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University of North Carolina students walk out on David Horowitz as he compares Muslims to Nazis

University of North Carolina students walk out on David Horowitz as he compares Muslims to Nazis

About 20 minutes after David Horowitz began speaking Monday, nearly all the students in attendance walked out of Hamilton Hall in protest. The action came in response to what participants said were slanderous remarks about Muslims and members of Arab nations.

Committee for a Better Carolina, along with Christians United for Israel, sponsored Horowitz to speak at UNC in a lecture titled “Why Israel is the Victim in the Middle East.”

Horowitz is a pro-Israel activist who has been the subject of controversy in the past for buying anti-Palestine ads in college newspapers. In Monday’s lecture, Horowitz argued that Palestine is trying to destroy Israel and that Israel fights back only in self-defense.

Horowitz criticized groups like the Muslim Students Association, linking them to various terrorist groups. He also compared Muslims to Nazis. “There are good Muslims and there are bad Muslims,” he said. “But there were good Germans too, and in the end they didn’t make a damn difference.”

Daily Tar Heel, 14 March 2012

See also “UNC Hillel won’t stand for vilification of Muslim students”, Daily Tar Heel, 12 March 2012


  1. Uh hello, he is trying to fit the theme of the event with his speech. The only way Israel can remain a “victim” is if it continually brings up Nazis and the Holocaust. Otherwise the very few people left who are still blinded by Zionist propaganda are going to realize the truth of what is really going on in the region.

  2. What may be happening also is that people discard the spiritual aspects of islam as nonsense, and perceive that the political aspects, including hatred of Jews and desire to crush free though and speech as being similar to the nazi and communist dreams.

  3. Islam recognizes Judaism and Christianity as flawed but acceptable religions, and grants great importance on their holy texts. I have personally read the Koran, and have found little to suggest that it crushes free thought and speech. in fact, it promotes it, instructing one to look the other way when others speak lies or insult you. It argues to speak the truth, but to let others decide for themselves their own paths. Yes, the nations bordering Israel have not acted ideally in handling the situation, but neither has Israel. Just as one should not blame all Jews and Judaism for Israels illegal settlement construction and airstrikes on residential areas in Gaza, you also should not implicate all Muslims and Islam as a whole when talking about specific people in Gaza launching rockets.

  4. It seems to me obvious that what the Koran says is not necessarily a guide to what the muslims are doing, just as the Bible does not appear to be guiding all Jews/Christians.

  5. Wow, the first thing anon has said that’s close to the truth! Yes, even us Muslims acknowledge that fact, anon, though the Muslims are certainly awakening more and more now. =)

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