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Swiss Muslim life in wake of minaret ban

15 March 2012 General 21 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Swiss Muslim life in wake of minaret ban


Last year, in a referendum, the Swiss voted to ban the building of minarets, the towers which for centuries have been an integral part of Muslim mosques.

Peter Marshall has travelled to Switzerland, where he found Swiss Muslims bruised and those who forced the vote unrepentant.

Broadcast on Thursday 15 December 2010.


  1. WTF? Do they also tell Christians not to put up crosses on a steeple or above doorways?

  2. Even though its fucked up….it was a referendum. Democracy.

  3. prop 7 was also voted on and found to be illegal. not every vote is right or just.

  4. Ridiculous!

  5. What was the reasoning behind the ban?

  6. I agree with this. They also need to ban the nuns silly looking clothes.

  7. Matt muslims demanded the Swiss remove the cross from their flag. Typical. They demand respect for their own religion but attempt to ban the cross.

  8. Nothing stops any member of any religion from buying a watch and setting the alarm to ring at a particular time of day to remind them to pray to whom ever they choose without disturbing others who do not share their beliefs…watches are cheap now…they are made in China and Switzerland!

  9. @John, what silly clothes are talking about?? Is it the bikinis and other ostentatious dresses that has promote rapes, child molestation and sexual harrassment every seconds in the west?? Am sorry John but you are completely dumb..!

  10. What else would anyone expect from such a racist and self-elevated society. They despise anyone who is not Swiss, and the correct element of Swiss, at that. Leave them to their inbred self-centered ways. [Fuel for the Fire]

  11. Adhan is not only for calling muslims to pray…it means “come to allah ,come to good” it makes sure that theres none left who wasn’t called to believe in allah..its our duty that we call people to allah, not of chinese cheap watches..

  12. NO PROBLEM – Islam is not about minarets and domes but building HEARTS.

    Go ahead and ban minarets – Islam has always flourished no matter where it is. 🙂

  13. Mubin I love your positive attitude, I wish everyone of all religions see it that way. Especially the so called christians in america.

  14. SERIOUSLY: spend the money on the PEOPLE the Mosque is supposed to serve … enough with these lavish buildings – think of the youth programs they could run – soup kitchens .. back to basics with helping the poor, the orphans … come on WHO’S gonna hate you for that?!


  15. I wonder how many of those pesky crosses block the view…

  16. >it’s in switzerland
    >people in America whine about it
    mfw you know that you can’t do anything?

  17. Rachel where did you get that information from?

  18. even the Swiss? shameful.

  19. Abdul clothes don’t promote rape. Typical archaic thinking.

  20. Muss from facts. Google it.

  21. RAPISTS promote rapes.

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