Tuesday, April 13, 2021   

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Charles Johnson: Pamela Geller’s Ghoulish Obsession with Honor Killing’s Takes an Ugly Turn

Pamela Geller’s Ghoulish Obsession With ‘Honor Killings’ Takes an Ugly Turn

by Charles Johnson (Little Green Footballs)

Anti-Muslim hate group leader Pamela Geller has seized on the murder of a 20-year old Muslim woman in Michigan, labeled it an “honor killing,” and is now planning to hold a “conference” using the murdered woman’s name — against the wishes of the woman’s family, and even though both the family and the prosecutor in the case say it was the act of an abusive stepfather, not an “honor killing” at all. And to make it even more disgusting, Geller is calling her hatefest a “human rights conference.”

It’s hard to imagine someone so twisted and dysfunctional that they’d intrude on a family’s grief over a murdered child, and use the victim’s name against the family’s wishes. But Geller is defiantly determined to exploit this murder for all the bigoted hatred she can wring out of it: Slain Woman’s Name on ‘Human Rights’ Conference Upsets Her Family.

Jessica’s murder made international headlines. She left Minnesota to escape an allegedly physically and mentally abusive stepfather, but in April of 2011, her stepfather, Rahim Alfatlawi, drove from Minnesota to her grandmother’s Warren home and shot her in the head.

Her family calls it an awful tragedy, but others are calling it an honor killing.

“We know that this is a practice under Islamic law. The honor killing is the final act. People know very little of the terror … that these girls live under,” said Pamela Geller.

She is the head of Stop the Islamization of America. Geller is hosting a conference on the anniversary of Jessica’s death in Dearborn. It’s called the Jessica Mokdad Human Rights Conference.

“We cannot sanction this gendercide. We cannot sanction the diminishment and dehumanization of women. We must speak up,” Geller said.

We asked Jessica’s stepmother, Cassandra Mokdad, whether her murder was an honor killing. “Absolutely it was not,” she said. She told us this disgusting act had nothing to do with Islam, a religion she said Jessica practiced proudly.

“It was nothing about religion or anything. It was just about a sick human being,” Mohammed Mokdad said.

“He wanted to have a relationship with Jessica as more than her stepfather. He wanted to have a more romantic relationship with her,” Cassandra Mokdad explained.

“She’s using Jessica as her poster child for anti-Islam.” Even the Macomb County Prosecutor on the case said Alfatlawi murdered Jessica because he was obsessed with her, not the religion, and Jessica’s family wants her name taken off the conference.

“She’s using Jessica as her poster child for anti-Islam,” said Cassandra Mokdad.

“What gulls me is that there is this prohibition on discussing it and the ideology that inspires honor killings,” Geller explained.

She said this conference will happen and the name won’t be changed.

“We’re definitely going to have this conference and it will not be stopped. Their directing their barbs at me. I didn’t kill Jessica. I’m trying to save the next girl. They should be helping me save the next girl,” said Geller.

“Absolutely I’ll go. I won’t let her sit there and misuse Jessica’s name, and I will let her know exactly how I feel,” Cassandra Mokdad told us.

But wait — the story gets even more repellent, because Geller and her followers bullied and harassed the management of the Hyatt Regency in Dearborn, Michigan into giving her a conference room for free to hold this ugly hatefest, after they canceled a previous Geller hatefest. Unbelievable.

Here’s a page with contact info for the Dearborn Hyatt, if you’d like to let the management know how you feel about this disgusting event: Detroit Metro Hotel – Detroit Michigan Hotels – Hyatt Regency Dearborn. They backed down and tried to appease Geller, and as a result she’s now using their facilities to exploit a murdered woman’s name to spread hatred.


  1. I guess I just don’t get it. Are we saying that there is no such thing as honor killings or are we saying this particular step father was motivated by something else? I seem to be hearing more and more of this. Just recently coming out of Kingston, Ontario a father admitted that the growing western influence on his daughters was the motive. Phone records and wire taps supported the honor killing allegations. Nine years ago a Muslim man had killed his wife and daughters approximately two miles from where I am sitting right now. His motive was stated as concern of his family’s honor. Five years ago not too far from here as well a 22 year old Muslim man attempted to kill his sister. His motive as reported, was the influence of western clothing. He even referred to her as being “a bad Muslim girl.”
    What about approaching it as a problem and see if it can be solved here in the west? It would seem to me that if you are in fact saying that honor killings do not exist, what else are you attempting to hide?

  2. Mark,

    Unfortunately, honor killings are more cultural and have little to do with religious values even if the perpetrator says otherwise. Reason for this is if they truly held Islamic values in high regard, they’d never harm anyone much less their own daughters. Please refer to a fatwa passed on this matter http://www.askimam.org/fatwa/fatwa.php?askid=776d261aa55722563c2b425b929a0076

    To quote from the Encyclopedia Britannia: “Such “honour killings” are in fact violations of both civil and Islamic law, but perpetrators frequently use religious reasons to defend their actions, thereby giving the crime a veneer of justification.”

