Friday, April 16, 2021   

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Gingrich Says Islam is Incompatible with Freedom, Claims US Government is ‘Lying to us and Censoring us as we try to Understand those who would Kill us’

Gingrich Says Islam is Incompatible with Freedom, Claims US Government is ‘Lying to us and Censoring us as we try to Understand those who would Kill us’

CUMMING, Ga. — Newt Gingrich turned the church pulpit into a history class when he addressed the congregation at First Redeemer Church, comparing the struggle of American colonies under British rule to what he sees as the modern day assault of religious freedom in America.

Gingrich said that the religious foundation of America is being attacked on two fronts: “We have a secular elitist wing that deeply, deeply disbelieves in America, that wants to create a different country based on a different set of principles,” he said. “And we have a radical Islamist one which legitimately and authentically hates us and should.”

He drew a standing ovation for slamming a State Department meeting with the Organization of Islamic countries, which Gingrich said had “the purpose of talking about how to protect Islam from being described inappropriately. I have passionate opposition to the government of the United States lying to us and censoring us as we try to understand those who would kill us.”

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said after the July 2011 OIC meeting “combating religious intolerance” that the United States remains “focused on interfaith education and collaboration, enforcing anti-discrimination laws, protecting the rights of all people to worship as they choose, and to use some old-fashioned techniques of peer pressure and shaming, so that people don’t feel that they have the support to do what we abhor.”

By contrast, Gingrich drew a stark picture of radical Islamists, saying, “Those people who want to kill us want to kill us because from their world view, we are the greatest threat they’ve ever faced because we represent freedom and freedom is the end of their religion.”


  1. G is not for Gingrich it’s for goofball…

  2. Freedom and rights block his religion…

  3. Coo coo,coo coo!

  4. Republican….typical.

  5. this guy is truly an ignorant ***hole and I’m getting tired of the media granting all this free publicity to air his bigoted nonsense!

  6. how can anyone believe this LIZARD’Svomit?

  7. oddly, most christian denominations believel the same about gay people. anyone “not like us” is a threat TO them for some reason.

  8. People that say this have not been abroad usually.

  9. That’s right Lizard. Pander to the nasty, pathetic bigots who make up the reactionary base of today’s GOP. It’s all about American fear, isn’t it? Wait, I think I just accused you of political terrorism… oh, SNAP.

  10. I see his mouth moving but he is not saying anything worth listening to, what a hater!

  11. They hate us because our govt is trying to take over the whole world when they should just mind their own damn business and stop invading every country…And the amount of disrespect from “our” on military while in those countries, that is not helping matters at all…We have a bunch of blooming idiots running around acting worse than animals..that is the true reason they hate us…

  12. Dumb azz..

  13. All religion is incompatible with freedom.

  14. that s rubbish , freedom is the end of our religion ??. we seek and want freedom from those tyrants , but they have all the US support (because of stupid Oil ) we wish we could get rid of them all and put the power back in the hands of the people instead of Ignorant royal families who know nothing about democracy , freedom , freedom of press , transparency , accountability .. they dont have even have elections nor a constitution in those countries called strong Allies of America .

  15. A typical republican

  16. Where was Newt when all the lies were told that got us into this mess in the Middle East!!!!

  17. I’d just like to say, as a Caucasian, that Newt doesn’t come to the meetings. He’s not invited! 🙂 He absolutely does NOT speak for all of us. Hell, he barely speaks for a handful of people. This hate has to end. I’m so so sorry for the intolerance in this country.

  18. Pig Newton is a pandering little piggie and an embarressment

  19. The Amphibian doesn’t have a chance of winning the Republican nomination anymore (he forgot to sign onto the Missouri primary ballots). He’s trying to go out with bang before he is throw into the abyss of obscurity.

  20. Gingrich is an idiot. Point blank.

  21. Wow. Ive attended many different Islamic schools here in the US, and not one has taught me that my religion restricts my freedom. I don’t understand how people are so close minded, and I am just as free as I am as I would be if i were a Christian.

  22. Yea ok.. Muslims overseas can care less about this country and its “freedoms”. They’re the ones invading Muslims land and trying to spread “democracy” Muslims are doing just fine contrary to popular belief in this country. They can keep their vague freedom. Besides, Newt, is only talking about freedom to embrace desires.

  23. What a loser!

  24. Actually, this is good for Islam, because Gingrich is enough of a joke that if Gingrich said he supported Islam, the entire Muslim community should take it as an insult.

  25. yeah well if the GOP has its way, there’ll be no more freedom of religion in this country

  26. @Islam Straightway That’s why I find it ironic and pretty hypocritical than many American conservatives who would carry banner of “Liberalism is a Mental Disorder” would advocate democratizing other countries, which usually entails force-feeding liberalism to other countries, even through military force.

  27. These guys are getting crazier and crazier.

  28. Like this putz knows anything about religion and what it means, seeing that he has broken almost half of the Ten Commandments!! And if he wants to talk about lying, call up his two ex-wives, and they’ll tell you what a twisted liar he is!!

  29. “Islam is not compatable with freedom. Vote Christian fundamentalism ’12” – GOP

  30. as long as they don’t become Jews or even worse atheists because that’s not southern fried evangelical christianity either.

  31. Why are we still subjected to comments from this thug who should be in prison? Makes me ill and ashamed to be an American to have Newt out there speaking, lest anyone thinks that he represents any but a few wingnuts in this country.

