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The New York Times rejects anti-Muslim Advertisement

19 March 2012 ThinkProgress 36 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

The New York Times rejects anti-Muslim Advertisement

The New York Times rejected a full-page anti-Islam advertisement submitted by anti-Muslim activists Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer. The Times rejected the ad, which urges Muslims “to quit Islam,” because “the fallout from running this ad now could put U.S. troops and/or civilians in the [Afghan] region in danger,” Geller told The Daily Caller. The ad, a product of Geller and Spencer’s new group “Stop Islamization Of Nations” (SION), can be viewed after the jump.


Update: Geller says her ad was in response to an anti-Catholic ad that ran last week in the NYT.



  1. The NYT has run news stories that could have gotten people killed. They ran an anti catholic ad with no problem. Part of the liberal bias against the RCC and Christianity in general plus the usual cowardice and pandering to Islam.

    They should not have run the anti RCC ad. They would not have run an anti Judaism ad either.

    Once in a while they gingerly touch on the murder and mayhem going on and spring off it.

  2. good for you New York Times… now if you do it when it’s not a threat to our troops just because hate messages have no place in your newspaper that would be beyond awesome…

  3. Good call by the NYT. I hope this opens the door to stopping all of the anti-religious things we see in this country. Religion is a highly personal matter, and should be left as such, no matter the faith.

  4. Pamela Gellar is a no talent hack that thinks someone cares what she has to say.Egomanic Maxximus!

  5. It’s a pity they didn’t turn it down because its offensive, rather than use the ‘it endangers our troops’ argument.

  6. How come freedom of religion when they are actually fighting a religion?? Asking people to stop believing in what they want to believe in isn’t freedom of religion. Freedom of religion is letting people believe and practice the religion they want to.. If they wanna be Muslims or Christians or anything else. This anti Islam non-sense only says that you guys don’t believe in anything called FREEDOM, you just believe that what you say is right and everyone should follow that. Where is the freedom in that???
    I have no idea what freedom are you trying to spread, your idea of freedom or the idea of being free!!

  7. You would think that they would have a moral standard to apply, such as, paid for hate speech is still hate speech. We need to acknowledge in this country that having a lot of money does not allow you to cry ‘FIRE’ in a crowded theater

  8. I wonder what will please people like Pamela and Spencer. Surely they want something in particular from muslims. Maybe we should get on TV and tell the world how bad Islam is. Getting on TV to explain the beauty of Islam is off limits and no one is interested in that. “Never will the Jews or Christians be pleased with you until you follow their religion” – 2:120

  9. Calling the organization “SION”? Yeah, that’s not gonna get anyone’s back up.

  10. Right move, wrong reason. It was not fir to print.

  11. Freedom of speech should be used with common sense. People who hate Islam are people who hate god because Islam thanks god for all blessings every day five times a day. These people are people who worship the dollar and hate anything that have to do with a higher power being given credit to our existence.

  12. I like the term “quitting” Islam. Reminds me of the scene in Brokeback Mountain where one cowboy tells the other, “I just can’t quit you.”

  13. Pamela and spencer are both a joke..! There are whole lots of issues in front of them to deal with rather than fighting against Islam. They can never do away with Islam on this earth so is Christianity..! They will surely end up in the tomb whiles Islam continues to grow and exist..! You cant indict Islam with the actions of some unscrupulous muslims or individuals who are not even muslims. Islam is unique..! Pamela and spencer 50 chinese recently converted to Islam in one day. ALLAHU AKBAR..!

  14. Geller is a loon, but she did this ad in reaction to the anti Catholic ad the NYT ran. NYT would not run an ad saying it’s ime to quit being a Jew or any other religion.

    People angry at the church’s opposition to contraception and abortion proposed the ad, NYT placed it.

    The US has been accepting many catholic immigrants for years. Might turn into an RC country. Maybe a theocratic RC country. Run for your lives.

  15. Quit being Stupid!!!!!. I love my faith and religion

  16. The Freedom From Religion Foundation is collecting funds to run an ad urging Catholics to quit the Catholic Church. That wouldn’t put our troops in danger.

  17. I thought Spencer and Geller wouldn’t want anything to do with the liberal NYT. —Personally, I find the NYT to be too much geared towards liberalism for my taste, but I don’t actively go out of my way to bash the Times for “pandering” to a religious minority, and later expect to have my ad placed on the papers.

