaigns on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook demanding his execution. Some religion. Can you spell i-n-t-o-l-e-r-a-n-c-e?

  52. Afif

    Its people like you who we call extremists, or at least borderline extremists. Its bcuz of YOUR mindset we have problems as muslims. Stop acting like some big knight trying to save us id prefer to wait for Jesus to come back and save us from the Dajjal, we muslims wanna be on Jesuss side you dont want to? Fine. Have fun with the biggest kafir of all.


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