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Hollywood Hates on a Muslim Sean Stone

25 February 2012 69 Comments Email This Post Email This Post
Sean Ali Stone Sean Ali Stone

Sean Ali Stone

Hollywood Hates on a Muslim Sean Stone

Twitter and the general looniverse was abuzz with the angry reactions of Islamophobes to  Sean Stone’s conversion to Islam, we covered the episode in our post, Oliver Stone’s Son Converts to Islam: The “Islamization” of Hollywood Continues?

In the most recent update to the story Stone discusses the reaction he has received both in the film industry and at large:

“I’ve already experienced the reverse of anti-Semitism, having people within the film industry express a reluctance to work with me now that I have said a simple prayer, ‘There is no God but God, and Mohammed is his messenger.’ I am sure I have [bleeped] off some powerful people.”


“I didn’t realize I would be so vilified. It is almost like I am a criminal for having accepted Islam. I didn’t realize Islamophobia was that deep. People have speculated that I have done this because I am from a spoiled family or that I am lost and trying to find myself. That is ridiculous.

“I don’t care if I get criticized. If I can open up a debate about religion and create some understanding, then it is worth it.”

The below report is from the NY Post, not our favorite news source, but if you get a chance you will see that the majority of the comments are exceptionally Islamophobic and anti-Muslim in tone.

H’wood snubs Muslim Stone

(NY Post)

Sean Stone, son of controversial director Oliver Stone, converted to Islam in Iran last week and says he’s already experiencing a Hollywood backlash.

The ceremony was held in Isfahan, where he is researching a documentary. He now goes by the name of Sean Christopher Ali Stone.

He told Page Six: “I’ve already experienced the reverse of anti-Semitism, having people within the film industry express a reluctance to work with me now that I have said a simple prayer, ‘There is no God but God, and Mohammed is his messenger.’ I am sure I have [bleeped] off some powerful people.” Speaking over dinner at Barrio 47, Sean told us, “Having read the Koran and having been around the Islamic culture, especially in Iran, I do believe that Mohammed is a prophet of the same god worshipped by other religions.

“I am of a Jewish bloodline, a baptized Christian who accepts Christ’s teachings, the Jewish Old Testament and the Holy Koran. I believe there is one God, whether called Allah or Jehovah or whatever you wish to name him. He creates all peoples and religions. I consider myself a Jewish Christian Muslim.

“What I am trying to do is open up a dialogue about religion. There is such Islamophobia in the West. Islam is not a religion of violence any more than Judaism or Christianity is.”

He said his dad welcomed the move.

“My dad said, ‘Allah be with you.’ My father understands that I am trying to bridge certain gaps and bring about peace.”

But he has been shocked by the reaction from others. Sean, about to release his horror movie “Graystone,” said, “I didn’t realize I would be so vilified. It is almost like I am a criminal for having accepted Islam. I didn’t realize Islamophobia was that deep. People have speculated that I have done this because I am from a spoiled family or that I am lost and trying to find myself. That is ridiculous.

“I don’t care if I get criticized. If I can open up a debate about religion and create some understanding, then it is worth it.”


  1. people can convert to whatever they want.. don’t really see the big deal

  2. those who convert to Shitlam should be hung……I’ll do the job for you if you havent the Nuts pal

  3. Isn’t it, like, his business?

  4. Isn’t it, like, his business?

  5. It’s called freedom of religion and it doesn’t apply only to Christians. If Islam is a religion that Sean strongly believes in then it is his right.

  6. It’s called freedom of religion and it doesn’t apply only to Christians. If Islam is a religion that Sean strongly believes in then it is his right.

  7. I don’t get which this is such a big deal. I believe Newt is a catholic because he converted.

  8. F Hollywood. If he found God, who’s to tell him he’s wrong?

  9. Mick, screw off.

    Also, people convert to different religions all the time so I don’t see the big deal.

  10. So, who is Sean Stone? Never heard of him.

  11. Mr.Stone has been baamboozled!

  12. why did they(those who hate him now) liked him before? was it for his Religion or his Carrier?! **smh**

  13. I understand the need for dialogue, but when people express their opinions in a vicious and insulting way, shouldn’t their remarks be deleted?

  14. Folks we have to figure that this Mick character is probably a 12 year old boy who alternates between his facebook page and watching illegal porno. Normal rational adults don’t talk that way.

  15. @Mick De: Your picture is in the dictionary when we look up PHUKKnut.
    I hope you get royalties for use of image, Neanderthal!

