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Racist thugs spat on four-year-old girl and beat up her mother in a sickening attack in her corner shop

19 March 2012 General 18 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

by Leon Watson (Daily Mail)

Racist thugs spat on a four-year-old girl and brutally beat her mother in a sickening attack.

Saly Chowdhury was left with a black eye and facial injuries after two men and a woman tried to steal two boxes of crisps from her shop, the Hendon Valley Stores in Sunderland.

The incident took place on last Friday at 4.40pm when the mother-of-four ran out of the shop after the thieves and accidentally locked herself outside.

When the trio started hurling racist abuse at her, she fled to her home nearby.

But they caught up with her and spat on her four-year-old daughter Ousha, shoved her seven-year-old daughter against the wall and thumped her 13-year-old daughter in the face.

The gang then turned their attentions to Saly, 31, punching her in the face, tearing out chunks of her hair and choking her with her scarf.

Saly, who also has a nine-year-old daughter, managed to free herself and get herself and her children inside to safety.

And just 12 hours later the mum-of-four was back behind the shop counter, determined not to let the vicious thugs get the better of her.

Saly, who refuses to sell alcohol in her store, said: ‘I had to close my shop
on Friday and I lost business.

‘I’m not letting them do that to me again. It was scary and it’s worrying going back to work but there is no need for this behaviour.

‘I have many great customers who know me and I know them. If this is all about stealing, then please speak to me first and we can see if something can be sorted out.

‘The problem of people coming in here and stealing things is getting worse and worse.’

Northumbria Police yesterday said the incident ‘simply won’t be tolerated’.

An investigation into the attack has been launched and is being treated as
racially aggravated.

Sergeant Tom Connor, who covers the area, said: ‘This type of behaviour is despicable.’

Original post: Racist thugs spat on four-year-old girl and beat up her mother in a sickening attack in her corner shop


  1. A sign of the times… Muslims cant even run a business without being persecuted… If it was the other way around, Muslims would be regarded as terrorists and it would be all over the tabloids!!!

  2. May Allah swt keep them under His protection and bless them the courage to stand up against such people Ameen

  3. Oh my goodness! What is this world coming too! Mercy!

  4. Omg if those thugs were Muslims……Fox News would never shut up and report it as “look Muslim terrorists coming to our countries just to beat up our fellow Americans”

  5. This happened in the UK, not America. This was a crime motivated by theft. They would have stolen whether she was Muslim or not. They beat her because she ran after them, not because she was Muslim. We’ve got enough problems as it is. Let’s not cry wolf at everything that incidentally involves a Muslim.

  6. This is some bullshit savagery!!! What the fuck is the world comin to??!!!

  7. Don’t you just love this world we live in?

  8. How horrendous!

  9. This incident may have happened in the UK but Jessica is sadly correct. The people here would be all over it and never shut up. It does not matter what religion anyone is, beating someone up is not acceptable no matter where you live. And all this killing going on everywhere in the world is useless hate….Sad

  10. Over snack food!? What the hell is wrong with these people?

  11. So, Shibli, they would have hurled racist abuse at her if she had been white? They attacked her and her daughters outside her home after she had run away from them. So it was her fault for trying to stop them robbing her and they wouldn’t have chased her to her home and beaten and her daughters if she hadn’t been dark skinned?

  12. I am crying! My heart is broken! How can there be so much hatred and insensitivity in this world? I feel helpless. My heart goes out to this brave mother and her children! I hope she receives my message. A hug and love to you, Saly!

  13. Shibli, they hurled racist comments at her.

  14. The devil is busy everywhere,but so is our GOD.I just thank GOD that it wasn’t worse,they could have very well been cleaning up bodies.I don’t care what religion people choose to be in,they can’t change the color of their skin.We should not place others in a box, (of our own bad judgments,preceptions)but rather, concentrate on pulling ourselves up out of our own(self examination),so that we can be free of ignorance and hate.Get to know an individual and judge them by “their own” character.Just because my brother is a killer, liar, or thief doesn’t mean that I’m one too.Every race has good people and bad people.

  15. What a shame. I am raising my children to be color blind. Hopefully more people will do the same.

  16. My take away was how brave she is. She didn’t let this keep her from reopening her shop.

  17. May Allah swt, keep her brave, adamant and safe <3

  18. Once again no report of the sickening of our population. Islam is the new Jew. I hope jews wake up and support Muslims, it will easily turn into jew hating if you allow muslim hating to this extreme.

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