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Jews support city resolution to oppose anti-Shariah bill Read more: The Jewish Chronicle – Jews support city resolution to oppose anti Shariah bill

23 March 2012 General 23 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

by Toby Tabachnick

Jewish leaders backed a Pittsburgh City Council measure to oppose Pennsylvania House Bill 2029, which has become known as “the anti-Shariah law bill.”

Council passsed the resolution by a unanimous vote, Tuesday, March 6, at a meeting attended by representatives from several faith communities that are against passage of H.B. 2029.

Rabbi James Gibson of Temple Sinai, and Marshall Dayan of the Pittsburgh Area Jewish Committee, both spoke out in favor of the resolution to oppose the bill.

H.B. 2029, which has been held up in the House Judiciary Committee since November, proposes to prohibit the application of “foreign” law when it is found to be inconsistent with the principles of the federal and state constitutions. Muslim, Jewish and Catholic groups have criticized the bill, saying it is aimed at prohibiting the application of Shariah law in particular, and as encroaching on religious freedom in general.

The City Council resolution, sponsored by Councilman William Peduto, calls on the Pennsylvania General Assembly “to reject H.B. 2029 as unnecessary and inconsistent with our core constitutional principles.”

The bill is sponsored by state Rep. RoseMarie Swanger. Twenty-six other states are considering enacting similar legislation, and Oklahoma and Tennessee already have passed such laws.

(Toby Tabachnick can be reached

Read more: The Jewish Chronicle – Jews support city resolution to oppose anti Shariah bill


  1. Way to go guys!!! Good for you! I am sadly becoming ashamed of my Pa legislators!!!

  2. There is only one law in America…American Law!

  3. Thank you!

  4. I wonder if they’d support it so much if it included an anti-talmudic provision.

  5. Jews should be supporting muslims , they are the new jews. Unless they forget and will be reminded once the hate from muslims comes full circle to the agitator and instigator the jew.

  6. Very true Kevin. So why can’t some of the American people understand that??? Having said that, the American Law allows “freedom of religion”. That is why it is silly to try and pass these bills. Just a waste of the taxpayers money.

  7. The Jews get it…why can’t the Christians? A decision against ONE religion, is a decision against ALL religions. Once you understand that Judaism, Christianity & Islam are all Abrahamic religions, & ALL WORSHIP THE SAME GOD, the rest is all semantics, innit?

    Since 9/11, this country has been rabidly anti-Islam. I understand that most people don’t understand anything that TV doesn’t explain to them. But the tv LIES, people. The murderers who hijacked those planes, have no more relevance to mainstream Islam, than that idiot that runs the Westboro Baptist Church is relevant to Christianity. Extremists exist in ALL religions,& ALL are to be scoffed at.

    The Bible says, “Judge not, lest ye be judged likewise”…so how ’bout this…we all worship the ONE TRUE GOD in the way our hearts see fit, & let the man upstairs figure out who is right & who is wrong. Seems simple enuf.

  8. we are suppose to be a secular nation, but one nation under God, for most americans mean ‘their God’, the Christian God isn’t our God, they made it a threesome, our God and God of the Jews is still one, many prophets but one messenger.

  9. Geez….some of you need to learn how to read? Alan…they opposed the anti sharia bill. That’s a good thing….no? Ahmed…they are supporting Muslims…that’s why they opposed the bill.

  10. Thank you for giving me a reason to be glad that’s where I was born and raised…I left Pa when I was old enough but that made me happy to hear 🙂

  11. Hell yeah.

  12. Proud to be a Jew.

  13. Jews well understand what it is like to be singled out for their religious beliefs. It is powerful to see Jewish people take a stand against any discrimination. It is the road to a lasting peace.

  14. I had an older, Jewish lady who was a tenant for 8 years and is a dear friend. She told me of countless stories in her life in Portland,OR that reminds me of my American Japanese family and the struggles of bigotry that Muslims face today.
    Racism has a moving target in the USA, but more and more people refuse to embrace those ideals so we must be careful about using discrimination and hate as some kind of return weapon.

  15. This is good news. Right-wing evangelicals all over the country try to force their own beliefs on everyone else (mandating creationism in schools, etc.), and simultaneously lie that Muslims are trying to do it. Evangelicals are the dangerous ones.

  16. You’re right, Kevin. Which is why it should interest you that laws similar to Sharia are already in place in America for Jews. The kicker? They aren’t even legally binding to the people who subject themselves to them. American law IS the only law here. Which is why Sharia is a stupid thing to oppose: it could only affect people who seek out it’s judgment, and even then isn’t legally enforceable.

  17. Wouldn’t expect anything different.

  18. jewish law is similar to sharia laws. the west can accept the jewish laws for jews in the west but oppose to sharia laws for muslims there?
    the most funny thing is, whenever the west talks abt sharia laws, they talk abt cutting hands of thieves, beheading murderers n rapists, stoning n lashing who commit adultery blah blah blah, while what the muslims actually demand is just family laws like for marriage and divorce

  19. Well their are no end to useful idiots willing to do islams bidding

  20. David, maybe you could elaborate?

  21. We got one of those laws pending in our state, too. Stupid. Sharia law, btw, is an oxymoron. The word literally means “law”. The same kind of rules in Sharia exist in American legal systems all across the country. Btw Mr. Levy, did you know one of our founding fathers Thomas Jefferson posessed a copy of the Quran? Hmm didn’t he help author some of our earliest laws? Yep, plenty of useful “idiots” doing the bidding of Islam.

  22. I completely concur with Michael Lawless’s opinion. Even for those who are secular, attacks on one religion by another or imposition of brand A’s religion on others is inappropriate, and it is time to hold these right-wing extremists accountable for their ignorance and hatred. They are the anti-thesis of our American values of respect and tolerance.

  23. how is banning religious law from american courts a bad thing. isn’t that the definition of seperation of church and state? isn’t taht what it means to be a secular nation? “They are the anti-thesis of our American values of respect and tolerance.” it’s the exact opposite. it is one of the core values of america. it is rediculous that jewish law or catholic law or hindu law or buddist law would be considered in any court room. for those of you how support sharia in family courts i have a scenerio for you.

    my sister marries a muslim man. has a set of fraternal twins one male one female. she and her husband die in an accident. they have no will. the husband’s brother is a devout muslim and he argues in court that the boy should get twice as much from the estate as the girl. florida law says that siblings get equal shares, regardless of gender. what should happen.

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