  16. @Raees: Please consider jumping off the ledge. The Gene Pool would be grateful.

  17. How silly can you be Mick? Islam is the second largest religion in the world. 33% are Christian and 21% are Islam. It is a peaceful religion. There are bad Christians and bad Islamic people. Just as there are good Christians and Good Islamic people. Your remark is what is wrong with this world. You assume to much; without getting the facts.

  18. To say shitlam
    Means your anti semitic
    A bigot
    and violent

  19. Well then. THAT’S nobody’s freaking business. Maybe he should’ve become Mormon, as I did a few years ago. Naaaaaaah. Haters wanna hate, and the ignorant wish to remain that way, or so I’ve found. Heaven forfend people should find God extra-culturally from their birth roots. And yet American Buddhism is chic.

  20. @Mick De: Hmmmm. Ignorance, poor grammar, foul language… all from one person. How common. Read a book, check your facts, “pal.”

  21. That’s because it’s run by the fucking Jews

  22. I think, you’re brave, worthy of full respect by all. No matter what others say, you are firm in your faith. That’s something praiseworthy. What matters to you most is your new faith, your conviction, not what others think or say about it. Thank you for sharing what you’re feeling about the depth of Islamophobia, which is deplorable indeed – more so because it’s based on ignorance. Islam belongs to the same Judeo-Christian traditio
    braham is the father of this religion. You have nothing to fear. Good luck, Sean Stone.

  23. Why is this even a topic of conversation? Everyone has the right to choose their religion in this country, because that was a principle this nation was founded on. To bad mouth Muslims is actually unAmerican and unpatriotic.

  24. He can do what he wants… sick of all the haters!!!!

  25. Mashallah. From one convert to another–it can be tough but keep going!

  26. I don’t get it. Why would you trade one failed religion for another failed religion. I traded in Christianity for no religion. That sounds much more practical. The answers this world needs comes from within not in washings and prayers and mystical chants and practices. We all need to become better individuals who take responsibility as members of humankind. Then again maybe I should go out and kill some people for burning my copy of the pithy sayings of Buddha or Lewis Black or George Carlin. That is just my opinion, don’t hate me for it.

  27. Did anyone notice he’s calling himself “A Jewish Christian Muslim”. That doesn’t sound like conversion to Shia Islam, but his own made up religion.

    Where does he stand on Jesus?
    Is he, as Christianity says, God incarnate? Or is he a human prophet as Islam contends?
    Was he crucified as the Christian gospels describe? Or, as the Qu’ran describes, was it made to appear that he died, with Judas killed in his place?

    Stone says he accepts Jesus’ teachings… which ones? The ones where he says “I and the father are one?” “Before Abraham was, I am?” those biblical teachings? Or the ones in Islam?

    If he honestly thinks two exclusivist faiths that contradict each other on such core doctrines can be merged seamlessly with Judaism, I honestly have trouble believing he truly understands either.

  28. What difference does someone’s faith make, if it gives them solace, brings peace to the world and offers a respite from the hate. God is LOVE.

  29. What ceases to amaze me is that the haters of Islam don’t even practice their own religion nut just love to hate. @MickDe you don’t have the B—s to read the Koran.

  30. @Shamun,its easy to talk shit over fb coward! Carrot nimbling bunny!

  31. I’m disappointed they got rid of Mickey De’s

  32. @Mick De don’t judge people for their beliefs.. As you may well know the world looks down upon that. I’m not going to rant about how it’s moraly wrong. you wouldn’t understand if you were barbaric enough to post that comment without consideration of others feelings and beliefs. I’m going to tell you not to post these hateful comments and try to make you stop the only way I can. The world can see your post’s and if you want to be hated by thousands than be my guest and keep posting… if you want future employers to view your post when looking at what you might really be like as a person and decide not to employ you because of prejudice… than stop posting.. You are ignorant. I am Muslim and do not tell Christians off any time I can.. What you posted was a waste of time.

  33. Wow this manis a progressive thinker and will represent most of America going foward, heis a Muslim-Jew and what in the world can they do? Nothing but villify him, but the talk willnot outlast the walk, and the critics will soon be turned into chalk..and blown away-casuing the truth and light of the deen to never allow anyone to go astray!

  34. Orion? The world doesn’t look down on judging people for their beliefs. ??

    Say someone believes it’s ok to murder, rape or kill kids. You think people in the world don’t judge that?