  3. That photograph you have of Geller is so awful. I see a possessed witch with a “B”. Maybe someone would do us the honor of terminating her existence with extreme prejudice. Just saying.

  4. so disgusting. Using a tragedy to further her insane hatred. She is the Westboro Baptist Church.

  5. My favorite pic of Geller. Really shows her inner beauty hahaha

  6. Please don’t sully the word ‘witch’ with the likes of this subnormal excuse for a human being . . . thanks!

  7. She really does look possessed in that photo…. reminds me of a gorgon.

  8. Mark, My question to you is whether or not you have command of the English language? Did you read the article? It’s about one incident, and the family told why it happened. Muslim or not, child sexual abuse and rape is very commonly committed by STEP fathers. It’s just another case of a man wanting sex with his wife’s daughter. Muslim has nothing to do with it. Gellers disrespect for the family and the murdered girl is beyond belief. Were I the family, I’d sue her for using the name. Geller should just start her own version of Westboro Baptist, she makes about as much sense. Wait…oh…already done, so it appears.

  9. I like to educate people that ask me about Islam. When she opens her mouth, I knocks our attempts to educate people about our beautiful deen back about 10 steps! Everywhere I go—Jihad, jihad! The only Jihad I know about I do myself—5 times a day..at least.

  10. I would like to launch a challenge: If anyone can prove that Islamic law endorses honor killing, I will give you one million dollars in cash, tax free! Don’t bother yourselves, you won’t find any verse from the Qur’an nor from the Sunnah that support such an act! On the contrary, you’ll find a lot of conditions and restrictions on the punishment: trustworthy witnesses needed, non-married fornicators won’t be killed, ONLY the state implements punishment, not civilians!

  11. Silly ignorant women.

  12. The family should sue her in my opinion. Also, I wish Geller would get “honor killed” by a samurai.

  13. What a crazy assertion designed to feed fear. This type scenario plays out all over America… it crosses the boundaries of the rich and the poor, and has absolutely nothing to do with religion at all. Child Abuse abounds, and the young woman’s plight echoed the histories of thousands of women over the years. This type of implicit hate speech feeds only those hungry for it… the rest of us know that it’s pure ilk.

  14. I wish I had a Muslim or Arab neighbor. They would be welcomed by me in my neighborhood and I would love them as Christ commanded, as I would love myself.

  15. @raheel: think you meant to say “silly ignorant woman” instead of “women.” otherwise you are just adding to the problem

  16. Uheuh….sc.arey

  17. This lady is another kook, who really cares what flows from her sewer pipe

  18. Mark
    Honor killings were practiced in the west, as in the east. Islam stopped that, but people digress from the right path and sorrt of do that^^ its not right and is in fact forbidden, but its Pamela who likes to exploit grieving families and dissect the personal lives of young women who were victims of cultural stupidity. Gendercide my ass.

  19. I couldn’t help but notice the words “ghoulish” and “ugly” in the headline, right beside PG’s picture.

  20. Pamela Geller should be ashamed of her self for manipulating the true story, so that she can manipulate people to believe like her, to hate people just because they are different. It’s not one’s faith that makes you evil, it’s the hate inside you that makes you evil.

  21. Doesn’t Reliance of the Traveler say that people should not be punished for killing family members?

    It’s like the old Roman father having the power of life and death over his children.

    Great pic of Pammy. Is it photoshopped?

  22. Denise,
    What does “command of the English language” have to do with it and what exactly are you getting at? What a ridiculous thing to write. No I did not read the above story I read it on another website a few days ago. I agree with you, in this case Pam is out of line. Oh by the way, I am glad that the problem has been addressed. That I did not know.

  23. Geller definitely has that possession look…

  24. Anon,

    If you ever read Reliance of the Traveler, you would know that it does not say that. You would also know that Reliance of the Traveler is not the Quran, nor the Prophetic traditions (Hadith). Since you have no idea what the Reliance of the Traveler is, or what it says, why do you bring it up?

  25. this woman definatly has a problem-what she is doing is horrible

  26. Catherine Windsor
    Youd be welcome in my house anytime:)

    Well she kinda is…

    When a muslim kid reaches pubberty, the actions they committ (good or bad) are not under the responsibilty of the parent. (the childs needs are of course) so idk where the whole catholic thing and traveler whatever thing came from but um ya, no pam is just naturally stunning lol

  27. She’s no different than that Westboro Baptist Church, despicable human.

  28. http://www.muhaddith.org/cgi-bin/e_optns.exe

    Sure I know what Reliance of the Traveler is. It certainly does say that parents are not to be prosecuted for killing their offspring, that the kuffar must be attacked at least once a year, that the lives of non muslims are trash, and other ideas informing the present culture of many muslims.

    These things are written with the idea that muslims are supposed to be the rulers of all, the dominators and crushers of everyone else.

    The reality is that the muslims are the minority in this world and the rest of us refuse to be crushed by their crummyology.

