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Obama Muslim Rumors Persist Among Illinois Republicans: 39 Percent Believe President Is Muslim

23 March 2012 Huffington Post 44 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

He calls Chicago home, with a house on the city’s South Side. He represented the state of Illinois in Congress, and now the President of the United States is a Chicago Bulls fan. Still, Illinois’ Republican voters aren’t too sure about this Barack Obama guy.

Public Policy Polling surveyed 506 likely GOP primary voters March 17 and 18, and found that 39 percent of them believe that Obama is a Muslim. There are still quite a few “birthers” in the state as well, as 36 percent of GOP voters believe the president was not born in the United States. An overwhelming 89 percent of the GOP voters disapproved of Obama — and more than half disapproved of the city of Chicago itself.

More from the survey (hat tip, Capitol Fax Blog):

Q25 Do you believe in evolution, or not?Believe in evolution………………………………….. 41%
Do not……………………………………………………. 43%
Not sure…………………………………………………. 16%

Q26 Do you think that interracial marriage should be legal or illegal?

Legal……………………………………………………… 75%
Illegal…………………………………………………….. 16%
Not sure…………………………………………………. 9%


While the numbers pale in comparison to a similar poll conducted in Mississippi —where 52 percent of GOP voters classified Obama as a Muslim and 36 percent said they were “not sure” — it does highlight the differences between Chicago Democrats and downstate Republican voters.

Obama has previously said that he doesn’t let the Muslim and birther rumors bother him.

“I’m not gonna be worrying too much about whatever rumors are floating on out there,” Obama said. “If I spend all my time chasing after that, then I wouldn’t get much done.”

“I can’t spend all my time with my birth certificate plastered on my forehead.”

Original post: Obama Muslim Rumors Persist Among Illinois Republicans: 39 Percent Believe President Is Muslim


  1. Well we know that 39% of Illinois Republicans are idiots, but even still if he WERE Muslim, that is NONE of their business and NOT a bad thing…

  2. This a nebulous feeling I have, but I see a lot of such polls the tone often seems to be like it would be wrong if he were Muslim, or am I just reading that in?

  3. so idiocy persists among Illinois Republicans?…

  4. “My mind’s made up, don’t confuse me with the facts!”

  5. Who cares if he is a practicing Muslim, Christian, Jew, Hindu, or Buddhist? Here’s what we do know. He is responsible for the death of hundreds of Arab children at the hands of U.S. predator drones. Isn’t that what we should all be really worried about. I mean, if this man can kill Arab children then why not American children? And what does that really matter either. A child is a child, helpless, defenseless, and certainly not responsible for terror in the world.

  6. Stupid is as stupid does

  7. Lets all give it up forrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Sheikh Barack Obama!!!!!

  8. I am Muslim and never seen him at any prayers. In matter of fact I have seen him doing speeches during prayer times, which shows he is not a Muslim. Morons get there facts from fox news, and can’t generate a though for themselves. We need to sterilize these people because every 3 seconds douchebag is born In the USA.

  9. He kills more Muslims than Bush did.

  10. Republicans can end that if they want to but it is convenient for getting votes.

  11. 39 percent of Illinois Republican may believe Obama is a Muslim, but I can PROVE that 39% of Illinois Republicans are prejudiced bigots.

    Guess which scares me more?

  12. Obama is NO Muslim!!! He drinks alcohol, celebrates X-Mas ,etc. NO Muslim would do that, it would be totally out of the beliefs of the religion. I’m a Muslim, not him!

  13. This explains alot!!! Now I understand why they support Romney, Santorum, launched an assault on women’s health, oppose medical care for our elderly, promote tax cuts for the very rich, oppose insurance coverage for all, and best of all… why they want to get rid of National Education programs!!! If they can keep those who follow them and encourage others to be as ignorant as they are, they WILL win!

  14. I thought that this was fixed. Obama is anti-Muslims and probably he if he was a Muslim he won’t run for the president of the US. Now Kennedy was Roman Catholic Christian and many believe that he got assasinated because of his sect.

