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GUEST COLUMN: Sheriff should be ashamed of anti-terrorism training

21 February 2012 General 10 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

It would take a fourth-grader three minutes and the Internet to learn all anyone needs to know about the overt Islamophobia vehemently preached by the group “Strategic Engagement” at World Outreach Church as purported training recently for some Rutherford County Sheriff’s deputies and at least one MPD officer.

For Sheriff Robert Arnold to claim ignorance of that is either so naive as to challenge his professional qualifications or so disingenuous as to question his continued value to our community. Analogizing learning about religious freedom and tolerance along with anti-terrorism to CPR is childish. The national concerns about terrorism have existed for well over a decade and to claim there are limited sources for instruction is simply not true. The United States Department of Justice and the Southern Poverty Law Center, for but two examples, have a wealth of material and are infinitely better suited to address the needs and concerns of Rutherford County.

The brazen lack of sensitivity exhibited by Sheriff Arnold given this county’s international reputation as a hotbed of Islamophobia serves only to seal the fate of that reputation. This is nothing more than state-sponsored terrorism itself — YOUR tax dollars going to pay for teaching your sheriff’s deputies how to fear, mistrust, misjudge, stereotype and castigate “others.” And based upon what?

The ONLY terrorism in this county are those criminal acts perpetrated against our Muslim community, acts, must I remind you, that have yet to be solved by the Sheriff’s Department. I’d suggest that our community would be better served by diversity, not hate, training. If this “church” (What’s its name? “World Hate-reach”?) is so Christian, where is its “Christian” message: “Love your neighbor as yourself”? Can you say hypocrisy?

Sheriff Arnold’s lack of clarity and good judgment, and refusal to accept responsibility for it, should be disturbing to everyone.

John M. Green is a resident of West Northfield Boulevard in Murfreesboro.

Original post: GUEST COLUMN: Sheriff should be ashamed of anti-terrorism training


  1. Hell they’re doing the same thing in New York!

  2. Hell they’re doing the same thing in New York!

  3. They want you to believe in their illusion by forcing it on community.

  4. They want you to believe in their illusion by forcing it on community.

  5. Although I agree that the sheriff’s department is wrong, I think that the article’s phrasing was just as bad. The phrasing made the whole county look bad, but a fourth grader mttddp the whole thing… That’s proof that at least one person in the county knows that it’s wrong, and there are others.

  6. Outed*

  7. did the same thing with the San Jose, CA police dept!

  8. Guess it’s part of the policy of violence against protesters.

  9. against citizens

  10. I’m on your side, but it’s not helpful to post a column that is obviously a reaction to statements I (fortunately) never read.

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