    Say someone believes it’s ok to fiddle while a neighbour’s house burns?
    Say someone believes they are the centre of the universe and no-one else’s needs or feelings matter?
    Say someone believes it’s ok to horde food while others starve?

    What people believe matters, and because we are interdependent on each other, an individual belief affects others.

  35. @Hugh. When we say beliefs we are talking about religious beliefs. Lets not escape the subject matter. Belief in a religion is a person’s choice. There is no compulsion in religion. @Amira its true the talk will not out last the walk…

  36. Sean Stone is stoned! What a tool!

  37. @LoveThem: Why do you make such a statement. Why do you assume he is stoned? I know this is a play with words, but it also has meaning. What prejudice do you have toward Muslims and why. These are the questions you should be asking yourself. You need to ask yourself where did I learn that it is okay to judge people because of their faith. Religious prejudice is the brother of racial hate…same thing. Choice of religion is a right and is totally legal. Unless there is some unspoken law we need to read about, let me know.

  38. Lovethemmoonbats

    You call out muslims for being mad when someone converts to christianity or Judaism but its ok for you to call out others who convert to Islam. Your the modern form of Abu Jahal. You claim youre for liberty and freedom, he shouldhave the liberty to do whatever the fuck he pleases. Get a life.

  39. in islam we are to make peace with those that are at peace with us and defend ourselves against those that attack us and only in the manner that they attack us. and only those that attack us and no ttheir families or the peopl ethat live around them. unlike so many other people that use the name of a religion and impose their beliefes on it and bomb the whol evillage men women and children mostly unarmed!!!

  40. by the wya it is wrong to discriminate because of faith you cant know who they are unless you meet them and talk with them for a while!

  41. I genuinely appreciate most of what Islamophobia Today does to be an informational counterbalance to the rampant hate-mongering against Muslims. That said, I have to say I’m disappointed in this post. Sorry to bust this meme, but it needs to have some critical thinking applied to it.

    I have no problem with Sean Stone being a Muslim, peace be upon him. Whatever faith path he has chosen, may it bring him spiritual nourishment and help him become the best human being he may become. That is all any faith path can do for any of us, myself included.

    I do think it is misleading to call himself “a Jewish Christian Muslim.”

    We can be respectful of our difference while at the same time sharing what we do have in common. Better than a “melting pot” where everything must be reduced to the lowest common denominator, a “mosaic” can demonstrate the beauty of diversity while retaining the distinctiveness of what comprises the bigger picture.

    The fact that he calls the TaNaKh “The Old Testament” demonstrates a bias which does not treat Jewish contexts with equality. My Muslim and Christian friends do not refer to the texts which are the core of my sacred canon as “Old.”

    The “Jewish Bloodline” comment is equally offensive. Every community has the right to define what comprises its own members. When it becomes common to refer to “Hutterite Hindus” and “Brahman Baptists” then maybe we should discuss some of the multipart names for Jews which originate entirely externally of the Jewish communities. Until then, each community’s sacred texts should be afforded the nomenclature attributed to it by the community which holds that text sacred, and the names of each community should not be externally misappropriated.

    As for Hollywood “snubbing him,” I’m not Hollywood. I’m not surprised at the reaction given his “conversion was in Iran.” The politics of that choice are far more inflammatory than his choice of personal beliefs. I read the articles at the link and the only negative remarks within the articles I found were hearsay, what Mr. Stone says someone said about him. How about journalists actually doing some fact-checking? While his conversion may be sincere (and I hope it is), his approach to presenting it makes this look like a classic “Hollywood Publicity Stunt” bordering on an Anti-Semitic smear. “Allah” is the word for G-d in Arabic speaking countries regardless of whether or not a person is Jewish, Christian, or Muslim. For Mr. Stone to make notable a quote from his father invoking “Allah” only contributes to a sense of this story being Hollywood hyperbole. Him claiming anything but a distant and tangential connection to Judaism is over the top.

    Oliver Stone is a Buddhist who claims his “father was Jewish and his mother was French-born and Catholic. As a religious compromise, Stone was raised in the Episcopal Church.”

    “Sean Stone was widely believed to have converted to Shiite Islam in 2012, but in an interview with CNN denied actually converting and said that he just accepted Mohammed as another of the prophets. In an interview with Bill O’Reilly, he added Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s statements about Israel had been misunderstood.”

