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Rising popularity for anti-Islam group

16 March 2012 General 20 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

A Norwegian group called “Stop Islamisation of Norway” (SIAN) has doubled membership levels in the last two years, its representatives claim.

by Michael Sandelson and Lyndsey Smith

“A major burden”

The group, who’s most active membership is located in Rogaland, has also been awarded a government concession to transmit on Radio Kos in Sandnes, western Norway. It alleges Internet radio capacity had to be increased from 25,000 to 200,000 listeners recently because of popularity.

Merete Hodne and Kjersti Margrethe Addehaid Gilje told NRK from Bryne, a small town in Rogaland County, “We have a duty to our country to preserve our Christian values, and not least to protect our children against the terrible, evil forces of Islam.”

According to SIAN’s leader, Arne Tumyr, membership has increased because of the 22nd July attacks. He would not reveal numbers, however, because of Extreme Left press exploitation fears, and being branded as racist by certain groups.

“Unfortunately, coming forward as a member of SIAN is a major burden. You can get problems at work, and it could affect your customer-base if you run your own business. You can end up in conflicts with your family and be harassed in different ways,” he said to Stavanger Aftenblad.


Last year, SIAN arranged a demonstration “Never Forget 9/11” in front of the US embassy in Oslo ten years to the day. There were reports of several clashes between its members and others from anti-racist organisations prior to the event.

Arne Tumyr told NTB, “We are here to remember and honor those who lost their lives on 11th September ten years ago. We will commemorate the day from SIAN’s point of view, which is that we fear the growing influence of Islam and believe there is a direct connection between the religion of Islam and extremist actions.”

He and six others also participated at another anti-Islam protest in December in the centre Stavanger.

Approximately 10 times as many counter-demonstrators from SOS Racism and extreme Left Party Rødt (the Red Party) shouted him down during his speech, however, declaring, “no racists in our streets.”

“We are here to show our disgust by turning our backs to them,” said Party member Truls Drageset Dydland.


Journalist, writer, and Right-Extremist environment researcher Øyvind Strømmen, often quoted in connection with articles about Breivik, is sceptical about SIAN claims regarding increased membership.

“They like to brag that they have an growing number of members, but there are not many people who stand and listen to them when hold appeals,” he told NRK, “I think recruitment to this type of extremism has declined.”

Mr Strømmen, together with other prominent figures in Norway, is on a list of people who owner of the site Oddbjørn Jonstad believes are “pro immigration and Islamisation”. His other list contains those against it.

The site states its goal is “to stop immigration to Norway, as well as stop the Islamification of Norwegian society by peaceful political and religious means.”

Mr Jonstad was a former local Progress (FrP) politician until he was thrown out by the Party for his Right-Extremist views in 1999, Stavanger Aftenblad reports. Today, he edits several sites hostile to immigrants, and is leader of Norsk Folkeparti (the Norwegian People’s Party/NFP).

Other people on Mr Jonstad’s list include Crown Prince Haakon, Crown Princess Mette Marit, Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg, Bishop of Stavanger Erling Pettersen, and several local Rogaland County politicians.

According to Øyvind Strømmen, “it seems as though scanning the integration debate and updating the Islamisation list has been his [Mr Jonstad’s] main project in the period following 22nd July.”


  1. Organized hate groups, what next? Organized hate crimes?

  2. Correct if I’m wrong, but is Norway anymore at risk of adopting Sharia law that is Oklahoma?

  3. Love thy neihbor?

  4. How would a minority islamize a country? They are not rational enough

  5. Besides Shariah law has nothing to do with non muslims, it covers muslim marriage-divorce.

  6. coz the western ppl dont know n never understand anything abt sharia laws but they all the time bark like they know from a to z abt sharia laws.
    plus, i guess westerners really love being haters n racists

  7. Not all westerners Amel :). Thankfully, lol. Just too many people who are too damn lazy to actually think critically and do some real research. Thats why alotta people are so easily manipulated. Even Some of the atheists don’t care to practice what they preach these days. People dont seem to care anymore…

  8. It is a very small percentage of the total, Amel. There are plenty of Islamic people who make ignorant statements like yours.

  9. i’m not even a muslim. and i live in asutralia where there were lot of people people who love to bark anti-muslim stuff and throw stones and bottle to muslims in front of mosques. talking about the danger of sharia laws on the podium while they not even know the meaning of sharia and what sharia is actually about. and i have been to europe, seen edl did the same… and guess what? they have lot of supporters. and the american politician talking about islam is dangerous in the podium all the time with so many people cheered on them. and lot of people here talk shit about islam, and when i asked them where they got those, they linked me to wikislam where everything there is anti-muslim and their claims are supported by so many “fabricated and misinterpreted” kuranic verses and hadis. so tell me i’m ignorant

  10. The majority of Westerners are horribly media-brainwashed, fueled by and consistently fed on Anti-Islam propagandists like CNN, CBS; do not even have a clue about what Islam actually is.

  11. what ? why all this people are anti-islamic when norway attacks were made by a christian ? please somebody explain for me

  12. @amel , i swear man that i met numerous westerners here will settling in saudi arabia , they were very kind people , not like i always thought

  13. I can see a kind of trap here in thinking of “Westerners” and “Muslims” as seperate entities. I was under the impression that there are a fair number of Muslims who could be described as Westerners. Islam is not a religion of race and I don’t know if the right wing idiots who oppose it are scared that suddenly everyone they know is going t’ catch “Muslamical” flu or they are going t’ be surrounded by people who look like stereotypes from their own racist pamphlets who happen t’ be Muslim. People are people and act like people all over the world, for good or bad, through fear or fanaticism, ignorance, education, hate or for love. Like it or not we are all one.

  14. I agree with Pete! I am an Arabistani Muslim with a somewhat Western mentality 😉

  15. WTF is an Arabistani?

  16. Arab/Pakistani? Lol

  17. Oh I thought it was another one of those racist epithets like “Dearbornistani”…something I get called A LOT.

  18. Unfamiliar with that Zainab, nothing racist or xenophobic intended in any of my “Like”s. I suppose it comes down t’ whether or not someone is being malicious or through ignorance is allowing the maliciousness t’ continue. I do not believe in this case there is any malicious intent and if there is I apologise unreservedly for my ignorance.

  19. It’s sort of like in muslim countries where they like to bark anti-Christian stuff and throw stones and set fires and all.

    The mirror image appalls once more.

  20. if there is anybody who ants to know what Islam is all about you can visit this website it contains Qur’an translated to sevrel languages

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