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Tucker Carlson: ‘Iran Deserves To Be Annihilated’

29 February 2012 ThinkProgress 45 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Tucker Carlson: ‘Iran Deserves To Be Annihilated’

By Eli Clifton

As the “drumbeat to war” with Iran, as Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) warns of, grows louder, a number of journalists have begun to compare the hawkish rhetoric from pundits with the calls for military action against Iraq in 2002. Scott Shane, writing on the frontpage of today’s New York Times, observed, “Echoes of the period leading up to the Iraq war in 2003 are unmistakable, igniting a familiar debate over whether journalists are overstating Iran’s progress toward a bomb.” Indeed, the ombudsman of The Washington Post and the public editor of The New York Times criticized their own journalists for overstating the evidence of Iran’s alleged nuclear weapons program.

Over the past week, journalists have raised the alarm about the increasing carelessness of the mainstream media in hyping the calls for war with Iran. But Fox News commentator and The Daily Caller editor-in-chief Tucker Carlson openly called for war against Iran and argued for the full-scale annihilation of the Islamic Republic during an appearance on Fox News’s late-night show Red Eye. Carlson responded to a question about U.S. military action:

CARLSON: I think we are the only country with the moral authority […] sufficient to do that. [The U.S. is] the only country that doesn’t seek hegemony in the world. I do think, I’m sure I’m the lone voice in saying this, that Iran deserves to be annihilated. I think they’re lunatics. I think they’re evil.

Carlson, having called for the annihilation of Iran — a country with a population of over 74 million people — went on to acknowledge that “we should assess what will happen to the price of energy were we to do that.” Watch the clip:

Carlson doesn’t bother to make a case for why the U.S. should destroy Iran. But presumably he’s referring to the crisis over Iran’s alleged nuclear weapons program. However, neither the IAEAnor U.S. intelligence reports conclude that Iran has restarted its nuclear weapons program. The IAEA and U.S. intelligence have expressed concerns about possible military aspects to Iran’s nuclear program and suspicions about Iran’s program intensified after Tehran refused IAEA inspectors access to facilities thought to be used for tests on how to produce nuclear weapons. Tehran also refused to agree to a process by which it would address IAEA concerns about “possible military dimensions” to its nuclear program.

But, much as in the case of the lead up to the invasion of Iraq, many journalists and politiciansare ignoring the facts on the ground and pushing forward with calls for increasingly aggressive actions. Carlson, however, may stand alone in publicly calling for Iran’s outright annihilation.


  1. Give him a squirt gun and parachute him into Iran.

  2. He always goes entirely too far!

  3. He should lead by example and go first!

  4. And then blamed Obama for high gas prices?!

  5. NO ONE ‘deserves’ annihilation . . . Tucker Carlson, you are a hateful little dweeb!

  6. What the hell!! They’re only fellow human beings… big deal, right??? Just kill ’em all…..just because the offenders are a handfull of lunatics, go ahead and kill the entire country. Sure. Why not!! Gotta love these Pro-Life Conservatives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Ask him for his uniform size and make him walk point.

  8. The Ego is a highly destructive thing. These Egomaniacs “think” they are doing the right thing and yet their motivation is hate and fear. Perhaps one day our nation will mature enough to be motivated by Love and Peace which is what we claim to be rather than by Fear and Judgment which is why we start so many useless wars.

  9. So when will this turd be found in a trunk?

  10. Tucker carlson is one of the biggest douchebags on the planet. he is up there with romney and limbaugh.

  11. Why don’t we try annihilating Tucker Carlson?

  12. I thought Tucker Carlson’s 15 minutes were long, long, long used up.

  13. Right-wing Christians or radical Islamism, whats the difference?

  14. I would cross the street to punch this guy in the nuts.

  15. So when crazy Amedinajad calls the Israel to be removed (to it’s pre-1967 borders, but no one ever translates that right), the Western world says he’s a crazy, hateful, war mongering terrorist……but when Fox says it, what? It’s patriotic? These people will be the ruination of this planet.

  16. He is such an ass, I am not attending the National Association of Counties meeting in DC BECAUSE he is a speaker…Who wants to listen to his crap.

  17. How does this poor little rich boy (inherited wealth) deserve even 15 minutes, he knows nothing. Been fired by everybody……..

  18. The roar of the chickenhawk, who cares what these “news readers ” think?

  19. Tucker’s narrative is designed to get the public talking and noticing him.

  20. Anyone calling for war had better be prepared to don a uniform and be in the front lines!!! We have lost enough of our young men and women for stupid man made conflicts that were more about male ego and pride than any substance.Greed played a big part in it as well.So Tucker unless you are prepared to go to Iran and fight SHUTUP!!!!!

  21. ya that’s right Tucker just kill anything that isn’t you. asshat!!!

  22. Tucker Carlson es un puto y mierda .

  23. This man is dumb..! A christian fanatic calling for destruction of someone’s country..! He is just like some muslims (wahabbis) who encourages suicide bombings..!

  24. It is a real shame that Democrats, Liberals and Progressives are sane. We need one good nut to end people like Carlson. Maybe he can get hit by space junk or a bus!