    I can’t find anything to suggest that Sean’s mother Elizabeth Burkit Cox is or was Jewish when he was born, or that he was raised with a Jewish identity. He can’t just proclaim himself Jewish or formerly Jewish when the whim suits him anymore than his father can proclaim himself The Dali Lama or The Archbishop of Canterbury. It’s just not how things actually work.

    Shalom, Salaam, Peace.

  42. @all- from a muslim point of view- as muslims all believe that Jesus christ came from GOD doing HIS will so his true teaching will never be in conflict with the true teaching of Muhammad who came from HIM as a Seal of Prophets after jesus. If there are contradicting doctrines that s human invention. however, dont say they will be exactly alike coz then GOD would not ahve send it. it has to be different and something better from HIM. GOD says in quran , “None of Our revelations do We abrogate or cause it to be forgotten, but We substitute something better or similar: knowest thou that God has power over all things?’ (2: 106). GOD is the knower of all truth, let him guide eveyrone seeking here.

  43. good luck brother! whether muslim christian jedi or jew up to. faith or no faith a man must choose. all men must make they own destiny and path. inshallah you have. the planetary patriot is here!

  44. Mr. Stone, get off of the “Islamophobia” kick. That is a made up term used to victimize radical Islam.

    You state that “If I can open up a debate about religion and create some understanding, then it is worth it.” You didn’t read the fine print, Mr. Stone. There is no dialogue with Islam. Any dialogue is on their terms, period.

    There are more people that feel sorry for you for making that life changing decision than vilify you.

    By the way, did you do any research on the Sharia law that you will now be expected to follow? You will be surprised. But there’s no turning back now. As you’ll see, according to sharia law, the penalty for leaving islam (apostacy) is death.

  45. Danny
    Sharia in the Quran says repentance before punishment. Do you know how many adulterers, drunkards and fornicators Muhammad pardoned? Ramlah bint Sufyan’s first hubby converted to Christianity, he wasnt killed.

    You’ll be expected to follow? Who the fuck are you, God? No one wants to “islamify” anything. Indeed, you are an islamophobe. I will cry from laughter when you and every other non muslim, anti islam dweeb boards up your home and wait for a bunch of brown suicide bombers that will never come. In fact, ill start now. HAHAHAHA.

    Im all for dialogue. Muhammad wanted to build bridges, not walls. He married his Jewish wife, Sofiya, for a reason, and consoled her when people teased her about her heritage and thats AFTER he finished lecturing the muslims for mean to someone from the people of the book.

    Lemme guess, ‘takiyyah’? It’s pronounced ‘tookiyah’ one. Two it was practiced by Shiite muslims during the time of the four righteous caliphs because of political divisions.

  46. *being mean

  47. Danny

    Im a muslim, who does not follow sharia, not cuz i dont want to, but americas got this thing against my religion, and the Middle Eastern countries dont practice it right. For example, women arent allowed to drive my ass, real islam says

    Keep her maiden name after marriage
    Choose who she marries
    Choose if shed like to be married
    An abortion if raped
    Compensation if raped (whereas other places she gets raped wtff)
    Not to be forced to wear hijab
    Own property, and business (best example, Khadijah)
    Gets 1/3 of inheritance to spend on watever she likes while her brother uses his to feed and clothe his fam and hers.
    Wear moderate amounts of makeup
    Not have to pray when on her period
    Not have to run to the Mosque for Friday prayer
    A GOOD education (my dad spends thousands of dollars to keep me in private school and i repay his efforts with As)
    To shop
    Be protected during travel
    Etc etc

  48. Oliver Stone’s father was a Jewish American stock broker. His mother was a French Catholic. Neither of Stone’s parents were particularly religious. In fact, they raised him in neither Judaism nor Catholicism. Stone was raised as an Episcopalian, and regularly attended Episcopalian church services and Sunday School as a youth. He thought of himself as a Protestant, but describes himself as not particularly religious while growing up.

    TA [interviewer Tom Allen]: I’d like to ask you a question about religion. Were you raised Catholic or Jewish or neither?

    OS [Oliver Stone]: Neither. I was raised Protestant. I went to Sunday school in New York and I was a Protestant, so called, although I don’t think I was really very religious.

    None of this, by any Jewish Law or interpretations makes him Jewish. Calling him Jewish is a misrepresentation. Even more so for his son Sean Stone to call himself Jewish.