  29. ‘Reliance of the Traveler’ is not an authentic source of valid Islamic law, Anon. It sounds like it was written after the prophet’s lifetime by a psychologically ill zealot. Using it as a reference to argue against Islamic ideology is like using something Descartes wrote to show a logical inconsistency in Plato. Essentially, it’s a big fat straw man and you should know better bro.

  30. Anon
    Ive studied a lot about islam, what he did in his life (muhammad) and what the first 4 caliphs did. Reliance of the traveler has nothing to do with them. Its not in the Quran it doesnt even sound Qurani or Islamic. And whilekilling your child is forbidden you said it yourself muslims go against their own religion.

    It is bad, and i hope God punishes them for it but im sorry why do you blame us and call us chickens, your the chicken for having the audacity to call us out and not have the v to give part of your identity!

  31. Nevertheless, the ideas expressed in Reliance it seems to me, are resonating today and it is part of a cultural problem and should be addessed. Drag it out and discredit it. What ARE the crazy boys are reading, or do they just follow the bellowings of vile speakers?

  32. Anon,

    Your answer seems deceptive. You claim to know what Reliance of the Traveler is, but your answer suggests the opposite. Please tell us exactly what Reliance of the Travel is, who authored it and when. Then, we can discuss its content.

  33. Anon,

    PS> Why did you post a link to a search on scientific observations at the muhaddith website? It has nothing to do with the discussion. Did you think that perhaps people would be impressed by an irrelevant link because they see Arabic and might be fooled into thinking you know what you are talking about?

  34. Anon,

    You are the one making claims about Reliance of the Traveller. The burden of proof is on you. You “drag it out” and show how it supports your claims.

  35. The muslims are supposed to be in charge of themselves. They have a number of extremists they don’t control very well for one reason or another, and the rest of us want to know why and what are they going to do about it.

    The King and Queen of Jordan tried to get rid of honor killing, but popular opinion says it keeps women in line, it guards virtue and should be allowed.

    Il faut tuer une fille de temps en temps pour encourager les autres.

  36. Anon

    And Jordan is a secular country full of cultural and stupid Arabs. I know this because Im arab, Ive been to Jordan. Is it Islamic? No. Arabs of every religion do this. Persians (zoroastrian, muslim, bahai, etc) and afghans. Do you kno why we cant control them? Because they happen to be our leaders! They put on a good front long enough to become the prez or king or part of the council and then they stab the country in the back. Its the leaders who support the extremists, most of the time.

    Why do we pick to get rid of Islamophobia before the extremists?
    My personal opinion
    1. There arent as many extremists as there are Islamophobes.
    2. The islamophobes range in their knowledge of Islam. Most dont even know we believe in Jesus, let alone God.
    3. The extremists will hurt us too if we fight them without help, they have too much power at the moment.

    Im not saying we cant or wont stop them, but if I can get the people of this country to understand who i am, who Muhammad was, what Islam really is, then we can progress. Because theyll know who the real enemy is. Not Islam, radical so called muslims. (and Israel, the zionists who want a world Jewish theocracy. The christian zionists are too stupid to realize that they as gentiles would go down too once Bibi feels they arent of anymore use.) btw, i dont hate Jews, just zionists.

  37. Anon,

    Now that you are questioned about your claims regarding Reliance of the Traveller, you change the subject. That means you cannot answer the questions asked. You do know what Reliance of the Traveller is, who wrote it, or when; and you most certainly do not know its content. Those of us who have actually read it know that it does not say what you claim. The burden of proving a claim is always on the claimant. You have made a very specific claim about the content of Reliance of the Traveller, but you have failed to support that claim with evidence. If you had the evidence, you would certainly post it.

  38. Anon,

    The previous message should read “you do not know what Reliance of the Traveller is….”

  39. Draymusa
    He does that a lot. He doesnt like being corrected. Classic sociopathic behavior

  40. Sorry
    Meant pathetic

  41. Here is a better link:

    http://www.shafiifiqh.com/maktabah/relianceoftraveller.pdf · PDF file

    sure i know what it is. it is an explication of shariah. on this PDF at o1.2 2 says a muslim is not subject to retaliation for killing a non muslim, which I do believe might contribute to the fact that muslims are allowed to kill non muslims in some places.

  42. Anon
    But REAL sharia, the one talked about in the Quran, says the opposite. Killing is forbidden. Thats just it.

  43. OK, so debunk whatever else you have hanging around that says for example that you should fight and kill everybody until they are subjugated, etc.

    meanwhile you can look up that link and plow through that stuff.

  44. We muslims are too busy
    tryna be teachers rather than kill



  45. Wow. 300+ pages. It was like being stuck in a marshmallow. Cannot even look at it witout suffocating. Ok. Yea, killing your child is most definitley a sin, a big one. But i try not to believe in things written now when i have 4 qurans in my house both for reference and keeping away Jinn, and sunnah. While they used quran and hadith for support. Many times people will use Quranic verses to support themselves. Eh.

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