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Fox News’ Bret Baier Hits Back At Obama Over Alleged Criticism (VIDEO)

22 March 2012 Huffington Post 43 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Fox News’ Bret Baier Hits Back At Obama Over Alleged Criticism (VIDEO)

Fox News’ Bret Baier struck back at President Obama on Monday, taking issue with an alleged attack by Obama on the network which surfaced in a new book.

In the book, “Showdown,” journalist David Corn writes of a meeting during which Obama blamed Fox News for sinking his popularity with white men.

“…Fed by Fox News, they hear Obama is a Muslim 24/7, and it begins to seep in…The Republicans have been at this for 40 years. They have new resources, but the strategy is old,” Obama reportedly said.

The network, which has been a target of Obama’s in the past, took issue with this. On Monday’s “Special Report,” Baier said that the president was wrong.

“For the record, we found no examples of a host saying President Obama is a Muslim,” he said.

While no hosts have called Obama a Muslim, many on the network have been relentless critics of his dealings with the Muslim world, and have gotten into hot water for controversial statements about Muslims. They have also raised questionsabout his family and childhood ties to Islam, and the network was also forced to correct false reports that Obama had attended a madrassa as a child.


  1. Anyone who watches FOX news knows that Obama has not been called a Muslim 24/7 on that network.FOX news was the network that exposed Obama’s 20 year attendance at radical church and his association with a racist preacher. What FOX news does do is present a variety of opinions from the right, center and left. Including opinions critical of Obama and his administration.This is just another case of Obama blaming someone else for his failure. It’s also interesting that a recent article in the Washington Post reported that Al Qaeda also hates FOX news.

  2. Faux news? HAHAHA

  3. @//Hera, I hate Fox News too…does that mean I’m a radical Muslim ?

  4. The truth will never be something you’ll get from Faux “news”. And it doesn’t matter if he were Muslim!

  5. his religion should be the factor… what should be is Obama has broken his Oath .

  6. Well,look, even if they never said, “Obama is a Muslim”, their pundits have certailnly implied it ever so strongly many times.

  7. Love my President Obama!

  8. And so what if he is? He has guided this ship of state through rough seas in a capable fashion. Celebrating Health Care Reform today.

  9. He is MuSlim ya freedom to serve whomever but being muslim and our Leader conflicts with our constitution and heritage considering we are “OnE Nation Under GOD”.

  10. Thank you Jim! Faux News…lowest common denominator…Obama inherited a mess!

  11. Valerie and Lara need some serious education. Like it’s sad to even read that. I think my I.q may have dropped

  12. who cares if he’s Christian or Muslim i’m Muslim and damn proud to be it but i wouldn’t force my religion in elected office (which i currently an running for local office) but Lara doesn’t know what she’s talking about

  13. Faux News can dish it out, but they sure as hell can’t take it.

  14. Mu Slim y Slam roar rolldem in one now

  15. Bret Baier is a tool.

  16. Since when did Obama change religions? I was under the impression that he wasn`t Muslim, along with the rest of the actually intelligent people in the world.
    At any rate, being Muslim shouldn`t even be an issue. It`s a religion of peace, for crying out loud!
    All Faux News has done is reinforce the many stereotypes it has working against it.

  17. Whatever, that was before the separation between church and state…which, I think some Americans need a wake up call as to what being an American really means.

  18. Valerie showed us all how important an education is.

  19. people still take Fox News seriously?

  20. Valerie, Muslims believe in God too. I agree with Maureen and Tim, some education wouldn’t hurt these girls, Lara and Haley included. What was before Church and State Haley ? Do you have any idea what your talking about ? Fox News is making idiots out of millions of Americans, it is truly sad.

  21. The Presidents religion should bear nothing on his term or election. These last 3 years have been some of the worst ever for our Government. When you have many agree to say “No” period even if it is good for the country and the people want it. These people and the people who back them have totally forgot the Constitution. When voting against the majority and doing things to purposely hurt the Nation is Treason. Many have knowingly voted against Bills that would help the country and admitted they will do what it takes to get Obama out of office. Sounds like Treason to me, Charge some and watch how fast things change in Congress.

  22. So very true Tim, Valerie has no clue about American history.

  23. Crazy analogy: imagine walking into a house that people have been shitting, pissing, and hoarding for over 30 years. Your job is to clean it up in 4 hrs. At the same time there’s a jury of men and women(congress) who tell you what cleaning products you can and can’t use. You can’t just use whatever you want because it would go against the people(hense dictatorship vs democracy) on the other side of the house there’s a rule book that shows there’s certain places you can clean but others you don’t have the power to (cheeks and balances system) ohh but you have to be done in 4 hrs… Good luck!! Oh and there’s a mob outside some cheering and some just hating.