  49. Here is Sean Stone participating in Alex Jones interview 4-1-2011:

    For anyone who doesn’t know, Alex Jones is a hate-mongering conspiracy theorist who is thoroughly discredited:

    Sean Stone, KEY TO IT ALL comment on Alex Jones 4[1]2011

  50. Here’s Sean Stone telling us via Fox News “Follow the Money” (in six segments – sorry, that is how it is uploaded by the Fox News follower who posted these):

    Part -1 Why we should be embracing nuclear power:

    Part – 2 Advocating for implanting tracking chips in people:

    Part – 3 mumbling on waterboarding

    Part -4 On Scott Walker, etc.

    Part – 5 Political Corruption

    Part – 6 On political campaigning

  51. Here’s Sean Stone making his accusations about the so called “Hollywood Backlash.” He make vague generalizations but provides no specifics to support his allegations.

    Part 2 of 4:

    Part 3 of 4:

    Part 4 of 4:

  52. I’m disappointed in Piers Morgan buying in to the meme about Oliver Stone being Jewish. He isn’t and never was. Sloppy journalism, no better than Sean Stone’s propaganda.

    Bust the meme. Apply critical thinking. Challenge media weapons of mass distraction.

  53. I’m not surprised that Bill O’Reilly is buying in to the meme about Oliver Stone being Jewish. He isn’t and never was. Sloppy journalism, no better than Sean Stone’s propaganda.

    Bust the meme. Apply critical thinking. Challenge media weapons of mass distraction.

  54. Watch this and decide for yourself. {Part 1 of 2} Sean Stone (Sean Ali Stone) the son of Academy Award (Oscar) winner Oliver Stone (Hollywood director) attends an interview with Iranian Channel 4 (RAZ Program with Nader Talebzadeh as interviewer) on February 18, 2012 few days after his conversion to Islam in Iran.

    Decide for yourself. {Part 2 of 2} Sean Stone (Sean Ali Stone) the son of Academy Award (Oscar) winner Oliver Stone (Hollywood director) attends an interview with Iranian Channel 4 (RAZ Program with Nader Talebzadeh as interviewer) on February 18, 2012 few days after his conversion to Islam in Iran.

  55. Like father, like son? If this is the representative of brotherly love who needs enemies?

    Sad that it takes Fox News to bust Oliver Stone’s meme about “Jews controlling Hollywood.”
    Does it really surprise anyone that his son Sean Stone picks up and runs with a similar meme?

  56. It up to Muslim communities to determine whether or not Sean Stone is a sincere Muslim. Only Jews can determine whether or not he ever was a Jew. Only Christians can determine whether or not he was a Christian. This is a very sore point among many Jews including myself who have seen tremendous harm done by overly zealous missionaries who try to turn people away from their own faiths and become something other than what they are. Jews have been specifically targeted by such missionaries here and in Israel. The ones who tend to be targeted are usually the least learned about their own faith traditions.

    Sean Stone does not need or have my “approval” of his choice to become a Muslim, for that would merely be tolerance instead of respect. If he is sincere about being a Muslim, he has my respect for making a choice which hopefully will guide him well for the rest of his life. If it doesn’t, that is not due to any failing within Islam, but within himself. Only he can find where his spiritual home is and clearly how he was raised does not appear to be it.

    That said, it would be dishonest for me to say I’m not skeptical of Sean Stone’s announcement given that he couches it with claims of “reverse antisemitism from Hollywood,” which is a rather transparent attack on Jews and the stereotype of Jewish dominance of Hollywood. I don’t believe it was any poor choice of words. I believe it was deliberately offensive rhetoric, which I hope will be roundly repudiated unless actually proven to be true.

    It is pretentious for Sean Stone to call himself “a Jewish Christian Muslim.” He is not and was not ever a Jew. It is not his prerogative nor other non-Jews to impose external definitions upon the Jewish communities as to who is and is not a Jew. That is ours (for Jews) to wrestle with, just as Christians have to be able to define for themselves who is and isn’t a Christian, and Muslims have to be able to define for themselves who is and isn’t a Muslim. I am not an Islamophobe because I criticize Sean Stone for what I see as malicious speech. Likewise, I don’t believe someone is antisemitic simply because they are critical against specific Israeli policies or individual Jews who behave badly, such as Pamela Geller. Being honest is an act of love. It takes courage to say “I love you, but you are wrong.” It is an act of patriotism when I do this regarding U.S. policies and laws.

