Sunday, July 25, 2021   

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Buddhist Killer Pardoned by Muslim Victim’s Family

Buddhist Killer Pardoned by Muslim Victim’s Family

This is a story you wont see on JihadWatch:

Buddhist Killers Pardoned by Muslim Victim’s Family

Relatives of a Muslim Sri Lankan worker murdered by his Buddhist colleague in Abu Dhabi told court they have decided to pardon the killer, prompting the judge to bring forward hearings for sentence.

An official from the Sri Lankan embassy in Abu Dhabi handed the pardon document from the victim’s relatives to court on Tuesday, the semi official Arabic language daily Alittihad said.

“They just pardoned the Buddhist killer without demanding any diya (blood money) taking into consideration that the killer’s family is poor,” it said.

It said the pardon prompted the judge to bring forward hearings to February 27 to issue a sentence after they were scheduled for June.

Imagine if the Buddhist killer had been Muslim and the Muslim victim been Buddhist, who doubts Spencer would link the killing to Islam, relating it to jihad or some other convoluted made up theology that only exists in the feverish mind of Sheikh Spencer?

Instead, Spencer chooses to focus on another story reported in the same article, about a man who murdered a European woman he was paying for sex. The man murdered her and then went to pray, which certainly is odd (and proves more about his lack of conscious than any link to religion), but the fact that Spencer would try to relate it to Islam is just plain sick yet not surprising.

For Spencer this is another opportunity to denigrate Muslims and Islam while also trying to link the killing to “honor killings” and “jihad.”

Spencer writes in a post titled, Dubai: Muslim murders woman, then goes to mosque to pray,

We have seen this phenomenon in the past with some honor murderers and jihadists: they apparently believe that they have done something pleasing to Allah, and so are almost serene after the murders.


  1. I guess that looks more like forgiveness than “an eye for an eye” ??

  2. Buddhist killer is such a strange oxymoron

  3. Tl;dr

    Why is the fact that he/she is a Buddhist relevant?

  4. what do their religions really have to do with it?

  5. It’s funny how robert spencer hasn’t written a single article on Islam before 9/11. It’s like he was hired to spread lies to make money from peoples ignorance.

  6. Yeah, I don’t see what their religions have to do with it… Other than maybe Buddhists are supposed to be strictly nonviolent and so it’s kind of shocking that the killer was Buddhist. I mean, most (if not all) serious Buddhists are vegetarian because of it, and there are even monks that try to scare bugs out of the grass ahead of them before they walk through it so they don’t step on them… I’ve been looking into Buddhism but the sheer strictness of the religion makes me think it might not be a good fit for the poorly disciplined.

    However, this proves the point that no matter who or what you are, you can slip up morally.

  7. So he killed someone…and gets away with it because the family forgives him…..?..that’s not justice….:/

  8. I a problem with this yet not Iran sentencing a man to death for being a christian

  9. As a buddhist, I have to take exception to the tone of this article as covertly buddhaphobic. These folks kindly asked for a pardon of a guy who came from a buddhist family. It wasn’t because they were Islamic and he buddhist or any such specious relationship. It was because they were appropriately compassionate and the killer was not. Thr guy wasn”t practicing buddhsim when he killed, ergo, I find it strongly suspect to suggest that he “is a buddhist”. In truth, the family of the victim acted more buddhist than the killer, Islamic or no. If he killed, he wasn’t practicing buddhism. Its as simple as that. It is antithetical to buddhist practice and ideology. BTW: There is no actual “buddhist” lable. That is an invention of the west. Followers of buddha are practitioners, not faithful parishoners. Justice? Why does -anyone- need that? Sounds more like a desire for revenge to me.

  10. If you read the very intro part it tells you why the religions matter. It’s a site that watches out for prejudiced press against muslims in the media and also good news of muslims doing good things that get ignored by the media. This is about a muslim family doing a very generous action. And we are meant to notice that “buddhists aren’t supposed to kill people”, well neither are muslims but when a buddhist kills someone, the news overlooks it, but they (and especially the anti-muslim pseudo news) never overlook when a muslim does something bad. That’s why. you can figure all that out even without reading the news article because it was explained in the preview.

  11. Philip
    Maybe it was because the murders are always between the three abrahamic religions? Idk. But i dont see Islam as very anything-phobic, especially Buddhism of all religions

  12. True, yet at the same time I’m not reading about gangs of Buddhists killing people because a copy of the Bhagavad Gita was mistakenly tossed in a fire.

  13. Ahh…abussing religion !!!

  14. I do not understand a Buddhist Killer.The two things cannot go together,and therefore,he cannot be a Buddhist,just a poorly educated Sri Lankan.It is up to the community to help people understand what this means.