  15. OMG really!!! When are people gonna just drop this silly subject already?? Who cares how he believes in a higher power?? Or even if he doesn’t believe in the great creator, nobody should even care..There are far more important things to worry about than someones religious beliefs…Just goes to show how stupid and shallow people really are…

  16. And Ahmed Mohamed, no baby is a douchebag!!!

  17. I could care less tbh, but what I do care about is that fake birth certificate, which, btw, has been proven fake apparently and is in the courts as we speak…

  18. I guess those 39% aren’t very bright. Or maybe they just “choose” to believe the lies. Either way, they are an embarassment and show an astonishing level of disrespect for the President.

  19. If they are an Illinois republican, we already know they are stupid.

  20. I also care more about him serving as Head Security Advisor for the U.N. while serving as president, which goes entirely against the constitution. I want a president who actually cares about the constitution…

  21. ok, he might be Muslim…what’s the big deal?

  22. the President of my country is a Christian I will vote against him next time Christians do not have any rights they are minority….. lool I know it’s racist but If you turned the topic this what happening in America now right !!! And they say America the leader of the free world lol no shit

  23. Even if, it should not matter. What is a Mormon? Should it matter?

  24. Republicans are so stupid.

  25. Sigh…

  26. I believe he is what he says he is…BUT WHO CARES IF HE IS!!!! The Republicans are in-sighting hate. Wonder where the kids learn how to bully!

  27. The Republicans choose to believe this and thus promote their ignorance.

  28. Get over it you racist mormons!

  29. Well then 39% are Idiots. and WORSE…Like that’s not ok Anyway…a real Christian would never deny another faith besides thier own thinking it was thier right let alone job to judge now would they???? It’s a shame so many people are letting themsleves be led around…..good grief do some thinking for yourself!!! Isn’t this still the Land of Free…poor people of other faiths are the one that must be really afraid the hate may break out any time!!

  30. This is purely a matter of ignorance among misguided, uneducated, narrow-minded bigots who are convinced that labeling Obama a “Muslim” (by denying the overswhelming evidence to the contrary) will villify him and thus “win back America for Americans.”

  31. WELL, if he isn’t Muslim, why does he do so much for them, as opposed to what he does for the

  32. Christians in this country? [sorry, I pushed the wrong button], and, why is he trying to take away our CHRISTIAN rights?

  33. How convenient for them!

  34. Illinois (& Indiana) are GOP strangleholds.

  35. The continuing influence of FOX (Bullshit) “News”, etc…….

  36. Lord help us! This has gone on way too long!

  37. I know, don’t feed the trolls. @ Nancy- I wasn’t aware that The President could change the Bill of Rights. Freedom of Speech, Press, Religion and Petition

    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

  38. Willful ignorance.

  39. Idiots

  40. …..not just a muslim…..TRAITOR/MUSLIM!!!!!

  41. Not traitor a muslim and GOD sent

  42. if Obama is a Muslim why was he sworn in on a bible????

  43. I doubt 39% think Obama is Muslim. I have read blogs where people have said if they are ever asked in a poll if Obama is Muslim they would say yes even though they don’t actually believe Obama is Muslim.It’s just another way to expose Obama’s hypocrisy since he desperately does not want to be seen as Muslim.If there is nothing wrong with being Muslim why is Obama so afraid of being identified as Muslim?

    I think Newt Gingrich raised an interesting question when he asked what is it that President Obama is doing that makes so many people believe he is Muslim.Gingrich pointed to President Obama’s apology to President Karzai for the accidental burning of Korans.While noting that President Obama did not demand an apology from President Karzai for the brutal murder of American soldiers over those burned Korans.Which makes one wonder why President Obama did not stand up for American values, which place a soldiers life above a burned book.

  44. […] with all the smears based on his Christian minister Jeremiah Wright). 39% of Republicans in Illinois and 45% of Republicans in Alabama think Obama is a […]

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