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Bigots resume offensive against Murfreesboro Islamic Center

10 March 2012 General 10 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

MURFREESBORO — With an April 25 court hearing drawing near in the fight over mosque construction here, foes of the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro’s plans are taking the battle regional.

The move comes amid heightened concerns about New York Police spying on Muslims and as the number of mosques increases nationally.

But while the court issue next month will focus on whether Rutherford County provided ample public notice for the 2010 meeting in which county planners approved the mosque site plan, opponents remain focused on a religious conflict, sounding a warning about the perceived spread of Islam and the damage they believe it will do to American society.

“This is not a Muslim-bashing deal. I don’t have any problem with Muslims. It’s Islam that’s causing it,” Kingdom Ministries pastor Darrel Whaley told a crowd of about 70 people last Tuesday at the Cannon County Senior Citizen Center.

Whaley warned the group that Woodbury and Cannon County are part of the area the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro plans to cover, based on a 2010 posting on the ICM’s website. It’s one of several counties surrounding Rutherford where Whaley said he hopes to deliver the message.

The minister told the crowd he was glad some Muslims felt free enough to attend the event and noted that when he preaches each Sunday at his Walter Hill church, not everyone is going to agree. “They’ve got that right,” he said.

Yet when the former president of the ICM tried to address the crowd to refute “misconceptions” later in the event following presentations by attorneys Joe Brandon and Tom Smith, Whaley refused to let him speak.

“I came here to say open our hearts to each other,” Ahmed Elsayed said, turning to the audience and pleading for the opportunity to speak. “We want to have mutual respect.”

One man in the audience argued that he had served in the military to help maintain the right to free speech and that Elsayed should be allowed to speak. Another Woodbury resident, Fay Knox, pointed out that he should be heard because the group’s application to use the senior citizen termed it “a debate” between two lawyers.


  1. Bigots: that term is used a lot. Question: What do you call Muslims in various parts of the world that refuse to allow Christian churches to be built in their towns or even countries? Do you call them Bigots or is there another name for them?

  2. Hey criley401, this isn’t a part of the world where people aren’t free to build the churches they want. This is America. America is better than countries that ban religions and religious garb and churches and what-have-you. To even try and excuse that kind of behavior is bigotry.

  3. this is why huge portions of people throughout the world have a negative view of Christianity!!! remember this little part of the bible that says Thou Shalt Not Judged, Less Thee Be Judge By The Same Merit!!! This nation was created with a separation of church and state with every citizen having the in-allienable right to practice their religion in our country void of public pressure!!! Stop Islamiphobia in its tracks Now, before our country show more of its close minded bigoted colors!!!

  4. This situation makes me want to move to MURFREESBORO, TN. I think the more an area protests a mosque being built, the more Muslims should move into that area.

    As an American-Muslim originally from Alabama, I’d like them to know we are people just like them… who simply chose to worship God as a Muslim. The Muslim way of life is extremely similar to how the Christians are described in the their old Testament. It is just ignorance about Islam and what we believe that makes these people fear Muslims. We must be patient but persistent just as the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) did.

  5. We came get away from our redneck idiotic uneducated imams. We were told freedom and now we have to deal with your redneck uneducated preachers. You blame us for fuckers on our side we hate? how is that logical? Just because we have some jackasses doesn’t mean its ok for you to be a jackass. Ever heard of ” two wrongs don’t make a right”?

  6. Our jackasses are more under control than your jackasses.

  7. They say Islam is anti American, well so are you because you are keeping someone from freely practicing there religion

  8. You are also perhaps making the error of thinking that what theocracy needs is better people running it. No such thing. Under theocratic rule you will not “submit to Allah”, you will submit to some jerk who thinks he is Allah, or speaks for Allah. You will submit or else.

    An old Spaniard may have rejoiced at the expulsion of the moors and jews and only to find himself in the clutches of the Inquisition.

  9. Besides, the awful discrimination practiced against minorities is not the work of a few jackasses, it is the society, the law in some places. Christians cannot build new churches nor repair old ones, and unapproved muslims and tribes are casually murdered or driven out.

    Muslims will cleanse their territories of “impure” persons.

  10. Adam we are in America, but that does not mean that the actions of Muslims over the various parts of the world are not inconsequencel to what goes on in the United States or that it does not affect people views of Muslims in general. Muslims do some pretty scary things all over the world. They do these things not only to non Muslims but to Muslims themselves if they disagree with them. It is true that many of these actions are being committed by a minority of Muslims but it is a vocal minority that seems to be much louder than the peaceful majority. People have a right to be concerned and express the fears they have in terms of speech and even opposition to the building of a Mosque. Of course Muslims have a right to build Mosques and their rights will be maintained by our government and the majority of our citizenry. Not everyone who disagrees or protests is a bigot but the fears they have are valid to themselves and to others, those fears need to be addressed in a positive way or there will always be friction. That includes peoples in other countries, most people are good people but fear and worry will cause people to act in ways they would normally avoid. Calling people names solves nothing active listening and some proactive problem solving go a long way to helping people get along.

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