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Greater Islamophobia Alert: US Soldier Goes on Rampage, Murders 16 Afghan Civilians

12 March 2012 Loonwatch.com 5 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Greater Islamophobia Alert: US Soldier Goes on Rampage, Murders 16 Afghan Civilians

We are told that in Afghanistan they only get upset when the occupying forces “burn Korans.” The protests, we are told, have nothing to do with the bombing and murdering of innocent civilians, you know the Greater Islamophobia.

Now we have one more instance of a soldier liquidating the lives of innocent Muslim civilians in a clearly premeditated fashion. How much do you want to bet he gets off scott free or with a suspended sentence like the last guy?

Afghans killed in rampage by US soldier

(AlJazeera English)

Sixteen Afghan civilains including three women and nine children have been shot dead in their homes by a rogue US soldier in a pre-dawn rampage.

President Hamid Karzai condemned the slaughter on Sunday as “unforgivable” and furiously demanded an explanation from Washington.

“When Afghan people are killed deliberately by US forces this action is murder and terror and an unforgivable action,” Karzai said in statement.

Senior US officials were scrambling to determine what caused the soldier to go on a shooting spree after leaving his base in southern Afghanistan, apparently heavily-armed and carrying night-vision equipment.

Officials confirmed that the soldier was being detained in Kandahar and that the military was treating at least five wounded.

One US official said the soldier, an Army staff sergeant, was believed to have acted alone and that initial reports indicated he returned to the base after the shooting and turned himself in.

Gen. John Allen, the top US commander in Afghanistan, issued a statement pledging a “rapid and thorough investigation” into the shooting spree, and said the soldier will remain in US custody.

The US embassy in Kabul sent out an alert to its citizens in Afghanistan warning that as a result of the shooting “there is a risk of anti-American feelings and protests in coming days”.

An AFP news agency reporter at the scene of the killings counted the bodies of 16 people. In one house, an elderly woman screamed: “May God kill the only son of Karzai, so he feels what we feel.”

The shootings come at a particularly sensitive and critical time for the US, just as violence over the burning of Muslim holy books at a US base was starting to calm down. At least 41 people were killed in the violence.

Al Jazeera’s Bernard Smith, reporting from Herat, said the soldier entered three houses near the base and opened fire on civilians.

“We are now being told by the police sources that the US soldier left his base at three o clock this morning. It would have been pitch-black wherever he walked,” he said.

“The soldier went through three separate houses, shooting at people as they slept in their beds. After the soldier shot these people, he turned himself in.”

“It is frankly disastrous. It is not just a disaster for the people who were murdered and killed in their houses, it is disaster for the country I suspect,” our correspondent said.

Najeeb Azizi, a Kabul-based Afghan analyst, said the shooting will have deep repercussions on the already tenuous relations with the US.

“It is a very tragic incident in particular because the Afghan and US governments are trying to sign a strategic agreement for a long term,” he said.

“A very bad message the Afghan people are getting – that if US military remains in Afghanistan beyond 2014 and their attitude and behaviour remains the same – of killing innocent civilians- what will be the consequences, and how will the Afghan people respond to it.”


  1. Alas for the innocent civilians, the Taliban and the mobs massacre them – about 30 were killed in the recent Koran burning hooha – and now this crazy man.

  2. I liked the answer of this German Muslim scholar when he was asked about terrorism and Islam : He said : Who started the first world war ? Muslims ? Who started the second world war ? Muslims ? Who killed about 20 millions of Aborigines in Australia ? Muslims ?? Who sent the nuclear bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki ? Muslims ?? Who killed more than 100 millions of Indians in North America ? Muslims ?? Who killed more than 50 millions of Indians in south America ? Muslims ?? Who took about 180 millions of African people as slaves and 88% of them died and was thrown in Atlantic ocean ? Muslims ?? No , They weren’t Muslims!!! First of all, You have to define terrorism properly… If a non-Muslim do something bad..it is crime. But if a Muslim commit same..he is terrorist… So first remove this double standard…then come to the point!!! ,

    And as An American, I am ashamed to even admit to living here anymore 🙁 Not all of us are as bad as the fools in the military. I feel that they do not even need to be over there in other countries sticking their noses in other peoples business. I am so sorry for the loss of the innocent people that are killed on a daily basis… May Allah watch over them and the families find some peace somehow..

  3. If you are ashamed to live in US by all means go to Yemen or some other Islamic paradise.

    After the horrors of history, the world has achieved some peace. But it could turn into a tribal hellhole on the muslim model.

  4. Cindy I do not understand your attitude. Our military does not consist of fools, though they do have to follow some foolish policies. I am not ashamed of being an American regardless of what appears in papers all over the world. Our Military does not hate Muslims, but in the course of a war people get killed, which is why most think its better over there than over here. As to this soldier, he is a murderer. He was not following orders, his actions were not sanctioned and he deserves prison or the death penalty. If you want to call him a terrorist then go ahead. The man, however, has no philosophy, he has no set of stated goals, his violence was random and not thought through very well. As a result I do not think he is a terrorist as much as he simply had a breakdown and now needs to be tried for his crimes even if he is simply crazy. It would not bother me if Afghanistan tried him or if the U.S. tried him as his crimes warrant death or detention for the rest of his life. Of course I also believe that those who killed people over the Koran burnings also deserve prison or worse for their behaviors.

  5. @Criley, I love how you justify the US massacring as nothing more but collateral damage. In the same behavior, those lost in 9/11 or any other attacks were nothing but collateral damage. And if we apply the same theory, then the US army is a terrorist as well. Islamic attacks were but an attempt to move the battle from the Islamic lands over to the enemy land.

    @Anon, I don’t see why you sarcastically mention “Yemen” or any other Arabic countries, I have lived in Saudi Arabia, on the borders of Yemen, I can tell you without any doubts, that I have never seen a gunfire or anything similar at all. It is indeed a paradise, and I have seen nothing but positivity from everywhere.

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