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Brigitte Gabriel: Liberals and Muslims Doing “Exactly What Hitler Did”

15 February 2012 67 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Brigitte Gabriel

Brigitte Gabriel

Brigitte Gabriel: Liberals and Muslims Doing “Exactly What Hitler Did”

Right-wing Christianity’s favorite self-hating racist, Hanan Tudor, a.k.a Brigitte Gabriel has been making a killing through her anti-Islam organization “ACT! For America,” also better known as Hate! for America.

Not too long ago she was at the Cornerstone Church in Nashville, Tennessee, (yes, the same church that hosted European fascist Geert Wilders) participating in the “anti-Shariah Conference.” You can watch the video yourself here.

As you can see Gabriel is up to her usual gimmick, fear-mongering about the deadly and dire “Islamization of the USA,” which is supposedly happening right under the patriotic noses of: good, wholesome, real Americans! According to her the Muslims are being aided in this anti-American endeavor by the liberals who wish nothing more than to see America destroyed!

She says at the 6:00 minute mark about the “Liberal-Islamic axis of evil”:

They’re doing exactly what Hitler did. What did Hitler say, what did Hitler do? “Give me the children and I’ll change society in ten years.”

Really? The Hitler card? Isn’t that played out by now?

Cornerstone Church has a history of giving a platform to this sort of anti-Islam and anti-Muslim propaganda. I won’t be surprised if one of its congregants believes he/she has to take out the Muslims before they take over, or perhaps a la cultural-Christian-Templar-Knight-Terrorist Anders Breivik, take out the liberals who are facilitating the so-called “demise of the USA.”


While Brigitte Gabriel’s reputation has been severely discredited and she is unable to get the kind of access that she was accustomed to in the past she is still able to weasel her way at times into the mainstream.

Such was the case recently in an article written by Frida Ghatis for McClatchy Newspapers and which was picked up by the Miami Herald, Sacramento Bee and several other papers. Ghatis’ article was titled, Truly Revolutionary: Arabs Speaking Well of Israel.

The piece is pro-Israel propaganda through-and-through and while maintaining a veneer of objectivity it degrades the successes of the Arab Spring and revolves around the not-so-hidden thesis that a real revolution in the Arab world would be one in which Arabs “speak well of Israel.” No explanation is given of why many Arabs are anti-Israel (i.e. occupation, apartheid, discrimination, war crimes, the bombing of Arab countries, etc.).

Instead the focus is: will Arabs finally love Israel and say nice things about it. All pretense to objectivity is dropped when we come to this sentence:

Pro-Israel Arabs, Muslims, and former Muslims who use their real names are usually people living safely in the West, such as Lebanon’s Brigitte Gabriel, Somalia’s Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Egypt’s Tawfik Hamid, or Canada’s Irshad Manji.

We have covered all of the loons mentioned above by Ghatis. If Ghatis was willing to do a basic search on Gabriel she would realize that Gabriel doesn’t even consider herself an Arab! In fact,Gabriel believes Arabs have no soul!:

The difference, my friends, between Israel and the Arab world is the difference between civilization and barbarism. It’s the difference between good and evil [applause]…. this is what we’re witnessing in the Arabic world, They have no SOUL!, they are dead set on killing and destruction. And in the name of something they call “Allah” which is very different from the God we believe….[applause] because our God is the God of love.

One can see why Ghatis would be so enthusiastic about Gabriel, she really speaks so “well” of Israel.


  1. Crazy!!

  2. She looks evil!


  4. disgusting

  5. The truth is Brigitte…what Muslim’s not what Islam is..therefore you are being ignorant. It’s getting so old…Muslim’s, Christian’s and Jews, Hindu’s…any religion..has those who have no understanding of their “deen”..their faith..their has nothing to do with the religion however…you need to be educated….you could read the Holy Qur’an so you know what it is about…people are always flawed..Idhamou Ani

  6. This woman makes my stomach turn

  7. yikes, she reminds me of Pamela Geller, these kinds of people are poison!

