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JihadWatch Zombie Eric Allen Bell and Glazov Gang Lose Debate with Nadir Ahmed Want Rematch

28 March 2012 15 Comments Email This Post Email This Post
The "Glazov gangbangers"

The "Glazov gangbangers"

JihadWatch Zombie Eric Allen Bell and Glazov Gang Lose Debate with Nadir Ahmed Want Rematch

Eric Allen Bell, the weirdo turned JihadWatch zombie was advertising about how he was going to debate a Muslim apologist by the name of Nadir Ahmed. I am unfamiliar with Nadir Ahmed, his past debates, level of debate proficiency or his positions but listened to it nonetheless to see what went down.

Nadir Ahmed accepted the challenge, knowing full well the deck was stacked against him. For one he was going to be on the hate-mongerers home turf, FrontPageMagRag. Second, the moderator was a hostile Islamopohobe; Jamie Glazov. Third, Eric Allen Bell was already slandering him on his facebook calling him a “Taqqiya artist” and “professional pedophile prophet apologist,” i.e. it was clear the debate wasn’t going to be fact-based or logical but one where Bell would try to slander his way to a self-declared victory.

To top it off the Glazov gang brought in Robert Spencer (By the way when will Spencer ever accept Danios’ debate challenge?), ostensibly to help the child-like Eric Allen Bell, because we know Bell is not only a poor debater who regularly reverts to lying but he is also plain…dumb.

As you can see the tactic blew up in the Glazov gangs face and for the most part they looked ridiculous to even their own fans, one commenter named Damon Whitsell noted,

I felt Nadir won a 3 on 1 and I bet he is gloating all over himself today.

Other such comments were magically deleted. The truth is after listening to this I believe an illiterate 12 year old Afghan child memorizing Quran all day in a madrassa could probably defeat Bell in debate.

Here is the debate:

Bell’s initial reaction to losing the debate:

Bell wants a rematch and is sounding like quite the sore loser:



  1. I met (on Facebook) one of the young ladies who Eric interviewed for his revealing documentary, “Not Welcome“. She was surprised that her interview was in the documentary because “…he hadn’t gotten her release to use her image“, she said. Anyway….

    The young lady told me that initially, he did side with the Muslims of Murfreesboro because he could see (at least, at that time) how a number of Murfreesboro residents (although, a minority) were being bigoted toward the Muslim residents of Murfreesboro.

    Then Eric began to change. He tried to organize the Muslims and their non-Muslim supporters and tried to initiate actions against those who opposed the Muslims and their 52K’ Islamic center, not “52K’ mosque“!! That’s when he began to take on the language and the depraved mindset of the bigots in Murfreesboro.

    He began attacking Islam, now armed with the Islamaphobic misinformation that we hear and see him spewing today. Another sock puppet of the paid Islamaphobes who simply parrot the lies that they’re paid to spew (like those of his posted at the end of this article).

    While in Murfreesboro, Eric was reported to have purchase alcohol for minors. What an upstanding, responsible adult he is! Parents: Watch your children around this unstable person!

  2. I guess Eric didn’t want anyone to know that he once knew the truth, but was eventually conned into believing the lies against Islam that he now believes…..and spews. He’s made his video unavailable to the public but you may watch a similar video here: CNN’s “Unwelcome: Muslims Next Door

    The only thing Eric revealed that Soledad didn’t was the motivation behind Kevin Fisher (the ONLY Black man in Murfreesboro who opposed the Muslims expanding their Islamic Center. Basically, his wife divorced him and converted to Islam. Now, he’s upset at Islam….at taking out his frustrations against the Murfreesboro Muslims! 🙁

  3. Robert Spencer was falsely represented as an “Islamic scholar“. He is deserving of none of these accolades! He is neither a scholar nor a learned in Islam!

    Eric Bell says, “I am not a scholar“, and he proves it! He is no more than the obvious sock puppet parrot of the likes of Robert Spencer.

  4. Nadir did well to hold his own against those 3 liars.

    My only criticism for Nadir is that he allowed them to frame & redefine the word “taqqiya“. It does not me lying. It specifically means to “hide one’s faith if threatened with bodily harm or death“. The example he gave with the Bosnians was their deception. They didn’t hide their faith and they weren’t being threatened.

    The liars in this lopsided debate/attack/ambush have & give the false impression that taqqiya is a common practice amongst all Muslims when it is only a practice of Shia Muslims….but only under the aforementioned circumstances. To the unlearned non-Muslims or newly converted Muslims, those liars appear to be knowledgeable about Islam …. when they truly aren’t!

  5. justin case,

    i didnt even bother to read the article or your comments thoughly. but to me what makes islam bad is the koran. am i liar to say it calls for the torture of people?

  6. Sorry, Mike.

    I should give you the time of day for what reason?? You admittedly didn’t read my posts or the article and yet, you want to distract me with a sidebar.

    I’ll answer you this way: You’re entitled to your opinion, no matter how wrong it obviously is. Just remember: You called yourself a liar.

    Do you have any other sidebar questions that distract from the topic at hand…..??

  7. Btw, I’ve had my encounters (online, of course) with Eric. He’s not a cordial or respectful person, as you hear in the ambush debate.

    I found his initial exposè of Islamaphobia in Murfreesboro, TN quite admirable, coming from one who was a non-Muslim. It didn’t just capture the thoughts and/or opinions of the Muslims or those who opposed them (and all of their baseless excuses), but it also captured the thoughts and/or opinions of the non-Muslims who supported the Muslims and their desire to expand their 10,000 sq. ft. MOSQUE and Islamic Center.