  32. ‘ those people who want to kill us?! ‘ seriously? what, are u 8?! LMFAO

  33. Please don’t paint Ron Paul with the same brush as these Establishment Republicans. He does not share the same views and actually understands it is our foreign policy that is bad. On the same token you can consider Obama part of the Establishment since he endorses the same foreign policy of interventionalism as the GOP. Ron Paul is the ONLY one that has been saying for decades that our foreign policy is a disaster and we shouldn’t meddle in other countries affairs.

  34. wow..

  35. “They hate us because we stand for freedom.” Wasn’t that George W’s line? That’s plagiarism, Newt. And, just because you steal it from someone else, doesn’t make it true.

  36. For all his education, Gingrich is either intentionally lying to pander to fear in people, or he has focused his historical education on only one small part of history and ignoring the rest, or his is just plain ignorant. No matter which it is, he is not a person that I could ever support for public office at any level, let alone as the President of the United States of America.

  37. How exactly do we represent freedom when we invade sovereign countries, kill, maim and displace millions of their citizens, and build a permanent embassy the size of a small city? And that’s just for starters…

  38. What a DORK!

  39. Shame on Newt.

  40. We all know Newt is a fool.

  41. neuter the grinch is a giant FAIL! not even taking him seriously he is irrelevant.

  42. What a moron. I’m not even going to waste my time typing up a long paragraph for this. Idiot.

  43. He’s joking. It aint funny though 🙁

  44. keep talking newt, you old toad.

  45. Amen to that. Completely agree with Gingrich.

  46. Gingrich=GANGRIN=needs to be cut-off.:D

  47. The GANGRIN already started poisoning others.@>Paige Townsend is the evidence it should be cut-off as fast as possible!!

  48. Newt Gingrich is full of shit.

  49. If you look at European history with its Holy Wars and the Inquisition, you could easily say Christianity is incompatible with freedom.

  50. Our country was built on the rock of “freedom of religion”. NOT ‘freedom to practice one approved religion’. In fact America stands for just the opposite of what Gingrich says. Islamophobes are just racists with a slightly different approach. It’s ugly. But here’s one comforting thought – idiots like Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum are just two of the Republicans who will never be President.

  51. Well, he’s not lying when he said Islam feels threatened by them….and by “them” I mean the old, white, rich GOP who wants to establish “American Globalization” throughout the world. PNAC wasn’t established for nothing.

  52. And freedom is obviously a threat to most of the right wings desire for christian dominionism. Some of these haters need to shut it!! Too much hypocrisy there Gringrinch.(misp intended)

  53. Seems to me this quote applies to just about any religious extremist.

  54. Bwa ha ha ha haaaaa!!!!

  55. Crazy people are fun.

  56. with any luck Newt will go away soon.

  57. Does he even KNOW any Muslims? I’m guessing not.

  58. Why are we still listening to Gingrich?

  59. not true newt. you’re an idiot and I wish Ron Paul would bitch slap you into the stoneage. People like you are called IGNORANT. You def fit right in in Washington. The reason “those people” prob want to kill us is because we are always sticking our noses in their business trying to tell thm how to live, etc etc etc. This country needs to mind its own business. We’d have far less problems if we worried more about what’s going on here and less about what’s going on elsewhere. This is not the United States of Earth.

  60. No one from the GOP Has the kahunas to condemn this rhetoric of hate and intolerance… From that idiot Graham to this moron, there is ample reason for minorities to be wary of these jackasses in jackboots

  61. he is so full of shit, What a bunch of nonsense., he knows nothing of islam, and the wonderful people of other lands.

  62. Liar, liar, liar!

  63. Newt’s a hypocrite. He says if Romney looses in Michigan, he should drop out of the race. When he (the Grinch) was asked would he drop out of the race if he doesn’t win Michigan, he said no and started making all sorts of excuses as to why he should be encouraged to “fight ’til the end”. In other words, Gingrich doesn’t know when his goose is cooked.

    All of the Republicons are losers….and hypocrites.

  64. If shit were brains Newt would be a genious!!

  65. Whats even sadder is people believe him. Does it really like we wanna kill you? Does it look like we hate it here? Do you even know muslims? No no and no. Ughhh

  66. Newt Gingrich is what an uneducated person thinks an intellectual sounds like.

  67. Islam has been around longer than the USA, Newt is talking out of both sides of his ass.

  68. Islam has been around longer than the USA, Newt is talking out of both sides of his ass.

  69. I so agree with Gingrich. God bless freedom!

  70. I so agree with Gingrich. God bless freedom!

  71. @chris isnt the bible against freedom look at the death by chrsitians over 100 million natves killed n the name of god and dont forget bush said god told him to go to war in iraq

  72. the bible says to kill gays non beleavers, women who are raped unles they marry the rapist the list of savahe crime in the bible go on and on

  73. women has no freedom in the bible they belong to there men the bible is savage book to bad most ameicans are to uneducated to read

  74. ass

  75. ass

  76. Freedom? what freedom?

  77. EXTREMISM from any religion or political direction is the end of freedom.

  78. Someone should tell Gingrich that, inasmuch as Muslims fear Americans, it’s because their pompous presence generally spells the end, not of their religion, but of THEIR freedom, if not their very lives! Being Muslim you have a tendency, in the presence of Americans, to end up as uncounted collateral damage, entitled to an apology at best.

  79. You are such ANGRY losers, You dont have nice families? We get it.

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