  8. Dr King must be rolling in his grave right about now!

  9. The right accuses Obama of being both a Nazi and a communist. Allow me to explain the difference:

    Communism: Government-imposed equality.
    Nazism: Government-imposed inequality.

  10. She’s gotten death threats from Islamics. So I guess what she has to say in fact is true. Truth hurts.

  11. Did this article seriously refer to Ayaan Hirsi Ali as a “loon”?

  12. Ohhhhh I see Rachel, if a few members of a group act a certain way then everyone in the group must behave the same way. Dumbass.

  13. Rachel, what is a Islamics??? just because this woman got death threats does not mean she is telling the truth!

  14. I bet Rachel hates when all Americans are stereotyped yet she seems perfectly content with stereotyping all muslims.

  15. Com’on now. Let’s be realistic: whose murdering who? What you need is a one way ticket to a intolerant Muslim regime. Seriously. I hear about violence by Muslims in a number of countries. I thank God for our freedom of thought and religion in our country.

  16. I do find it funny that you’d blame the right wing christians for her. She has been on MSNBC more times then Fox News.

  17. Jake she exposes Islam as violent and gets death threats. They just prove her point. Next.

  18. Mona the death threats are from islamics. If it weren’t true, then why the threats? Use your brain.

  19. This is a woman who needs a reality check. Only hates comes out of her mouth. Muslims we need to speak up against this woman. People like her takes away the beauty of Islam and makes it something hateful and horrible. Islam is in the rising, we will not be moved or silence.

  20. That is one of the ugliest women I’ve seen, she should hate herself, ugly inside, ugly out.

  21. Rachel, I cant get passed the “Islamics” word, and so are you blaming all of islam? i hope not cuz I dont blame the pope for the child molesters in the catholic church..just saying and by the way this page is for americans AGAINST islamophobia, you sure you are on the right page????

  22. Khadijah, well said!!!

  23. Rachel is a typical retarded jesus freak snd racist scum bag. Jesus freaks send death threats to gay rights groups abortion clinics even kill abortion providers they send death threats to feminist organizations. So there for all jesus freaks and red necks like you are violent

  24. No words.

  25. Hey reza get out of this anti hate group and to to your sell out self hating persian exiled loser groups and wine about arabs you prick. Stupid jesus freak

  26. Don’t be suprised by Right wing Christians, thier cruelty is only outmatched by thier arrogance and contempt for anyone who doesn’t agree with their view of the world. Who am I to hate anyone, when God loves me so much? I don’t hate them for who they are, I just hate the things they do. After reading the Quran, I came out of it with EVEN MORE awe and respect for God Almighty than I had before. As a Christian though, I am called and commanded to Love God, Love my neighbor, Love myself, and Love my enemies. It is a command and my duty to do. The thing you have to understand is that in America ignorance is seen as cool and those who puruse knowlege and are intelligent are seen as “nerds” or treated wrongly and unfairly.I respect Islam as a religion and I have met very cool Muslims, but at the end of the day I love God and that is the PRIMARY thing Christianity is about. The main idea of Christianity is about Love, genuine love. I honestly can’t stand the right wing Christians even more that you perhaps, I have my reasons.. but the fact of the matter is that they are in the majority in American Christianity and they basically wield A LOT OF POWER because of thier minions and slaves who donate thier time and effort and money into a cause and ideology that is so far from Jesus Christ and his teachings, that even I am shocked! I am rarely shocked, but it ASTOUNDS me that a preacher of the Word would go on tv and talk about burning The Noble Quran. “Therefore whatsoever ye want men to do unto you, do also unto them, for this is the Law and the Prophets.” -Matthew 7:12. These same “christians” would be OUTRAGED if someone burned a bible or threw a bible away like it was a piece of trash, but these same “christians” would then turn around and want to burn someone elses holy document? Why? Because of sin and evil. God says in the Old Testament that “some people love to do evil more than good.” and that “his people love it that way”. It isn’t good to be arrogant, but it is even worse to be prideful. Satan/Iblis himself was led astray by his own pride and arrogance, and he will be ruined for it, but honestly, pride and arrogance can do anyone in if they allow it. I am shocked that so many people talk about “religous freedom” but they only want religious freedom for those who think like them, not for others. Hypocrites!