    I have put my life literally on the line to stand in solidarity with my Muslim neighbors here in Cheyenne, Wyoming one of the most Islamophobic states in the union (I’m sad to say). When a local “Second Amendment” gun nut was planning to burn his copy of The Holy Qur’an on our state capitol steps on 9-11-2010, I was one of the people from our synagogue who confronted him about what he was planning to do. Many people who knew his warned me he might be as likely to shoot me as to speak with me. I was not deterred. I told him flat out that attacking Muslims for no reason other than being Muslims is attacking me for no reason other than I am a Jew. I also told him that while the laws of this city, state, and nation might permit his wanton act of brutish destruction of is “personal property,” morally he was no better than a Nazi burning a Torah Scroll. In fact I told him it was worse because he was doing it here and this isn’t Nazi Germany.

    I gave him a copy of a letter from George Washington written to the first synagogue in the United States and pointed out the first President’s words which were composed before the Bill of Rights, give “…to bigotry no sanction, to persecution no assistance…” He complained that he was angry about the other protesters across the street calling him “a Nazi.” I told him, “If you don’t want to be called a Nazi, then don’t act like one. You have a choice as to whether or not to play in to that caricature. Nazis burn books. Americans generally find that kind of behavior to be repugnant. You choose how you want to be known.”

    I also gave him a short biographical sketch about one of the heroes of 9-11-2001, Mohammad Salman Hamdani and explained how desecrating the sacred text which inspired this young man to sacrifice his life in a valiant effort to save other lives at the Twin Towers not only was disrespectful to him but all who died similarly that day. It was after that he promised not to try to burn his copy of the Qur’an on our state capitol steps.

    The fact that Jews in our community, including a Holocaust survivor, met this evil head on was not lost on our local Muslim community, or the two Islamic centers here. We work closely with each other and support each other as we are able. I have studied some of The Holy Qur’an with them and some of them have studied some of The TaNaKh with me. Together we continue to learn much from each other and consider this to be a mutually respectful blessing. This is an ongoing process.

    If Sean Stone wants to build peace then shouldn’t start out by propagating unsubstantiated accusations of alleged intolerance against himnself for being a recent convert to Islam without some stronger supporting evidence. Some of the worst propagandists for the Islamophobes are “former Muslims.” They are the darlings of Fox News, Pamela Geller, and the rest of the repugnant hate-mongers in this country. I have spent much time refuting and repudiating their malicious speech.

    Jewish history is full of examples where the worst attacks on Jews were often precipitated by apostates who only wanted to curry favor and sympathy with their new faith, or may have been attempting to show some misguided sense of sincerity in their “conversion” by denigrating their former faith. That group is followed by people who have pretended to be Jews and were not, but found that it served their emotional or other needs to claim that they once were.

    This is not an unusual pattern of human behavior, especially among adults who zealously adopt a new faith even though they have no self-awareness of a desire to disparage their prior faith. Such people should be reassured that they are welcome in their chosen spiritual community without any need to be derogatory against their former coreligionists. Even further, they should be discouraged from speaking in a maligning manner against the faith they have chosen to leave. That does not mean they need to be silent when actually wronged. Sean Stone makes accusations which he does not substantiate. He paints Hollywood as being against him with the broadest of brushes.

    How ironic that tonight of all nights that this is being discussed. The Iranian film, “A Separation” was awarded “Best Foreign Film” by the very same “Hollywood” who Sean Stone maligns. That hardly seems consistent with Sean Stone’s claim.

    Maybe I’m totally wrong about him. Maybe everything Sean Stone is saying perfectly true about Hollywood. I do think he should produce some evidence before propagating his meme across the Internet without applying some “critical thinking.”

    What I mean about “Critical Thinking,” is a healthy dose of skepticism, not cynicism, which demands testing the veracity of assertions before accepting them as valid simply because someone says something which would be comfortably agreeable.

    An example is his claim that he is “a Jewish Christian Muslim.” He’s not now nor ever appears to have been Jewish by any acceptable definition within Jewish Communities.

    As I stated before, his “Jewish Bloodline” comment is equally offensive. The idea that a single Jewish grandparent makes one a Jew comes from Nazi Germany and possibly the Spanish Inquisition, not any source of Jewish Law. I hope people understand why the notion of granting the mass murderers against the Jewish people a posthumous right to determine who is a Jew to be totally unacceptable.