  18. Correction: the “Quit the Catholic Church” ad ran March 9. Full page.

  19. I lol’d at the the ‘genocide’ that Islam supposedly caused.

    Hitler wasn’t Muslim.
    Rwanda, the killing wasn’t because of Muslims. Instead, Muslims sheltered victims on both sides.
    Israel killing off Palestinians arent Muslims.
    Serbains killing off Yugoslavians and Bosnians weren’t Muslims.
    The mongols who turned Baghdad into carnage weren’t Muslims. not until after they gave up their genocidal ways anyways.
    The Crusaders werent muslims.

    The only notable time Muslims or any Muslim leadership was involved in any type of genocide was when the Ottoman Empire was killing the Armenians, and those were in the dying days of the Muslim Empire, and most Muslims agree that it died off because it not longer followed anything Islamic by then, but it simply became more a more turkish, cultural cause.

    I wonder how much NYT rejected the ad campaign on basis of not wanting to cause friction between ‘minorities’ as opposed to simply not wanting be part of publishing something so blatantly stupid.

    Spencer and Geller are idiots, and only idiots follow them.

  20. The Freedom From Religion Foundation ran a full-page ad in the NYT saying “Quit the Catholic Church, March 9. Of course, this would not endanger the troops c

  21. This was a good call, but it is unfortunate that the NYT didn’t also reject the anti-catholic ad.

  22. The muslims may not have done a grand genocide like the Nazis only because so far they have been unable to.

    They have screamed for years for large scale death, and their wars, eg Iran-Iraq, have killed quite a few.

    Historically their invasions killed a great many, eg India, some Hindus still mad about that, and they ethnic cleanse populations, the massacres may be smaller than genocide, but they have the effect of ridding the country of minorities.

  23. LOL Tayseer…they tried to frame those on Muslims?
    It’s funny that the latter four; the Israeli attacks on Palestinians, the Serbian massacre of Bosnians and Ethnic Albanians, the Mongol’s pillage of Baghdad and the Crusades were acts committed by non-Muslims against Muslims.
    As for the Armenian Genocide; the truth behind it is always being manipulated by Turkish nationalists and Armenian patriots alike. Some Armenians conspired with the Russians against the Ottoman Empire, and the Turks who carried out the massacres were not Muslims, but Kemalists and Young Turks who advocated staunch secularism and modern nationalism. During the Islamic Ottoman period, the Armenians were seen as one of greatest millets of the Empire up until the 19th century.

  24. When a German Muslim scholar was asked about
    terrorism and Islam, He said: Who started the first
    world war? Muslims? Who started the second world
    war? Muslims? Who killed about 20 millions of
    Aborigines in Australia? Muslims?? Who sent the
    nuclear bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Muslims?? Who killed more than 100 millions of
    Indians in North America ? Musl…ims?? Who killed
    more than 50 millions of Indians in south America?
    Muslims?? Who took about 180 millions of African
    people as slaves and 88% of them died and was
    thrown in Atlantic ocean? Muslims?? No, They weren’t Muslims!!! First of all, You have to define terrorism
    properly… If a non-Muslim do something is
    crime. But if a Muslim commit same..he is terrorist…So
    first remove this double standard…then come to the
    point..! They are completely bastards and dumb persons..!

  25. Both are numties and are actually so dim that it’s not worth commenting on their idiotic rants!

  26. Amerikan troops in the (Afghan) region SHOULD be in danger- -it’s called war, dullards!

  27. I suppose you would say that the muslims who invaded India and Iberia, and who are now murdering Christians, Kurds, etc. are not muslims because muslims would never do such things, huh.

  28. good for them!

  29. Anon
    Thats exactly what were saying. Do you get it now?

  30. I guess the mooselimbs that highjacked the jets and murdered 3000 innocents on 9/11 weren’t terrorists. Thats a new one. Israelis kill the murderers that shoot rockets at innocent people. Where do you all get your logic from, a pedophile?

  31. Muslims are sidestepping their problems. It doesn’t matter who is what. They should address the problems going on.

    A Christian could say the same thing about violent people in their societies.

  32. “dedicated to freedom of religion” but urges Muslims to quit theirs!
    “dedicated to freedom of conscience” but defiles sacred icons of others!
    “dedicated to individual rights” but goes around calling for depriving Muslims of their rights.
    Is she demented, schizophrenic, or hypocritical?

  33. Who let the trolls out???

  34. The reason there is islamophobia and muslimophobia is because most countries in which muslims are the majority are intolerant hellholes.

    Unable to understand that their problems spring from themselves, they are antagonistic to the rest of the world. We are the best people in the world! Been said by others with disastrous results.

  35. Hey Chris, learn how to spell simple words such as “independent,” or “supplement.” No one takes a moron seriously.

  36. How about calling things the way it really is…The only thing putting troups in danger is themselves and how they act….think about it

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