Tuesday, May 18, 2021   

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Pamela Geller: Obama’s Gay Transgender Prostitute Nanny Led to Sandra Fluke’s Rampant Promiscuity

Pamela Geller: Obama’s Gay Transgender Prostitute Nanny Led to Sandra Fluke’s Rampant Promiscuity

by Charles Johnson (LGF)

Tonight, right wing heroine Pamela Geller continues spewing twisted sexual hatred at Sandra Fluke, in yet another BOMBSHELL post about a ridiculously lurid article in British tabloid The Daily Mail: BOMBSHELL: PRESIDENT OBAMA’S GAY TRANSGENDER PROSTITUTE NANNY!!!!! – Atlas Shrugs.

I don’t even know what to say about this one. It’s so far into the Tinfoil Zone, you’ll only hurt your brain if you try to make sense of her weird attempt at “connecting the dots.”

Is it any wonder that Obama is calling Sandra Fluke to congratulate her on her rampant promiscuity?

This, too, shaped the worldview of the post-American president.

And as usual, Pamela Geller’s commenters take the prize for the Most Disgusting Troglodytes on the Internet:

I can just picture Evie busting a nut in little ObaMao’s high chair tray and watching him dip a cookie in it.

Keith Mahone (aka Charles Martel)

Posted by: Keith Mahone (aka Charles Martel) | Monday, March 05, 2012 at 02:42 PM


  1. not enough lithium….

  2. LOL..she gets crazier an crazier. It’s time for another mental evaluation.

  3. I know these aren’t good thoughts, but I really wish someone would push her off a cliff.

  4. twilight zone.

  5. Oh that’s how! Way to stay classy Pam!

  6. Waste of precious oxygen and space.

  7. facelift gone bad

  8. What Fricken Planet is she from?????????????????

  9. Tinfoil Zone! Exactly!

  10. Worse than the twilight zone….omgeez, I wish I had a huge needle syringe full of tranquilizers and then I say “night night crazy guy/girl” to Geller, and then give her the shot….and put her crazy butt in the asylum, where she belongs!!!

  11. Hahaha! That’s good shit right there. I thought the nanny was an alien hermaphrodite with a conjoined Mexican gay twin. I feel duped.

  12. Pamela Geller is the devil, she is one of the biggest haters in the world, I really wish she would just go away, and if any of you say anything positive about islam on her page, you will get blocked, because she wont let the truth me told!

  13. At least she wasn’t a Muslim (or else that would have been mentioned)

  14. sick

  15. You gotta admit this lady is fucking stupid.

  16. so… confused…

  17. Pamela Geller is a racist prat!

  18. who is Pam Geller?

  19. Biblical Jesus.. A Jihadist?

    “But those enemies of mine who did not want me to be king over them–bring them here and kill them in front of me.'”

    Luke 19:27

  20. she makes my head hurt every time I pay the least bit of attention to anything that spews from her face…

  21. fucking stupid is an understatement hun. truly there are no words to describe pamela’s outright ignorance and arrogance… :/

  22. Why give these people acknowledgement?

  23. Ignorance? Arrogance? I’m not psychologist but sometimes I wondered about Geller’s sanity.

  24. wow, just the title makes my head hurt.

  25. What I’m having a hard time understanding is why it is even shared! Why? How does it further the purpose of this page? Seriously thinking about “UnLike”ing the page.

  26. Every time I see any picture of this woman, I can’t help but think she just LOOKS evil! I think if I ran across her in a dark ally I’d pee my pants;-)

  27. … what? Pamela… please, cut back on the drugs. You’re only making your inevitable self-destruction sadder and more pathetic.

  28. Why even post it then?

  29. Another episode of life in LooneyLand. Brought to you by ACME!

  30. This headline… What.. What happened to journalism?

  31. as much as I hate to admit it I admire her creativity because you can only make the shit up that comes out of her mouth!

  32. What the devil…?

  33. The people who read and follow her must be just as crazy. The zmciwaardice and ignorance of some Americans post 9/11 amazes me. The RW thrives on hate Geller is insane!

  34. Connect her with someone at Mental Health Hospital.

  35. The true death of journalism march, 6th 2012

  36. Nice photo juxtaposition. 🙂

  37. Definitely in the tinfoil/radio signals in your fillings zone.

  38. People have been committed for a lot less. Wonder if she owns a gun?

  39. Just the kind of rhetoric we have come to expect from Atlas Jugs!

  40. She needs more money for another facelift and more Botox. It is their way.

  41. Whitney, Pam Geller is a darling of the right, often appearing on Fox News. She’s a blogger who has one of the most hateful sites on the Internet. You now know all you really need to know about Atlas Jugs.

  42. Lily, it is shared here because Geller is one of the biggest and loudest Islamophobes in the country. This would be the place to call her out on her nonsense. Otherwise, she is put on Fox News as if everything she says is factual, which could not be further from the truth!

  43. Must have involved the Girl Scouts.

  44. This doesn’t really have to do with Islamophobia, but I’ll let it go because it’s just so insane. xD

  45. …what

  46. Is her fame clock stuck at 14 minutes – enough already!

  47. Kerry Rottenstein – I’m well aware of Geller and her histrionic personality disorder and overt bigotry, but everyone may not be. Your comment still didn’t answer my question about why share this particular post!?! I don’t see how this particular post helps to expose her Islamophobia.

    While I defend Geller’s 1st amendment right to spew her brand of insanity I don’t care to feed her need for attention. I’m also concerned about maintaining the credibility of the groups I support. Perhaps when posting Ms. Geller’s trash it would be a good idea to include a comment to identify Pamela for who she is and why we care what she says. IMHO _/|_

  48. Wahaha! “Tinfoil zone.” They are beyond understanding.

  49. I really do not understand what the point of this article is? Is that mean woman transgendered? She used to be a man? Was Obama’s nanny a man? Since this was in a tabloid it is all NOT true right?

  50. Is this garbage supposed in some way justify Limbaugh’s sexist attack on Sandra Fluke? By accusing her of “rampant promiscuity”? It’s astonishing the depths they will go to.

  51. What does this have to do with islamphobia?

  52. is this like uri sister and she is bending spoons now?

  53. You know, there are some people who are like Slinky’s. Completely worthless, but fun to push them down the stairs. that’s this lady for sure.

  54. Good grief what morons.

  55. What the hell?

  56. OMG I thought this was a joke! Then I realized it was for real. Good grief!

  57. wtf? that person is an idiot.

  58. So utterly foolish.

  59. She’s so far right, that you’ll find her on your left. That being said, no doubt this song says alot about her and her ilk:


  60. This nut needs mentel help.

  61. will the extreme right ever be silenced…

  62. Her words disgust me. Like she’s filthy.

  63. say what?????

  64. This would be funny if it wasn’t so crazy stupid.

  65. Is the “tabloid” owned by Murdock?

  66. Pamela needs some anger control measures and get circumcised.

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