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Woman beaten and taunted as she wore hijab

10 March 2012 General 60 Comments Email This Post Email This Post
Helen Doran

Helen Doran

A young Muslim student was punched in the face and racially taunted as she walked down a Dublin street wearing a head scarf.

A Dublin mother (23) has been convicted for assaulting the young Libyan, who was rescued by a passing motorist who stopped and helped her home.

Helen Doran’s victim was wearing a traditional Muslim hijab or head scarf. Doran followed her across a road after assaulting her and continued to shout racist insults at her.

Doran, of Castlecurragh Vale in Mulhuddart, admitted before Blanchardstown District Court to assaulting a 20-year-old Libyan student on November 2 last year.

Judge Anthony Halpin sentenced Doran to three months in prison, suspended for one year.

Garda Sergeant Maria Callaghan said the victim was walking along Castlecurragh Road when two men and a woman approached her.

The victim had just attended a FAS course and was putting credit into her mobile phone.

The sergeant said the woman was wearing a traditional Muslim head scarf, and Doran and her accomplices started taunting her.

The court heard one of the men grabbed the woman’s mobile phone and Doran punched her in the face.

Sgt Callaghan said Doran repeatedly shouted racist slurs at the woman, who crossed the road to get away from her attacker.

However, Doran followed her across the road and continued to shout racist insults at her.

Sgt Callaghan said a motorist stopped and helped the victim, who later reported the matter to gardai.


Defence solicitor John O’Doherty said Doran, a married mum of one, had been drinking heavily and was on tablets.

Mr O’Doherty said Doran was completely ashamed of her behaviour and had never been in this kind of trouble before. He said she was under the influence of one of her accomplices at the time, and he is also before the courts.

Judge Halpin said Doran frightened the young woman and made her feel like a lesser person. He gave her a three- month suspended sentence.

– Eimear Cotter

Original post: Woman beaten and taunted as she wore hijab


  1. “He said she was under the influence of one of her accomplices at the time”

    Pussy Pass in action! Poor violent islamophobe woman can not be guilty of her own, there must always be some “bad man” behind her bad actions. Wonder who is the bad man behind Pamela Geller, she too must be some kind of poor innocent “lady”…

  2. *dislike

  3. *dislike

  4. when the people gonna change? stupids

  5. when the people gonna change? stupids

  6. why would someone do such a horrible thing?! :/

  7. why would someone do such a horrible thing?! :/

  8. sick

  9. sick

  10. instead of banning clothing “for their good”, let’s stop prejudice toward them and give them a real alternative to their abusive families (if their families are abusive)

  11. instead of banning clothing “for their good”, let’s stop prejudice toward them and give them a real alternative to their abusive families (if their families are abusive)

  12. 1st were blacks , now Muslims, ur turn will come soon assholes

  13. 1st were blacks , now Muslims, ur turn will come soon assholes

  14. People these days!! Very horrible and unacceptable on anyones part that would just start to taunt another ..We are all of one race…The HUMAN race..Start acting like one, and the world will be a better place

  15. I had thought about visiting Dublin because I have always liked Irish culture. So much for that idea.

  16. this is so stupid… who cares what someone else wears… as for “banning” the clothing… that’s even stupider…

  17. Harry
    Islam says daughters are the gates to Heaven for their families
    Hijab is just cloth on the head, like cloth on the body! Wtf is the difference?!


  19. shame, the Irish know what discrimination feels like. bloody hypocritical

  20. i believe the Muslims are the most people have been persecuted, for mistakes they never committed

  21. omg!! i hate hate!!

  22. Dislike.

  23. Are we ever going to get past all this hate and prejudice.

  24. sigh, she never did anything wrong. Poor girl

  25. I am so very sorry… :_((

  26. It’s a horrible thing that this stuff happens. But it’s good to be made aware of it, I don’t think like 70% of people out there are aware of how much hate and prejudice TRULY floats around “out there”, in the world.

  27. Don’t hate all of Ireland for the stupid actions of one drunk woman, then you’re no better than them that hate all Muslims for the stupid actions of one (or a few dozen) ignorant men. God willing someone will use this as a way to soften the hearts of haters and bigots and provide a means to bring even more Irish into the fold of Islam.

  28. That poor girl! Why would someone do that?!

  29. Dublin is horribly unfriendly to non Catholics. I saw a muslim guy get beat up in broad daylight for protesting discrimination. Very sad.

  30. A Christian pastor was sentenced to death in Iran

  31. Beaten if you do, beaten if you don’t. Live and let live, people! That makes Irish Catholics look bad.

  32. Dublin is a harsh place religiously, definitely.

  33. let me guess, the person who did that to her was just worried she was oppressed by wearing the hijab and wanted to free her from that oppression?

  34. The Brits need a stop drinking campaign. This is similar to the case where the Somali woman attacked the brit woman and her bf, all parties drunk, and the attackers not going to jail.

    Recently a drunken woman became separated from her compaions, was carried off and raped by muslim men there.

    Kate and William made an appearance at a non alchohol pub, good idea, spread that around.

  35. Bloody,bigoted,prejudiced,ignorant FOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Reading Maeve Binchey’s novels, I really loved Ireland.Now…………..

  36. That’s really REALLY awful… :'(

  37. Hey,it’s not the whole of any culture that does this idiotic shit!..So lets not paint in broad strokes..Not visit Ireland because of this?..I guess you shouldn’t go to any other country in the world for that matter?..Racial n religious intolerance is everywhere…as far as the people who did this?..I would like to see them suffer,,,but it is not Ireland…

  38. This is why I despise most of the human race….

  39. “He gave her a three- month suspended sentence.”

