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Afghanistan: Seven Children and One 18 Year Old Murdered by French Troops

14 February 2012 Yahoo News 15 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

NATO says found Afghan children dead after air strike

By Rob Taylor and Mirwais Harooni

KABUL (Reuters) – NATO-led forces in Afghanistan said on Monday they found the bodies of dead children after a coalition air strike that has enraged the Afghan government, and said their deaths may have been linked to an anti-insurgent operation in the area.

The air strike took place last Wednesday near the village of Giawa, in eastern Kapisa province, and followed similar bombings that have stoked tension between the government and NATO over a civilian death toll that has risen annually for five years.

NATO aircraft and ground forces attacked insurgents on open ground in the Najrab district of Kapisa, said Brigadier General Carsten Jacobson, a spokesman for NATO’s 130,000-strong International Security Assistance Force (ISAF).

“Following the engagement additional casualties were discovered and these casualties were young Afghans of varying ages,” Jacobson told reporters.

“At this point in our assessment we can neither confirm nor deny, with reasonable assurance, a direct link to the engagement. Nonetheless, any death of innocents not associated with armed conflict is a tragedy,” he said.

Afghan government officials showed gruesome photographs of eight dead boys, and said seven of them had been aged between six and 14, while one had been around 18 years old. They were bombed twice while herding sheep in heavy snow and lighting a fire to keep warm, they said.

“Where were the rights for these children who have been violated? Did they have rights or not? Did they have rights to live as part of the world community?” said Mohammad Tahir Safi, a member of parliament sent by President Hamid Karzai to investigate the air strike.

French soldiers in the area were denied permission to call in air support for an attack north of an area called Ahmad Bik hill, Safi said, citing Afghan security officials in Kapisa, northeast of Kabul.

Despite that, the air strike was launched, Safi said.

Jacobson said the anti-insurgent operation had been carried out according to NATO rules on air strikes, which have been tightened and reviewed under pressure from Karzai and the government.

Karzai’s popularity is damaged by civilian deaths and he has repeatedly urged NATO forces to stop killing villagers.

The Afghan government said the Kapisa attack, and a recent air strike in the eastern province of Kunar that killed seven civilians, had people in both provinces demanding curbs on NATO operations ahead of the planned departure of foreign combat troops by the end of 2014.


The United Nations said this month the number of civilians killed and wounded in the Afghan war had risen for the fifth year in a row, from 2,790 civilian deaths in 2010 to 3,021 in 2011.

Most deaths were caused by insurgents, the United Nations said, but civilian deaths due to NATO air strikes also rose nine percent to 187. Air strikes were the main reason behind civilian deaths caused by NATO.

Separately, two 10-year-old would-be suicide bombers were captured on Sunday in Kandahar province in the south, just months after being pardoned by Karzai, provincial spokesman Zalmai Ayubi said.

The boys, pardoned with 18 others last August, had been carrying suicide bomb vests when they were arrested with three other militants planning an attack on Afghan and NATO forces, Ayubi said.

Officials told Afghanistan’s Tolo TV that the pair had gone to Pakistan after their release, but were sent back to Afghanistan by insurgents taking sanctuary there after being re-trained and told that U.S. troops “will not be able to hit you.”

Afghanistan’s government has been battling to stop the recruitment of child soldiers by the insurgents as the war drags into an eleventh year. Billboards in the capital, Kabul, encourage families to avoid involvement in conflict.

(Corrects lead to say NATO does not confirm direct link)

(Editing by Daniel Magnowski and Robert Birsel)


  1. I highly doubt this was intentional.

  2. Does it mention the fact that 90% of civilian’s killed are by insurgents, not NATO

  3. that’s what you called LIBERATION

  4. their rights were taken away by cowards that hide behind civilians

  5. @David
    ^Really? So the time clock started with “cowards hiding” behind civilians and not with invasion of foreign forces in Afghanistan. Maybe the “cowards” wouldn’t “hide” behind civilians if the terrorists stop invading their countries.

  6. Why not Talk bout All those Murdered by American Troops ?? and Those To be Murdered

  7. An accident or not this is a travesty, those poor babies didn’t have any control on where they live or where they were born. No child deserves a death so horrendous, may they rest in peace.

  8. 90% of civilians are killed by insurgents. Atleast we try and not hit civilians. We try hard. We r the only country that creates weapons around avoiding them.

  9. ^yea sure – whatever flows your boat right. The modern warfare and weapons make sure that “civilians” are not killed. Airstrike with devastating lasting effects also make sure that civilians are not killed? How about dropping atomic bombs in WW2? Did that also make sure that civilians are not killed? Did your invasion in Iraq also make sure that civilians are not killed either due to direct combat aka “collateral damage” or aftermath effects? I bet the soldiers from your country who intentionally killed children and civilians and raped young girls also made sure that civilians are killed? I forgot that’s all Islamists’ conspiracy against humanity “loving” westerns like you. Let’s blame the Islamists/insurgents for everything.

  10. You seem to have jumped to the conclusion that I am saying what I am because they are Islamic insurgents. I only go off true facts, not personnel opinions. It is fact that radical insurgents, like the Taliban, will suicide bomb a group of people even if there are no soldiers in the area and it is fact that the United States develops weapons around saving civilians. Yes we created the Atomic bomb, but it is also fact that Hitler was developing one as well. If we hadn’t it could of fell into the wrong hands. Yes there was alternatives to using the Atomic Bomb, like a invasion. But the Japanese were willing to sacrifice themselves to the last man to win the war. Experts predicted millions of people would of died if we had invaded instead of dropping the A-Bomb. Yes soldiers have messed up, yes some have gone to far. Those that are caught are not given a medal, they are rightfully punished. We all here support Islamic, Arab and Muslim equal rights. Don’t diminish other groups of people like “Westerners” to get these rights. Islam is not out to kill people, radicals are. Westerns are not out to kill random people, idiotic soldiers who are rightfully punished are.

  11. brother edward you sure they get punished? I mean i have never heard in any news saying that soldier A or B was sent to jail for bombing or raping girls during the war. And in another article i read that in iraq war the army used nuclear bombs, and after couple years women are giving birth to deformed children , some with no limbs or over grown heads etc. I mean they were not only targeting the civilians but those who aren’t even born yet. Just to let you know, I am not against any country or any individual but those who are running the system.

  12. Never has a Nuclear bomb been used on a foriegn Nation by any country except during World War 2 on Japan. And it would be completly impossible to hide a nuclear blast so the army hiding it would be impossible. Are you sure you don’t mean Biological Weapons? WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) stands for Nuclear, Biological and chemical weapons. Also there have been several cases of soldiers being punished for reckless behavior and murder. For example.

  13. Yes,let’s be sure to use those inflammatory headlines,”Seven children and one 18 yrs old murdered by French troops”.So you’re in the hate business now,what a bunch of hypocrites you are.They screwed up,they’re not murderers,unfortunately this happens a lot with any troops.Don’t go stir up more hate,we already have enough.

  14. this is not hate, it’s merely stating facts.

  15. Only God knows the intention of the culprit. What we should focus on is those babies those innocent little birds in heaven that die everyday because the adults are acting like 5 year olds and cant make peaceful agreements.

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