  27. Ahmed, i remember when i lived in Missouri I heard about an abortion doctor that was killed in kansas while he was in church, no one is blaming his church or his religion, there are freaks and sickos in all walks of life! haters will be haters.

  28. @Rachel it must be nice to live in ‘ignorant land’. You can’t even describe Muslims properly. It’s not ‘Islamics”, therefore if you do not understand that Islam is the religion and those who follow Islam are Muslims, any argument you state is void, because you lack the BASIC understanding of the correct terms that define the the religion and the people who follow the religion. Thanks for being one of the many who help cultivate the ‘Americans are stupid’ argument. Not only do I have a fellow American idiotically commenting about my religion, you are also giving ‘being American’ a bad name by being stupid. Get off Google, go read a few BOOKS, speak to some REAL muslims and then once you have a half way descent comrehension THEN try to formulate an educated response. Until then, enjoy making yourself look like an idiot.

  29. God! Tudor aka Gabriel is as bad as Herman Cain and Rush Limbaugh. Pitiful…

  30. ^5 Nicole, well said!

  31. OH, and I feel I must add….you look even more stupid for liking a page entitled AMERICANS AGAINST ISLAMAPHOBIA…then proceed to spout ignorant anit-Islamic speech. So therefore more proof of your idiocy.

  32. Nicole, thats what I told her, I thought maybe she was on the wrong page….LOOOOL

  33. I will not speak ill of her, or speak condescendingly. She, among many others are very, very misinformed. All of us, Muslim and non-Muslim alike must understand those we “struggle” against, but let’s not become like them in the process. Yes this must be stopeed, but not by violence in word and deed. There are enough divisions in the Ummah already, and in the whole world. Intelligence, unity and and refusing to stand down in the face of this ignorance.

  34. Sakes, if this women wants an example of Nazi attitudes, she need only look in her mirror, and gaze at her professed fanaticism…

  35. Stupid people seldom realize that they’re stupid. Sometimes you need to tell them they’re stupid, and perhaps they’ll get the clue and go educate themselves.

  36. Ho-hum, hello again Rachel, nice t’ see y’ haven’t lost that remarkable sense of humour. Are y’ really that much of a dick? Oooooh… Death threats? It must be true, why else would an intelligent (I use the term advicedly) hollow headed, lug worm, like y’self start spouting that kind of bollocks.

  37. Thanks for posting this! I hate to click “like” as it might be construed as approving of some of your strong posts. There should be a “right on” choice!

  38. “Mona the death threats are from islamics. If it weren’t true, then why the threats? Use your brain.”

    Reminder that 16-year-old girl Jessica Ahlquist got death threats because she wanted a Christian banner in her school taken down.

  39. Woman seems to be nuts.

  40. I hate to see people like her labeled “Christian”

  41. Did this lady really say “they have no souls?” seriously?

  42. And @rachel, no one cares what you have to say. You sound just as looney as the lady this article is talking about

  43. Im a cat and EVEN I THINK SHE’S CRAZY.

  44. Every dont even respond to that hick rachel. We need hicks like her kind in this country to make us feel really good about ourselves hahaha.

