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Sikh temple vandalized–but were Muslims the intended target?

8 February 2012 General 33 Comments Email This Post Email This Post


Vandals targeted a Sikh house of worship in suburban Detroit this week. But there are signs they intended to target Muslims.

According to the Sikh Society of Michigan, the Sikh temple (known as a Gurdwara) in Sterling Heights has been under construction for several years, without any incidents or controversy.

That changed when someone vandalized the building sometime on Sunday night.

The vandals spray painted “don’t builed” [sic] on an outside wall. They also left images of a cross, a gun, and a misspelled version of the name “Mohammed.”

Muslims revere Mohammed as a prophet, but it has nothing to do with the Sikh religion. The word leads many to believe to believe the vandals thought they were targeting Muslims.

Dawud Walid, executive director for the Michigan chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), calls the vandalism a hate crime.

“We joined the Sikh community in calling for local and federal law enforcement to use their full resources to investigate this recent hate crime,” Walid said.

The US Justice Department in Detroit says the incident is on their radar. They’ve met with members of the Sikh community about it.

But a DOJ spokeswoman says it’s yet how they’ll be involved in the investigation, or any potential prosecution. Anyone with information about the incident should contact Sterling Heights Police.

Walid also suggests the incident could stem from politicians’ “fanning the flames” of xenophobia and anti-Muslim sentiment in an election year.

“We hope that they will be a little more responsible,” Walid said. “They should understand that their statements and ads may push people over the edge, and they do have consequences.”

The US Sikh community has fallen victim to anti-Muslim sentiment before. A Sikh man was murdered in Arizona soon after the September 11th attacks. The killer thought he was Arab or Muslim.

Original post: Sikh temple vandalized–but were Muslims the intended target?


  1. :((( so sad

  2. It was probably intended as a hate crime against Muslims; the same backlash and hate crimes existed following 9/11.

  3. ignorant jerks!

  4. Not only xenophobes, but stupid xenophobes, er, more stupid than usual?

  5. wow…this is bad…the people who did it can’t be all that smart…they can’t spell and they didn’t even know that the building wasn’t islamic….I dont know whether to be sad that crap like this is still happening or angry that the american educational system is a dead horse….smh…either way on the part of the idiots who did this….EPIC fail

  6. Those vandals need to go back to school and learn to spell.

  7. Morons…

  8. I doubt the vandals understand the vast differences between the two religions, nor do they care. Hate is an addictive substance.

  9. They also went unreported, Melinda.

  10. I find this both hilarious and horrifying, naturally the humorous aspect of the situation is the ignorance of the vandals.

  11. Fail.

  12. After 9/11, Sikhs – who had a dry cleaner – near my apartment were targeted. NO one should be harassed re: religion yet these ignoramuses cannot tell the difference between a Muslim and a Sikh. A Sikh cabbie was killed after the Fort Hood shootings.

  13. These morons can’t even tell the difference between Jews and Muslims, they just hate them equally.This was proved by a BBC program where a couple went under cover pretending to be Muslims, and when the man wore a skull cap, the bigots and racists thought he was Jewish.

  14. Sheee-it all as they-uns know is if-uns y’all ain’t with Jeezbus and ya ain’t one of them damned atheist fellers (who they’ll tend to right pronto soon as they figure where those guys meet up on weekends) ya must be one of them there muslyum-commies. Unless you’re a jew-boy like their dentist or that Joe Lieberman fella – but they are not so bad when you get to know them – some of them anyway ..

  15. Education is key to a countries success. Focus on that and none of this would happen.

  16. Sihk’s grow their hair long, then cover their heads in a turban, wear beards, and carry their knives at all times, except on the cricket pitch. There they bowl you out if they don’t like you. If you have an issue, then sort it out like gentlemen on the Cricket field…..!

