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See, We Told You: Geert Wilders Xenophobia is Not Limited to Muslims

21 March 2012 43 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

See, We Told You: Geert Wilders Xenophobia is Not Limited to Muslims

Far-right populist Geert Wilders has made a name for himself through his anti-Muslim and anti-Arab rhetoric, and for this reason he is, to quote Robert Spencer, one of the “heroes” of the anti-Muslim movement.

We have consistently pointed out however that Geert Wilders and his allies are not one stop bigots. Behind the “acceptable” attacks on Muslims is hidden a wider xenophobia against ‘the other.’ A bigotry which if not born out of any consistent ideological character is definitely a reflection of the realization that playing on the fears of the majority may lead to positive results at the ballot box.

Wilders and his party, the PVV are riding a wave of popularity through the launch of an anti-Polish/anti-Eastern European website which has been the cause of much controversy and embarrassment in the Netherlands. After launching the site it was reported that the PVV,

would gain 24 seats in parliament if elections were held today, the number of seats the party currently holds, says pollster Maurice de Hond. Geert Wilders’ populist far-right party is the third largest party in the Netherlands.

Wilders’ PVV site displays,

news clippings with bold headlines blaming foreigners for petty crime, noise nuisance – and taking jobs from the Dutch. “Are immigrants from Central and Eastern countries bothering you? We’d like to hear from you,” it says.

The Dutch government has distanced itself from the website but this hasn’t ebbed the disastrous PR that Wilders move has generated.

Besides criticism from ten European ambassadors and the European Commission, the Dutch public has also expressed concerns about possible repercussions. Poles are calling for a boycott of Dutch products.(emphasis mine)

The issue was taken to the European parliament which just yesterday announced its ‘dismay’ and formal response to Wilders most recent populist move:

EP condemns PVV website, exec puts ball in Netherlands’ court

By Gaspard Sebag in Strasbourg | Wednesday 14 March 2012 (

Representatives of the political groups in the European Parliament, on 13 March, unanimously called upon the Netherlands’ Prime Minister, Mark Rutte, to condemn a website launched by his far-right political ally, the PVV party headed by Geert Wilders. Said website, up since early February, urges Dutch citizens to report problems they experience with nationals of Central and Eastern European countries. “Unacceptable,” “a disgrace,” “scandalous” – said MEPs. The European Commission, for its part, announced it would not get involved from a legal point of view and leaves the responsibility of assessing the lawfulness of the website to the Dutch authorities. A joint parliamentary resolution will be put to the vote, on 15 March (see box).

The EPP, which counts among its ranks the junior partner in the Netherlands’ government, the centre-right CDA, was particularly vocal. “We cannot tolerate, from a party that takes part in a coalition government, a call to hatred against nationals from another member state. That is unacceptable,” said EPP leader Joseph Daul (France).

Despite the fact that Rutte is part of the Liberal political family, ALDE Chair Guy Verhofstadt (Belgium) was unequivocal about condemning the “silence” of the Dutch government and the message sent by the website. “My group has nothing but contempt for Mr Wilders’ initiative.” Recalling the need to be even-handed in criticising populist tactics, Verhofstadt lumped together French President Nicolas Sarkozy and Wilders. “I wonder who is the extreme-right wing candidate [in France], is it [Marine] Le Pen or Sarkozy?” he asked.

Reactions from other political group leaders all condemned Rutte’s passivity, whose hands are tied by his need for Wilders’ support, and who thus claims it is not a governmental issue. S&D leader Hannes Swoboda (Austria) called for the website to be closed down. Polish deputy Jacek Kurski (EFD) said Rutte’s lack of reaction is “scandalous”. “The prime minister [of the Netherlands] is not taking up his responsibility,” said Marije Cornelissen (Greens-EFA, Netherlands). “The prime minister ought to have directly condemned this website,” said Peter van Dalen (ECR, Netherlands), adding, however, that the EP holding a debate on this issue is “too much honour” for Wilders.

Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding, who had already condemned the PVV website in February, welcomed the comments made in the plenary chamber. “It is unacceptable that EU citizens become target of xenophobic attitudes because they have exercised their right to move from one state to another,” she said. Reding also called upon on the Dutch authorities to “fully investigate the lawfulness of the website under Dutch law and Union law”.