  15. I’m not gonna overlook this. Thsts wrong, i’m buddhist (if I want to label myself anyways). It’s nice that the family forgave this guy and all, very strong of them. But lets just say this dude had absolutely no business killing someone. And what I got to say to this, his karma. I dont wish vengeance per se but seriously…..i’m saddened by this truly. :(. Makes me more determined not to follow our media, etc. an extremist is nothing more than that, an extremist no matter the race, gender, creed, non belief, what have you. Hatred knows not of a particular religion, race, etc. still terrible. :'(

  16. That’s*

  17. See, this is the problem. Labeling someone as a “Buddhist” killer. To be honest, that’s a oxy moron and it’s about as moronic as this article.

  18. @ Steven Pseudonym, you’re right, we should only riot over important things, like Nike Air Jordan Sneakers

  19. You can go to any lawless country, kill a million of its citizens, burn their holy book “accidentally,” and people will riot. You think this is all about burning a holy book accidentally, while ignoring a 10 year foreign occupation. We riot when Nike doesnt make enough shoes and releases them at midnight.

  20. Re. The Quran burnings and disposal. I recently read the following message after an article on the incident by a poster named “Baz Kew”. He wrote: “Oh look what my stupid ancestors are doing in Afghanistan now. Never mind the no doubt painful and emotional memory from the killings of innocent people including women and children remaining deep in people’s psyche in addition to the anger of a foreign occupation for over a decade resulting in hundreds of thousands of people if not millions being made refugees and now facing possibly one of the harshest winters in living memory. They are not human like you and me. They don’t laugh and they certainly do not cry. They are savages and so they are reacting to ONLY finding half-burnt Qurans on rubbish dumps. Everyday is a new day for them.”

  21. In Islam, this is how it is..a person can be pardoned by family of a murdered person..or for other crimes..if the family forgives. We cannot posture how it might be otherwise in another case..people are different. Perhaps another family would not wish to pardon the person..and also no person who is a true Buddhist would murder another person..just as a true Muslim would not murder a person. That is the correct comparison. I believe this is in the Shar’ia law to pardon ..from the family of the victim. The Shar’ia laws are a set of very perfect laws set forth by Allah Himself and as Muslim’s we cannot argue with them at all. Other’s do not have to obey non-Muslim countries..they cannot and will not be implemented in the USA at all. This is nonsense. But in Muslim countries they are. And we should talk about that at all…leave them alone. Idhamou Ani

  22. I left out a the end…we should not even talk about it at all…the world needs to just leave other’s alone for a big change. It is not our judge. People are so hateful it is pathetic.

  23. Idhamou Ani,

    “The Shar’ia laws are a set of very perfect laws set forth by Allah Himself and as Muslim’s we cannot argue with them at all.” good thing i’m not a muslim. here’s my arguement, if the koran says you should lash someone 100 times for fornicating outside of marraige, if there are 4 (male only? not sure i’ve heard differently from different sources) witnesses because it is a corruption of the society. and you stone adulterers and apostates to death, also for corrupting the society or spreading mischief. yet if a killer pays the surviving family blood money, said killer is released back into society to possibly kill again? (and yes i know there was no blood money in this case, but it is allowable under sharia, right?) not only is sharia not “very perfect”, it’s not even good. so if this guy kills again will the family of the new victum put some blame on this family for not prosecuting?

    when a case comes to trial in america at least, it’s not the family vs the defendant, it’s the state vs the defendant. we have such things as hostile witnesses. you can be compelled to give testimony in a court of law. there was a case a few years back where a drunk driver killer some mennonites in utah i think? the surviving husband said he forgave the guy. the sherrif had to go out and force the husband to court to testify as to what happened. it’s not the victum or victum’s families prerogative to allow killers or rapist..etc to go free and kill again.

    shouldn’t be the governor’s or president’s either.

  24. ccc,

    hell of a link there, it runs right off my screen. anyways it looks like the update is that the judge isn’t a muslim and didn’t say, “i’m a muslim and i’m offended”, but “If i where a muslim i’d be offended” or something like that. either way he is clearly biased/incompetent and should be removed from the bench. to allow a physical assualt to go unpunished because someone is offended is rediculous. the first ammendment protects offensive speech. another example as to why islam is not compatible with modern western society.

    but your article is wrong on there never being sharia brought up in court. there was a case in jersey where a muslim woman was trying to get a restraining order against her husband, and claimed he had raped her. he and his iman who testified on his behalf, said that in sharia there is no such thing as marrital rape. elle, what’s the ayat? “plow into your wife as you do your field?

  25. Well I am glad he was not a Muslim as the Original article stated but the man still needs to lose his job.

  26. Leave the pervert allen and live in the light of our lord Jesus Christ!

  27. Leave the pervert allen and live in the light of our lord Jesus Christ!

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