  25. We won’t be fooled again. Or will we?

  26. Hey Tucker, I think you should do your moral duty and offer yourself up as a human shield for American troops, not that it would do much good….but at least you could say “I tried”.

  27. Why does a lone voice calling for the annihilation of Iran bother this writer so much? Iran calls for the annihilation of Israel, a country of almost 8 million people, on a daily basis. Is it because Iran is 10x bigger than Israel that those 8 million people do not count as calling for Genocide?

    A lone politician needs to clean up his game but in Iran the entire countries governing body needs to clean up theirs.

    Side Note: I wish only peace for Iran and its people. I hope war can be avoided.

  28. Criley
    If that country took the lives of 700,00 in one day, and more throughout the years…not saying Iran is that great, but Israel “home” of those 8 mil doesnt deserve to be given a badge of honor by the whole world every second and get its butt kissed by Obama day and night, honestly if you massacre people so much you shouldnt ve running your mouth.

    Read mornings In Jenin. By Susan Abulhawa

  29. *700,000
    Slaughtered, or exiled. More were slaughtered. Day of the Deir Yassin massacre was the same day Israel was created

  30. Oh my Elle, you’re talking about the people killed or exiled during and after the 6 day war. The day after Israel declared itself independent the Arab states invaded. Did you expect Israel to just lay down and die? They fought and they won the war as they have every other war. I know Arab governments and possibly yourself wanted a different outcome, but if they wanted to live maybe they should not have attacked. Send them a letter maybe Israel will apologise to you for their victory.

  31. I wonder why they invaded on the day they became a state, the Palestinians were exiled. Thats why other countries invaded.

    How can you say that?! If their Christian and Muslim brother and sisters are being slaughtered and exiled and raped they have every right to invade, and its JUSTIFIED. Israel just decides to squat and then murder everyone that isnt a Jew or zionist or both. Excuse me for being with the Human rights side.

    If we wantedto live?! We were there! May 15 1948 just chilling then soldiers come ransacking every village killing whomever, then pushing out the rest, thats the day Israel was ‘created’. Ya how noble. Talk about human rights. No wonder Folke Bernadotte wanted to stop it, he caught wind of the plan and then assasinated.

    Do not tell me Palestine didnt exist beforre. My Sido was born 1900 exactly, waaaaay before any zionists. He lived through the Nakba, through the Intifada and every war except the massacre in Jenin. AND, anne frank wrote in her diary that after the Holocaust she wanted to go to PALESTINE and become a nurse.

  32. Read mornings In Jenin. By Susan Abulhawa


    also see

    One reason we are all not on the side of the Pals is that in 1948 they were given a state, and then as the years went by lost most of it to Israel by bad manuvering and attacking it when they could have prospered by living at peace with it.

  34. Given a state in 1948?!

    You need to reread the facts. Why do we call it the Catastrophe? Because the land of our forefathers was taken, exiled from our villages and massacred. Then they stated Israel as a land with no people for a people with no land. Wtf thats denying centuries of history. The first people of Palestine were Balistiniyun, my ancestors. Like who did the land belong to, hm? My Sido Mahmoud that’s who! Welll yea, it actually did. Ahem, anyway, Your “facts” are inconclusive with history, you’re messing with my family
    Believe me life was fine til ww1 ended. Then the Brits who took us over peed their pants from the Jewish terrorist gangs rebelling against them as if they cared about Palestine before that. After the rebellions and then the Holocaust it was official, kill the Arabs they took your land *low whisper* even though they lived here longer than you! Theyre Muslim terrorists who herd sheep and want to destroy us. David G. First Prez of Israel said that after the Nakba the “old Arab will die and the young will forget” .

    Lol this is like when you said the Tutsis came into Rwanda and were favored by the government. Lmfao they were the same people, same neighborhoods same history, some were just taller and lighter than the other. The Hutus massacred them, and um yea. Lol thats your explaination for everything. They were given something but they were bad so they took it back and killed them for it. Yea, makes perfect sense. Thats probably why Christopher Colombus killed and enslaved some many Natives. He gave them the Anericas and they ruined it.

  35. Because we can’t yet do time travel, we are all dependant on what we read for our info. Maps are a good thing to look at, such as those comparing Israel as it was established vs. Israel now. There has been an exchange of atrocities on both sides of this.

    Ask yourself, is it really wise to destroy Israel? It might come in handy one of these days. I read things by arabs saying leave it alone it is a source of employment. My elders thought it would be overwhelmed by the demographics of the area.

    I have met a number of Native Americans in the workplace. Sensible, hardworking sober people. There is also apparently a set of them who stew in resentment and booze, quarreling with other tribes over fishing rights, etc.

    Resentment is a waste of time imho. The Pals deserved better leadership. Muslims have also undermined their credibility by doing massacres in other places round the world. When there is something going on they don’t like, they simply attack or kill a bunch of innocent people and think it has furthered their cause. Burn that train!

  36. What if at the end of ww2 the Gs and the Js had taken a Palestinian attitude and down through the years had been hurling bombs at churches, train stations etc. in revenge for the innocent dead at Dresden and Hiroshima? Would there be prosperity now in Germany or Japan? Would we buy their cars, study their systems, etc.?

