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Obama’s Religion Still A Campaign Issue: Many Alabama, Mississippi Voters Believe President Is Muslim

12 March 2012 Huffington Post 4 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Obama’s Religion Still A Campaign Issue: Many Alabama, Mississippi Voters Believe President Is Muslim

Ask Barack Obama about his religious affiliation, and he’s a Christian. Ask Mississippi or Alabama voters, and you might find a different answer.

In the midst of tight GOP primaries in both states, Public Policy Polling (PPP) hasreleased information showing that a majority of voters in the Deep South do not see Obama as a Christian. PPP’s Alabama survey of 600 likely GOP primary voters found that only 14 percent placed the president under that religious designation, while 45 percent said he is a Muslim and 41 percent answered that they were not sure.

A similar picture emerged in Mississippi. Of 656 likely GOP primary voters surveyed, 12 percent said Obama was a Christian, 52 percent classified him as a Muslim, and 36 percent fell in the “not sure” category.

The survey emerges on the heels of a recent stream of public questioning regarding Obama’s religion. Back on Feb. 18, Rick Santorum took aim at the president’s beliefs, charging that his White House decisions are driven by a “different theology.”

“It’s not about your quality of life,” Santorum told supporters at a Tea Party rally in Columbus, Ohio. “It’s not about your jobs. It’s about some phony ideal. Some phony theology. Oh, not a theology based on the Bible.”

Three days later, evangelist Franklin Graham joined the chorus, leaning toward the same opinion of those unsure Southern voters. Obama “has said he’s a Christian, so I just have to assume that he is,” Graham said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

Facing criticism from prominent black religious leaders, Graham later apologized for his remarks.

“I regret any comments I have ever made which may have cast any doubt on the personal faith of our president, Mr. Obama,” he said in a statement.

Religion rumors are nothing new for Obama. Back in August 2010, a poll showed that almost one-fifth of all Americans believed he is a Muslim. Obama responded in an interview with “NBC Nightly News” saying that “the facts are the facts” regarding his Christian faith.


  1. Most of the US government officials are Israel Nationalist or Jewish but no one dares question that

  2. I do not care what his religion is as long as he does what it takes to keep us out of a war that the stupid fools in the military are going to cause by totally disrespecting other countries peoples.

  3. Yes, I am from the South and proud of it, but his religion is not the only reason I don’t like him as a leader. I don’t think Obama has done what he has promised to do while elected. It was immoral for him to win the Nobel Peace Prize when he had not done anything to earn it. He only won for the promises he made and the committee admitted that. The Nobel Peace Prize is based on accomplishments not promises. Obama has done nothing but run this country further in the ground while he has been in office, gas has skyrocketed, the economy has almost gone into a depression and unemployment has gone up. How is that being a good president? Most people that like him only like him because they want to get free stuff instead of working hard and earning it. He has fooled a lot of people into believing what he wants while he is turning the country into Socialist rule.

  4. I think it will only be years later, after he’s out of office (which hopefully will be at least 5 years), that we will all begin to appreciate what an extraordinary man and fine President we have in Mr. Obama. I have little patience with people who don’t keep up with what’s been actually happening and what the causes are of things like economic downturn, gas prices, unemployment, and what Mr. Obama has done to keep this country’s head above water, in spite of Congress trying to tie both his hands behind his back. Mr. Obama has patience, amazing resolve and tenacity, and although I don’t agree with everything his administration has done, he’s not nearly as “liberal” or “socialist” as his opponents have painted him. He has played the hand dealt him well and seems to be making progress on a number of fronts, including nuclear disarmament… just not as fast as he or we would like it to go. He for the most part, tells it like it is but people don’t want to hear “how it is”, they want to pretend we live in some kind of self-sufficient little bubble. They applaud the wars we have unfortunately gotten into without having any notion of needing to shell out more taxes to pay for them, for example.

    This misinformation about Mr. Obama’s religious beliefs is just one more example of the smear (misinformation) campaign that his opponents (political, but supported by big money interests that want to get in control) have been waging to get him out. See

    The one mistake I guess he makes, is not changing the name his parents gave him to something like “Buddy,” or wearing a crucifix or something to make some people more comfortable with him. But, other people might be less comfortable with that.

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