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Group Behind Anti-Muslim Police Training Says Focus On Sharia Law!

23 February 2012 General 13 Comments Email This Post Email This Post


The group that hired an anti-Muslim training group to teach part of a seminar to police officers in Tennessee is defending itself against subsequent criticism by arguing that the media should really be focusing on Muslim groups like CAIR and ISNA that are trying to “infiltrate every phase of our society at every level” in order to “alter the mindset and agendas of our society for the overthrow of our Constitution and the implementation of Sharia Islamic Law.”

Last week, the Tennessee Freedom Coalition released a defense of the seminar, in response to complaints from groups like the Council on American-Islamic Relations, the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), Islamic Center of Murfreesboro, and various other Islamic groups.

The blog post, written by TFC board member Jonna Bianco, explains that it is in response to those complaints and members of the media “that simply can’t seem to get their facts straight or the truth reported accurately.”

Earlier this week, a number of police officers in Murfreesboro, Tennessee attended a training seminar that was taught by John Guandolo of the Virginia-based Strategic Engagement Group (SEG). Guandolo has claimed, among other things, that Muslims should not get First Amendment rights, and in the seminar described how Islamic centers could be potential military compounds.

“This training is based on facts, court documents, and incontrovertible evidence,” Bianco writes in the statement. “This program does not contain any information which could be remotely construed as hate speech nor is any information provided or presented not accurate and true.”

But, Bianco continues, some of the information provided is “not popular.”

“These Islamic organizations simply rely upon their repeated threats and pressures of the local and national media and their political influence,” Bianco continues, “brought about by their financial contributions and fund raisers for various politicians over the past several years to try and discredit anyone who speaks out against Islam, their intentions, goals and objectives by calling them Islamophobists, bigots, racists, etc.”

The real threat, Bianco says, is not what SEG presented, but is in fact the influence CAIR and ISNA have in our society:

If you go to both of these groups’ own websites, you will clearly see their goals and objectives outlined for public view of their intent to infiltrate every phase of our society at every level, including but not limited to our education system beginning with our elementary schools under the guise of “cultural education” clear through to our Universities via their Muslim Students Associations, to government and political offices, law enforcement agencies on all fronts including local, state and federal; all for the purpose and with the clear intent to alter the mindset and agendas of our society for the overthrow of our Constitution and the implementation of Sharia Islamic Law.

“Islam believes that Shariah Law supersedes the U.S. Constitution and all must submit to Islam or pay the price,” Bianco writes, “which in most cases the ultimate price is death if you choose to not submit to Islam.”

The Tennessee Freedom Coalition is no stranger to hosting Islamophobe-friendly events. It once played host to anti-Islam Dutch Parliamentarian Geert Wilders, who spoke at a free barbecue lunch. “I compare Islam not with Christianity and Judaism. I compare Islam with fascism and communism,” Wilders said at the event.

And the Executive Director of the TFC, Lou Ann Zelenik, made an unsuccessful bid for Congress in 2010, and used her opposition to the controversial plans to build a mosque in Murfreesboro as a central tenet of her campaign.

Guandolo himself is a former FBI agent who had to resign after it was revealed that he had sexual relationships with agents and a key government informant — and then created a list of his conquests. He bounced back as a speaker about the threat of Islamic terrorism, and he and SEG have run a number of these kinds of seminars in the past few years.

Original post: Group Behind Anti-Muslim Police Training Says Focus On Sharia Law!


  1. It will be inefficient, as CAIR and ISNA have nothing to hide, we have nothing to declare.

  2. TN “Freedom” coalition? really? The only freedom they need to concern themselves with is freedom from their own ignorance.

  3. What a bunch of losers using the media too further there crimes. This is a classic case of rapist accusing him victim. Muslims, Jew, Christians, etc are all human being and deserve to be left in peace. These assholes instigating, agitating leads only to mistrust, violence towards innocent people.

  4. Did I go to sleep and it became the 1950’s McCarthyism?

  5. How can any police Dept allow a hate group to train or pay for training of their officers, this is such a conflict of interest, makes me think this police Dept already had a bias against muslims.

  6. While I do not agree with everything the TFC says they do have some points when it comes to how Islam presents itself to the world. This headline today for example;

    I realize it is from Iran but this is a country constantly defended in these forums esp by people who want to critique Israel and their actions to the point of blaming U.S. policy for the terroristic acts committed by extreme elements while accusing the United States of being the true terrorist. I sincerely believe that if our relations were all roses and sunshine this man would still be under a death sentence in not only Iran but many other Islamic countries. What Muslims believe in Muslim countries believe does not mirror what Muslims, in the United States, say their religion is about.

    Muslims are their own worst enemy when it comes to public relations and the doubts that many people feel when being told by a Muslim about the “religion of peace”

    If Islam truly valued other religions esp the Abrahamic ones then Islamic religious leaders would not be killing their pastors and attacking their churches. I would feel that my critique was harsh if it was not for the fact that in these forums time and again these problem and actions seem to occur in about every Muslim dominated or Muslim run country in the world. All of whom must have a skewed view of Islam if CAIR is to be believed. CAIR may be right, but Islamic actions over the globe give groups like the TFC a legitimacy that is reinforced daily by articles such as the one I have linked.

  7. Jana, how is the a police training force a “hate group?”

  8. CAIR whines about relatively insignificant nonsense while ignoring very real atrocities. Typical Muslim behavior.

  9. CAIR was actually found innocent of the charges they tried to place on them. they gave money to people they trusted and those people turned out to be funding what the us says is a terrorist group…so in that line of though tsay i give money to someone that acts like they need it for food and they buy drugs with it does that make me guilty for giveing money meant for FOOD to someone that didnt exibit a drug habit until they bought the drugs….according to the us laws im not guilty they are so CAIR isnt guilty either… there are some people that give CAIR a bad name but why punish the whole lot of them for a few bad seeds?

  10. Diarhea law has no place in a free society

  11. Diarhea law has no place in a free society

  12. “Islam believes that ….” was all that I needed to read and there was no need to read any further.

    What does Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, Taoism, etc. “believe“? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!! These are religions, not people. It’s people who believe in one thing or the other!

    So, for Jonna Bianco to start a sentence with “Islam believes…..” shows her ignorance on the topic of Islam and religion, in general.

  13. CAIR and ISNA have nothing to hide: they openly hate jews/israel and they are trying to establish sharia law in the u.s.a. fear of islam? yes…because i read.

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