  45. How pathetic

  46. This article and website have solid arguments, but I think the use of excessive sarcasm to get certain points across and terms like “pro-Israel propoganda” take away from its credibility. I mean, as an opinion piece, that’s absolutely great. I’m just reading this as someone who believes American Muslims need stronger voices in society- voices that people are willing to listen to and take seriously.
    For instance, I read another article about a bill being “shut down” that ended with the suggestion that congressman can “focus on problems that actually exist.” Since Americans Against Islamophobia is defined as an awareness project, I think it might be wise to envision your audience as persons who aren’t already in accordance with your perspective. Bringing awareness to discrimination of Muslims and any other minority group is crucial, and I hear you, it’s difficult to take a lot of the shit people say without being bitter, but facetiousness doesn’t necessarily garner sympathy or solidarity.
    I’m just sayin’. I still think the project is dope, and maybe I don’t have a right to say anything because I’m not doing anything to help it. Maybe I should. I just wanted to emphasize that I’m expressing those opinions because I feel like it could possibly be more effective.

  47. @ Rachel OKelley: Are you serious?! Listen lady, the MAJORITY of Muslims are NOT terrorists, just as the majority of Christians aren’t either… BUT with your train of thought, all those death threats that are received by abortion clinics from Christians consitutes as “proof” that all Christians are violent terrorists, too. SMH

  48. Add her 2 the List of Dummies. Iam very Pround 2 b a Muslim. I have more compassion in my big toe. Than u have in your so-call Christain body. I respect the Christain Faith and the teachings of Jesus-But u r opposite of his Loving Teachings-dumb ass

  49. Who is fooling who? Islam is peaceful religion. It’s da xtian countries that r invading muslim countries killin innocent people. Tel mi of any muslim country that invaded xtian country? Not at all.

  50. I don’t think the muslims want to do what the Nazis did, they want to do what Ferdinand and Isabella and Torquemada did.

    The rest of earth’s population may get up and do what the Nazis did.

  51. Anon
    Its funny how you think you can read our minds. No, we just wanna chill around, educate our kids and not be oppressed or oppress. Maybe a small percentage of muslims are a little wack but umm, most of us are pretty chill. We like it here, we like people. Calm down.

  52. The vast majority of Germans and nazis did not personally kill Jews.

    I think this site should quit fretting about Spencer, Pammy etc and stand up for those being oppressed, like Hamza Kashgari.

    I think more muslims should stand up agains the theocrats. No such luck, huh. Too many muslims think theocracy is a good idea and they will stand in silent support of whoever is murdering the way toward that goal, no matter how atrocious they are.

    I wish everyone of all faiths would discard theocratic aims.

  53. I am not reading minds, but the writings of muslims who go on and on about what a perfect system Islam is for running the world.

    It is a utopian fantasy dream that as usual with such things, turns into a nightmare in the imperfect hands of humans.

  54. We do Anon. We really do. Islam tells us to abandon unfair world theocracies, aristocracies and the like.

    Ok readings of some muslims. So dont say Muslims want this and that, cuz i dont want that, i would like peace and equality and for Muslims as well as Bahais, and Sikhs to be left alone. While I seriously diagree with the Bahais religious views (muhammad was apparently the second to last prophet, Muhammad Bahallah was the last) i still feel like were all being attacked for being brown, speaking Arabic/ Urdu/ Farsi, and it kills me.

    Speaking of Arabic, while this has nothing to do with Bridgette ugly face, i think Arabic makes romance even cuter.

  55. There is serious disagreement between a number of Christian churches, but they manage to refrain from killing each other. Somehow the muslims must learn how to do this as well.

    Being brown? Get real. You do not stand for being brown. There are many browner than thou on the horizon, esp in US. You represent violent theocratic oppression.

  56. I meant or… And haha thats funny. Two indian kids walking down the street, a pickup of trashy white guys pulls up, with them yelling “stupid ayrab sandniggers”. Im personally more on the whitish side, but thats a huge factor in hate of Muslims. Lots of brown people are seen as dirty terrorists, dirty ayrabs, no good criminals. As if the color white is that great anyway. Whit walls, boring. White blank paper, unappealing and uncreative, whiite dress, save it for the wedding,white people, lives as overdramatic and annoying as Jersey Shore. im not saying i dont like white people, but i hate how color is one of if not the first Factor in Islamophobia/ Xenophobia.