    What if the rebels in the US civil war had gone up into the hills as some of their officers suggested to Lee, to “harrass the yankees for 1000 years”? Lee said no, peace would be difficult but peace was worth it.

  37. A Palestinian attitude as one that is violent and evil? Omg How is it that a person can judge every Palestinian by Hamas or kids throwing stones? A Palestinian take on world domination, you’re gonna say that next.

    Anon. I don’t like you. In fact, I hate you and your ugly closedmindedness, but I’m not gonna kill you. I know people who hate other things but they dont kill or attack them. So shut your lying mouth, ok :D?

    Anon, there are benefits to everything, but for many things, the cons are far greater than the pros. Alcohol for example. Red wine is good for the heart but is it worth drinking when it can do damage to you and the people around you? A lying sh*thead of a country who won’t tell their children the obvious fact that Palestinians are both Christian and Muslimis a danger to society. Killing Muslims is probably fine to you, but killing Christians and threatening them, why Israelis do it all the time. In Arabic we say,”ma behimhom.” it doesn’t even cross their minds. Murder is like breathing to them. And Yeah, i say we at least give OUR land back. Sho wtf should we give it back? Seriously? You’d think its helpfulto the US. How? It takes our tax money to fund their already rich as hell government and army, uses our money to ‘renovate’ our old houses and turn them into their dreamhomes. C’mon. Then they deliberatley lie to the world and say Palestinians are treated wonderfully and are met with animosity because were what ungrateful…. Like WTF, IF YOUR SQUATTING ON THE LAND FOR YEARS PLOTTING TO TAKE OVER BEING TERRORISTS AND THEN KILLING AND EXILING A PEOPLE BCUZ THEYRE GENTILES AND HAD LIFE GOOD HERDING AND PLANTING AND I JUST, UGH! idk Pro Nazi weirdos said the same thing, it could all have a benefit. Whats the benefit if thousands are dying? Because of their race? Religion? You know, any Jew that is not European is treated unfairly there? Arab jews are apparently scum to them, Black Jews too. And were the prejudice ones. LOL. the Quran says Palestine will be oppressed, and freed one day. So far the Quran was right about a lot. It’s coming. Lol kal its beneficial. My Palestinian butt it is.

  38. This red wine you’re talking about. Have you been drinking any of it by chance?

  39. Haha you’re cute Anon, no this is lucidity. Claroty. You should try it sometime

    Lol youre the one who made up facts about Rwanda.

  40. Clarity

  41. Claroty? What vintage is that? I didn’t make up facts about Rwanda, I read something of course.

  42. What if the Mexicans continually harrassed Texas, Calif, etc. with bombs and massacres, trying to get their territories lost in war, returned?

    What if the whole world returned to thousands of warring tribes killing each other constantly? Several places seem to have sunk to that level. The Spanish tribes were in that mode when the moors landed on them.

  43. So it’s okay to just steal and massacre? Plus this is very sacred land. Palestine, Mt Sinai and the olive trees and fig trees that grow there are everywhere in the Quran.
    Surat Al Teen (the fig, mount sinai, the olive, and the sacred trusted land)
    Surat Al mu’minoon (mount sinai, olives)
    Surat Mariam(mount sinai)

    Those are the ones I can think of right now. But you’re saying let’s repeat history and not give a crap? Let themstew? Let them die? Oh, theyre not American or Christian or Jewish, why bother. Were fudging people you twit, i think Native Americans should be allowed land back, recognition, Colombus’s story to stop being taught to kids, you know, the fake one? And people should actually learn about Palestinians and their history. God Bless the Turkish and Latin Americans, they love Palestinia, that’s what they call it.

  44. The Turks are supposedly right now killing and harrasing Kurds and Armenians as usual. Why are they held up as the guide for anything.

    I have the advantage of having watched the Pals for years. I was disgusted by the greenhouses story. From time to time Israel, and other nations, would make concessions, the Pals mooch off the charity of the internationl community, wailing nonsense and stealing funds. We fire rockets but they are little rockets, hardly killing anyone. My sympathy evaporated long ago.

    By and by their umbrage looks out of proportion, foolish, a scam. The Israelis look different, but quite as atrocious.

    Why should they maintain greenhouses when the rest of the world shells out for them? They are like bad teenagers who won’t leave home and go to work.

    Have also read that the brave Pal jihadists hog most of the food and goodies for themselves. After all, can’t eat rage.

    The leadership has always been wicked and stupid there. Supposedly there is a new crew of intelligent non violent people trying to make a dent.

    What if every time you went to the mall or a pizza parlor in Calif. you had to wonder if Mexicans were going to bomb the place? Or Amerindians, or AAs? Most of those wronged in the past have turned away from rage and resentment and to constructing their own propserity.

    What I am saying is that at some point rage should die and be replaced by sense, by striving, by mature efforts at improvement.

    Sacred land? All land is sacred. Or none is.

  45. Arlington is the estate of Robt. E. Lee. Why haven’t his descendants mounted a terror campaign to recover their property? Why don’t they stand on the steps of the capitol waving a set of keys?

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