    Again, no proof of discrimination against Sean Stone by Hollywood due to his conversion to Islam has been produced. Only his accusations. If you have some stronger proof, please present it. I have been active in disputing the propaganda against Muslims in America. I hope Muslims have been equally active in disputing propaganda against Jews.

    I believe we can and should agree to disagree where we need to, and in doing so not let such disagreements prevent treating each other with kindness, respect, and love. Jews, Muslims, Christians, and others do not need to wait for a new age of unanimity to embrace such ideals. I believe it is the sometimes challenging efforts of working to bring such ideals into fruition which will precipitate a more enlightened age.






  57. Mick De, come and try me. You’ll find that I’m not a push over.
    Or as Kenshiro from “Fist of the North Star” would say “You’re already dead”

  58. @ Salima, I’m talking about a person’s worldview. Religious perspective and resultant morality. What I said still stands.

  59. Pandj

    Shalom with the hebrew letters- i used to do that 😀

  60. Another waste of a life given to all of us from our lord Jesus Christ.

  61. Another waste of a life given to all of us from our lord Jesus Christ.

  62. gr8

  63. Oh my holy hand-compatible banana…

    Out of the frying pan… into ANOTHER frying pan.

    Ftw, facepalm!!?

  64. Sean Stone is a perfect example of a truly confused American who cannot distinguish between the actual authentic Islam and his imaginary Hollywood version of Islam.

    Sean Stone has converted to Islam. But Stone is a follower of SUFISM – a Persian underground movement which is not associated to any religion, imagining that it is Islam. Sufism has nothing to do with the Islamic faith except that Sufi’s were born in Muslim countries. Sufism is mysticism. In Sufism they speak of drunkeness, dance, music, women, young boys, – everything that the Koran forbids. Sufism constantly advocate love and love for all life. They encourage the unity of all faiths. There exist none of that doctrine in Islam. Sufi’s even condemn the Koran.

    Everything the Sufi’s practice and believe in is complete haram in Islam and forbidden. For this reason they were brutally executed for centuries. The Sufi’s were considered heredics and have been persecuted under Islam for 1400 years! Only recently Sufi shrines were being destroyed in Pakistan (?). Even to this day Sufi groups have to practice their mysticism underground and cannot declare their belief in the open.

    And Sean Stone wants to convert to the persecutors? How dumb ARE some people.

  65. Salam alakum Sean stone welcome brother
    I love your father movies the only guy in Hollywood who makes sense

  66. I am also a convert to Islam from athiesm, coincidently after visiting Iran also! So I fully relate to Sean in that respect. His statement about being a ‘Jewish Christian Muslim’ Is fully supported by Islam- I believe he is just expressing in the most understandable terms that Islam, Christianity and Judaism come from the same place, have the same core tenements and revere the same people , same almighty God. More people need to make a greater effort to express the brotherhood of these religions and how in the prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) time, the people of the abrahamic scriptures were a great united community. That sense of brotherhood is very much alive in Iran, and that’s one thing that fascinated me- despite the false image Americans have of that country and Islam in general.

    Given the constant emergence of islamophobic forms of entertainment, such as ‘Homeland’ it doesn’t surprise me that islamophobia is rampant in Hollywood. They only feign liberalism

  67. He calls himself muslim-jewish-christian because that is what shiaism is – a mix of religions =)

    Shiaism was started by a yemeni jew called abdullah saba by mixing parts of islam with zoroastrism, judaism, paganism, christianity etc and they elevated ali (ra) to a role Allah swt never gave him just like christians did with christ (as) so when he calls himself muslim-jewish-christian, it’s like saying shia. After all, he converted to shiaism in isfahan-iran, not islam, he may think its islam though because thats what shiite liars call their religion.

  68. i think there is nothing wrong with converting to islam .i think he did the right thing some of the people are so ignorant that they do need to first do some research on the religion and talk or judge him . it is not fair that what ever the media says they on their words than doing their own home work or judging some one on the basis of religion .i guess that ignorance is a blessing to all those people that are judging sean stone.

  69. 9/11 was an inside job! That worth some criticism. He can convert to Islam, but in Iran you cannot convert to Christianity, you get killed! but he doesn’t mention that, that needs a lot of critcism. Idiots put acids in girls faces when they want to go to school! What about gays???? Sean shouldn’t cry for all the criticism he gets, but explain some very controversial facts. But he refuses to do that and only starts complaining he is demonised, while Islam is demonising all non-Muslims, but that is where is is silent about. He is a hypocrit!!

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