    Even when Eric bumped his head and lost his sense, he did a complete 180º and lost all of the facts he’d previously grasped…..including the square footage of the mosque! He began to parrot the Islamaphobes of Murfreesboro (the same people he’d just finished mocking for their ignorance and intolerance), claiming that the Muslims (with all of his colorful, inapplicable metaphors) were planning to build a “52,000 sq. foot mosque” which he also claims to be a 53,000 sq. ft. mosque.

    Eric, make up your mind!! Which lie is “the truth?!

  8. jc,

    no reason to give me the time of day if you don’t want to. sorry for my distraction. didn’t know it would throw you so. ok now i’ve read the article and your comments. i find them uninteresting. but seems how the topic is debate i thought i would debate you as to whether islam (the overall topic of this website in my opinion) calls for torture?
    “remember: You called yourself a liar.” lol. no i didn’t. your reading comprehention may be worst then mine?

    “Do you have any other sidebar questions that distract from the topic at hand…..??” yeah i got a whole bunch. but seems how you aren’t much of a multi-tasker i’ll give you just one more. do you think the hadiths are good examples of how humans should treat each other?

  9. Mike

    Most torture of bad people is in the grave, and Hell. Torture in war, different story. Doesn’t happen often. Shouldn’t, actually

  10. Mike Malzahn:

    No. You implied that you were a liar in your question. Re-read your own post, dud.

    Multi-tasking is not a problem for me. It was all about principle and common courtesy. You informed me from the break that you hadn’t taken time to read either the article or my comment, so I gave you the equal courtesy. In fact, I gave you more. I did read your comment. I just refused to answer your question based upon your admission. So, don’t hurt yourself reading too much into my non-response to your question. I’ve explained it in full for you. There’s nothing else to it.

    And you probably think your question is interesting. If the article was so “uninteresting“, why are you spinning your wheels posting possibly irrelevant questions to a so-called “uninteresting” article?

    When one devoted a ¼-second’s thought to it, one comes to the conclusion that your actions really don’t make any sense. You, however, might have to put about 10 seconds more into that thought process before coming to the same conclusion…..maybe more.

  11. “the koran. am i (a) liar to say it calls for the torture of people?” that doesn’t imply anything other than the koran calls for torture. if i said – am i a lair to say that 2 plus 2 is 4? would that imply that i’m a liar??

    sorry if i was discourtesy. “based upon your admission.” what admission?

    my actions don’t make sense. well here’s my reasoning for my actions. i chose to post on an uninteresting article because they get fewer comments, therefore making it a greater possibility that you would see it. also i asked you because i had never seen your name before and i like to try and get a diversity of opinion. also, this article was high in the rotation on the page, also perhaps giving you more time to see it. and yes i think the question of whether or not god divinely revealed torture as a punishment for fornication or anything else, regardless of the burden of proof required, an interesting one.

  12. marcelo,

    u see that justin has a blue link with his name
    and he can make words bold and italicized? thanks i had never figuered that out, maybe yout pay to post thing is actually real. i’d only heard of pay to click with google. you maybe right, there might be such a thing? lol

  13. Just in case anyone was wondering, Mike is one of Eric Bell’s many alter egos that he posts with online. He’s just trying to defend himself with one liners that hold no value. He’s a typical internet troll that just wants attention.

  14. I happen to be the “Damon Whitsell” that this post quotes out of context to make it appear that I felt Nadir won the debate. Which is not true at all.

    In my series of comments on that page (which is conveniently not linked directly too – so you won’t see my full commentary)……

    ……I also said,,, “But then again I think he is shaking in his boots knowing that soon he will have to face Spencer AND BELL, one on one. “,,, right after the sentence that was lifted out of context.

    I also said directly in another comment that.. “24 minutes in,,, I wish Spencer had not showed up. Bell ripped some butt and I’d like to hear more Bell”,,, and ,,,, “Sorry Jamie, but @ 33 minutes I think you should have stood down and let Bell stomp a proverbel blackhole in Nadirs butt.”

    The only sense in that Nadir won this debate is that Jamie was participating instead of moderating and Spencer was invited, and being that Spencer and Ahmed have a pre-existing bad taste in each others mouth for each other,, Nadir was successful in drawing Jamie and Robert into a circus style lambasting event. But as far as the little debate content that was on the show,,, Bell did indeed stomp a black-hole in Nadirs rear end.

    Why was a newbie counter-jihadist able to stomp a black hole in Nadir’s rear end? Because Islam is inherently violent. Nadir does not even try to refute that,, in fact he plays it off as a good thing. In the debate he stopped just short of saying,, “offensive jihad is a noble institution”,, and,, “offensive jihad is the greatest story ever told”,, as he does on his website.

    Just watch his debate with Sam Shamoun,,, he freely admits Islam is not a religion of peace and spins it as a good and noble thing.

    In the cleaned up version of this debate, where all the reciprocating personal attacks are edited out,, it is crystal clear that newbie Bell soundly defeated the season apologist Ahmed.

  15. You can’t honestly deny the facts, so all you have are idiotic insults.

    The facts are as Eric Allen Bell has them. Who’s paying your bills? Jihadis?

    The word “Islamophobia” is a jihadist term designed to shut up criticism of the world’s most hateful and violent ideology. Anyone who uses this stupid term is a warmonger.

    And you who defend this nasty misogynistic bilge are very mentally ill. You can keep your women hatred to yourselves.

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