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Muslim Day Care Closes For Day, Over Protest From Christian Group

12 March 2012 General 16 Comments Email This Post Email This Post


by Chris Smith

Ballwin, Mo.-Parental Concern Closes Muslim Day Care School Over Protest Christian Group. The Al-Salam Day School closed its doors Friday.  A Christian group planned to gather at the Muslim school.  Parents were so concerned about safety for their kids, the principal cancelled classes.

Members of the group, Reclaiming Missouri for Christ, rejected the word “protest” as a description for their plans Friday.  They called it Christian outreach.  They planned to hand out literature about Muslims who converted to Christianity.  Organizers said the gathering would be peaceful.

Many parents were worried the gathering would turn violent.  So, they kept their kids out of classes.  Ameen Ahmad did not get the letter from the principal.  He and his five-year-old son arrived to an empty building.  But, the father said he was not worried.

“If they want to say something, they’ll say it in a very peaceful manner.  So, I’m not concerned in that sense that somebody will harm my kid or somebody will harm me.”

Now, some might wonder why Al-Salam — of all the Muslim schools in the area — would close because of this gathering.  On the other side of the school is the Daar-ul-Islam Mosque, home to the Islamic Foundation of Greater St. Louis.  Also, Reclaiming Missouri planned to pass their literature out during midday prayers at the mosque.

St. Louis County Police planned to send an officer to make sure everyone was safe.


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Original post: Muslim Day Care Closes For Day, Over Protest From Christian Group


  1. My, do you think they would have driven a bomb laden car into the mosque grounds, murdering some Boy Scouts and women?

    You gotta admire the churches of Jos for staying open at all.

  2. Many people around the world go to their schools, markets and houses of worship in the certain knowledge that they might be blown up by their muslim neighbors.

  3. Get off the bomb kick would ya? Grow up and see all the hate that so called Christians are spreading on a daily basis. So fast to judge others instead of looking in their own closet full of skeletons, the so called Christians are the ones always trying to take over and brainwash everyone. You don’t see a Muslim knocking on your door asking to come in and force their belief down your throat like the Christians and Jehovah witnesses do.. What right does anyone have to set up a protest ( oh yea, gotta change the word just for them so you don’t call it what it truly is ) and go after Muslims AGAIN at a school?? Really? And you wonder where the hate really stems from…Open your eyes..

  4. It all depends on how this done. I can see this being done tastefully, or tastelessly. Stop jumping to conclusions.

  5. Keep away from preschoolers.. Where in the world do you find that tasteful to go and hand out papers to other peoples children?? Really? These kids are PRESCHOOL..I find that offensive and I do not even know those people, and for a preschool to have be closed down over this is just one more way to terrorize muslims.. NOT COOL

  6. I say let the Christians pass out their literature then the Muslims can pack up the Muslim pamphlets and go protest, I mean, “do some Muslim outreach” at their churches…I’m sure they’ll be very receptive.

  7. Tastefully? If the school shut down, the parents were evidently scared. How could that be tasteful? I agree with Cindy, they are terrorizing the Muslims and the school. I’m shocked that anyone finds this ok…

  8. eh…I wouldn’t call this Islamophobia…looks like there wasn’t any violence. Pressing pamphlets on toddlers is a little extreme though…

  9. Reclaiming Missouri for Christ? Really? And they claim it is not a protest. This is so far away from the Christianity that I know. These are not Christians. Please don’t paint us all with this brush. I find this terribly disturbing. The comment about handing Pamphlets (to children?) is a good point. I wish these self naming Christians would educate themselves better, not only on biblical principles but on the constitution of our nation as well. Shame on them.

  10. One more point….Christians “reach out” with the love of Christ in their hearts. This is not an outreach but a selfish reaction due to fear and ignorance. The more I hear of people behaving this way, the more outraged I become.

  11. I do not believe the object was the children as small children are almost always accompanied by adults. One can also look at the fact that children young cannot even read. This was simply an attempt to distribute literature to the Muslim Community and find people who are not happy about their religion and offer them alternative. I would not target schools but its a free country and not everyone thinks as I do. Cindy, I hear about Christians spreading hate all the time. If they take a stand against abortion its considered hate, if they say Homosexuality is a sin it is considered hate, if they criticize the religion of Islam it is hate. It is not hate it is simply a statement of beliefs and stands that people take on principal based upon their interpretation of the Bible. Do some Christian groups hate yes they do but I think a better statement would be that some groups calling themselves Christians do spew hate, but I have sincere doubts as to their claim of being Christian.

    As to Muslims knocking on my door trying to convert me, No I do not see that happening to me. However, if I leave this country and travel to various places over this planet, I would say that would not be the case. There are enough Christians dying or being placed in Prison in these places that pretty easily offset some pamphlets being passed out near a school.

  12. I find it interesting that the christian group sees no problem with this. I guarantee if the tables were turned and the muslim group was handing out information on Islam to kids at a Christian school they would be furious.

  13. While we are nattering on here about some Christians handing out lit, there has been a frightful massacre in Homs, a sunni has torched a mosque in Brussels, and dozens of teenagers in iraq have been killed for their haircuts and dressing funny.

  14. How could it still be tasteful if the school shut down? Um, have you ever heard of overreacting? If you offer me a glass of water, and I run away from you screaming, have you done something wrong?

  15. When someone is harassing you, you get to define how it makes you feel. So those commenters implying the Muslims overreacted, it’s not for you to day.

    As an atheist, I don’t want Missouri reclaimed for Christ or anybody else. What if there was a group called “Reclaiming Missouri for Islam?” I mock Christians all the time for their stupid behavior, and I mock Muslims when they behave stupidly too, but leave those innocent people, who are just trying to live their lives, ALONE!

  16. In your mind Rebecca your defending children, in the minds of both Christians and Muslims you are endangering their souls. As a result your plee will fall on deaf ears as both Christians and Muslims would find your actions motivated by Ignorance and close minded pride.

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