    Think about it. An Arab walks up to, starts speaking a language you dont understand. Everything about him is different. To you he looks Muslim. To you muslim=danger. You freak out on him or you leave. Either way, you respond negatively. Maybe later you find out hes a Christian Arab. You think, “oh well in that case, sorry for the misunderstanding.”

    You dont know the guy, its his label that counts.

    Im a muslim so automatically I stand for maiming amd hurting people, hm? I stand for terrorism and death? Thats not me or my religion. At one point in Islam things did go well. The 30 yr reign of the 4 caliphs, they were ok. The nonmuslims paid a tax known as jizya, and muslims paid zakat. Zakat is a charity tax thats goes to help the poor, the jizya does the same and its a less amount than the zakat. It all went back to the people. Instead now here, it goes to the Government, Israel, and the make believe war on terror. Yes. Make believe. Oil money. Caching caching.

    Lol. Abstain from killing one another my ass. Anyone who wasnt Christian died during the Spanish Inquisition. Anyone who was Muslim or Jewish or Greek Ortho Christian died during the Crusades. Dont make me mention the Holocaust, the Kosovo Massacre, or the Banu Hashim boycott the Quraysh made on the Muslim. The whole world is backwards, at one point every religion every group of people wanted the other gone. KKK, wants Blacks and browns out, even though they brought them here. Nation of Islam…black supremacy, Allah only loves blacks. White muslims are a joke. Arabs too. Everythings been fucked up. Were human we do crap like this.

    Oh, remember how i said Muslim slaves were among the first Africans to be brought here? About 13-20% of all Blacks were Muslim, but keep in mind a lot died during the Middle passage. Many came from North Africa, muslim lands. Story of abdelrahman, an enslaved Muslim prince. Once he finally learned English, he kept telling his owner “im a prince im a prince” the owner started calling him prince, as a cruel nickname of course. Finally abdelrahman was freed, and he travelled the US. He didnt tell people he was Muslim, he was afraid theyd try to convert him. One day this white Christian guy says, write me the Lords prayer. The Christian one. Abdelrahman didnt know it, being Muslim, so he wrote Surat al fatiha in Arabic instead. Its been preserved. Cant find it though.

  57. Elle, if you keep reading history from various perspectives you can get a balanced picture of things. Muslim sources of course glorify the years when the Persian and Iberian cultures were trampled. People there were hurt and maimed, terrorism and death were used to subdue them.

    There are contemporary accounts that curse the muslims, jizya, etc. The moors constantly attacked Europe, grabbed pieces of it for a while, then were thrown out again. No you do not stand for peace and prosperity and harmony.

    Your religion is based on the idea that muslims should run things and everyone else should be under their heel. No thanks.

    I think it is likely that some of the slaves were muslims, but the majority were I think of pagan religions.

    The world does have nasty people yelling insults. If you walk down the street in a Turkish/Egyptian/Northern Nigerian village with bare arms and head, wearing a cross around your neck, i wonder what would happen.

  58. Anon

    Of course i dont stand for peace and justice. Thatd make me a decent person. Of course I stand for that you idiot.
    Do not judge me for what extremists practice. Only God has a right to judge me and your closer to hellish than heavenly so I suggest you stop being a dickhead and telling people they believe something they dont. You sound like the Israeli government giving green cards to people of their choice. Telling the Palestinians whether or not they are Pals. If your given a green card, your considered one but only if you benefit them some way. I have family that sells their crops to Israelis. So thats what makes me a Palestinian. Twisted world…

    Lol wrong countries honey bunch. Ive been to Egypt and my father and some friends to Turkey, LOL. Egypt is FULL of non muslims and muslims who dress like that. Its accepted. True, Christians and Muslims there fight, but its a secular country, its a norm, just like in Jordan, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, and the city of Ramallah. Turkey used to be the base of the Ottoman empire, but now theyre outlawing Hijab in some places and seperating religion from government. Theyre more secular than Muslim. And i know this Irani girl i asked about conditions in the country and she said the Media was blowin everything out of proportion. She admits the gov aint fair but the 99% muslim thing and cracking down on “bad muslims” is a big fluke. Ill have to ask those Saudi twins how things are goin over there..

