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West Sacramento Islamic Center Vandalized Again

27 March 2012 General 23 Comments Email This Post Email This Post


WEST SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – The West Sacramento Islamic Center was vandalized overnight and leaders there are calling it a hate crime.

The center is under construction, being rebuilt, but leaders fear it won’t ever get done if someone doesn’t stop damaging their sacred place.

Abdul Karim Yusufzai on Saturday showed CBS13 the damage done by vandals, vandals he’s convinced are filled with hate.

“It is hate,” he said. “They know this is a community center, a religious building.”

Abdul is the president of the center. A window was shattered sometime on Friday. This follows six security camers being ripped from the building two weeks ago.

“I’m very sad,” he said. “I’m disappointed.”

Before going dark, those cameras captured two men, one seen clearly reaching for the camera.

And it doesn’t stop there. Three years ago, vandals broke into the previous Islamic center, tearing pictures off the wall and damaging their Quran. No arrests were made in that case.

“We have our the right to be here and our religion is a peaceful religion,” Abdul said. “We are not attacking people so in this neighborhood always we are under attack.”

Abdul is now asking for help, hoping soon they can pray in peace.

“Some of the community members have a bad feeling of their presence here,” he said.

Original post: West Sacramento Islamic Center Vandalized Again


  1. and they sent Muslims to Guantanamo???

  2. What else would it be?

  3. the truth is that scumbags target churches all the time too, so unless they pained slogans on the walls, it is just more of the refuse to work lwlifes of California.

  4. 🙁

  5. Where’s the national out cry for this.? No where, because in general most Americans don’t care About Musliums or any Arabs at all. It’s not sensational enough to report on.

  6. There’s no such thing as a “hate crime”. Vandalism is vandalism. It should be prosecuted as such.

  7. the Muslims being persecuted in any country they live, visit..etc, we must stop the hate, most of all we must stop the Imperialism!

  8. Our masjid in Jacksonville was firebombed a few years back. It didn’t get any national attention either. The nice thing is that the pentecostal church across the street donated money to the reward for info as did the FBI, CAIR, and others. The guy who did it was eventually shot dead about a year later.

  9. isn’t any crime a hate crime? act and intent. this country adds the emotion, who cares, it’s a crime.

  10. Sean, How can you say that there is no such thing as a hate crime? Targeting someone because of the religion they belive in, or the color of their skin, is a straight up hate crime.

  11. Karla Attia, I am sorry about your masjid, and I am glad to hear the church across the street was helpful, so far our Masjid here in memphis has been spared anything like that, but the church across the street from us is awesome, they often let us use the church parking lot for extra parking and while our masjid was being built, they let us pray in the church:)

  12. the hate crime law is a bad law. to claim to know someone’s motivation is a flawed concept. sean and nona are right a crime is a crime. whether you believe you know why or not, it is the action itself which calls for punishment. you are no less dead if you are killed for money rather then for your race or religion or sexual orientation or what ever other groups are “protected” under hate crime laws. the window is no less broken if the intent of throwing the rock through it is just to hear the glass break.

  13. Shame!

  14. Shameful!

  15. Americans and their hatred! the joke is that they hate, kill, execute, but blame muslims! I hope they will wake up one day!

  16. Sean suffers from brain damage as most trolls do. I hope a bullet with his name on it finds him courtesy of the all mighty.

  17. salim,

    sup. how’s your heat capture subdivision project going?
    so let me see if i follow you. an american smashed a mosque window and it is evident that americans are full of hate. but a muslim blowing people up is not evidence to there being something wrong with islam? ok, sounds logical. lol. where’s elle? elle can you yell at salim for me. i’m a white guy, it would make me a racist and full of hate if i called his comment stupid.

    speaking of god and bullets. and the zimmerman/martin case. here’s a little concrete blond, an 80’s classic for ya:

    There’s a green plaid jacket on the back of the chair
    It’s like a moment frozen forever there

    Mom and dad had a lot of big plans for their little man
    So proud!
    Mama’s gone crazy ’cause her baby’s shot down
    By some teenage car chase war out of bounds
    It was the wrong place wrong time wrong end of a gun.