According to Marie-Christine Vergiat (GUE-NGL, France), this is not enough. “You continue to refer to member states and their tribunals but I thought that the Commission was the guardian of the treaties, that freedom of circulation and non-discrimination were part of the European values,” she said. “I notice that certain values are more important than others and that in economic matters when the free circulation of goods and capital is concerned, competition barriers the Commission is prompter to condemn,” added Vergiat.


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  11. If you look at Israeli Government connections to Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller and then only one degree of separation to Geert Wilders along with Christian Fundamentalists in the US then you can see that Netanyahu Fascism has grown to devouring his own. That shouldn’t matter really, apartheid is what it is, no matter who it robs from or who it hurts. True Evil transcends every theory of what evil is and that is what the Israeli Likud has obtained for themselves.

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  15. See, We Told You: Geert Wilders Xenophobia is Not Limited to Muslims | Islamophobia Today eNewspaper…

    Far-right populist Geert Wilders has made a name for himself through his anti-Muslim and anti-Arab rhetoric, and for this reason he is, to quote Robert Spencer, one of the “heroes” of the anti-Muslim movement….

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  20. Ahmed Mohamed Because smart man, there is such a thing as Freedom of Speech in the Western world, heck, it’s one of the pillars of our civilization. Ever heard of it? I guess not, coz you don’t have such a concept in Sharia, which you’re probably more used to.

    Where was the outrage, from people like u, when crosses were dipped in urine jars? Or when Neo-Nazis and Muslims constantly publish Holocaust cartoons? It simply wasn’t there.So don’t give me crock about restricting freedom of speech, coz all you care about is making Islam immune to criticism….Which, let’s be honest, considering all it demands of it’s adherents, is pretty difficult to do. Hence, you see the need to shut the world up.

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  29. Aleida, U’ve ‘taken verses out of context’ or no, even better, ‘Arabic to English translations are wrong’. lolzzzz

  30. the highest and only book for muslims is the quran. i asked u to find me the verses in the quran not the hadits. the hadiths were written 200-400 yrs after the prophets death. and those verses u quoted are not calling for innocents death but for people who wage war against muslims. ie self defense. oh just a fyi, the bible as over 800 violent verses as compared to the quran which as around 300. and what do u have to say about the bible calling to put gays to death?

  31. and i didn’t see any reference to honor killings. did not find anything?

  32. Lol are u joking? B/c I’ll post the actual verses word for word so don’t try to play dumb and even if 2 verses are from the Hadith Muslims in general follow them b/c their are rituals like the shahada and about halal food that are only found in the Hadiths and no where to be found in the Quran so don’t play dumb sahih al buhkari is extremely authentic and Muslims all over the world use them ok know it all

  33. And who the hell told you that their is 800 verses of killings in the bible you are truly an idiot ive read the bible and the only violence that can be found are from the book of Joshua and David which are stories of war not Jews killing people b/c they don’t believe in their religion ok you lying taqiyya user

  34. Innara, here is some more ‘out of context’ stuff from the Qu’ran (4:89), (9:11-12) , (4:15)……Need more?
    Don’t divert by bringing up the Bible. I didn’t claim to be a Christian, sorry to disappoint!! Looks like that standard Tactic didn’t work on me!!

    P.S. I like how you sooooo conveniently discount the Hadiths. OOOhhh!! Ur going to hell for this!! lol

  35. ha ha so now the muslims need bigots like u guys to tell us how to be muslim and that we are going to hell!! learn how to read i never said that all hadits r false. u see we muslims treat the hadits like the christians treat the bible. anything in there that is inhumane, contradicts the quran or itself is considered false. and Pinto i wasn’t talking to u but to Aleida. so why r u assuming again that i thought u were christian? i didn’t even assume Aleida to be one either. but if u want to criticize why not all the holy books? Aleida i never said “killings” i said violent. and Cliff its ok, if u don’t comprehend the quran. one needs to read it cover to cover, and not just hand picked verses from anti-islam sites.

  36. again i love how the honor killing reference still hasn’t been posted?

