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Viewpoints: UNC Hillel won’t stand for vilification of Muslim students

14 March 2012 General 18 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

By Josh Orol

As co-president of UNC Hillel, I was surprised to receive an invitation from the Committee for a Better Carolina to publicize David Horowitz’s upcoming speech. I would have hoped that our opinions were already publicly known: UNCHillel does not support Horowitz’s repeated vilification of Muslims.

Over the past few years, Horowitz has periodically published ads in The Daily Tar Heel promoting his view of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which are, to say the least, inflammatory.

Though I personally disagree with the views furnished in these ads, UNC Hillel has not publicly challenged Horowitz’s political views in the past. Rather, we have and will continue to publicly denounce the ads’ anti-Muslim rhetoric.

Following each ad published in the DTH, UNC Hillel leaders have made it a priority to speak out in support of our Muslim peers. As a pluralistic organization, UNC Hillel sees inherent value in diverse opinions and therefore does not object to Horowitz being invited to speak on this campus.

However, after meeting with Horowitz personally and hearing his speech last night, I feel obligated to, once again, stand up against him.

To make the broad claim that Arabs want to kill Jews — and that Islam is a militant religion bent on the destruction of Israel and the United States — is to destroy the principle of pluralism that the freedom of speech is meant to uphold.

Horowitz’s remarks marginalize Muslims and their faith, undermining the respect for minorities that makes possible UNC’s diverse but unified student body.

We will not stand for discriminatory generalizations directed toward any group of students on this campus, especially ones with whom we have such a good relationship. UNC Hillel students stand in public solidarity with the UNC Muslim Student Association and all those whom Horowitz has offended. Hate speech has no place in our community.


  1. Horowitz has committed truth. He should be banned.

    Imagine anyone saying Islam is a militant religion bent on the destruction of Israel and the U.S,

    One only has to look at the 56 Muslim majority nations to understanf Islams goal of Peace and Love.

  2. Howard, I know you have good intentions. I think you’ve confused mainstream Islam with extremist Islam. It’s a bit like confusing T.D.Jakes with Randall Terry.

  3. Hooray!!! I am so glad to see this. I stand with all muslims and any person who stands for peace and understanding!

  4. Since when did the mooselimbs stand for peace and understanding? How many terror attacks have been commited since 9/11? I will tell you, over 11,000! Thats alot of peace and understanding. I don’t think the world can stand much more of allan’s brand of peace and undestanding. Peace<3

  5. For the record Chris GEnnett, it’s Muslims NOT mooselimbs.

  6. Howard’s confusion may be due to the fact that extremist Islam is in the saddle, and mainstream Islam is either supporting them or so cowed by the violence they don’t speak up.

  7. Ah, a islamophobic troll is what Chris Gennett is.

  8. May I just mention the Inqusition? Or the KKK that said blacks were not fully human? I am VERY sure the families those murdered in cold blood have LOTS of stories to tell about “christian” peace and love.

  9. Can you say the “Crusades”?

  10. […] curious what Horowitz is responding to, this sample from UNC Hillel President Josh Orol’s article should sum it up nicely: To make the broad claim that Arabs want to kill Jews — and that Islam is a militant religion […]

  11. It is not Horowitz that has confused extremist Islam with mainstream Islam. It is Josh Orol that has purposely deceived his readers by misrepresenting Horowitz speech. Josh Orol is a propagandist and apologist for the genocidal tendencies of Muslim leadership towards Israel.

  12. “There is no place for you Jews among us, and you have no future among the nations of the world. You are headed for annihilation.”

    -Mahmoud Al-Zahar

    I’m thinking this is the type of Muslim Dave was talking about.

  13. […] what Horowitz is responding to, this sample from UNC Hillel President Josh Orol’s article should sum it up nicely: To make the broad claim that Arabs want to kill Jews — and that Islam is a militant religion […]

  14. Thanks for the link, Exclusive. “Everybody knows” that muslims are allowed to make genocidal screams against the Jews, US, kuffar, anyone else they don’t like, even during their worship/political hate rally services.

    Imagine yelling death to the muslims! Death to Islam! after church. People would be shocked, muslims especially.

    In the same link are stories about mosques building in residential areas and then demanding huge minarets to loom over the houses. When will cities learn to make religious zones to prevent the wreck of their neighborhoods.

  15. Oral print Horowitz reply you coward. For those who want to read it, go here.

    Dear Bronsom,
    I am appealing to you as the chairman of the Tar Heel Board to honor the principles of journalistic integrity that are included in the statement of Tar Heel policy. I note that the Tar Heel policy commits the Tar Heel to embracing standard journalistic ethics and to serving opinions that are not generally heard in the UNC community.
    I have been slandered by three opinion columnists of your paper as anti-Muslim bigot. Your own reporter accurately quoted the statement I made in my speech at UNC two days ago that there are good Muslims as well as bad Muslims. I also said in a passage she didn’t quote that the majority of Muslims are decent, law abiding people who want peace. I made no statements in my speech that could be construed as anti-Muslim. I asked your editor Steven Norton to publish a short letter in which I defended myself. So far I have not heard back from him despite repeated attempts to reach him. Is it your policy to allow people to use your pages to defame others without evidence and have no opportunity to respond and clear their name? Consider that the UNC students who invited me now stand accused on their own campus of inviting a religious bigot. Surely, politics aside, the Tar Heel community should have the decency to recognize when an injustice is being done not only to an invited visitor but to UNC students to correct it.

  16. Anon
    You’re always saying Muslims are allowed to say whatever they want and no one gives backlash. Are you joking? Deaf? Blind? An idiot? All anyone ever does is criticize Muslims; Herman Cain, Michelle Bachman, Pamela Geller, Rick Santorum,Ben Netanyahu, Ehud Olmert, Ben Gurion, Ariel Sharon, Nick Sarcozy, Robert Spencer, etc etc. Even when Islam first appeared, soo many people were against it, the Tribe of Quraysh, the whole Persian Empire, Etc. Just by saying what you said, you contradicted yourself-yet again.

  17. Imagine a priest of any other religion, or the leaders of any other countries coming out with the antagonistic homicidal garbage spewed by muslim leaders and clerics. The muslims allow it. Muslims allow lynching of minorities. Muslims make unjust laws against minorities.

    Muslim societies allow all this and murder dissenters. Very little backlash there.

    Then express astonishment at the disdain of the rest of the world.

  18. Oh and btw, did you check what those “terror attacks” are?

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