  17. Oh I forgot.US plays baseball, not cricket.Would Americans know the difference?

  18. Why do you make that claim, Nic? According to the latest hate crime statistics, of those crimes motivated by an anti-religion bias, 65 percent of them were directed towards those of the Jewish faith, while 13 percent were directed towards those of the Muslim faith. Obviously, hate crimes are terrible no matter whom they’re directed at, but the facts don’t support the claim that “Islamophobia” is rampant, nor that the hatred of Muslims is equivalent to the hatred of Jews.

  19. Stupid cunts….

  20. Hatred for anyone is NOT ACCEPTABLE. No one deserves to be treated different.

  21. Vitor, I’m not saying that hatred of Muslims is worse than hatred of Jews, just that in this BBC program the racists/bigots couldn’t tell the difference, they just hate anyone who’s different, and the people who attacked the Sikh temple were equally ignorant.

  22. Fair enough. Ignorance surely is at the heart of these types of attacks.

  23. even if 9/11 was not inside job ,it still does not justify hate crime against innocent muslims. Muslim countries are fighting these extremists as well and such events will make them weaker only.

  24. The pinnacle of stupidity.

  25. “Even if 9/11 was not inside job”? So you think there’s a good chance it was an inside job? What about the other attempted or successful terrorist attacks within western countries? London, Madrid, Fort Hood, etc.? Possibly inside jobs? Denying there’s a problem isn’t a solution.

  26. They’re probably too dumb to know the difference between sihkism and islam! They’re just haters.

  27. They should investigate this by first checking people who dropped out of Kindergarten in the Detroit area. btw remember that many Islamophobic incidents go unreported, so 13% may be low-balling it

  28. It could be intended against muslims. Post 9/11 many sikhs were targeted the same way, it was probably their appearance( beard & turban ). I heard that some sikh men shaved of their beards & stopped wearing turbans. Sad but true. This cries out ignorance, hatred.

  29. Vitor!
    As a Muslim I agree with you !
    Within the fold of islam !
    There are so called mulsims who commit terrorist crimes and they use quranic verses out of context to promote their sick behaviour !!

    These people have committed such acts and they need to be caught and punished in the legal due process

    Every religion and belief system have these perverted people amongst them !!

  30. Most muslims put there heads in the sand and blame all these terrorists acts on conspiracy theories !

    Wake up Muslims ! We need to expose these people from amongst us and stop condoning and making excuses for their behaviour !

    Just Becuase a Muslim Is being persecuted in one country ! It’s doesn’t give another Muslim somewhere else the right to commit a crime against an innocent person in revenge !!

  31. to this Hasan Hussain:
    and you want us to believe you are Muslim..SURE.
    many studies have categorically shown that terrorist activity by Muslims in the west are amongst the lower crimes. You views seem to mirror FOX news and most zionist outlet media. WE’re not fooled by the name.

  32. Hasan hussain

    Were not all denying the terrorist attacks. I dont, i find them despicable and upsetting, but im pretty sure most muslims hated bin Laden as much as these idiots did^^. And in the FBI documents only 6% of all terrorist attacks were by muslims, since 1980 til now. I think that has to count for something.

    And they are being punished, saudi arabia imprisons a lot of captured terrorists, even executes some. And they get sent to guantamo. But the problem here is, they (the us and middle east) capture innocent people and throw them there. If your name is close to the name of a muslim extremist (which is dumb cuz all us muslims have similar names) then on no grounds besides that they toss you in gitmo and torture you there, and question you and show you pics of a bearded guy walking through Pakistan and tell you why were you there and the dude in the pic clearly isnt you but they want you to crack anyway. Then up to 10 yrs later, theyll say oops after realizing they goofed and they let you go and will try to buy you out for your silence. How the fuck can America do this to innocent people when there are real bad people out there, some non muslims, but the US government is too busy fucking around with muslim men who dont know where they are or why theyre there.
    And Do NOT tell me this doesnt happen. My father was treated this way. Im sorry. We as a nation need to make our selves a little more competant and tolerant to our people before we can work on fighting the baddies.

  33. Typical bigots, not even knowing anything about who they’re targeting. It’s especially sad since Sikhs have been targeted since post post-9/11 by islamophobia and they’re not even muslims.

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