    -to dumb the govt system to the clinically retarded. Idk if it’s understandable now.

  24. Right on Maureen, when it comes to “fox” I consider the source~~~they make stuff up while sitting in the outhouse!

  25. If the real problem is in the House,
    lets move out, First.

  26. yeah but a lot of people consider Fox news to be the gospel.

  27. I agree with Joey. Haley, what was before the separation of church and state in the US? This would be an interesting answer. But you can do a quick google or wiki search for something closer to historical reality.

  28. If you people are the examples of Muslims then I thank my god in heaven I am not. You people judge, assume, intolerable , an ignorant !! You all make Muslims look bad.

  29. ….. Lie, Cheat, Steal: Republican Family Values ……

  30. Why is it that in this country there seems to be a long term memory problem? Yea, Valerie, that’s directed at you. People please just google what the mess looked like in 2008 and then compare it to 2012. Besides if some of you guys hero George W. did such a wonderful job where is he? George, George come out, come out, where ever you are and remind us of what a wonderful president you were and how you took a surplus and spent it on tax cuts for the top 1%, then had two completely unfunded wars, allowed the banking and housing industry to collapse underneath your feet, all the while chopping wood on your ranch. Hey, George, come remind us how you almost took down the entire world economy. George……..where are you?

  31. Since FOX News openly confesses to a business strategy of dumbing down the news, what is the big surprise? It reminds me of the “War of the Worlds” radio broadcast when entertainment became reality and panic for the uneducated, the main difference being that FOX News is in it for the munny, and Orson Welles’s faux pas was unintentional.

  32. I hope someday soon people pull their heads out of the asses of idiots like Fox News and its elk …… talk about un-American they are the closest you can get

  33. as George on “Seinfeld” said “IT’S NOT A LIE IF YOU BELIEVE IT”

  34. Faux News haters one and all!

  35. Fox news presents a variety of opinions?! Are you serious? Fox news is nothing more than a hate broadcasting network. Their racism and bigotry are obvious to anyone with a working brain.
    Get real “Hera”. If Obama cured cancer Fox news would blame him for cutting into insurance companies profits.

  36. Sooo, you can say anything, any lie about someone and it’s allowed by free speach. But “The President” isn’t permitted to comment??? You don’t have a “Yessuh Boss” n—er here boys”.

  37. President should kill these morons and give us back our tv channels. They have hijacked all channels with nonsense anti-muslim rhetoric , now they are saying killing president because he is a muslim. Fuck Oboma drop the bomb on FOX station please.

  38. Thomas,

    Why would you be a radical Muslim for hating FOX news? Obama hates FOX news and he’s not a radical Muslim.BTW- It was The Washington Post that carried the story that Al Qaeda hates FOX news.I find it interesting that leftists,President Obama and Al Qaeda all hate FOX news. However Al Qaeda does like MSNBC according to The Washington Post.


    You’ve been reading too many leftist websites. FOX news does carry a variety of opinions which anyone who watches the network would know.Plenty of leftists like Obama, Clinton and Kuchinich appear on FOX. That might be because FOX news has more viewers then CNN, MSNBC and HLN COMBINED. FOX news also wins almost every time slot in a 24 hour cycle.

  39. I am a Muslim girl I want to say one thing, Islam is not a religion of murder and burn and rape and corruption and oppression also depicts some of you or as you can see from the actions of some extremist Muslims .. Islam is far from the extremism of any .. Do you work the greeting of Islam is peace you?? If you have the conscience and mind to think about Islam, read the religious sense and a quick control of Islam through some fake stories .. Believe me, we as Muslims, people like you, O people we love and suffer and rejoice and mourn … Islamic religious and Sunny considerate of others .. Islam has forbidden killing innocent people .. Sana Islam and women, protect and ensure the woman Gallet Jaddaaa … Did you read and studied Islam and I got it until you say I am against Islam??

  40. Hera,
    Faux news will be a joke in about 50 years. As the country’s population become s more diverse and a majority of minorites, Faux news popularity will slowly and steadily decline. The only that can stop this is a take over of the right-wing by dictatorship which they are currently in the process of trying to do.

    This is the right-wing’s last hurrah, so enjoy it.

  41. Hera,
    Faux news will be a joke in about 50 years. As the country’s population becomes more diverse and a majority of minorites, Faux news popularity will slowly and steadily decline. The only thing that can stop this is a take over of the country by a right-wing dictatorship, which they are currently in the process of trying to do.

    This is the right-wing’s last hurrah, so enjoy it.

  42. LOL…if you have to wait 50 years for FOX news to decline that is a testimony to the strength of the FOX news. That is likely the reason FOX news has more viewers than all other cable news channels COMBINED.Though Al Qaeda does support both MSNBC and CNN as reported recently by The Washington Post.

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