    Shoot straight from the hip, yeah.
    Gone forever in a trigger slip
    Well, it could have been
    It could have been your brother.
    Shoot straight shoot to kill, yeah.
    Blame each other, well, blame yourselves, you know
    God is a bullet have mercy on us everyone

    They’re gonna call me sir they’ll all stop picking on me
    Well I’m a high school grad I’m over 5 foot 3
    I’ll get a badge and a gun and I’ll join the P.D.
    They’ll see
    He didn’t have to use the gun they put in his hand
    But when the guy came at him, well he panicked and ran
    And it’s a thirty long years ‘fore they’re givin’ him another chance
    And it’s sad, sad, it’s sad

    Shoot straight from the hip, yeah.
    Gone forever in a trigger slip
    Well, it could have been
    It could have been your mother.
    Shoot straight shoot to kill, yeah.
    Blame each other, well, blame yourselves, you know
    God is a bullet have mercy on us everyone

    Shoot straight from the hip, yeah.
    Gone forever in a trigger slip
    Well, it could have been
    It could have been your mother.

    John Lennon, Doctor King, Harvey Milk
    all for goddamn nothing

    God is a bullet have mercy on us everyone
    God is a bullet have mercy on us everyone

  18. SEAN get real!!!!! I’m sorry this happened. If it was my church I would be very upset. My church meets with Jews and Muslims on a regular basis in an effort to educate and foster friendship between us all.

  19. Judge people bye their own individual actions, not by any associations. Not all americans are prejudiced, not all Muslims are terrorist, not all Christians are self-righteous, and not all Jews are Arab haters. when you meet someone, don’t ask if they are Muslim or Christian or Jewish. Ask about what they’ve done and who they are.

  20. people don’t want to see how their own governement hurt them so much!!!!!!! ant put them in awfull criminals wars!!!!!!!! they prefer listening to hate language , because it’s easyer than thinking by their selves ,,,,, the truth is that”” the religions”” are the same for all of us,,,,just a way giving to us to stay human beeing living in peace and love , with our differences giving by God,,,”” prayer, sermon , careme “”are in the 3 books so what????????????? ignorance and lie instead education and truth ,,

  21. siyjakak,

    you are absolutely right about individuals. but as a society, culture, nation, as a people we must collectively agree as to how we want things structured. we must judge how our institutions are to function. we must judge what laws we want. as you see some of us find the concept of a “hate crime” as a bad one. some of us disagree the concept of sharia, or orthodox jewish law, or canon law or any religious laws being allowed in any american court. not sure how that equates to “hatred” of anyone. have you read the 4th surah, the women? it sets inheritance laws in sharia. the female shall have half the portion of the male. i disagree. another bad law.

  22. I have, but I’m somewhat suspicious regarding the latter Surahs (they are arranged mostly according to size, not chronological order). Those “revealed” later on are longer and more legalistic. To me it seems as if Muhammad began as a pure-hearted man who faithfully revealed Allah’s message. As he grew older however, and essentially became the emperor of Arabia, he found himself having to deal with issues on which God had no advice, and so used his power to create false “revelations” in order to create a system that, while reflecting some of the biases and archaic values of his contemporary culture, was stable enough to keep the Peninsula from breaking down into perpetually warring tribes again. Other prophets are known to have eventually abused their position, like Solomon or Elijah. why not Muhammad? It is also telling that his final sermon does in fact reverse many of the statements made in the latter surahs. In addition there is still the fact that there are several years between his death and the actual compilation of the Koran, plenty of time for self-interested companions to fudge some numbers or re-evaluate some phrases before the whole thing was committed to writing.

    Personally, I have no problem with states refusing to follow shariah law, as it is isn’t law that has been legislated by elected officials. what i was ranting against was the tendency of some people to use the actions of one member of a group to justify discrimination towards another member. I’m not going to go insulting Christians and Christianity because of the actions of the LRA. Others should not go beating Muslim women to death over actions committed by strangers halfway around the world in impoverished, war torn countries

  23. Siyajkak,

    i agree totally. but i hope you don’t live in an islamically dominated country. that could be considered blasphemy. i think jesus was a political figure as well. he was a jew revolting against roman rule. no divine revelation to either of them. or abraham or moses or solomon or elijah or noah or enoch or buddha etc etc………..

    keep your head down. you know what happened to theo van gogh. shit he was in the multicultural accepting nethrlands. you never know. good luck to ya.

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