    Your probably thinking of times like the Umayyad empire, those jerks made nonarab muslims pay an extremely high tax. Zakat and jizya went to the people. Things were infact prosperous until the dead of Ali, slow decline was occuring however. Greed and insanity and idiocy ruined things. No actual religion is responsible.

    Well if you bothered to check on how we believe righteous person should be you would have seen

    1. One who is good to his family, friends and neighbors.
    2. One who completes all religious duties if possible ( prayer, zakat, fasting, hajj, believing and praying to one God, jihad IF ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. and that means an invading army attacks and youve got no other choice than to fight.
    3. If he has an authority (leader, teacher, etc) he should use it to help people not for his advantage
    4. One who tries to educate himself.

    Etc. Now I really cant change the world around me but i can make differences in this community. I know the extremists dont practice this but why blame the rest of us? Israelis kill Arabs for fun! And some Jews say “terrorists! Let them all die!” “made up people! Dont deserve to live.” “anti semites just want us dead.” “israel is fighting for its fredom from its oppressors. These pakistanis need to go” yes. Ive actually heard someone say that. My point is, why not do anything about that? Or the christians who bomb abortion clinics. They talk about how God wants them to kill those sinners. You cant point fingers cuz ill gouge your eyes with two. There are problems everywhere we shouldnt look at one minority and be like hey its your fault leave ya bastards. Hitler said that. Killed so many people too.

  59. We’re blaming you because you can’t get your extremists under control. This gives the impression wrongly or not that you are supporting them.

    It’s like the society consists of waffling cowards, murderous religious madmen, and the occasional brave soul who speaks up and gets chopped down.

  60. Anon
    Its like blaming a rape victime. Were being hijacked for our religion and getting fucked for it. Screwed over. Lied to and about. Its not even religion anymore. Its GREED and POWER AND LAND. then they use Islam as an excuse because Muslims will be hey why you doin that.

    We cant control them? If theyve overpowered us, how can we stop them. You keep saying watch the news, have you watched it lately? They made Yemens leader leave. Its called a revolution, but its happening in secular states now, i hope it reaches Palestine already. I would want the violence that comes with a revolution to hit saudi arabia, becuase of Mekka and Medina. Besides that im all for SA’s gov to go down.

    Lol. Thats how all societies are. Were human beings, we dont know the meaning of fairness, or went down trying to obtain or spread it. Were all doomed. Were goin back to pagan Mekka. Power over people.

  61. *wouldnt

  62. So wat are you blaming?
    The religion Islam, or the Muslims.

    Theres a huge difference. You keep saying muslims muslims but then you say islam says this or that.

    I dont deal well with confused people. Im extrememly impatient. I woulda kicked your ass already if it werent for the fact you were sittin behind that computer screen.

    Inta wahid jaban. Ma’indakish batoola.

    You like to research stuff. Look that up.

  63. I have also read articles that say SA is the country funding most of this extremist stuff, so maybe it IS in your interest that the soddys blow up.

  64. Saudis
    Lol no, just get rid of their stupid government. The people themselves are good.

    Its like blaming Libya for Gaddafi. Or Palestine for Mahmoud Abbas. Not fair.

  65. Oh lol

    I said the violence shouldnt come to Saudi Arabia. Fixed it before

  66. Lol you didnt look it up!

    I said

    “your a coward. You don’t have courage.”

  67. Brigitte Gabriel should be the president of the United States. Thank heavens someobody has the courage to tell the truth, and actually do something about the creeping Islamization of the West. What kind of rational human being follows a religion like Islam, and a disgusting war-mongering paedophile like Muhammad?

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