  37. Sorry to disappoint again Innara. I trash ALL holy books. No kidding!! The Bible,the Talmud, the Qu’ran, Gita etc. NO ONE is exempt from my criticisms. And yes, I have read the Qu’ran cover to cover. Not just on the Qu’ran but in the field of Islamic studies. I’ve done research on Islamic history from the earliest days of the Prophet till the present date. I know there isn’t a way to prove the degrees I hold, so I’m not really going to brag about it.

    I was born and raised in the subcontinent, in a country which until 2007 had the 2nd largest Muslim population in the world. So pardon me if I think I’m a little better qualified at understanding Islam than a western convert for whom religion is possibly a passing fad. What will u do when u get tired and bored of it? Convert to Buddhism?

  38. Thanks for calling me a ‘Bigot’ .You exemplified the point I was trying to make all along that how a little criticism of Islam earns u the title of racist, bigot etc. And that too from moderate Muslims like u. If u can’t handle a little criticism without name calling, your Islamic reformation and moderation efforts are not going to bear fruit.

    Simply watch how your denial of the most apparent and evident problems in the Muslim community, and your BLATANT denial of them, is causing ordinary western folk, with no real political inclinations, to rally behind the Far-Right because they are the only one’s who actually acknowledge the problem. The far-right is rising big time.

    Geert Wilders’ PVV is the second largest in the Netherlands, Nick Griffin’s British National Party is gaining ‘converts’ in the thousands from ordinary, peace loving white folk. Should I continue with the list? Let me know. A simple google search will clarify this for you.

    I’m not trying to fight with any of you, I’m giving you an honest suggestion. Please acknowledge some of the very inherent problems of your community and make an effort to reform. Don’t simply keep burying ur heads in the sand.

    Coz guys like me will criticize you, but when the Far-Right comes to power, AND BELIEVE ME, THEY WILL, they’ll do more than just criticize. So good luck with that.

    It’s unfortunate…I don’t like the far right either, but that’s the truth and unless we see some serious change in your community, their rise to power is inevitable. Don’t shoot the messenger. lol

    Good Night

  39. ahhh the king of assumptions….. do u have a phd in assuming things? cause i have been reading ur posts here, and so far all ur assumptions r wrong. u know very well that generalizing is wrong. its people like u who use “them” and “us” that r causing the problems around the world. and ur also r good at painting all muslims with the same brush.

  40. Aledia: you are stupidity and lying!! all muslim are not bad 🙂

  41. Innara I see my last post has had no effect on u. Nevermind, I’ll simply back away from here and get back to my life.

    All the babble you mentioned in the last post, save it for when Geert Wilders becomes the leader of the Netherlands or when Nick Griffin becomes the Nazi leader of the UK. AND THEY WILL!! TRUST ME!! Maybe not today or tomorrow but soon enough.

    And then both your Muslim brethren in Europe and ME(coz I’m Asian) would be treated as second citizens and would be subject to sub humane treatment. I repeat again, I’M NOT TRYING TO FIGHT WITH U!!

    There are MANY MANY good Muslims in world, but they fear to get out of their comfort zones and challenge the Islamists. The Leftists (like Obama) won’t antagonize the extremist Muslims coz that would affect their vote bank.

    So if Liberals and Leftists do nothing, the Far Right WILL. Do a simple google search to see how the popularity of the PVV in the Netherland and BNP in the UK is skyrocketing. Ordinary westerners are becoming increasingly radicalized Right Wingers. How long before they come to power?

    I’m gonna distance myself from this discussion with u, since obviously you fail to comprehend the gravity of inevitable. Good Luck.

  42. Sorry, I don’t mean to keep rambling. But I’ll mention one last thing.

    I’m guessing you’re of the opinion that Israel’s Netanyahu is a bad man, correct? Before u dismiss him, look at who his opponent was in the 2012 Likud leadership election. Google the name Moshe Feiglin. This guy rose from obscurity, but he got a 23% vote. Not bad for a newbie. His popularity is SKYROCKETING. It’s highly probable that he’ll be the new man in charge in a few years.

    Read about what he plans to do if he comes to power. He plans to de-recognize the West Bank and Gaza, and overtake it by ANY MEANS NECESSARY, and pay the Palestinians to leave, even the one’s who are Israeli citizens.
    He feels Netanyahu is too soft on the Islamic terrorists. More credence for my ‘Right is Rising’ theory. Good Luck.

  43. Hasina did you read my last two posts properly?

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