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NJ Becomes Latest State To Drop Anti-Shariah Bill

15 March 2012 General 22 Comments Email This Post Email This Post


Among a series of setbacks for the McCarthyist-style anti-Shariah movement, New Jersey became the newest state to drop its ridiculous A-919 bill penned to prohibit the application of “foreign laws”.

Fabricating an imaginary threat of an impending Shariah law that would somehow take over each US state, leading Islamophobes met with initial success as they attempted to influence various lawmakers into considering such a bill for implementation.

As of late however, anti-Muslim hate tactics appear to be falling flat on their face as NJ becomes the latest state – after GA, FL & MN – to withdraw its so-called foreign law bill drafted to protect it from the non-existent Shariah threat.

New Jersey need not follow other states that have either passed or attempted to pass similar legislation that has the principal objective of demonizing the faith of millions of American Muslims,” said Dr. Aref Assaf, president of the American Arab Forum.

CAIR-NJ Chair Nadia Kahf had the following to add, “Rather than strengthening constitutional protections, these bills undoubtedly violate religious freedom and weaken the independence of our courts.”

We thank Assemblywoman Holly Schepisi for her decision in support of religious freedom and constitutional rights.”

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Original post: NJ Becomes Latest State To Drop Anti-Shariah Bill


  1. “weaken the independence of our courts.” well when you get rulings from judges that comply with the sharia concept of there not being the posibility of marital rape. maybe the independence of courts should be curtailed. when a judge releases someone after an assualt, because he was religiously offended by a person in costume. maybe the independence of courts should be weakened. the courts are here to enact laws passed by the american legislators, not every ancient supperstition or tradition. there is no plpace for any religious law within a secular nation’s legal system. or on the planet hopefully, but that’s not happening anytime soon. why is that “anti-Muslim hate tactics”??????


    “Superior Court Judge Joseph Charles, who refused to give the wife a restraining even though he found “clear proof” the husband engaged in non-consensual sex with her in November 2008 and January 2009.’

    “”He was operating under his belief that it is, as the husband, his desire to have sex when and whether he wanted to, was consistent with his practices and was something that was not prohibited,” he ruled.”

    He (the defendant) is right it’s in the koran.

  2. Who Cares.

  3. America is joke , exporting hate and fear because that is all it knows.

  4. An extraneous circumstance doesn’t mean its happening everywhere…if it becomes a nationwide problem then there is a reason,and btw you also conveniently “forgot” to mention that the appellate court found him guilty and convicted him…

  5. well that’s good news. glad to hear some states are dropping these ridiculous laws! Anybody who knows anything about the Islamic legal system would know Shariah in America would be impossible. I mean, the last Islamic government was the Ottoman Empire

  6. The last Islamic government was ottomen empire…..? Iran is a Islamic government……

  7. McCarthyist-style?? I’ve read enougha nd heard enough to know that he was right! There WERE Communists in the government…still are and it’s why we’re in the shape we’re in! I’m not an Islamaphobe, but I AM an American and Sharia law HAS been getting used in our courts. The only law that should be used is U.S. law. Period.

  8. Still COMPLETELY shocked at Chris Christie on this one. So surprised. Never saw that kind of tolerance coming out of his mouth.

  9. Edward Randolph, Iran is the furthest thing from an Islamic government; you can liken it to American democracy under either Bush.

  10. So “foreign laws” are applicable in the state of New Jersey?

  11. Darn! I live in this state and could swear that the condtitution was the law of the land. We are the apologizers of the world and it will bite us in the end. God bless the USA. I am saddened.

  12. Teresa, how do you compare the USA to Iran? Last I checked no terror attacks against muslems. I take it you have lived there. The Bush’s we’re great presidents only wanting to protect the people they served.

  13. Yes, Shirley…there is a Communist behind every hedge…they’re right next to the Islamic terrorists and gay-loving liberals……..wow

  14. bushes dont care bout the ppl only his ppl his blood line his whole fam is govt not helpin us

  15. Quemarr Moatamedi,

    i didn’t say it’s happening “everywhere”. as a general rule i try to stay away of such hyperpole. so it has to become a nationwide problem before any action is taken? so your the type of person who argues against a stop light at a dangerous intersection because no one has been killed yet? let me guess, you’re the fbi agent who when told there are a bunch of arabs learning to fly in arizona, said nothing to worry about. it’s extraneous. jk. just having some fun with ya. no i didn’t “forget” to mention that the appelate court overruled him. i left that fact out on purpose, it is irrelivate to my point. the fact that an america judge took a persons religion into consideration in a ruling is rediculous. we shouldn’t need to file an appeal. so have they re-arrested the assaultant in PA?

    maybe you can answer me this.

    1. should religious law be considered in courts?
    2. if not then why worry about a law saying so?
    3. if yes. how the hell is that going to work? who’s religion is going to supercede who’s? how many religions will be reconised?

    back to your “nationwide” comment. first these are state laws being proposed. and more importantly i would be more worried about the tyrany of the religious majority on a municiple level.

  16. kaatib,

    sup? where u been. my spelling is getting worse. i spelled invasion with t the other day and devout as devote. lol. i miss dueceprez.

    but yes it appears religous law is considered in family courts all the time. i did not know that until the oklahoma law was passed and the muslims and jews got all up in a lather about it.

  17. Since some Jews use religious courts, muslims are trying to install sharia courts for muslims here. They think American females should live under that.

    Back in the 80s-90s muslims were more aggressive and vocal about taking over, they were proposing we recriminalize adultery, etc. make sharia the law of the land, talking about starting war here against the evil kuffar etc. then after 9/11 they quieted down.

    Anybody who thinks Islam is here to make nice with everybody? There is a bridge for sale….

  18. http://www.wnd.com/2006/12/39229/

    we should stop the jews from using “religious” court. one nation, one people, one law. period.

  19. Canada came to that conclusion.

  20. Maybe the fact that muslims were freely spewing aggressive antagonism back in those years – even right after 9/11 I saw an insulting, threatening letter to the editor from a mosque, telling the US public that they were ignorant unbelievers and they better think islam the best most peaceful thing in the world …

    Possibly this garbage made muslim countries a lot easier to invade.

  21. Edward, Iran is not an Islamic Govt. You’re misinformed.

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