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Thousands Mobilise Against Planned anti-Islam Denmark Demo

Thousands mobilise against planned anti-Islam Denmark demo

Several thousand people turned out for an open-air concert in Denmark’s second city of Aarhus on Wednesday to protest against a far-right anti-Islam rally planned for March 31, officials said.

Aarhus city officials said they organised the concert as a way of showing the city’s tolerance and because “Aarhus does not want to be associated with extremist groups” that represent “everything we want to distance ourselves from.” Around 5,000 people attended Wednesday’s concert, a spokesman for the mayor’s office said.

Far-right groups from across Europe are scheduled to meet in Aarhus on March 31 for an anti-Islam rally organised by the Danish Defence League, a sister organisation of the English Defence League.

A spokesman for the Danish group, Philip Traulsen, said the programme for the meeting had not been confirmed but that it would deal with “the obvious problems caused by radical Islam.” In an email to AFP, he said some 300 to 1,000 people were expected to attend the rally, which he said would “probably be the biggest anti-Islam demonstration on Danish soil.”

A counter-demonstration organised by the group “Aarhus for Diversity” was to be held at the same time in the town of 315,000 people, located on the Jutland peninsula north of Germany.

Local police, who have requested reinforcements, “will be present en masse”, eastern Jutland police official Mogens Broendum said. But shopowners have expressed concern and a number of restaurants have already indicated they plan to close on the day of the rally, he said.

AFP, 21 March 2012


  1. This is Americans against Islam haters. Focus more on my country here in the US. Not Europe.

  2. The world is very interconnected. Islamphobia in Denmark affects us in the States and vice versa. You can not focus on one country because words, writings, and ideas are so widespread and originate from so many different places.

  3. IMO,a simple response to the Islamic demonstrations against Denmark. You can’t have it just YOUR way.

  4. In an interconnected world, the Moslems need to lighten up and “get a life,” if they expect to be treated with the same respect.

  5. Bigotry, alleged or actual, from a given group, never justifies bigotry/racism directed at said given group.

  6. & conflation of bigotry with religion is bigotry itself. Religion itself does not cause bigotry, no matter how much bigots claim that their bigotry is based on religion.

  7. Love the Danes. Do you know that virtually no Danish Jews lost their lives in WWII?

  8. It appears that about 200 people demonstrated against islamisation of Europe. Many more demonstrated for islam and multiculturalism – more than a thousand people. About 200 of the latter attacked the former, and the police, with rocks, bottles and fireworks. They also threw bikes and benches around and started building a barricade in a street. The police, however, succeeded in stopping the rioters from reaching the anti-islamists, but one policeman’s head was busted open, and he was sent to hospital. 82 pro-islamic demonstrators were arrested for the violence. A drunk man’s head is also reported to have been busted (I think by the police).

    Some of the violent people were far left extremists from different European countries. Others were reported to be Palestinians and a group of about 20 naming themselves “Allah’s soldiers”. The 200 attackers were reported to be “very aggressive”.

    The anti-islamists have now driven away in buses, but the pro-islamic groups are still rioting and fighting the police according to the latest reports from different Danish newspapers. Rocks and bicycles were also hurled at the buses with the anti-islamists trying to leave the city. But it sounds like the police will soon be in control.

    Hopefully no more people will be hurt.

    An interviewed Palestinian reported that he of course supported peoples’ right to demonstrate and have their opinions, as long as they did it “in a good way”. He pointed to the presence of Israeli flags as unacceptable to him at a demonstration (i.e. not “a good way”).

  9. Islam is against freedom and our rights. Most Europeans and Western people must unite and fight this invasion. If Islam is so great why are these people leaving the hell holes they created in their own countries. How can I respect and welcome these people when they kill, murder Christians in their countries. Look up what these people do to others who don’t believe in their barbaric laws and way of life. Think how you would be treated if you went even for a visit to their country and tried to wear a cross, and regular western clothing on a women, you would be bullied or even killed.

  10. Very surprised that the outnumbered radical right, Islamophobes aren’t claiming that the “Aarhus for Diversity” is actually a group “involved in jihad to destroy Western civilization and promoting the global caliphate” rubbish!

    It nice to know that the sane and rational of the “Aarhus for Diversity” group outnumbers the insane and irrational of the EDL/Anders Breivik Islamophobes.
    Rock on!

  11. That is what you get for leading absolutely brain dead immigration politics during the last quarter of century! Denmark that was quiet funloving utopia has bitten it’s own hand letting islamic immigrats to invade their country. These people come there for one thing- to take over! Period! And they understand and respect only one thing – brutal and open force! It might be too late but Denmark should start defending their nation, culture and relgion by deporting every single muslim who get’s arrested! What the hell are you doing people…in 10 years there will be nothing left of your country What are you gonna leave to your children?

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