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CBN’s Erick Stakelbeck Mixes ‘Terrorism Analysis’ with Biblical Prophecy

21 March 2012 General 25 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Submitted by Brian Tashman on Mon, 03/12/2012 – 5:15pm (RightWingWatch)

It has been almost-comical to see how the Christian Broadcasting Network’s Erick Stakelbeck went from working as a sports reporter to a “terrorism analyst” heralded by Religious Right and anti-Muslim groups, which never seem to question his complete lack of credentials and expertise. But Stakelbeck knows how to please a crowd with his vehement diatribes against Muslims and progressives, warning that they are both have a “shared hatred for this country.”

Stakelbeck’s “expert analysis” even includes biblical prophecy, as he recently told Marcus and Joni Lamb on Celebration that he knows the Syrian civil war will end with the destruction of Damascus because the Bible tells him so in Isaiah 17:1. “I believe right now we are seeing the seeds laid for the eventual destruction of Damascus,” Stakelbeck says. “The Bible says it’s going to happen, and it’s going to happen.”

Stakelbeck went on to claim that Islamic terrorists had infiltrated cities all over the United States, including Dearborn, Michigan, which he referred to as a “radical Islamic enclave” and “Dearbornistan.” This may come as a surprise to Dearborn’s Catholic mayor, John O’Reilly, Jr., who called claims that Dearborn is beheld to Sharia law “absurd” and notes that only a minority of Dearborn’s population are Muslims, who have been in Dearborn for ninety years. Earlier this year, a 63 year old man was caught traveling with explosives with the intention of blowing up a mosque in Dearborn.

He later said that while he was in Israel God spoke to him and told him to defend Israel, saying, “I know why I’m here on this earth.”


Original post: CBN’s Erick Stakelbeck Mixes ‘Terrorism Analysis’ with Biblical Prophecy


  1. the sports kicked him, so he turned to terrorism, and he will get kicked forever. wow.

  2. Stakelbeck urgh

  3. Because for all the great things about the USA, 90% of their news isn’t news, it’s entertainment

  4. How does being a sports caster have anything to do with terrorism?

  5. I’m confused… if you can say “terrorism” and mispronounce “Al-Qaeda”, doesn’t THAT make you a terrorism analyst in the U.S.?

  6. To be fair, people can and do change jobs all the time, with or without “qualifications”. As an Australian school student, I once had a teacher who was hired by the school without teaching qualifications after he decided plumbing wasn’t for him, and changed careers. 20 years later, he’s now a Principal at a prestigious Australian High School.

    Going from sports reporting to reporting on an aspect of society isn’t that big a leap.

    Australia had a sports presenter, Mike Gibson, who left that and became a popular print columnist.

    And I have a cousin who went from writing comedy to hosting a serious talkback radio show.

    So let’s be fair in criticism hey? Pigenholing people isn’t helpful.

  7. Well, from my exposure to professional sports (cf. the New Orleans Saints) I’m not convinced of much difference … but still …

  8. when was he a sports reporter?

  9. @Hugh, to be fair, I think there’s a difference between switching jobs because you want a change and going on television and claiming that God spoke to you and it is your divine duty to denigrate a religion you really know nothing about…

  10. …..well, really you guys are not that hard to figure out…..

  11. LOL; true dat 😛

  12. Be afraid, VERY araid of these types.

  13. funny how so-called Christians like him will bow to the Jews even though they reject Jesus and most of their beliefs.

  14. And exactly what are your credentials? Did you take a college class on Erick Stakelbeck to study his background? Was that Erick Stakelbeck 101?

    Just asking!

  15. Nobody’s pigeonholing this loon. However he IS acting like a pigeon pecked a hole in his brain.

  16. @Julius Allen

    Hey smart man, Christian support for the Jews does not have it’s base in any doctrinal or religious similarity. Christians couldn’t care less about Jews not believing in Christ. They like the idea of standing by other human beings irrespective of race or religion.

    So tell me, does your allegiance lie only towards other Muslims and the Ummah, and you give two hoots for others because they aren’t Muslims? I’m forced to infer that from your foolish statement.

    And after you make statements like ‘blah blah blah BOW TO THE JEWS’ am I supposed to assume that you aren’t a tad anti-semitic? And that all Jews worldover should be held accountable for Israels actions?
    Same applies to the four smart people who ‘liked’ his comment.
    Mohammad Mehar thought just like you do and see what he did to the four Jews in Toulouse.

    Pardon my ‘Islamophobia’

  17. awww poor Cliff couldn’t take a little criticism. u know Cliff u should practice what u preach. having double standards isn’t good thing is it?

  18. What criticism was directed at me? Are u high? I’m 100% AGNOSTIC!! So what criticism are u talking about?

  19. i never said any criticism was directed at u. but it was directed at christians, and funny how u throw a fit about it. and now u claim ur an agnostic, convenient.

  20. Innara, I’m not gonna have childish debates with you. Please read the two large posts I made on the Geert Wilders thread, at the very end.

  21. […] few hundred Reichstag fires away from liquidating anyone. For fear-mongers like Joel Richardson and Erick Stakelback, I think a charred flagpole would do the […]

  22. Thank you Eric. You’re show is wonderful. I love the Prophecy news up dates. Isa: 17 is being fulfilled now. Blessings. Maranantha.

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  24. Americans against Islamophobia? What about Americans against Islamic terrorism that caused over 3000 deaths on 9/11? Is it any wonder that people are ‘Islamophobic’? Maybe religious extremists that blow themselves and countless others up by suicide bombing or by hijacking civilian airplanes simply don’t worry u that much.

  25. Erick Stakelbeck @staks33, in case you’ve forgotten – the oldest ENEMY of the torah, tanak and injil is judaism and christianity. you don’t need islam to destroy the usa. the knowledgeable jews and christians are doing it themselves from with in.

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