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Asra Nomani, Tarek Fatah and Zuhdi Jasser: ‘Please! Pretty Please Spy on Me!’

6 March 2012 Loonwatch.com 12 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Asra Nomani, Tarek Fatah and Zuhdi Jasser: ‘Please! Pretty Please Spy on Me!’

Asra Nomani
Tarek Fatah and Zuhdi Jasser have ridden in on their clown car to rally in support of being “spied on” by the NYPD. Using their “Muslim” cards they have either written in support of, or participated in a rally in solidarity with the NYPD’s secret surveillance. Such endless stupidity knows no bounds, and is not limited to Muslims. Self-hating loons are part of every culture and faith. (We have already written about why the NYPD surveillance is deceptive, wrong-headed, immoral and ineffective, so no need for us to repeat ourselves here.)

The loons agree with each other, being “Muslim” or “Muslim like” is enough just cause to infringe on the civil liberties of all Muslims. For these loons, being Muslim is enough of a reason to be accompanied by undercover agents on whitewater rafting trips, to have your mosque infiltrated, to have a who’s-who of ‘Muslamic’ eateries profiled. For these loons the tricky fact that this deceptive surveillance is probably illegal is to be ignored at all cost.

(Have you ever wondered what interesting terroristic tidbits those gum-shoe NYPD infiltrators gathered at, say, Habib Restaurant in Newark? I can just imagine:

Muslim patron of Habib Restaurant: This shawerma sandwhich is the bomb!

NYPD undercover agent jotting down in notebook: ”Stealth food Jihad!!??” I saw this on the Third Jihad that we watched in an endless loop for months! Check with Ray Kelly.)

It’s okay they say, go ahead and cast a pal of suspicion over the whole Muslim community. They  are essentially telling Bloomberg, Kelly, etc.:

“Look at us masta’. We da good Mooslims. You spy on us, entrap us, bomb us wid’ yo bombs, it’s otay.”

The loons’ rally attracted 20 or so supporters and…*gasp*…Rep.Peter King. Whodathunkit? The fact that IRA supporting Peter King would stand with the very same non-expert neo-Con witness he called at his McCarthyesque witch-hunt trials and declare, “you are the real face of Islam in America” is so shocking (note: thinly-veiled sarcasm).

Oh yes, Sheikh Peter King is now pontificating on who the “real” Muslims are. You are a real Muslim if you align yourself with the right-wing, agree with your community being spied on, (thereby undermining every citizens civil liberties), agree with the over-exaggerated “homegrown terrorism” threat, agree with entrapment, agree with the Greater Islamophobia of “bombing, invading and occupying” Muslim majority nations.

Lets continue the myth, they say, that Muslims have not cooperated with law enforcement and are not doing enough to condemn terrorism.(Even though over 40% of all tips regarding potential Muslim terrorists come from Muslims). This will finally convince those Tea Partiers that Asra loves at theTennessee Freedom Coalition that real Islam is in fact a religion that should be afforded the guarantees of “religious freedom,” and not as they say, a 1400 year old political-fascist-totalitarian-cult threatening to overtake Christianity and “Islamize” the USA.

Asra in her Daily Beast article, Why NYPD Monitoring Should Be Welcome News to Muslims didn’t limit herself to attacking and libeling Muslims, in fact her words will comfort Colombians particularly,

“just as we need to track the Colombian community for drug trafficking and the Ku Klux Klan for white extremists, I believe we should monitor the Muslim community”

As one astute commenter on her article noted,

The Colombian community should be just as offended as the Muslims at being directly compared to the KKK which is by definition a gang of white extremists.

Nomani of course sees no problem, Colombians and Muslims are just like the KKK in her mind, and that is the true face of self-hating loons.

The sparse number of pro-surveillance and pro-anti-Muslim indoctrination ralliers indicates that most American Muslims are overwhelmingly opposed to the NYPD’s bigoted indoctrination of its officers as well as the warrantless surveillance of Muslims. An opposition that is born not just out of their recent plight, being cast as “today’s enemy,” but out of a consistency of principal; no one should be profiled based simply on religion or race, no group should endure warrantless surveillance.

One can imagine that in a not too distant future, these very same self-hating loons, eager to be profiled and spied on, will also be saying, “please, please intern me, somebody, please intern me!”


  1. la ialah ill ALLAH muhammadur rasol ALLAH

  2. … And this is why my following Mr. Fatah’s page is in the past tense. Putting this into another context, it would be akin to a Japanese-American signing up to build internment camps for others of his or her community during World War II.

  3. this just goes to show what these loons would do for 15 sec. of fame.

  4. From Asra’s column: “The last 15 years of battling extremism in our Muslim community has revealed one truth: mosques and Muslim organizations are institutional spaces used by Muslims intent on criminal activity, not much unlike the pews of a Catholic church or a Godfather’s Pizza might be the secret meeting spot for members of the Italian mafia.”

  5. As an Italian, I resent that. What’s wrong with this woman and the bizarre ideas she holds? Did she learn about islam from movies only?

  6. These border line muslims know nothing about islam…they are bunch of idiots trying to ignite hatred and discrimination by supporting big time racists of so called free society.

  7. Yeah, Tarek Fateh and his ilk are just ahiests you happened to be born muslim. I attended one their meeting once and I was horrified. They were attempting to make Islam something which it is not.

  8. As a Torontonian, I know about Tarek Fateh’s antics better than a lot of outsiders. I’ve come to realise that publicity whores like that only thrive when you give them publicity. If the entire Muslim community collectively ignores him and his ilk, that would be a gigantic slap on the face for them. Kind of like how that dim-wit pastor in Florida became an overnight celebrity because of all those Muslims acting like jackasses over his “desecration” of the Qur’an.

  9. Islam requires thought, so no one is born Muslim (Ibn Hazm disagrees but most separate fitrah and safety from hellfire as children from being Muslim which requires active submission etc.). The chaos caused by individuals with Islamic or ethnic names confused as Islamic needs to be nipped in the bud. People need to stop being scared to disown mubtadieen who speak blatant kufr and say and act like they are not because they get support from non-Muslims.

  10. Great observation Seth. So many promoters of kufr nonsense use the “I am a Muslim” card just because they were born into Muslim families, as though that gives them any credibility. I’d like to say to them, “Your background is Muslim? Awesome, but your beliefs aren’t, so what you’re saying holds no weight.”

  11. to be muslim is not mean you will go to paradise or avoid hell.

  12. The problem is the people who think that being a “good Muslim” means you’re a passive idiot who pretends to be loyal to Western policies and considers any Muslim who stands up for Muslim interests to be a “bad, evil, terrorist and not a real Muslim.”

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