  40. Of course they’ll be hate in the British Isles because they’re overrunning towns. Sorry but it’s true. White people are either forced out or they live in a Muslim neighborhood where it used to be white 10 years ago.

  41. Yeah, what is it with all of the outs that she’s trying to take? I’m sorry, but first of all, no amount of ingestibles is going to cause you to feel any way that you didn’t already feel, and as for the peer pressure excuse: you’re a grown woman, and anyway, I’m sure your mother told you the same thing that mine did “If your friends jumped off a bridge…”

    Man up and admit that you’re a racist schmuck – I’d actually have a drop more respect for you.

  42. I’m very disappointed hear that. Most Dubliners are very gracious people, but nasty knackers are knuckle draggers and sadly, there’s not much they understand besides violence.

  43. Jeez, you’d think she was in “Southie”, for cryin’ out loud!

  44. “Muslim” and “White” are not mutually exclusive. Islam is a religion, not an ethnicity.

  45. Smfh People can be so ignorant

  46. Ignorance, prejudice, bigotry and hate know no boundaries. We certainly have our share in the US, unfortunately. Folks who have traveled extensively and are multi-lingual and multi-cultural tend to know better – or who at least READ about other belief systems and cultures.

  47. Why was the crazy b**** allowed to have her sentence of a measly 3 months suspended for a year? For her kid? Other people get their kids put into state care for less. Take away her kid, put her ass into jail for more than 3 months now. Why wasn’t she and her accomplices charged also with mugging the victim for her phone as well?

  48. If a non-Muslim do something is
    crime. But if a Muslim commit same..he is terrorist…So
    first remove this double standard…then come to the
    point..! I will say that this ignorant, insane and dumb woman is full of hate for muslims and nothing else..! Some would have preferred her been killed coz when a muslim dies it is creating peace therefore the world is peaceful without muslims..!

  49. Makes me ashamed to be of Irish descent.

  50. I wanna tell this Muslim girl: get a gun, the next time someone attacks you shoot them point blank in the face. Go ahead, call me violent and terrorist. I don’t give a sh*t anymore.

  51. Unacceptable.

  52. So, Emily, why weren’t the Somali women who attacked the Brit woman put in jail etc. The only one of these drunkards I’ve heard of put in jail is the woman who was cursing on a tram.

    They just put a man in jail for displaying hate lit in his home. UK is strange.

    Jihadwatch says 90 teenagers stoned in Iran for their dress and haircuts.

  53. Sorry, I mean they were stoned in Iraq, alarabiya has more on the story.

  54. Annon this is a tree forest issue in regards to crime and punishment as well as standards of conduct. People on these forums will talk about being ashamed of Irish heritage or whatever heritage they come from or they will be ashamed of being a nationality due to some ones behavior. How many times have you seen similar statements when confronted with Muslim issues such as 90 teens stoned for dressing EMO or Christian pastor given death sentence, 7000 Muslim clerics calling for the expulsion of all Christians from their country, 1 Christian church all that is remaining in a particular Muslim country, or any other number of actions perpetrated by Muslims or as a result of Islam’s aggressive nature in its efforts to be the only religion of choice in area in which the Majority is Islamic.

    It seems to be a mantra of ignore what Muslims do to others as those actions do not represent Islam, though the actions are committed by members of the Islamic Religion and seem to be comparable from country to country in which Muslims are dominate. Focus on bad things that happen to Muslims as it just proves that people are bigoted and Islamophobic.

    Question: what does the support of the death sentence for the Christian pastor by muslims in that country say about Muslims in that country?

    Question: What does the stoning of Emo Teens by Muslims say about Muslims in that country?

    Question: What does the calling of expulsion of all christians from a country by 7000 Muslim religious leaders say about those Muslims?

    Question: what does the burning down of churches and not allowing churches to show crosses or for new churches to be built say about the Muslims in that country?

    Question: What does it say about a country that used to have many Christian churches now having only one active Christian congregation left in the entire country say about the Muslims in that country?

    Please do not give me that they are govenment policies not Muslim policies, none of these governments could succeed without Muslim support amd the actions taken are meant to appease the Muslim population which must have sympathy for the actions as they are not protesting against them.

  55. I am an Irish Muslim. I never had a problem here in Dublin. I travel to the West of Ireland without any problems. Its disgraceful what happened to this poor girl. The woman who punched her is not representative of Irish people. She would punch anyone, she is a drug/alcohol addict. If you dont want to visit Ireland, its your loss, its a great country with great people. But I hope you do, it is the land of 100,000 welcomes after all 🙂

  56. Yes, criley, you are correct. I do say muslims are supporting all this, passively if not actively, just as white southerners supported the Klan.

    If bad behavior is ignored and free speech is crushed, there is no hope of solving problems.

    I blame muslims plenty. When I first started reading muslim sites, there was much more resistance to discussing problems.

  57. That list of questions you have up there tells me that the muslims involved are afraid of Christianity and Christians, they have Christophobia! shame, shame!

  58. I noticed a lot of these types of attacks are done under the influence of alcohol. When a person becomes drunk they lose self control. This woman may not have done this if she wasn’t drunk, but it shows that she has deep resentment that came out physically when she got drunk. A perfect example of why the Quran forbids alcohol. The sin outweighs the benefits.

  59. I noticed that my questions were not addressed by people in this forum.

  60. I addressed them, I said it showed a fear of Christianity and Christians.

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